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Tina on Java.

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him in a shallow pond you're watching me rajim Bismillah your Walkman you're walking what saboom involved on

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the one level on the telly I mean he was that Ashima walk elbow whom

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he been Wellesley Worsley the lower power dialing him level later me know whom for your aura while I'm only determine whom romba sorta Allah who loves him. So that brings us to verse number 18 and we were exploring the divine intervention for the preservation of these youth, the friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala in verse 17, we labored over how Allah subhanho wa Taala caused the rising sun to decline and the setting sun to divert diversion of the solar system, miraculous intervention to allow these youth to have a peaceful sleep well whom fee fidgety men while they rest in the more spacious area of the cave, Yana Lu home burdo re a onesie Moha according to July lane he lives this

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year Yana loom burdo re when I see when I see Moo Ha. So

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they were protected from the rays of the sun not to disturb or disrupt or interfere with their sleep, yet they were in a spacious place, allowing for the breeze to come in which kept it cool which kept it gentle which kept it quite relaxing and soothing, well whom we fed you with the men that come in it Allah May, Allah who for who will move that woman in your belly fell into g della who were a young murshida we conclude on that and spoke about how when Allah guide someone that nobody can miss guide, and if Allah does not guide a person, then none can rescue that individual. Romania Cooney, la Houma, hufa ma who elfia to let Isla toda la will hire recently the lejana will

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hire the lady liable. Romania Cooney, la Houma who and if Allah is with you, woman you're going in lahoma who are who elfia to let ILA to the lab, then he has an army that can never be overpowered. We'll have the lady liable and he has a guidance that will never deviate. ly bring Laura be valenza in June 16th chapter 20 Surah Taha when St. Namu Salah Salam described Allah before Pharaoh he said now you're doing Nora be well I answer my Allah does not earn and my Allah does not forget.

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Wilma who Alhamdulillah de la yo la your bill while Harris and levy la Unum and of course he has the best guide and the best protector.

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So we move on to verse 18. And Allah subhanho wa Taala now speaks again about how Allah protected them. What after boom, ba ba boom Rocco. Wow. We're and the several of whom you the onlooker. A passer by, although the address is to the messenger sallallahu Sallam apparently because the Quran was revealed to him. It's in the context of a singular Mohatta, but the scholars say it is to anyone and everyone has Ciba Sabu. To think to assume, to consider what several whom a taba been a thorn in grammar, that is a plural it is the plural of the word Yachty. Oven because trail cough Yachty Loon. So if you had to pass by and you had to peep into that cave, and you had to get up close, you would

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perceive these people to be awake, whereas they were in sound and deep sleep. My word

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what that said, boom, a power button. Welcome, bro code, you would assume them to be awake yet they were in deep sleep. Some have argued because their eyes were partially open. Others say not that the eyes were partially open, but rather the breathing was not elevated like an asleep in person would be or is still how old Mufasa had not occurred where the body had not slept into lameness and weakness and feebleness like a person would sleep and sometimes when a man is in deep sleep, then you know what he's out, out out. There's like no movement, you can almost go into panic. Are you there? And then of course you can see breathing and you can see movement on the chest and then Okay,

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no, he's fine. He's okay. He's He's alive as such.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to protect you my brother and Allah wants to protect you, my sister. Look at

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To how unique and how amazing the intervention of the Almighty is, and this is what the scholars labor on an explore, this was all part of the plan of the preservation of these people, so that there's no interruption with them. So the inner cave, which is quite spacious internally, which is allowing for the breeze, and they quite relaxed in where they are, there's diversion of the sun, according to many scholars, and some argue that the that the cave was positioned in such a way positioned in such a way that would shield them against the sun, and others say no, it's not the positioning of the gave, but rather it is the divine intervention. And this was a kurama waka

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Rahmatullah, Olia, you happen, and this was the medical for the Friends of the Almighty. So the third thing, verse 18, opening verses as part of the preservation and the sleep of these people, what does saboom a carbon one homebrew code, and you as an onlooker would perceive them to be a way that's a verbatim translation? Well, whom whereas raw food they were whoom what? A homebrew code while they were fast asleep, they were in deep sleep, right?

