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Mr Lohana Haman hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen was so someone that was sodium Hammad water it was a big mine was sent him to steam when Catherine cathedral my boss Ohana Karima Ilana and them tonight in the QA Hakeem, rubbish recently were silly, Emery loved them listen if God holy Oh my god. Before I begin, I just want to, again make you all aware and inform you all about the seminary that started here epic Insha Allah, we're starting and launching classes. This week in sha Allah. We had a successful orientation this past weekend, many parents did express some of their questions and their concerns and so forth.

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I think one of the concerns that came up was fee and hamdullah we have brought down the feed tremendously. So please go to our website, please go to the website and sign up for the classes. There are two classes that are being offered one is on the CETA of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and this will not be an entire, you know, entire A to Z of the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but this will be highlighting and paying close attention to some of the key things for the province that Allah who is his life that is relevant to the life of an American Muslim. So that is one course and the second course that will be inshallah offered and taught is

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called the Zulu deen the fundamentals have been in that we'll be teaching a shallow some basics. Regarding Ibraheem Alehissalaam some of the stories we brought him on a guest salaam will be teaching the field called Salaat. And there will be also covering some the objectives of our Shetty, our what is our Shetty about, what are what does our sialorrhea Pay close attention to, and some of the other matters regarding those sort of things. So both classes are going to be starting this week in sha Allah, they are for the youth and for the adults, they're open to both. So please do remember that a lot of times our parents will come forward and say we want programs for our youth. And this

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is a good program for our youth. So please do sign up your children and everything and all the details can be found on my seminary.com. For anyone who's you know, there are some parents who came to me and said that well I do want to participate, I want to get my child enrolled. But at the same time, the time the timings of the class are not in favor of our schedule. So what I suggested to them was that to to register for the class, because you'll get the material and then inshallah we will also be uploading all the audio online and that will be an only those people who register will be given private access to that audio online. So if you even if you cannot make it to the class,

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that week, at least you have audio access and you have the material and you can take all the notes and collect any questions that you may have in sha Allah so once again go to Al Hikmah seminary.com So inshallah we continue our series, the signs of the Day of Judgment, and we stopped at the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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them, which was narrated by oath, a biomedical Viola, that ion, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that count six things prior to the Day of Judgment. Amongst them, he mentioned the conquest of Jerusalem. Now during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I'm sure, based on my lectures of history, you know, now that there were two superpowers that existed, one was the Byzantine Empire, and one was the Sassanid Empire or the Persian Empire. And so when the Muslims began to expand, the Byzantine Empire felt a little threatened about the exposure of Muslims and how they're expanding. And that is why the Muslims, I mean, they made a threat to the Muslims. And that

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is why the Battle of taboo took place where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he marched with 30,000 Sahaba of the children or 30,000, Muslims to go and face the Byzantine Empire. However, they did not show up and the Prophet sallallahu it was sent him he returned. But nonetheless, it was from this point onward, that both superpowers or both empires were they were attracted, or they came to know about the Muslim, the Muslim and the Muslim expansion, during the time of obika, the alotta and there was really no conflict or battle that took place between either of these two superpowers and the Muslims. However, this did happen to the time of Amara, the hola to nine. And during Alma Rodon,

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was time, first of all, the assassin Empire or the Persian Empire collapsed. That is where Muslims went into Iraq, and then and they expand it into Iran and all these places. And then not only that, but the Byzantine Empire began to they did not collapse completely, but their control began to shrink. And one of the places that the Muslims entered was Jerusalem. Now Jerusalem was under the control of the Romans or the Byzantines. And when they came over there with the help of OmniVision ISIL, the Ultron and Khalid bin Walid or the Allah Denine. It said that the people over there or the main person in charge was a pastor, or someone who was living in a church and he refused to give the

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keys to the Muslims without almost all the Allah going on. So he said that if you want the keys to the city, you have to ask your Amule meaning to come to Jerusalem, and only then I will hand him the keys. And so behind Allah when they when Alma Radovan who came to Jerusalem, he walked in first of all came in in the X most amount of humbleness and humility to Allah subhanho wa taala. In fact, what is mentioned is that there was a person I believe he had a servant by the name of Islam and Islam and Alma Rodon, who made the agreement although Assam was against the agreement, but because it was insisted by Omar Villalta on

