Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-014C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 83

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Let's begin at the theater Bismillah R Rahman Rahim verse number 83. Allah subhanaw taala says what is 100? Me Falcone is Surah eel and recall when we took the covenant from the Children of Israel, now here the verse begins with what if and recall when so the Bani Israel eel are being reminded of the covenants that they made with Allah subhanaw taala. And in these covenants, they were required to follow certain commands, you know, certain injunctions they were required to uphold, but over

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time, what did they do, as we can see, they turned away, they were averse, they opposed what they promised to do, they went against their word. And the point here the purpose over here is not to you know, just criticize the behavior of the bunny is through yield. But the purpose over here is to also teach us right of the core concepts that have always been taught through the prophets of Allah to people, any these are matters which have been important from the very beginning. So the Bani

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Israel were made to take a covenant for example, that they will only worship Allah right. And this is something that even we are required to do. And then on the other hand, there is also a great lesson in this that when people make a promise with Allah and then they break it then there are consequences to that. So the Bani Israel are being reminded over here these covenants that look you made this promise now think about it, and be true to this promise of Allah. So it is said what is a

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hardened me Falcone is Surah eel, and we see in the Bible in the book of Exodus chapter 2223. Basically these chapters are described as the covenant code okay or the book of the Covenant, because it is the code of law that was given to the Bani Israel. And within these chapters, there are you know, laws regarding worship regarding slaves regarding you know, property damage, their social laws, laws related to Sabbath, trusts and loans, a lot of commands are given over their book

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of Exodus chapters 20 to 23. And then later in the book of Leviticus also, there are you know, in chapter 19, again, there are many commands that are given in the book of Deuteronomy also many commands are given. So here some details are given, okay, because the point is not to reiterate everything the point is to remind the Bani Israel that look, you made this covenant with Allah. And what is this covenant that latter Buddha Illa Allah The first is that you will not worship anyone

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but Allah, and what Bill Wiley, Dany Arizona, and the second thing is that with the parents, you will do good, you will do good with excellence. So we see that first is the right of Allah, and then from the creation. First comes the right of the parents. In the book of Exodus chapter 21. To five it says, I, the Lord am your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, the house of bondage, You shall have no other gods besides me, you shall not make for yourself a sculptured image, or any

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likeness of what is in the heavens above, or on the earth below or in the waters under the earth. So you will not make any kind of sculpture you will not make any kind of idol, whether it resembled something in the heavens, an angel, for example, or anything on the earth or anything in the waters, you shall not bow down to them or serve them. So Latta buena, Illa Allah, you will not worship anyone but Allah and then we will validate the Sunnah and to parents, you will do good, you will do

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that which is excellent. In the book of Exodus, chapter 20, verse 12, it says, Honor your father and your mother, that you may long endure on the land that the Lord your God is assigning to you. And the word that is used for honor in Hebrew is covered or conveyed, which is similar to the Arabic cupboard, which is to endure difficulty and adversity, all right, to bear anything, in order to show honor to someone. So for the sake of your parents, you will strive, you will strive you will bear

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difficulty even in order to honor your father and your mother. And later on it is mentioned in the book of Exodus that he who strikes his father or his mother shall be put to death or he who insults his father or his mother shall be put to death. So on the one hand, they're told that do Ersan to the parents and then there is punishment for striking or insulting the parents. In the Book of Leviticus 19 Three it says you shall each revere his mother and his

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Father, so let our buena Illa we're Bill well today in Arizona and air San also to where the Kaurava Walia Tama Well, Messiah keen and two relatives, orphans and the needy. So relatives are Whose relatives are people who are related to through blood, right? This includes your children, your siblings, your aunts, your uncles. And if you think about it, the bunny is Sarah eel, they were all relatives of one another, right. And also you must do your son to the orphans. Remember, utam utam

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is to be alone. So a year team is an orphan child, the father has gone, the father is no longer alive. So the child is alone, they are vulnerable, they're neglected, their needs are unmet. So you must be good to the orphan, and also to Messiah keen those in need. In the book of Exodus chapter 22, verse 21, it says You shall not Ill treat any widow or orphan. If you do mistreat them, I will heed their outcry as soon as they cry out to Me in Exodus 20 to 24. It says if you lend money to my