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Furthermore, one oculi boom, that jelly I mean, what that does shimelle palabok kalibo taglib, to rotate, to move, and we would turn them to the right and to the left. That's the translation. We continue with verse 18. We're and no call label whom you refer to the heart in Arabic as talb why tal? culture is the organ that is evolving in Tila being Arabic refers to a revolution, right? The revolution that takes place, there's a complete turn around, so called the heart, it's turning, it's evolving. It's changing. The emotions of life are constantly changing. Life is a fluctuation of emotions, sometimes you'll open for a long life. And then after a period of time, you're grateful

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that there's something like death because you know what you realize that this is not the ultimate, this is not the ultimate you you. You're hoping and you're grateful that there is another life beyond this life, one openly boom, I'll interlab and we turn them to the right and to the left. In 10, zero adon I read Abu huraira the alarm used to say Gannett LABOUM, data lobe attorney fees center, Canada, Hong Kong, Dubai attorney fees center, they were turned on sites twice a year. And some even argued historically. These are the theory required that it one would happen on the day of Ashura on the 10th of Muharram. While Abdullah had now I've been sort of the Allahumma would say,

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kind of Baton face center, that they would be turned once in a year. Now my brother, you would have probably observed and my sister, you know, as a mother, I have seen my wife doing this year and I'm sure you've seen many woman that you know what, when the baby is sleeping, and and especially it's a newborn baby, the mother would come she would understand every cry from that child what it means to anyone else. The child is just crying. And from the mum the cry No, no, he needs to feed cry again. No, he needs a diaper change. cry again. No, he needs a Bub cry again. Probably his colleague and his tummy is painting or whatever it is, but every cry to anyone else would be the same. But the mum

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Subhanallah her heart and her understanding that Allah has given is just unique. And I always say this you know that the the motherly sentiments that Allah has put in a mother is just unique. It's something that just just just moistens the I I had the privilege of you know, I love my Safari and I love wildlife and that's something that really keeps me occupied and intrigues me and on a particular trip when we went to East Africa on a lecture tour and they after we had the opportunity with a group of friends to go to the Masai Mara and hamdulillah we had a great time did a hot air balloon got a nice you know what bird's eye view of the game and we also got to see the great

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migration of the wild bees we got to see with the naked eye I said then enjoyed it thoroughly and you would see these you know wild bees getting across of course the river is infested with crocodiles and then they they would prey on on the wild bees and as you come across here, they come in in the search of green and and and coming in the search of obviously because of the dries dryness on one side. They come in across here to find you know what food and further etc. And then this idea, the big cats are in in ambush. And I seen with my own eyes, right that the mother crossing over the river and

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Getting across safe and sound made it was not attacked by

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a croc. And on the other side, the baby is crying the baby the baby calf of the world, the beers the wild bees is crying, and the mom crosses over, the mom crosses back over to go and fetch that baby and bring it and your tears just welled up, tears just swell up. You know, it's, it's amazing. It's amazing. A friend of mine who's big into horses was saying recently that the horse, you know what was about to give birth. And there was difficulty in birth, the vet was called in a Caesar was done. And you know what the father had passed on, and the vet told them, You will have to leave the mother to see for a period of time, and then for the mother to witness the burial of the baby and the foal.

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And that was done. And after that, he said to me, that she stood in mourning for three days, she stood in mourning for three days. So this is amazing. And the more you read it, and the more you understand,

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you know what, that how Allah has put this love into the mother in every creature in not only in the human kind, but across, you know, the animal kingdom as well. So you would see the mother come in and turn in her baby, right, she will come in, close the curtains. And then after half an hour, she will come in, turn the baby to the right side, and turn the baby to the left side, set him up moving around, or if she's, you know what, got him in her lap. I mean, we've seen this year and I got to give credit to many dads as well, on long haul flights. You know what you you trying to find your position in the flight and sleep. And you could see a mom rocking a baby in that emergency exit

