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The speakers discuss the challenges faced by Muslim men in their communities, including physical and mental problems, competition, and the need to study and learn about their true enemy. They emphasize the importance of learning and learning to fight and prevent future problems, and provide examples of how Islam has created "we" and "we" in the face of negative behavior and obligations. The history of Islam has been a culture of fear and fear is a fundamental part of Islam, and avoiding mistakes is crucial. The importance of showing one's weakness and weakness in football is also discussed.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah YALI there are Lima see further Semyon siematic Aveda shine, God, the cardinal fear and declamatory Amin Jagan Mohan, for Hebrew Israelites enter into a sinner indicative of lon Jimena. Tonight he just did it I thought he would even do it on either side. So he decided he should either call the

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soupon wanted to do either in the law should economic inequality will want us to end up humbled and I'll do what I assume

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a lot about it or whatever.

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G What a phone call Hamid brother audible learning initiative or regime dislike or hate.

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Wave COVID-19 Malaika does do Dooley Adam and president, Indonesia Abba Westboro Academy are carefully what?

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That was good and that was article Jana. What we learned how to ship Joomla whenever I had any issues or whatever the Konami have gone it means

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my boss, respected Brother and Sisters in Islam.

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Before I go, before I go any further please come forward. Schools are off today. We have a lot of people coming to the masjid today, possibly Jamal. So please come forward

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each one of us, we have ambitions and we have goals. In order to achieve those goals, to reach those goals and to achieve our ambitions. We leave our homes every day and we inch every single day we inch closer to that and we give our full time or full dedication to that.

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And while we are trying to achieve our goals, there are always going to be obstacles, whether it is physical obstacles, whether it is psychological challenges, there are going to be challenges and obstacles.

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A Muslim in a believer they have he or she has an added responsibility, which is their primary primarily Responsibility Responsibility, which is to serve all of us at the high level with the Isla to fulfill the orders of Allah. The way it was demonstrated by OSU was that a lot more equals no at all Allah tells us that if you were to bring your life onto the island was closer longboarding the Santa will make the drain or suffer the faster sums and Alima you have indeed attain the true success. He says suppose in our Lemo a success that no one else can measure to no other success can measure to this success. So this is this is something that we have to do. But as we all know that

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what are we trying to get from all this? We fulfill the orders of Allah we follow the the the lifestyle was was a law Harley was set up and we turn up wide, so that we can take Jana so we can attain the success of this in this life and the hereafter. But the bigger the prize, the bigger the challenge. The bigger the prize, the bigger the challenge was we are chasing after is Jana. And what is Allah subhanho? wa taala? What is the coverage of now with with challenges? And who is the person? And what is that thing that is trying to deviate us and try to mislead us. We not only do we have a challenge now and we have something that can distract us. But we have a common enemy within

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all of us. And that is shaytaan

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if you remember, in one of my last football, I concluded that football for the sake of a Chinese warrior, but they will say Sue, he says that if you know your enemy, and we know how he's attacking you know his plans than our 100 battles, you will be victorious every single battle. But if you know only your enemy, and you don't know his plan, you don't know his strategy. You will fail in one battle and you will succeed in one battle. And if you don't even know who your true enemy is, and you will never even take the time to study that the opponent of yours you will fail in every single battle. Unfortunately when it comes to * on we have failed for the most part we have failed in

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our battles with a thought when it comes to the matters of Allah subhanho wa Taala and ShaVonne. Most of us unfortunately we take the we take the road of shakeout we take the path of sheer power.

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So this is something that we need to understand that is not only sufficient to know that we have a problem and we have to study about that problem. If God forbid, if the physician told us one day they you are diagnosed with cancer may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect all of us our brother

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My sisters and I also say that there are people in our community who have been diagnosed with cancer may Allah subhanaw taala give them she thought there was a demonstrated as a youngster in our communities I find Millicent Alexandra she found from her from her illness. But if God forbid a physician were to walk in one day, and he says that, Sir, Ma'am, you have been diagnosed with cancer, or you aren't even you are headed down the path that will be due to cancer. What will we do? We just sit there and say, You know what, okay, good to know. Thank you, FYI. What would we do? Let's say you don't want to give me Tell me, what do I need to do in order to find all this cancer?