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people to the poor among you, do not act toward them as a creditor meaning exact no interest from them. So do good to those in need among you. So this includes that if you lend alone to a needy person, then do not charge any interest to them. The Book of Leviticus chapter 19, verse 17, it says You shall not hate your kinsfolk in your heart. And later it says You shall not take vengeance or bear grudge against your countrymen. So do your son, meaning refrain from the opposite Also, write

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that do not harm them, do not hate them do not, you know, bear a grudge against your own people. And it says love your fellow as yourself, then we'll call in nasty husana and speak to people good meaning speak to people words that are excellent, and also speak to people in a way that is beautiful. And this means that you should not lie you should not you know spread rumors. So in the book of Exodus, chapter 23, verse one, it says you must not carry false rumors. And then it is said

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well, Kamal salatu wa to zurka established prayer and gives a cat think about it. These are mentioned after good speech, somewhat are Latham Illa Karela men come then you turned away physically you literally left these commands you moved on from them, except a few of you whom Allah subhanaw taala protected, and even those few people who abided by this covenant, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned them, appreciate them because there are good among people, even if there are a few.

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So it luckily lemon como and tomorrow alone. And while you all were one to turn away in a version, meaning you were refusing an overall view of the iron ore now let's look at the IEA in detail. The first thing that the Bani Israel were commanded to do is that they should only worship Allah. And this means that their servitude should only be for Allah subhanaw taala they should not associate any partner with Allah and remember that this is Allah subhanaw taala is right upon people. Okay,

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Allah subhanaw taala alone created people and so he alone deserves to be worshipped. He is the only ILA he is the only God right? The only Holic the only monitoring. So this means that he alone should be worshipped. And this is something that you know the Bani Israel were required to do on the worship of Allah, but not just the Bani Israel Eve we learned in Surah to national ayah number 36. Allah subhanaw taala says well occurred Bharath Nafi Cooley, Umatilla Sula, a near Boadilla which

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turnable tahu that we raised in every nation, a messenger and what was the main message of each messenger that you worship only Allah and you avoid false deities you avoid the hood, which means that your such though, your prostration, your sadaqa, your charity, your sacrifice, the way that you live, everything should be for Allah alone. Why? Because this is the reason why we were created while McCulloch Virginia will ins in Lallier balloon. So the money is wrought you were made to

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pledge that they will only worship Allah and the same command has been given to us and the same command was given to every single nation of every single messenger. The second thing when it comes to the rights of people, is what your son towards parents will bill well in Arizona. Why? Because out of all people out of all human beings the individuals that deserve your best treatment are who? Your parents. They deserve better treatment.

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They deserve that you are kind to them, you are affectionate to them, you are respectful to them more than you are kind toward your own children more than you are respectful towards your spouse. And remember that your son, like we discussed earlier is to do that which is good, but also in a way that is good. And your son is done in a number of ways your sound can be through speech, it can be through actions, it can be through the use of your wealth, it can be through the use of your status.

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So when it comes to your speech, what does it mean, if Saturn is that you speak good words to your parents, you speak in a way that is respectful and kind that you don't order your parents around? Right? You don't talk to them as if you were talking to a child, you don't answer them, you don't debate with them, argue with them as if you were arguing with your equal, right. You don't even say Oh, all right. And part of your son would speak to your parents so that you also make dua for them.

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All right. And then your son with actions is that you also do something of service to them, right. So for example, Allah subhanaw taala has given you strength in your body, right, you vacuum the floors, or the carpets, you go and wash the heavy dishes, don't let your mom or your dad do it, you see them working, you should go and do these things for them. Right through your actions. Your dad is, for example, mowing the lawn is sad is that you use this body that ALLAH SubhanA God has given

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you the strength that he has given you and go and mow the lawn for them. All right, so you help with chores. And your son with actions is also that for example, you press their feet, right you drive them, you know where they need to go, you do different things for them. And also remember that your sign in actions is that you don't do anything in front of them. That is disrespectful, so even are best explained that don't shake off your clothes in their presence, lest some dust falls upon them.

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Any forget about yelling at your parents, okay? Looking at them harshly or saying you know, something disrespectful to them. He said, Don't even shake off your clothes in their presence. Why? Because when you will do it in their presence, what's going to happen, the dust, the draft is going to bother them. And that is disrespectful, I shall do one more on her said that the person who looks at his father with a harsh look is not good to him. So your body language also should be respectful.