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options in the aisle, just trying to allow that child off. And chase when she finally allows the child lo and behold, the flight hits turbulence. And when it needs turbulence, then you have in a cabin crew coming out and said Ma'am, sorry, you need to buckle up. And you need to put the seat and I understand security is key. But sometimes I just look at this. And I'm like, you know what? Can you just appreciate the context? And can you appreciate the pain? And can you appreciate the endurance of this parent, and how long it was and how challenging it was. And obviously when you're going to strap and buckle up the child because of turbulence, which is necessary. I'm on board with

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that, excuse the pun on board. But you know, to appreciate how challenging it is. So I'm saying the mom will rotate the child Well, these were youth that was sleeping in the cave and one open libo home be a dill mela Aika the angels were sent to turn them Jalali mentions la alert colon ardolino home at home so that the termites the termites don't feed on their body.

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Now somebody asked the question in Allah Paddy Ron, Allah Heffley him behind Rita Caliban. Surely Allah could preserve their bodies without rotating it and safeguard them against insects and termites eating them. What was the need to rotate their bodies Indeed Allah can indeed well I can Allah had done really well I can Allah had Allah, Allah Allah, Allah say in sub about, but in this world, Allah subhanho wa Taala has made it a place of cause and effect. And hence, in many instances, Allah subhanho wa Taala has allowed for the adoption or the intervention of cause and effect. So like mentioned in the 19th chapter of the Quran in surah, Maria, that Allah subhanho wa

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Taala provided dates for Maria Maria Lagoon, when she was delivering Isa alayhis salam. And of course we know that that's the best provision, because this is the provision provided by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So Allah said to her well, Jose, la cabeza kbj inocula. Well, who's the la gibby de la casa de la Giroux, poppin Jenny, according to one Tierra de sol, de ropa, when Jenny, that shake the branch above you, and the scholars say, when the provision itself was miraculous, why did Allah not cause the date to fall in the lap of Maria, Maria Allah or Anna, and the message is the same thing that it's a place of cause and effect, shake the brand, shake the branch, my brother, flex your hands, move your legs, take the step, leap forward, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will make the arrangements and the intervention. So of course Allah could protect their bodies from the trail

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mites feed in on them without rotating their body. But Allah subhanaw taala has made a system of smart and hence Allah had sent them Allah acre to turn them to turn them. So we move on verse 18. Look at the intervention, a mother I'd say in terms of child to understand the posture, puts a pillow there, puts a cushion around, raises the head up slightly. You know what, move these legs give them a little bit of physio, that's the basic she understands it and it's just unique how to move out to position when you sleep in you know, you turn your head aside you turn that side those that I have insomnia May Allah make it easy for one in all you you know what you you reverse your

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pillow or you change your Dovey or you get up or you dust your bed you do certain postures till you find that comfortable position in which you can kind of tuck in and then Off you go and then you in your deep sleep. One you can label one. Telia meaning what that does Schimmel verse 18, and we would turn them to the right and the left and I gave you the context, the quotation of Abdullah Abbas Satan, Abu huraira, the Allah etc.

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What cattle boom bersih upon virar ie bin was seated while the dogs stretched out its paws at that threshold. Were and while Holly as we would say, what caribou home and their dog buzzy tone stretched out there are IE its paws. Bill was sweet was seed in Arabic field tamuz l was seen a lot about the doorstep or the trash hold. Were some Mia was so Mia it about Matthias and what some may a family worry about was to me a family. It was it Magellan at the entrance to the cave was referred to as a doorstep or as a trash hole, figuratively and metaphorically because it's the entrance like you have the trash hole at your house to add the door entrance. So this was the opening of the cave.

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Hence it was referred to as war scene, which in Arabic would be Atiba, which will translate as doorstep or threshold and figuratively, the entrance of the cave was referred to as the threshold and the doorstep. What golembo one basutoland there are a bill was it so this was the dog that had accompany them. Ignore it as Paul is mentioned in the FRC, and many have discussed this year that the adoption of the company of the pious is so amazing that Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about this dog as well, in the discussion that this animal this dog took to the company of these people took to the company of these people. And it featured in the chapter of the Quran featured in the

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mention of these people as well.