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If I'm heading towards his cancer? What do I need to do? What do I need to do to distance myself from this cancer from this illness? And if I have already been diagnosed, what is my next step? We take action right away, we learn what is the father and we learn how to fight the problem. You ask the person who is in the law enforcement, and they're trying to catch a thief who has struck in the past many times, what will they do? They will study his previous crimes, they will study the profile of that person, they will learn that what can he do in the future? And how can he strike again, even in sports, even in sports, I know that the youngsters will be here, they won't understand why when I

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when I say this, that when one football team is about to play the next football team, the study film, the study everything, if they know that the secondary is weak of that football team, they know that we had to pass the ball if they know that the front eight if the linebackers the defensive line, middle, if they are weak, they know they're gonna run the ball that week. It's they are studying their opponent. We need to learn how to fight or shaken. We need to learn the tricks of shape on the strategy of shape on how he attacks How does he deceive, we need to learn. But before we do get to that, the question truly is, is that why you should also watch against us? Why does he

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hate us? Why does Allah subhanaw taala die like it says in the Quran when shoveled was was the furnace, that he's constantly sitting, you know, sitting there waiting for our hearts to be devoid of the remembrance of Allah and he will attack us. Why does he treat us like this? Like we're some pray that he's ready to attack us at any moment. Let me give you an example.

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Imagine you went to a restaurant and you ate only one dish, you ate only one thing. You came back home and you went to the doctor, you had a stomach ache, you're vomiting, you're not feeling well, fever, you went to the doctor, and Doctor says that you have been food poisoned, that you don't want to be first they'll come to your mind. I went to that restaurant. I'm never going back to the restaurant. And now only because you know, one thing is you ain't only one dish, you can criticize that one dish that what I ate was not healthy. It was not it was not clean. And that's why I have you know, I have food poisoning. But what do we do is that we make a general statement or a general

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decision against the entire chain of restaurants. That restaurant I will never go to and even if we're on the highway and we see that same restaurant, we make this face you know like that disgusted face because we experienced something which was negative. Imagine the same thing happening Shavon

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Shavon was disgraced has been disgraced till today is disgrace, woman disgrace to the video judgment and because of who because of other warnings.

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So what it is, is that how old he is he I guess either Malik is Sudan. But he has taken a vow that anyone who comes from admiring Islam also they also will be my enemy. I'm not going to let them go. And we see this in the Quran because he talks about this and today my foot by want to briefly touch upon the story of Adam Alayhis Salam and shake on their daily encounter the head, but not only that, but before I get to that, just briefly I want to tell you about the history of angels Indians, just to just to help us understand the story of undermining insulin release. Allah subhanaw taala created angels they were creating a fight. The responsibility of angels is to serve Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and to carry out the orders of Allah. There are four main we know that are four main but I can carry out orders of Allah Gibreel mica he is struggling as they have very specific instructions and responsibilities which they fulfill. And then at the same time, Allah subhanho wa Taala he only craved the element of obligation in depth and not free will. Which means is that the only thing they do is to worship Allah subhanho wa taala. Then later on, and then Allah decided that their abode and the place where the

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either the will resign is Jana. Then later on decree the gin, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada as with the hatred he mentioned when Jana phenomenon in public luminaries, some Allah created Jin from a smokeless fight, you are invisible they cannot be seen. Allah Subhana Allah Allah created within the gyms, not only do you have the element of obligation, but another element which is called free will or free choice, which means is that there is a test, you can do right or you can do wrong, you have responsibilities, that is the test. Allah also decided that the gender will stay on the faces for now, when the Jews were on the business Earth, the cause and they spread corruption. That is why

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when Allah subhanho wa Taala when he said to the melodica, in the giant diva that I'm going to create the human being and I'm going to send him on the face of this earth. What are the angels they say? I tend to free my use up now I guess we could demand that you created you created the genetic, they cause corruption, you're going to create the human being, they may cause corruption also. Now before this, of all the gymnasts. There was a Jim Paul Iblees who was a very devout worshipper, a very devout worshiper, Allah subhanaw taala it is such a high division that you will must be on the face of the earth, but you will be in the company of the angels you will be in the company the

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angels. Now when Allah subhanho wa Taala when he did all this and we know the entire story, when Allah subhanaw taala he prayed over money. Well, I love the smell.