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almost suggested that they will take turns sometimes and look at the justice of Amato or the Allah Tada and he said that we will take turns so one time you will get on the camel. And then after a while you will get down and you will hold on to the reins of the camel while I ride the camel. And then after that for a while. We will none of us will ride the camel so that the camel there is justice with a camel to I mean, so Allah none of us will you know our minds don't go that far when it comes to justice. But Omar are the alotta on who had you know, this was this is the personality that he had, nonetheless is mentioned that when he entered into Jerusalem, it was that same time

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where he was holding on to the reins of the camel, and Aslan was on the camel. And as soon as they walked in the Sahaba Rhodiola on him in Jerusalem who knew Omaha Tabo the hola line when they saw this, they felt sort of ashamed that instead of us not being on the camera, it should have been Amara, the Allah Tala and by when Omar came and he showed he was I mean what we mean instantaneously Allah behind what the Isla put there is, Amara, the Allah drawn into the hearts of everyone living there in Jerusalem. And this is something that we learn from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Sahaba or the autonome, the humbleness and the humility that these people had, even if you

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go back to the history of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhanallah for many people who did not notice was Allahu alayhi wa salam when he came into Medina, because if you say the CEDAW very closely, the Muslims were waiting for the prophets of Allah while he was setting them. But in everyday they will go and see that when the prophet Ali has the Prophet alayhi salam arrived or not, it was a Jewish man who was standing on the roof of his house, who spotted the Prophet alayhi salam and overthrow the alotta and from a distance. And he informed and alerted the Muslims. That the tube

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People that you have been waiting for have arrived. And when they went out Subhanallah I mean, because of the humbleness of Rasulullah sallallahu it was sitting on the people who did not know, the Prophet obika They actually first went to obika Rosetta and began to greet him as if he is the prophet of Allah, as if he's a prophet of Allah. And that is when he informed that the no I'm not the Prophet of Allah, this person is the prophet of Allah. So the thing is that, you know, the prophets of Allah audio sermon, the Sahaba, they had so much humbleness. Nonetheless, he was given the keys of the city in the Muslims gain full control. And it said that it was during that time that

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Amara, the altar and he laid down the foundation of an Arkansas, as I said earlier that the Dome of the Rock came much later, almost lay down the foundation for an episode he claimed cleaned up the entire land. And not only that, but

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the this person he suggested to almost all the time when the time of VOD came around, that this is a church. Why don't you go inside and pray inside the church? And oh my god, he refused to go inside the church and pray inside the church. For the reason. He said that if I pray today, then tomorrow the Muslims will take over your church, the Muslims will take over your church and convert it into a masjid. So he's he refused to pray inside the church. And he went to another place close by and you prayed over there. Until today there is a masjid there by the name of Majid, there was some say that the name has changed. But nonetheless the place or the masjid is there till today in Philistine,

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nonetheless, this is this happen, and Subhanallah when Alma or the Athan came inside Jerusalem, there was not a single shred of there was, I mean, not a single drop of blood was shed, during this conquering however, if you analyze history in general, when the Crusades came after that, I mean, the massacre that took place by the Crusaders is just it's mind boggling. So Subhanallah, when you study the history of Islam, and Muslims, when they went to different lands, and they conquered, they never went in as oppressors. But they end and they went in as people who are bringing peace and justice to that land. And if you study Islamic history, because the reason I share this is because

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many Islamophobes they say this, that Islam spread, and Islam forced its religion upon other people. First of all, that never happened. Because when people found out the Muslims want to come into their land and conquer their land, there are many lands who open up themselves to the Muslims, because they realize that if there is any system that can bring justice to our land, it is the Islamic system that can bring justice to our land. And the second thing if anyone does ask that, why did you know Islam color the status in the in the area of ages? Or currently Saudi Arabia? And it did expand a little but what was the need to just expand, expand, expand? What was it need to do that? Always

