Nadim Bashir – Signs of the Hour #6

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The state of the economy and the implementation of the state of the economy have been discussed, as well as the importance of learning the Islam system to avoid negative consequences. The Sahaba are living in a "fitness" atmosphere, but the pandemic has led to "fitness" atmosphere. The legalization of the OMA and the return of Jerusalem have also been discussed, along with the use of deadly weapons and the spread of diseases like foot and mouth disease. The segment also touches on the controversy surrounding the decision to return to Jerusalem after Jesus was brought back.
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Human 100 Little behind me and also there was someone that was holding him Hamid whiner early he was a hobby of mine was still on with the slim and Catherine cathedral my boss so Hannah

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Montana in the Catalan game officially said that he was still the only one ultimately Saniflo polio My bad.

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So inshallah we continue today with the fitness or the signs of the day of judgment and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Hadith that we learned from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the next type of fitna that we stopped or where we continued today from is the, the saying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or what he informed the Sahaba or the ultra unhemmed About the time when the fitness will begin to occur. There's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu it was something I would like to share with you.

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Is whether proceed here

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are you springs

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This is David with your time reporting he says call the corner in the amount of the allotted or unknown for call eight you come yeah for the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Phil fitna to come up on, Paul for Paul to Anna Paul in Nicola Jerry on what K. What K for con. This is a Hadith narrated by for the first time and he says that we are one day in the company of Amara Viola tonight and that he said, Who amongst you has preserved in his mind most perfectly? The hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in regards to the term oil as he has told us about it. I said it is I Thereupon he said are you bold enough to make this claim mean that you are making such a

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claim that no one else is saying that I remember very clearly you are making this claim. How and He further said how he says Paul meaningful day for saying call to Samira to Rasul Allah. He said Allahu Allah, he was sending my akule he says, I heard Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying fifth nettle Raju li li wamalwa He wants to see well what are the what JD you can follow her a CRM was Salatu was sadaqa to while Obama roof and a young uncle. He says they would first be turmoil for a person in regards to his family, his property, his own self, his children, his neighbors and the sins committed in their connection. But it will be explained expiated by fasting prayer charity and

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joining good and forbidding evil for color Omar laser had to redo he says there upon almost I don't mean about that and he says I understand those things. He says in Nima od do let ether mu como Gil Baja, he says but that which one which, but that one which would emerge like the mountain mount like the mounting waves of the ocean. Then how they forget he starts he says football to man like a

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whaler Hi yah, yah hoo mean, Inner Inner Bay Nikka ouabain I have Babban Moogle up

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on both color if a user will babble amused, who call for call to lab Bell Uke, Saru Paula Delica Hara Allah you will.

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He says, I said, Oh come on are the faithful because this is a mute Munin, Amara, Violetta asking this question. So he says, You have nothing to do with it for the door is closed between you and that, what is that referring to the fitness are about to come, he said, would that door be broken or opened? I said further if I says no, he will not be you know, it will not it wouldn't be broken there upon he said, then it will not be closed despite his best efforts. Now, think about this. When you talk about a door, if you kick a door open, you damage the door, right? Yes or no? To be put to repair that door, you're gonna have to probably replace the entire frame of the door or that major

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portion of the door. Whereas if you open a door and you walk in, you simply close the door. So he's asking that will this door be open or will it be like broken into he says it'll be broken into and then dies when Omar says that then despite the best efforts, this door cannot be closed. This door cannot be closed. Then he says all of Hakuna differ. Then he's we set up for the Federal Yatta on healthcare now Omar, ja lemma Manila. Alana comma Jana Anna Duna Verdin and Les letter in Neha death two who are the Ethan Lazar bill of Olive, Paul for Hibben and Ness L for the effeminate

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man menial Bab for Pune li masukkan Selu for Salah HuFa Paula almoradi Allah Tala on their upon so so we set up for the ephah did OMA know the door there upon he said yes, he knew for certain just as one knows, that night precedes the next day. And I narrated to him something in which there is nothing fabricated, shall be one of the narrator says We dare not to ask for the info about that door. So we requested muscle group to ask him which is another person amongst them. So so he asked him and he said by that door he meant automobile doesn't mean that was sua Allahu Allah He was said nothing now for you know today because we are surrounded with so much fitna. Unfortunately, we

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actually have become desensitized to all the fifth now. Now I want you to understand this. Imagine living in a world where there is absolutely peace and serenity. There is no problems people are working people are things are working according to a system. People are not selfish and SubhanAllah. If you learn the system of Islam, the economic system of Islam, the society with Maharaja of Islam, the way he has been mentioned, in the books of Hadith and the way our Alma have collected in the books, we will learn the best system in the world without a doubt is the system of Islam is the system of Islam Subhanallah during the time of Allah and there were times where they could have