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So this was part of the protection plan, almost like there's a dog there in God in protection, which would keep you at an arm's length. And if you got any closer, they would look like they were awake. So you would not want to interfere with someone who's vigilant who's awake, a person is more susceptible to theft, or his goods been snatched away when when he's sleeping. I mean, I've seen at airports, right? people waiting for a flight, a person's got his phone in one hand, he's got his passport here. And it's like holding on to his bag holding on to his passport. God is Enya and falling off to sleep. Of course, as you go into deep sleep and slumber the hand gets relaxed. And

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you know what there is that vulnerability, but people are holding on. And I often say when you travel, you hold your document with great care. And you hold your your your your purse and your wallet, right because if that document goes and that purse goes, you're stranded. And you can add the phone on today. Because even today The other challenge is and this has happened to me I was coming back from the Caribbean, from Trinidad to be specific. And my phone fell and then yeah, I just couldn't via Trinidad, Toronto, Toronto, Dubai, and flying back was one of those long flights. And

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I just could not, you know what we pay it during my layover in in Toronto. And now when you fly in, and even when you get to Dubai, and even when you want to connect, although phones are available, but numbers are not available. You don't realize that because everything is stored on your memory, everything's on your phone. And now you simply do not have people like your immediate family, you don't have their numbers because everything is stalled. And you realize how stranded you are and you realize how feeble you are. And this is the point I always reflect I mean,

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yesterday when I was doing some research with the CIA, and I came across some amazing points and inshallah I will I will discuss it as we move on. And Allah is my witness. As the lesson was going on and I was doing my research. I whispered and my whisper became louder.

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I proclaimed or I announced, you know what a few times in my process or in my research, Allah only you have knowledge Allah I have nothing I know nothing Allah. I know nothing and that's that's not superficial. That's the Absolute Truth. Allah is the only one who started and Allah is the only one who's alim. We have little bit that Allah has given us and that's temporary and Allah can pull the plug on us at any time. Today you hear halal and healthy and you strong and you've got muscle and cloud and then suddenly one pain in your back and you're done. Allah levy holla taco min don't say nama mine is digressing, but I'll just share a quick reflection. Allahu levy holla taco min don't

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offend so much I mean back over to my gentlemen birdie.

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shaybah yanapuma sha Allah Allah will caddied a verse of the 21st Jews of the Quran surah to room Allahu Allah The Hala taco Mindo vain Allah created you from weakness feebleness when you were born What was your level, so major Allah mean by the tone within the oven, Allah who levy holla taco min don't offend the masala mean Bella de Beauvoir turn washy but then after that weakness, Allah gave you a strength you went through the different milestones now you've got firmness now you can stand now you can walk now you can hold. Now you got muscle now you're in the gym. Now you're carrying weight. Now you're pumping iron now you Iron Man. Now you can do this. Now you can learn. Now you

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can scale Oh, amazing, phenomenal strength. So Majola member the boom within phunware shaybah. Then after that strength, Allah gave you weakness again. And this weakness incapacitates you it's like a paralysis that strikes you. And it follows up with old age, your local Nyasha. He creates whatever he wishes, well, who will I leave? Today, he has knowledge and he is powerful.

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I was once in London, and

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I was we had an early morning train to take from London right up to Manchester, because that was where my last program was. And I had a flight out. And trust me, I was performing ablution right. And I was you know what the facility was such I needed to make my shoe. So the basin was not conducive. So it had a bathtub. And in the bathtub. I was you know, I had just sat down and I was performing the Voodoo and I just had a slight slip a slide slip. It was not from a height not from an elevated place. But the angle of the slip was such that I heard what what physiotherapist tell us. Let us say Miss Dorsey. I don't even know if I'm pronouncing it correctly. But so am I dole.