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remember that the Byzantine Empire and the Sasa and Empire were such empires that if you did not conquer their lands, they were ready to conquer you. And this is how the mentality was. So this is why we have to remember that the Sahaba the reason they spread and there was a time that they were not as greedy that where they just wanted LAN and LAN and factor the time were almost over you Allah to on Islam spread as far as the northern parts of Kern de India, currently, India, and that time, Amaro Dawn, who he suggested, because when the reports were coming in about the practices that are taking place in these lands, and there were very immoral practices that are taking place in these

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lands during that time, almost was odd, he suggested that this is where we stop our expansion. So it wasn't like as if the Muslims were greedy. But they did realize that if we don't take over these lands, then eventually we will be conquered. The second thing, this another Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu, it was some of the highlights, the size of the judgment is narrated by a Buddha or the alotta and he says, I think you salaam, the our will not be established till there is a war between two groups, among whom there will be a great number of casualties, through the claims of religion of both of them will be one, and the same mean that both parties are going to be claiming the same, and

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the Hour will not be established till there appear 30 Liars 30 Liars, of whom they will be claiming to be the messengers of Allah. Now, first of all, let's go to the first part of this hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he says that the time will not come till there are two people two groups who will face each other and there will be colors towards one and many orlimar. They say that this is in reference to the first civil war that took place in Assam between artioli Ultron and while we

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Whether you're allowed to dine, as we all know that eventually they came to a a treaty. The next thing I'll come back to the liars later on are the imposters. The next sign of the Day of Judgment is a Hadith narrated by also a word or the Ultron where the prophet Allah has sent him says ladipo Musa had to call to talk, civil union. Home rule we'll do, we'll foil doleful oof, Khurana will juga whom will my journal motto raka la taco Musa hotter to call to Coleman Nehemiah whom a Shah. The Prophet Allah is some said the IRA will not begin to until you find the Turks, who have small eyes, red faces and fly noses,

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as if their faces are hammered shields. The proverb at some den said the Hour will not begin until you find people those five people whose shoes are made of hair. Now, this hadith in itself, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been interpreted in so many different ways. Many of the orlimar they say that this hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in reference to the

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to the invasion. By the if you remember the tar tar, the tar tar were a group of people who came into who who are led by

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Genghis Khan, and how he came and he, he invaded the Muslim world. And he came into Iraq. And, and there's there's so much history about this, but these people, they began to just go from place to place conquering other lands. And eventually, there was one person who was given the responsibility to lead a group of people, which consisted of approximately 150,000 people. So there was an army of 150,000 people who was under the the leadership of a man by the name of hula Wuhan, who was very much against Islam and Muslims, and they came during the during the basset Khalifa. Now one thing to pay attention to is that during that time, while the ambassador Khalifa, was the quote, unquote, the

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had the power or the control at that time, because of so many different conflicts taking place around the ambassador Khilafah, the Muslims had become extremely weak, the Muslims have become weak. And it's common sense that when everyone is fighting, that eventually you become weak. So these people, they found this as an opportunity to go into these lands and fight these people. And eventually they went into these lands. And of course, there is a discrepancy in history, that how many people did they killed, some say that they took the life of 200,000 people till the the number that is mentioned in some books of history is 1 million people. So they massacred and killed that

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many people and Muslims in these lands. They not only did that they destroyed masajid they destroyed hospitals. And you have to understand that this is actually a great loss. This was indeed a great loss for the Muslim ummah, because when during the time are legally allowed to die in the house of affairs shifted from Medina, to Basra and to Iraq. And that is where if you actually study Islamic history, bizarre and Kufa, bizarre and Kufa were the two areas in Iraq, they began to expand and they began to become Islamic knowledge hubs, like anyone who wants to study about Islam and Muslims, they will go to these lands, and they will study and all these scientists and, and physicians that

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we learn about in the past, like even a CD, and, and so forth, and all these great scientists, all their notes, and all their writings were collected and put it in this library in Baghdad. And eventually, when these people they came, you have to understand that they did not have you know, the all these books are written by hand. So if you lose them, then you lose them for eternity. And many of them we're not even there to recollect exactly what has happened. So when these Tatara, they came in, they not only does destroy the massage, but they took all these books in the Islamic libraries, and they dumped them inside the river. And the river remained black for, as some historians