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raised the prices of food. Like in this day and age, when the food when the food when there's when there's a shortage of food, or when there's a particular ingredient that has a shortage in the market. They usually inflate the price almost all the time. During his time, one time he could have inflated the price because there was a certain product which was in demand and there was a low supply, but almost all the alotta and he realized that if the prices are are are increased, then the poor people in the community will suffer. The best system in the worlds the best is the system of Islam. Now think about this. The Sahaba are living in this peaceful time. They do want to think

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about fitness. They don't want they cannot imagine what kind of fitness you're talking about. They could be small fitness, they could be huge fitness, there could be continuous fitness, short term short term fitness, long term fitness, and just the fact that they're hearing that there is going to be fitness is what driving them is what's driving them insane. They have no idea and so that is why they're so curious, that will this door be broken into will be opened. And not only that, but then they find out that this door the door to fit now the door that will open the times of fitna is the death of Omaha Barbara the Allah Tala. And we all know and because I went through this whole series

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of the Sahaba of the altar and when we went through the time of Earth man or the altar and that add it was the end and this is why

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Abraham, Abraham is screwed on the altar and he says, We have remained in Riza. Since the day on Monday he became a Muslim. He accepted Islam till the day he passed away since that for that entire period of time, the OMA was a Muslim. We weren't in the State of Israel. We were protected from fitness. But ever since the time comes or when the time comes, that armor leaves this world. That is when the fitness will begin. And lo and behold, when you say the life in the era of automatic fun all the time, the way people I mean almost no time he died. He if you remember how he died, he died because a Medusa came in stabbed him while he was praying while he was eating the salad. While he

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was in the slot. He was a Shaheed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he also mentioned there's a hadith narrated by Edison medical data and the province is something you once climbed upon mountain, the Mount Hood, and he's with obika in Oman and Osman rhodiola, rhodiola and home and the mountain began to shake. And then this was ALLAH some set to the mountain Be firm or hard for you, there is a four on you there is no more than a prophet acidic into Shaheed or thumbin, while the other one was a Shahid and he died by who by people who so called themselves as Muslims, people who claim to be Muslims, but they were rebelling against orthonormal the Ultra and, and that is the that

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is something we learned from the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam especially that time worth man. And believe it or not from the time that was mine, I mean, Earth mine came into power this is nothing against Earth man, the Prophet SAW sun and once again if you ever in the history there was nothing there was this hadith was mentioned but about Salam did the person know that the first Halifa will be alberca and the second Khalifa will be online and the third one would have been on the third one will be offline and the fourth one is on he he doesn't know that but the only thing that he's saying is that when all my guys that door is open then that's it now if he was

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a first believer that door would have been open when he after he passed away is that's just the way it is now is nothing against Northland rotor on Earth man was a was a was a person was a hobby who was an ashram Bashara. He was one of the 10 people given the glad tidings of Jannah in this world. He wasn't unqualified Ross, you don't he was someone who was extremely close. He was the southern wall of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is not a knock against him. This is just saying that from that time till today, the fitness have never come to an end in this OMA and the fitness will not come to an end of this OMA till the time comes that when Mr. Madi comes and Isa

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Alehissalaam comes and then peace is then restored in this world.

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Then the next, the next sign of the day of judgment that has been conveyed to us by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually originates from the battle of Cronyn, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is in the Battle of Conan and he's distributing the spoils of war. A man comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and says nothing about this. You're talking to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam you're not talking to any ordinary man. And he says, Woe to you. I mean, think about this. What a despicable person this person was, what kind of what kind of person this person is to save the province of Salem whaler.

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Walter, you? He says, If you don't, if, if that note, the ransom said to him, he said, be just in your distributing he got and he raised his tone. The past seven says Woe to you. If I'm not just who is Justin. I am the most generous person the year. This is why I did not even give this responsibility to any of the Sahaba nothing gives the Sahaba because I understand the situation. And it said that at that time, he was giving more to the people of Makkah than he was giving to other people. That's fine day is the decision of Rasulullah saw Salah and whatever decision the Prophet alayhi salam takes or he does we are satisfied upon that. This man had a problem with that. Now you

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can imagine almost Rhodiola Don is standing right there. What do you think the reaction of Omar is? Yeah, so Allah does give me different mission. Yes, Allah He doesn't No, that's it. I'll take care of this person. And they probably got some says no, don't worry about this. Because you know, uh, you know why the person he would every time someone would ag ignorant with the province of Salem, on the one to take action, but every single time the province suddenly you stopped him, you know why? You know why? Because one is ignorance. One is ignorance. One is janky li or gyla. You can never overcome that. There are people in this world who are sometimes so ignorant, it doesn't matter what

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you do what you say. You can never you can never get across them. Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Allah He used to say that in every single conversation I have ever been engaged in or any kind of discussion or a scholarly discussion I've been part of. I have always come