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And then your sound to parents is also through one's wealth. Meaning that you spend your money on them, you use your money that Allah has given you to make the life of your parents easy to bring them joy to bring them comfort. And this is not only when you know they are in need of you financially supporting them. No, even if they are wealthier than you. Okay, they are the ones who are still financially supporting you, you should also spend your wealth on them, why? To show them

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that they're important to you to show them that you care about them, to show them that you love them. Right. So use your wealth to do Ersan to your parents. And this is not limited to a certain age, or certain stage of your life. This is throughout your life. So it's not just when you are working. Or if you are a man and you have a job and you know you have a source of income. So you spend money on your parents know, also if you are young, even if you're not working, okay? You know,

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for example, you get read money, you get some money on your eat as a gift from your relatives, right? This is very common, and you go and you buy some treats for yourself, you go and buy some ice cream for you. So altering some ice cream for your parents, right? Give a gift to your parents underneath. All right, spend on them to show that you care. And also Air sign is through your status, meaning through the privileges that Allah subhanaw taala has given you the skills that Allah

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subhanaw taala has given you, you do understand to your parents. So for example, you know how to use a phone really well you know how to download stuff, you know how to connect the phone to air pods or whatever, and your mother needs your help. Don't wait for her to beg you Don't wait for her to ask you again and again and again. Know, the skills that are lost pantherella has given you use them, to help your parents to be of service to them to be of benefit to them. So if sand towards parents is

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something that the money is what you were required to do, and this is something that we are also required to do. And you know, there's so many Hadees that, you know, exhort us to be good to our parents. Now, a lot of times I've noticed that whenever we're talking about being you know, good to parents, you know, people bring up the

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Topic of, well, what if the parents are harsh to us? And what if they are very toxic? And you know, they are rude and they are not nice to us? They've never been nice to us. That is a different discussion. Okay. Here the topic is not parents treating their children. Well, here are the topic is children treating their parents? Well. Okay, that is another discussion. Okay. And if seven is what your son is more than or the other is justice, okay? That you at least reciprocate, you at least do

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you know give to the other what they've given you. If sign is more than or the Air sign is that even if someone is harsh to you, you are still good to them in return. Right. And remember the word that is used in the Bible that honor your parents that which has to exert to bear difficulty to bear adversity, any, it's not always easy, you don't always get along with your parents, right? You don't have the same interests, you don't look at life the same way you don't think the same way. You know,

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for example, you may want to raise your children in a certain way your parents disagree with that, you know, you might want to, you know, do something in your life, and your parents are not very supportive of that. Anything you do you feel like your parents criticize it, okay, that's a different matter. However, you still have to be good to your parents, you cannot treat your parents as your equals, because you are not equal to your mother, you are not equal to your father. They

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have a status above you, Allah subhanaw taala chose them to be the individuals who give birth to you, they have done a favor to you. And so you have to recognize that favor. And we see that where people do not recognize the favor of the parents the rank that Allah subhanaw taala has given them, even if they're good to anyone else in the world, it doesn't matter. Because Heito compiler calmly ally, the best of you are those who are best to their family. Right. And even though you know the

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word a *, it applies to the wife and the children. But we can understand from this that people who are closest to you, they deserve the best treatment from you. So do an exam to them because parents deserve nothing but your son. And if you think about it, parents when they do something for their children, they do it with so much love and dedication, any think about how much parents just spend on buying diapers for their children. Just think about that, you know, the two years or three

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years or four years that a child wears diapers, how many 1000s of dollars literally parents will spend buying diapers, right? How many times have parents changed their children? Think about it. Any, if you were to ask someone you know, you pay them to clean your house, okay, they will do it. But you know, it becomes so expensive. Your parents look after you with so much love and dedication. They buy things for you. They sacrificed so much how many mothers sacrifice their education, their

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careers, their job opportunities for the sake of their children? Right? I'm not saying that every mother needs to be a martyr. But the point I'm making over here is that parents do their son to their children. So children also need to do air sun. And when it comes to air sun, remember there are two opposites of air sun. One is Isa, that you treat your parents badly. All right. And this is a serious offense. This is something sinful. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala has

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forbidden, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah has forbidden you to be unbeautiful, to your mothers, to be harsh to your mothers to disobey them to bring tears to them to hurt them. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden to you. Right? And the other opposite of your son is that you do nothing. Okay? That you will neither do good, nor do you hurt them. Okay? You're not actively looking for ways in which you can harm your parents. You're not