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For all the unbeknown EPS my husband is from Saudi also the hammock Allah in banana island Valentina, if you want to give a talk in danger of everyday to other mining and he told the angels the ILO something there is something in my knowledge which does not exist in your knowledge. And then after that, we know that when Allah subhanaw taala the angels don't do you know the names when they said no when either writing a song mentioned the names they had immediate respect for other Mulligan setup What did Allah What did He instructed what to do what he instruct all the angels to do that were included in maniacal this to truly you makes you do to add my name is Sarah. Firstly

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the Lucinda evidence everyone needs to do to other Malays except for a police. Now someone can first as the in the Quran,

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where Allah says the academy then Jin Shankar was from the jinn Allah what are the melodica so why Sheikh are held accountable for this? Why? Because at that time Chevron was in the midst of the angels. When Allah orders the angels, the order applies to him also the command applies to him. Well, he refused. Allah subhanho wa Taala then said to him, then said to him, Paula, I can tell you the demand for lumber to be a day. Why did you stay away? And why did you deny from making sure due to something that I've created with my own hands? Is that

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all unavailable men, he says what do you say I am better than this person, hello to the women now what

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are you afraid of different fire you ready to hear from dirt. Now, a lot of us we may not understand why you should want to make such a big deal out of this. But there is a big deal here. Let me give you an example example that we can understand. Imagine put yourself in this position. Imagine that you are a freshman who as you are a freshman and you know you get you used to college and university and you have graduated, you go and you work for a company and in that company, you are probably on the lowest step. But you work hard, you are dedicated every single day you are there on time, you are the first to come you are the last to leave, you always reach your you always take care of your

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responsibilities, before the deadline approaches, what happens the boss says you know what, you do a great job you receive you deserve the promotion. So now this person is promoted. And he goes from he goes from just being a regular employee employee to a manager. And then he goes to a regional manager and to a district manager. And then he goes and then it just expands his his responsibilities and his position gets better and better. And he keeps on climbing the ranks. And then what happens is that he comes to such a position that now he has he is the VP he is the VP of the company. He has one day he was below he was all the way at the bottom he was hitting rock

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bottom. Now he's the position of VP. Now imagine one day, the only person that's above him is the boss. The boss comes in one day and says you know what? We have this he comfortable with this youngster a young

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young person. And he says that you know what, this is a new freshly graduated person from University. He has an MBA, no, he's doing well. And we thought to hire him. And he puts him you know, he brings them into the office of his BBP. And he's come to BP you know what, why don't you do one thing for me? was the one thing from me and he's wanting to go downstairs and get this guy for coffee. Go downstairs and get this guy a cup of coffee. Now he's thinking to himself, that this youngster who was here in front of me, I have given so much of my life to this company, I worked hard to reach that position. And now he's gonna tell me to look at a cup of coffee for this person.

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This is exactly what's happening to other Malays in Chicago. She's always thinking to himself, The Who is this guy? Who's Who's this new guy on the block. He has just come now and Allah subhanaw taala I have done so much after I worship Allah subhanho wa Taala so much after I've dedicated my time to the worship in the service of Allah Now Allah is telling me to make sudo to this

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to this human being who has just telling you

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this is a second what is happening in Chicago, She is jealous. It has been hitting Shivani has been has been hurting Chicago since that day. And that is why you said Absolutely I will not. Now the next part about football there are some important points that we can learn from the story of other league and some of them please Inshallah, I will address that in the next part of the bottom a wall that I want to come all the way to find out what yet I don't think hockey stopped for a while honey, you're welcome. What is that in similar? First off, you know, indoor pool of rivals?