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On top, there was only one person I have never ever been able to overcome. And because that is the ignorant person, he goes, No, he goes, I have come across many ignorant people, but every single time I put forward something, then they act ignorant they have they say something very ignorant way. So there are people who are like that. Now, the problem is some he basically he's kind of Sahaba you're gonna come across these people just leave them alone. Now the problem he tells us about a prediction he says that there will be differences in divisions amongst my OMA there are some has already told us about this. This is in most of the Al Hakim in most of the Ahmed he goes on to he

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goes on to say, there will be people who will speak well, but they will behave badly, they will recite the Quran, but it will not go any deeper than their collarbones, then they will pass through the religion as swiftly as an arrow passes through its prey, and they will not come back until the arrow comes back to the bow mean that they will never come back to it. They are the most evil people in creation, they will call people to the book of Allah, and they, but they will have nothing to do with the book of Allah, whoever finds Sam is closer to Allah than them and their sign is that they have they have shaved their heads. Now the question is that what exactly is what was I'm talking

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about here, according to majority of the unimat this hadith is in reference to a group of people that has existed from the time of allinone Ultron, who are known as the Hermitage, who are known as the Hermitage. Today we have people today we do have these kinds of regimes, we do have these kinds of parties, we do have these kind of people that do exist in the world who say that we are Muslims. This is why how why does it ever occur to us? Why are non muslims so confused at times, because the people who are spreading evil they say call Allah and call Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the people who are advocating peace, they say online callers who said Allah while he was sitting

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there thinking to themselves, that if you only have one to put on you, oh, you claim you only have one Quran because we don't have so many versions of the Quran, like Christians have so many versions of the Bible. You know, so many versions, we don't we only have one version. And so they say that if you claim to have one version, they say they read from the Quran, and there they are, you know, committing terrorism. And on the other hand, you as Muslims, you are advocating peace and you say call Allah call their soon. Who's right? This is exactly what was Allah so Allah Allah wa salam was informing us about the group of people will come like this at a time. And then and is important to

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understand that these people see, we cannot call anyone a caffeine. I mean, deciding who goes to Jana who goes to Jana, that's not my decision. That's not your decision. That's only and only Allah's decision. But at the same time, we can say that some people are doing an act of comfort. They're doing an act of COFA. We cannot call them a coffin. The one thing when you say their history, these are people who have fitna running in their blood. For example, when you go back into the history of Assam do the time, you know the allotted time, the first civil war that took place in the name of Islam, the first of a war that took place was between the legal time and why we are of

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your time and ally and why we are both on understanding the severity of the situation. They realize that this OMA is falling apart and we need to bring this over together because it was earlier on who was not taking enough serious action according to my IWEA against in in getting in avenging the death of man are dying. And this is why I leave why we are kept on butting heads for this reason. And a while the Sahaba they were upset to a lot of the Sahaba including Isotta Anna, she wanted on to avenge the death of Usman Ibrahim family time. But nonetheless, after battle, Josephine after the boughs have been the people of Syria in Iraq agree to arbitrate between the two groups between the

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earliest group and and while we as group and eventually there was a group of people known as the Hello outage. There were approximately 1000 number according to some books, according some other accounts, it was 16,000 16,000 nonetheless, Ali mo Aria, they agreed to arbitrate the matter, they came to an agreement, they walked, they walked away from one another with their hearts are respecting one another, loving one another for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. However, these people, these people

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6000 of these people, they broke off from it all the time. And they created their own group. And when they and so when Ali saw that 6000 People have been separated from him, he asked them what are you doing? And he even set up an ABA theater and to go and consult with these people work with these people try to help them understand. They said see first there was on the side of audio Viola on when Ali and why we came to terms and they ended the war. They wanted a war. They wanted a war and the people who were behind this they saw that the Muslims are working to

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Got it. That's not what we want. We want the OMA to fall apart. So then they said to us a minute ago they were with Ali now they're saying i Lee did not I did not make a decision based on the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Salla he did not now can you imagine you're talking about Ali, you have the Allah Quran, I mean when we need a little time, and he did the best thing which he could is to stop the bloodshed. Then it said that approximately 2000 people, they came back with a bass on the altar, and they joined earlier the allotted time. But nonetheless, Alexander ani understands, and he acknowledges that there is a group of people who are willing to spread fitna,

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but our legal done. On top of that, he said that you have three rights, you have three rights. Number one, we will not bar you from our massages, we will not bar you from our massages. Now there's a very powerful lesson in this well, lying is a very powerful lesson in this. When I leave with your tan, who knows that these people openly are committing fitna. They're committing fitna they're going against the teachings of quinine. These people will not borrow from the Masjid. Today, in this day and age, when people get into a small conflict, people are buying each other from Sajith. I mean, the misogyny is the house of Allah subhanho wa taala. Only Allah gets to decide who

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comes to the house of Allah and who doesn't come down to Allah Subhana Allah, stopping people from coming into the house of Allah subhanaw taala is a major crime. Then the second thing he said that we will not hold, hold back or we will not withhold your shares mean that if you go into battle, and there are spoils of war, you will get your share. And the third thing he said, We will not start a fight so long that you do not we do not do evil, the minute you do evil, then we will start a fight now.