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mentioned, for weeks and some historians mentioned for months. And you know, sometimes when I think about this, I mean, I wonder to myself, that how much knowledge was lost in the Muslim ummah, because of this one incident because of this one incident. So this is exactly what happened and the Muslims lost so much control, that so many of them were massacred. And once again the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Some scholars say that this is exactly what the profiling Assam was referring to. Now, the next thing, the next sign in sign of the judgment, which has been mentioned by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is very relevant in our times, also Narrated by Abu

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Dhabi, Allah Quran he says it is Salam, by the one in whose hand is my soul

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This world will not come to an end until there comes a day when the killer will not know why he killed and the one who was killed will not know why he was killed.

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So Harlan province has something he mentioned this 1400 years ago. And I have some statistics over here. In fact, I wanted to finish off this hadith. He said, adding Islam, it was as How can that be, he said, 100, the killing and the killer and the slain will both go into the fire Jahannam that this is in the inside Muslim. Now, when you reflect upon our time today, and if you reflect upon the history, there are so many wars and battles that took place where people innocent people's lives were taken away. Now I have some statistics here, which I'd like to share with you. And once again, this just simply opened up our mind. World War One 15 million people were killed in World War One

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World War 250 5 million people were killed in World War Two, the Vietnam War, 3 million people were killed. Now once again, there's there's always going to be some difference of opinion regarding these numbers. The Russian civil war that took place 10 million people were killed. The Spanish civil war that took place 12 million people were killed. And the Iraq in the Iran first Gulf War, 1 million people were killed. In the invasion of Iraq, more than one people were killed. 1 million were killed.

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In Syria, this current war that took place in Syria 470,000 People lost their life. 470,000 people lost their life. And pretty much I would say 99% of them were Muslims.

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In fact, I was just doing this research today, before I came here that

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I'm trying to remember the number of they're saying that approximately

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how many million people I forgot the number how many people are misplaced? Or displace, there were in the billions, not in the millions and billions. So the thing is that are probably in the millions. Well, I can't remember. But nonetheless, the thing is that when you study all this, and not only that, okay, these are things that are happening on other side of the world. What's happening in America today, what's happening in America today? I'm not sure if you found out today we're having today or yesterday, in Italy, Texas, there's a place called Italy, Texas. A kid went inside they went inside the school, took a gun and began shooting people. I mean, how many school

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shootings take place today? Why are these kids killing? They have no idea? Why are they being killed? Or other kids are being killed? Why are they being killed? We have no idea. How many deaths do we hear you remember, this happened I think around two or three months ago, in salt of Juma in Egypt. A man walked inside the masjid, took out a machine gun and start shooting people. I mean, think about this. People went from their homes to the masjid. And their founders are expecting them to come back after South of Jama. And that is the end of their life. Why are they being killed? There is no it doesn't register in their minds. Why is this person killing them? He does not know

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why he's killing them. But that is eventually the situation. And this is something that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned when 1400 years ago, and it's sad. And actually, first of all before it's sad, it's scary. I mean, it's scary for my family, for your family for all the Muslim community, any day anything can happen. And, and I just asked Allah Subhan to protect us from these kinds of filters because it's, you know, in this day and age, well Allahu Allah, I mean, what happens at anytime no one knows, only Allah knows. So the next thing I want to get to, which we'll just cover right now briefly, and then inshallah we'll cover more about this next week are the

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imposters the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as I as I mentioned to you the Hadith, over the allotted time, he says that there will be approximately 30 people who will come in the history of mankind, who will be who will claim to be a prophet. Now, there are many people in the history of mankind who have

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who have claimed to be a prophet, the very first person was a name by a man by the name of us what NC he existed during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was in in the Yemen. And he claimed to be a prophet. Of course, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sent a letter to the people of Yemen, that please do stop him. They went, they tried to stop him. And eventually, because there was a conflict that took place, a physical conference that took place, eventually he, he lost his life and he died. And the people over there, they killed him. His wife was a Muslim, and she actually believed in the inner sua Salam and she accepted Islam. Another person who existed

