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handled a little bit alameen wa salatu salam O Allah to feel and be able to study you know Allah Allah He was heavy is made about

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nilay dalla the sutras that were recited in the first record, sort of the shims and the second record in data.

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These are sources that remind us about their judgement

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about the overlap here. And unless we have dela describes some of the conditions of what will happen on that day.

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And I lost my dollar said,

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Oh my God,

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my mot, Allah says, do understand even what is this day,

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when will you understand what is his day.

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And if you see the meaning of the two surah is what Allah describes. It is the reverse of everything that we know.

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For example, we know that the sun shines and gives us heat and sustenance and light,

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that sun will lose its light.

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We know that the stars are there in the heavens, and they are things which we use for guidance for our navigation. And we know that this particular star is in this part of the heavens, and therefore I can set my path if I'm going somewhere using that star as a great these stars will fall.

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They will not be in their place anymore.

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We know that mountains while devout Allah subhanaw taala himself said in Surah in Surah, Nava that the devil The mountains are

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kept us begs to stabilize the earth. These mountains will become like clouds of dust which will short

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the sea we know that the water of the ocean we use the water to put out fires.

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If there is a fire we use the water to put out fire, the sea itself will burst into flames. And today we know from scientific evidence that if you split the hydrogen atom if you split the h2o which is hydrogen and oxygen molecule, it was really the molecule it's an atomic reaction. Secret will produce fire it will produce enormous amount of heat.

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So the sea itself will burst into flames.

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now in this situation, Allah subhanaw taala is asking

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what is the answer? This is the question this is a question which is being asked to us and this is all you people. How is it you forget your optical game? How is it that you deserve a vehicle Kareem? How is it that Allah has sent a key that and you don't want to read it? And how is it that Allah subhanaw taala sent a book for you to read and understand and follow you don't want to do this?

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What is the answer? allies ask a question. We are to us and we are supposed to answer what is the answer

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remind myself and you that this month which is coming under inshallah maybe today is the telavi first vizilite Allah

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This one is the man for us to again think and recollect and recall and come back online with what Allah subhanaw taala wants us to do.

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Where you going?

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Where are you going?

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Where are you going?

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Where are you supposed to go? We want what what the agenda is our path the road that we have chosen and we are walking and we are running on this road very fast.

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Is it taking us somewhere it's

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time for us to reflect this whole month is a month of reflection it's a month of contemplation it's a month of thinking for yourself and correcting our back

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and this month comes for that reason and allows rather increases our results in this month.

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And what is the increase of resistant is one.

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The first and most important and most critical increase of results in the month of Ramadan is the local Quran.

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The Quran is risk risk is not only a rotate Java in this case, the Colombo lies this.

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Allah increases this even though normally does not read the Quran will go and listen to some time somewhere.

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And of course, we should not be among those we should be among those who also listen to therapy and also we read and we read more than we normally get. Supposing you are reading, you know one juice a day or half a juice a day, or at least increase it more so as rather opens the doors for us. Allah increases

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The risk in terms of gelato unless rather increases the risk in terms of how many records of Salah we pray

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so Allah May Allah forgive us we get into complete complications when we pray with 23 202,000 The more we pray the better better benefit for you What is the problem

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was understand is this disease Allah subhanaw taala has given us this beautiful day and Allah increases the risk and this is all being accumulated with a loss of habitat inshallah, the time for us to give so the heart and Kira let us give a given given given given

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and don't fall into the trap of shapes and sizes if you give you will become the Havana hotel. How can we become a desert it will give I will give you 10 times if you give us 100 times I will give you and more than that

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how can we come pocket This is investment you're investing you're investing for visa lightoller feasibility feasible.

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So let us increase our socket that is increase our header that is increase our our louder that is increase our the solid the solid that we read in our field and bring our lives completely and totally on the path that is described by tomorrow tell us the path what is indigena because my brother's you and you know and I know we have no idea when we will go Yep, absolutely no idea.

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We have no idea. Maybe tonight will be tarawih of the first Ramadan but I cannot say that I will bread is turabian this message I like them a lot as best.

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I cannot say that I will be able to break away today it is Monday. I cannot say

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I hope Allah will give you the opportunity but if Allah subhanaw taala wants to stop me.

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So let us be very clear that we

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do not know when our last moment is going to come. And the only way to ensure that that last moment is the best moment of our lives and remake the darkness right Allah May Allah make the last day of our lives the best day of our lives inshallah. But the only way to ensure that is to have every day of your life is the best day

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because otherwise we do not know which which day it is. So if every day is the best day then inshallah the last is also the mystery. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us a bit of history to make this possible inshallah and we ask Allah to make it easy for us to worship Him in a way that pleases him and that he should be pleased with our worship. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the covert and nakatani Radha to be able to worship Him more and more and more and to make that a permanent part of our lives. Even after Ramadan for the next 11 months of the year in sha Allah was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was heavy as main Veronica