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They they continue they threatened God Allah to Allah to Allah, he just let it go, because he knew that these were just empty threats. But what they did after this did catch the attention of it, or the alotta and they these people the

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the hostage, they were selling it in some place someplace outside of Medina, it just so happened that you remember the Sahaba bourbon urato Rhodiola time, we've heard this story before many times his son, Abdullah bin hubub, and Anatolia Don was traveling from that land. He and his wife, and she was pregnant. They got hold of him, they asked him that, what is your views about aliotta. And he said, I have positive views. I really believe in him, he's what we need, I have my he has my full support. They killed him. They killed him. Now think about this, they not just kill what is to kill. One is they took a sword and the sword or machete, and they slit his throat. Now, one thing we do

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know is that whenever whenever any person is executed, you don't ever cut a person from this from from this point. Who is usually cut from here.

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Animals, right? When we do love, animals are usually cut from here. Even when you look at, you know, the in history books, when you see these pictures and these depictions of how people were executed in like in Europe and so forth, when their heads were put under the guillotine. Was it this way? Or is it with this was it this way, it was always in the back right? Their heads are put down the guillotine will come to come down on them. This is how it is in shooting in the shadow to if a person is to be executed. You don't do it from here you do from here. But these people they know that they know that this is a form of disrespect. And this is the one that works. This is the worst

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way of taking someone's life and they did that. And then they took the life of his wife to

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I mean, what kind of barbaric these people are. The this is why the person said they will read the Quran but you will not go below their collarbones. And we have those kinds of people today. We have this kind of people today in different parts of the world who say God Allah and call the Rasul, but they're * women. They're killing innocent people. Why in the name of Islam. So then it was then the illegal dawn he found out and he came, he came after these people. And and he and he he removed these people. However, there were some people who escaped and they scattered in some parts of the land, but they do exist till today. The last thing I will share with you is another sign another

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sign that has been told to us by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was about a plague that will take place. This is a Hadith narrated by Alfred Binet Malik of yellow Dawn, he says adding the property ism says count says six things prior to the Day of Judgment. Among them he mentioned a widespread death that will spread amongst you

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like moraine amongst the sheep. Now moraine actually, is in reference to a disease that actually starts somewhere around the mouth area and if you remember, or you may not remember, but Allahu Allah.

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Oh, this is some this is this was a time when I was studying in the UK, I think I think this happened in 2000 or 2001 2002.

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There was something I remember there was a an epidemic that broke out in England was called the foot and mouth disease.

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And actually many people I remember one time, even after that,

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I think this happened in probably 2003. Because one time in 2010, I went to go give blood, there was no, you know, Carter, blood care, so forth. I went to go get blood. And they asked me that, when were you in England. And I told him, I was in England from 97 to 2003, or four. And they said that you cannot give blood because within the last 10 years, there was something called the foot in mouth disease. Basically, this was a disease that started from the mouth, amongst many cows and animals and so forth. And not only and what happened eventually, is that all these animals had to be killed. There were so many shepherds, and so many people in the, in the slaughtering business and so forth,

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that because so many other animals were taken away, there was some even but there were some shepherds and so forth, who even actually committed suicide because they just lost all their livelihood overnight. So this was a great epidemic that broke out. Now the poem is basically saying that there is going to be an epidemic that will break out. And lo and behold, in Jerusalem, there was a place close by to Jerusalem, there was a, a plague that did break out in the year 638 After hijra, so that means that this happened to the time of America the Ultra, however, this was, this was before America Rodon he conquered Jerusalem. So the conquest of Jerusalem came after this. But

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nonetheless, it said that this even the starter from there is spread into Syria. And eventually there were 25,000 Muslims who died from this plague, so the person when he talked about it, and that not only that, but there was some Sahaba such as more other than enjoyable about obey the shura have been even a hustler Alfonso Abbas out the Multilib amongst many great companions who actually lost their lives in this thought rune or this plague that have that affected these lands. Next inshallah we'll leave this for next week, which is the conquest of Jerusalem.

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We all you know, this is something that the person he told us about, of course, and it did happen to the timer on ricotta Rhodiola Don, but at the same time, I'm going to also share with you some brief history of Jerusalem and Morocco site at the same time for those of us who are not familiar with the history of that sacred land inshallah We'll cover all this in the upcoming weeks or show next week to exactly ALLAH SubhanA coloane Huntik naturally we're now in the in the Enter stuff Luca wanted to relate Zack Malachite somebody completely broke

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