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during that time as soon after the Prophet SAW Allah someone's death. Many of us know Hussein about unica DAB someone who existed during the time of obika The Allah the line

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and obaku, Viola to run through the battles of Yamama was able to defeat and it was washy. You're, you're watching why she who took the life of the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a way to

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as a way to for conservation purposes because you remember a washy when he came to the Prophet SAW Allah Islam and he accepted Islam, the Prophet of Allah, his son asked him very nicely, very humbly that please if you don't mind, I don't want you to sit in front of me because every time I see you, reminds me of my uncle. So he told him to sit on the side. And so why she wanted to find a way to make it affordable also, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, or to make to make amends in any possible way. And he found this as an opportunity that the man who claimed to be a prophet, his life was taken by washi. There was another there was a woman at that time a Christian woman, her name was such a. She

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also claimed to be a prophet very briefly. When both her army and the army of Muslims in Nicaragua they met she she decided to drop this claim that she's a prophet. And some according to some historical records, she married who said about you're gonna cut up when we celebrated Monica was killed by the Muslims. She fled with her army, and, as mentioned, Acquainted symbols of history that later on she went on to become a Muslim out the most, the one that catches our attention or the imposter that catches our attention nowadays, is one by the name of Hulan. Mirza Ahmed Qadiani. Of course, we all know that he has a very big, very big following. Even in Dallas today we have massage

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it if you go to, if you go to Alan, if you go to Alan on the west side, the west side of Alan unhedged Cox, I believe it was his hedge Cox, that street if you actually ever had the chance of driving on that street, you will see that that street has been adopted by a Muslim community and it says the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I was once driving and it caught my attention. And then I saw that on that same road they have a an Ahmadiyya Masjid over there. This group it is it goes without any saying that it is one that is a great fitna for all of us. And many of our kids I've actually seen many of our kids actually falling into this. It is so preposterous that many of them actually

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claim that Golan Mirza Ahmed Qadiani has been mentioned in the Quran and his prophecy has been mentioned in the Quran. And as proof they say that in the ayat of the Quran, where Isa alikhan Salam, he informs but he is saw in that in need of sort of logging in a coma Sandeep Halima mania they give me a toll road when Washington bureau Sunni team member this morning.

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He says that the after me there will be a prophet by the name of ACMA. Now we all know that that Akhmad mentioned the Quran is in reference to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because when the Prophet alayhi salam was a young child, he was never referred to as Mohammed he was referred to as Ahmed. Even by his own mother, he was referred to as Mohammed in this in the story of Medina when the Prophet alayhi salam went as a very young child, to Medina to go visit a family of his father, Abdullah, who passed away before the birth of the Prophet alayhi salam. It said that when the Prophet I think his son was going through the a festival that was taking place in Medina, when he

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was passing by some of the the festivities, some of these Jewish people who were performing black magic, their black magic was failing and falling apart, just because of the presence of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and later on, they came to the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they asked Amina that, do you have a son by the name of Mohammed, even the Jewish people they realize, and they knew it was in their scripture, too, that there will come a final prophet whose name is Ahmed. And so when they came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Amina the mother of the province, Adam called him out,

00:29:06--> 00:29:45

call them out. And once again, this was a name that he was referenced to, of course, we know that his name officially was Muhammad, because that is what the motives kept it as, but nonetheless, when he came OUT out these two Jewish people, they analyzed Rasulullah Salah Islam as a young child at that time, he was only six years old, and they analyzed him and they they compare their notes and they said that this is a child who is the promised one who will be coming to our lands later on. And it was at this moment that Amina was spooked. I mean, think about any mother, when you have stranger people coming and you know, analyzing your son, any person, any parent will be spooked. And so when

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she was spooked, she was she was sick at that time, but she insisted that we need to go back to Makkah. When she insisted on going back to Mecca, her sickness intensified during that trip back to Makkah, and that is where she passed away. She passed away

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During that trip back to Makkah, and then the province of Islam was brought back. But nonetheless,

00:30:06--> 00:30:20

some of the Qadiani is believed that this Ahmed mentioned the Quran is in reference to Gula. Mirza Ahmed Qadiani. And, and I remember this was a approximately four years ago, I in brother economic hawk.

