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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala, this is Rhea Horizonte, and I'd like to ask you a question, a question about the creation of Eve.

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How was Eve created?

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lot of us know that she's being created from the rib of Adam. But why? Why from the rib of Adam, white close to his heart, is it because to, to love her, isn't because too close to his heart to protect her to hug her to be equal to her, not you know him above her, so he can overrule her or created from his energy streets, or he can trample on her or step on her butt right? on his side to be equal and to be protected by by by him, you know, by Adam Edison, Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he calls this relationship, many beautiful names. Sometimes he calls it

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a sign, sometimes he calls it a garment Libous sometimes he calls it

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has sometimes also he calls it a very beautiful name, which is mythique, a bond, a strong bond, would you like to strengthen that bond with your spouse?

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To strengthen it, make it really, really strong?

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If you're not married, would you like to have a spouse who can help you strengthen that bond, just like how Allah already,

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wouldn't you?

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Then I'm inviting you to attend my rock Connect marriage seminar, which is going to be offered on the 16th of November in Sheffield, UK, and also on the 17th of November, in Birmingham, UK, whereby I'll be talking about you know, this relationship between the spouses, and how to improve it, how to strengthen it, I'm going to give you so many so many magical recipes and shallow data to make your home just like you know agenda in your homes in the agenda your home because, you know, when you enter your home and your home is full of serenity because your spouse is there, you know, this is what everyone would really wish to have, you know, or in a book for is a home whereby you can find

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your heart You know, this like college or homes.

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So try to you know, you know, you're invited, you know, check us out online, ww rock training.com for more information on this project, you know, it's called rock Connect, or on my Facebook, you know, Facebook slash f we have a zazzy for more information on this marriage slash matrimonial seminar, yes, it's a marriage seminar and followed by a much more in which I will be running and monitoring myself making sure it goes by the etiquettes of an edible but Islam inshallah is that Camilla hair. And this again is project one more time is sponsored by human appian International of hamdulillah. So, for more information to check us out online