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doing it deliberately, you just mind your own business, you basically cut off from your parents, alright. And there are many people who do that, even while living with their parents. That for example, 19 year old son, 19 year old daughter comes home from school, right from university goes straight to her room. She's called for dinner, no interest. All right. She's called to come help out, no interest in it, no conversation with the parents. You know, no interest in the parents lives

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just minding their own business. This is also wrong. You cannot ignore your parents. You cannot live your life as if your parents don't exist. That is wrong. It is the opposite of airson. And you see, the main problem over here is not recognizing the kindness the favor of parents. Yes, there are those parents who you know have abandoned their children.

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and who have only been harsh towards their children. But this is not the majority of the parents, okay? Those exceptional situations, you know, they require their nuanced discussion. But in general, any, what we see is that parents treat their children nicely, they invest so much in their children. So if children grow up to ignore their parents, This is injustice. So if a week goes by, and you don't talk to your mother, a week goes by you don't go see your mother, you don't go show your face

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to your mother, your father, you live your life as if they don't exist. This is wrong. You cannot ignore your parents. So what Bill Well, in any Arizona any do good to your parents, and then your son towards relatives will Poorva. And these are people who are closely related to you. Now, if you think about it, all people are related to one way or another, right. But here we're talking about relatives, meaning those who are closest to you in terms of relationship. And the rule is that those

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who are closest have the most right on you. So you begin with those who are most closely related to you. So you begin with your nuclear family, for example. Alright, and then you extend to the extended family. So for example, you know, your siblings, if you're married, your parents and your children, your siblings, right, then your uncle's, your aunts, your cousins, and so on and so forth. They also deserve your sand from you that you speak to them nicely, you do things of service to

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them, you help them you use your wealth, to benefit them, you use your status, your privilege, to bring benefit to them. So exam towards relatives, and then your son towards orphans, towards the ye tama, and your Tama if you think about it, you see relatives, you do good to them, they do good to you, right, you will give them gifts, they give you gifts, you help them they help you, but when it comes to orphan children, any what have they done to you that you should reciprocate? Right? Or how

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can you expect a return from them. So this shows us that you treat people well, whether or not you expect them to treat you well in return, okay, whether or not there is a chance that they will treat you well in return, or they will reciprocate, you are not doing good to people so that you can get some benefit out of them, you are doing good to people because Allah subhanaw taala has commanded you to be good to them, you do this for the sake of Allah. And when it comes to orphan children, how

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can you do Ersan to them, especially, you know, if they are related to you, then providing them you know, a safe space where they can live, you know, their education is being taken care of their well being is taken care of. And if they're not related, if they're live in a distant place, spending on them spending on their food, on their shelter, their medication, their education. And I would encourage you that if you have access to the internet, if you have access to a computer, that 100

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Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has given you many privileges. So use some of your money to sponsor an orphan. It doesn't take much, you know, you can sponsor an orphan for as less as $50 a month, or maybe even less than that. And there's so many charities through which you can sponsor Muslim, you know, orphans, and it doesn't cost much you can sign up for something. And you know, without even you making a donation every month, it's automatic donation, you will see the benefit of this in your

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own life as well. Right? Ne the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he encouraged us a great deal, he said, I end an orphans Guardian will be like these two, and he put his two fingers together, his pointer and middle finger together, he said, We will be like these two in paradise. So think about it. Any when you do Ersan to an orphan, this is a source of honor for you in the hereafter. So you know spend on them, if you know orphaned children in your own community, you deal with them kindly.

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You look after them. Right? You know, in every community, you will find out about children that are orphan, you know, your local Islamic school, maybe you can make a donation over there. This is for any orphan children, you want to protect their rights, you want to protect their wealth, you want to make sure that they get a good Islamic education. So expand towards the orphans as well, and then expand towards those in need. And the reason for their need could be anything it could be because of

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the fact that they're unemployed. It could be because of the fact that they have an illness because of which they cannot work. It could be because of their unique circumstances. So any person who is in need you find out about them, don't avoid them, see how you can assist them, how you can do your send to them and if