00:30:22--> 00:31:01

We did actually a joint program, three weeks or four weeks program I remember it was back in the old masala about how the Chinese and their history and what do they believe in. But the only thing I will say this is that these are people who are spreading their message everywhere. If you don't know this, they are spreading their message everywhere. They are confusing a lot of people every first Thursday of May, every first Thursday of May. Here at the Plano City Hall. I go there every year, because there's something called the National Day of Prayer. I represent the Muslim community here in in East Plano. So I go there and every there's so many religious leaders for so many different

00:31:02--> 00:31:18

religious centers. They come and they do a prayer and then they move on then comes the next person. Nonetheless, every year I go there, there's someone there from the west Plano masjid. And every year I see the Qadiani community there too. And you will notice that every time you go there, and you listen to them,

00:31:20--> 00:31:33

you will notice that the one slogan that they always use if I can remember very clearly, that we are the followers of of our Prophet glamours amo Qadiani. And

00:31:36--> 00:31:39

if I slipped my mind, but it's something like

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we love we have been, we have been taught to love and not hate something along those lines. I can't remember exactly what it is. But nonetheless they are. They are a Dawa force in our own community too. If you actually go to I went I went I went to the prison in Hutchins,

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Hutchinson or Hutchins. There's a place. There's a there's a correction facility or a jail facility over there. I went over there one time, and I gave the hotbar and then a lot of the prisoners there, they will begin to ask me some questions regarding Islam and so forth. They asked me that. I asked them in fact that Do you have any kind of material or pamphlets that have been left here for you to read, because I was just curious to know that I want to make sure that they're reading the right thing. So they think we have a lot of material to read when they actually brought the material. It was all from the the Qadiani community and Soheila and once again, all their mindsets are being like

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they're they're absolutely confused. Because when they when I had this discussion with them, and they said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is at the final prophet, I said, know that he is the final prophet. And I had to make that very clear. And I brought up this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I said that majority of the Allah ma, they say they say or they they claim that this is the final prophet is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there's so many Hadith to highlight that, but once again, there's so much confusion out there amongst the youth amongst the prisoners.

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That, you know, unfortunately, they are a Dawa force, they are spreading their Dawa everywhere. So remember that this, you know, as a Muslim, we're, we're just facing so many battles that we're facing battles outside, we're facing battles from within. And so that's why as a Muslim community, we have to always remain very, very active.

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In nothing, I mean, they are entitled to believe what they believe in, of course, you and I, we all disagree with that. We claim that and we believe, with 100% Conviction that'll slow so Allahu alayhi wa sallam is the final prophet. And I remember I had this conversation one time with a person who was inclined towards the aneurysm and and how, you know, subhanAllah they use the same Quran. This is what bothers me is that they use the same Quran to try to prove that Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was not the final prophet. And so it's it's, it's, you know, it was a back and forth, but nonetheless Wulan Mirza Hama Qadiani, according to majority, I will say,

00:34:06--> 00:34:49

according to the overwhelming majority of the Allamah In fact, all the owner, I will say that he is considered as an imposter. He is not a prophet, he's a human being. And he died a very disgraceful, disgraceful death also, he died. There was a battle or there was a debate that took place between him and someone else, and I'll finish on this, and that and they said, and when I'm on mercadien, he said, that whoever is the liar May Allah subhanaw taala inflict upon him a severe punishment. And there came a time towards the end of his life that he died a very disgraceful death, towards the end of his life, anything that he would say it was not clear anything that even his own family members

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

cannot understand what he's trying to utter. So Allah Subhan Allah gave him a very disgraceful death. But one thing that we all have to remember is that we need to teach our own kids we need to become active in our community.

00:35:00--> 00:35:25

because when you and I are not active, then button will spread. It is a fact when you and I don't do our jobs, the button will spread. So I hope, pray to Allah subhanaw taala they can protect us from all these kinds of fitness that are have appeared or will probably come in the nearby future is that Kamala Harris Subhanak Allah Muhammad national La ilaha illa Anta stuffy Luca wanted to relate exact manga hate Islam Allah Allahu Mercato