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It's a nerve and a vein that runs. And this was so excruciating, and I could not understand the pain I was experiencing. Because it was such a small simple fall. And they said no, no, you've injured your latissimus dorsi. I'm like okay, let me Google and see what's this all about, and then painkiller upon painkiller and physio upon physio and X ray upon x ray. And we can months went on. Allah reminds us how feeble we are my brother, I always say this year, we are so dependent yet so arrogant. And Allah is totally independent, yet so compassionate. We're what bukal Ronnie, you know, rough Ma, we're rabuka learning, you know, Rama verse of the ages. Surah and Allah says, And your

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Lord is self sufficient and he's so kind he's self sufficient and he is so kind and man is so dependent. Yeah, and you will nurse and tomorrow for para Illa Allah Allah who well Honey, you will Hamid. So one pain, one sharp pain one to us to one angle, and then you go on? Oh yah hoo, the one v Taka lubi him firma from the magazine, a verse of the 14 Jews chapter 16 Surah tonhalle. And these are thoughts that Allah is just putting in my mind now. And I credit this to the almighty exclusively. Or he can grab you and sees you in your movement while you move in. Your foot slept and then you went or you knocked again something or someone nudged you, and it was at the place where

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you previously sustained injury. And there you know what it incapacitates you anyway, the point i'm saying is strength might belongs to Allah. So we come back to the discussion verse number 18. What caribou whom Bassett, one Veera IE bill was sweet, and their dog had stretched Calvin dog Boston stretch right passata to strike

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It's boss bill was read at the threshold low with Paula I lay him lower later me norm Fira run well emulator min hombre about continuation of divine intervention for the preservation of these youth and join a sleep arranged by Allah num can no material ruse num can no material rules as they would say sleep like how a bride sleeps on her first day nemea Habibi, Salima salema num, amin, Amina num v ima barril. Bashar. I remember in the early years when I commenced my studies and we will be learning Arabic This is one of the poems that we had learned and one of the it was this ya know, Mia Habibi, Salima sleep Oh my beloved num Amina Amina, sleep peacefully tranquil, comfortable, relaxed,

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and numb fi Hi, ma barril Bashar sleep and the protector and the Creator of the heavens and the earth is protecting you

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know with talaga I lay him lower later minumum Fira, if you were to observe them, you would be you would be you would surely turn away and flee from them. Lower later you would turn

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low with tala talaga if you had to observe you had to pee, you had to look into them and just go and look at them lower later in home. One not to turn one meaning right, you would turn lower later mean home Ferrara, for a pharaoh to run to flee to escape, you would turn and you would dash lower later in home Ferrara, where learn more later law itself has emphasis mildly past tense has its own emphasis. More later his module as we would refer to in Arabic grammar or wrote about or you would be seized and grabbed and overwhelmed by all the site itself would be scary. You will be terrified. If you got any close to that gave you just the sheer site itself would scare you up. It would

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intimidate you it would get you off guard you would turn your back and flare you know fled from it. Remember in the tale of satana masala in salat wa salam Allah subhanho wa Taala said regarding Musa alayhis salam that when when Allah told him to drop the staff which he did, and then one month to be run while I'm your active one llama bear Wallah he turned mud bear on his back while I'm you active and he did not even look or give it a second look. And then Allah subhanaw taala said activate voila have almost come and do not fear a neck Armenian Armenian you are safe. Once Allah has given you safety done. It's over. There's nothing to fear. When Allah Allah told Musa listen to go to Pharaoh.

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He said I'm afraid. A halfway afternoon he will kill me. Allah said as smart rah rah as smart Rama

00:28:16--> 00:29:05

Rama file masego I am listening to what he says and I'm observing what he does. He will not be able to touch you lie or say Luna la Kumar la luna, la Kuma, bi Tina and Toma, Manitoba akumal volleyball a verse of the 22 surah two passes. La yes we Luna in a coma center should do like 100 accent I should do. cabbie I think we will strengthen your what your brother when that Janu la coma Sultan and and we'll give you this divine strength feloniously Luna la Kuma they will not dare come close to you. And tomorrow woman estaba Akuma Ronnie Boone you and those who follow you will be dominant and victorious. So we'll leave it to this. That's verse 18. divine intervention, verse 17 diversion

00:29:05--> 00:29:35

of the sun, verse 18 rotation of the body so that the termites do not feed on them. And also, if anybody got any close, you would turn your back and flee. Let's wait and see what happens from your How long do they sleep and when do they get up? And what develops from there onwards? May Allah connect us to the beauty of the Quran? I mean, yorubaland amin was suddenly level our cell limb and abena Muhammad Ali he was happy chameleon welcome gorilla Hello bill admin.