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You cannot financially support them at least give them a good word, a word of encouragement, uplift them, give them hope. Right? And miskeen is not someone who goes on begging the Prophet sallallahu where it isn't I mentioned this he said, you know, for Pete is the person who will go begging house to house and he will get, you know, a piece of bread here, a bite of food there. A miskeen is not going to go begging, because of their dignity. So you have to, you know, seek out those who are

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miskeen and you don't seek them out by asking people Oh, are you unemployed? How do you get by? How much money do you have? Don't ask such questions. You will recognize people's need on them. Okay. So for example, it is cold, it is snowing outside, and you see someone is not wearing proper winter clothes. You see that they're not wearing proper winter shoes. Any it's very obvious that they don't have now you don't go and ask them. Don't you have winter boots? Why aren't you wearing them? Why

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don't you go buy them. Any you see someone in need a system. You see someone does not have a pen, they're perfectly fine Mashad, they look wealthy, but in that situation, they are in need. So you go off for help. So you're saying towards those in need any the main thing over here is that when you see people in need, don't ignore. Don't pretend like, you know, it's got nothing to do with you, you have an opportunity now to help someone. So step up, and then we'll call in Nancy husana, speak to

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the people that which is good. This is also a form of airson. And this is your sound to anybody, typically, when we're talking about being good to the relatives, the orphans, those in need. And he this is through one's wealth, right. But everyone is not able to benefit others through their wealth, or you're not always in a position to financially help people. And it's not the case that people need financial help all the time, right. However, when it comes to good words, this is

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something that you can use to benefit anyone, and acquaintance a stranger, you can use good words to benefit those who are wealthy and those who are poor, those who are related and those who are not those who are in a difficult situation. And also those who are not any cool in NASA and NASA includes all people, those who are Muslim, those who are not those who are relative, those who are not people who know people who don't know, anybody. So speak to the people in a good way. Speak to

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your family, your parents, your children in a good way, speak to your siblings in a good way, speak to the stranger on the street in a good way. And this includes like I mentioned to you the contents should be good and the manner in which you speak should also be good. Allah subhanaw taala tells us that will call Larry baddie your kulula to hear arson that tell my slaves that they should say that which is best because in the CHE planarians Albena home shaitan causes discord between them. Any it

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is through our words that you know we hurt each other, we bear grudges against one another. And then you know this is something that leads to you know, poor relationship, etc. So hula NASCI her SNA meaning don't be indecent in your words. Don't be rude. Don't be harsh. Don't be argumentative. Don't always be accusing people don't come across as someone who's always attacking them verbally or don't come across as someone who is showing off exhibit good manners in your speech. Exhibit

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tolerance and patience in your speech and command what is right for big what is wrong, teach people good things, say the salam. Right so kulula NASCI husana Why because Allah subhanaw taala has ordered you to do that. And then a chemo Salah established the salah will add to Zika and give this a cat salah and the cat are mentioned here specifically and Salah has mentioned before is a cat and remember that in the Quran, Salah is mentioned over 100 times over 100 times and typically we see

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that Salah is mentioned before is a cat why Because salah is more important and he doesn't mean that the cat is not important no is also important in its place. But Salah is something that is relevant to every believer, whereas the cat is not right is a cat only those people have to give who are wealthy who have a certain amount of wealth sitting with them for a certain amount of time. But Salah is something that every believer has to do, whether they're rich or poor, whether they are

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healthy or not. Whether they are traveling or they're at home, whether they're busy or they're free, Salah everyone has to do right in fact, any you have to pray salah, as long as you're conscious, right? So for example, even if you wake up after a surgery, you were given anesthesia and then you know you wake up you're conscious but you are still feeling a

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nauseated and it's time for Salah you have to pray. Right? You can pray even with the movement of your eyes. Any if you don't have control over your body, right? You don't have physical strength to get up to stand to make record to face the Qibla you cannot do that but you are conscious in your mind and you recognize that it is time to pray then you have to pray. Zakat, on the other hand is something that only the wealthy have to give at a certain time. So a penal salata, Atos, Zakat and

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salah the right of Allah is a cat, the right of Allah's creation. So this is something that Bani Israel were required to do, but it is said that so Matoba Latham Illa kalila men come then you turned away except a few of you were unto Moretti alone. While you all want to turn away in aversion, meaning you abandon these commands, you oppose them, and you were also not interested in them at all. You were refusing you rejected with your actions, and your heart, except a few of the

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bunny is slightly

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