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And 100 hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Do you want to sign in? Well, it's tough, you know, when I

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when I

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actually, when I started the hammer that

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we selected brother says Sisters, we see in the story of Adam and Eve some bliss, Allah tells the Malayaka to make a joke, everyone needs to do so except for evenings. The very first thing that we learn from all of this is that the nature of the melodica was that the worship Allah subhanho wa taala. And when there is a person who sincerely they devote themselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala they don't look at the command that has been given to them. They are being guided by the nature of a true believer is that he does not question the order of Allah subhanho wa taala. But he implements immediately, please come forward, please come forward. The nature of a true believer is that he

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never he or she never questioned the order of Allah, why do I have to do this? This order for God does not make sense to me. Why do I have to do it? We never question Allah subhanaw taala I don't remember exactly what the theme was. But several weeks ago, there was a theme here and we talked about a story about a kid who had a servant and his own children. He liked his servant more. And he gave preference more to his servant rather than his own children. And when his children they asked their father who was the king, that why do you like this person more than you like us? He demonstrated before them that one time that went to a forest and he sent his servant he said first

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he told his kids to go and get something and his their kids, his kids were saying Why would you have to do it? We don't see anything there. When he informed and when he instructed the the surgeon, the surgeon without even questioning your order of the king. He didn't right away that kingdom turn to his kids. And he said that that is why I prefer this person over you. Why? Because when I ordered this person, he or she does not ask why do I have to do it they do it without questioning the nature of a believer is that as we see them Anika they never said that. We are printing from light he's created from pain and from dirt. Why do we ever make so do they did as it was harder for them to do

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so that's the very first thing that we learn. The second thing that we learned is that look at the disobedience of shaitan here is something that you cannot take very lightly. You know one thing is that you tell you know you you refuse to do you refuse to do your homework. Someone says I refuse to follow the law. But what if a person went to their boss or the boss came to their office and said I want you to do this right now. And you flatly underpaid say that you know what? You go fly at night.

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Get lost. Imagine to that to your boss. You know the next day you will be sitting in front of and trying to send your resume to throughout the entire world. If you say that to your boss. Now what happens is that look at the disobedience and Shavonne first of all is

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that he, he did He disrespected was Muhammad Allah. And then at the same time he disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. Unfortunately, when it comes to our situation, how can we apply that when we look at our own lives, there are a lot of sins that we commit, which we take very lightly, there was a Sahaba, Viola Lyon who used to say that there will be a time that will come into the ummah of this person, a lot of it was setting up, that when they will come in, since they will take it very lightly. And if you were to commit those things, sins during the era and during the time of this person, a lot of it was Salah, we would fear that the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala we would come

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upon us. So one thing is that to disobey, but then the next thing is the audition on do after that, he was arrogant about it, he was arrogant about it, he tried to justify it, he was arrogant about it. Let me say one thing and this happens with a lot and this happens a lot with youngsters also why? Because a lot of times when it comes to youngsters, they tried to fit into a group they tried to fit into like a you know, a group of members or like to try to fit in a group of friends. And what they will do is that they will do even stupid things in order to fit into that group, something that is abnormal for them, they will do it just to get just to be part of the clique or to be part

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of the game. So what happens is that what many people they do is that not only will they commit sins, but we see the Hadith was was a while while he was selling them that there was one person on the bustle behind with Isla he dislikes very much and that is a person who commits Withdraw. Withdraw means that not only do you commit a sin, but then you arrogant about the sin a person commits a sin against or commits a sin and what do they do? They go on Facebook, I did this I did that Twitter and then what happens? You get some good likes mashallah, you did a great job, Masha, Allah, LOL OMG. And then what happens is that there is fuelled under that sin. So what happens is

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that we need to understand that if we commit a sin, we're not supposed to be arrogant about it, we commit a sin, we should we should.

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We should ask for forgiveness of Allah subhana wa Tada. Keep that sin a secret. And let us get at that. But what we see with shame is that not only did he was he arrogant about it, but he made a mistake, he committed something which was wrong. And he was arrogant about it later on Ademar ad salaam, what did he do when it was over? 100 I said, but he Shannara Allah or

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do not come close to this tree. What did they do? Shavon Shavon came he attacked them. And he persuaded them to eat from the tree. They ate from the tree and the body is some he realized right away. It was a holiday he talks about this in the Quran. And Allah said otherwise some of the business Earth and what did he do after he made a mistake? He repented to Allah subhanho wa Taala this is what we need to understand this is something really important that we need to learn from the story of Adam and Eve believes that both of them made they committed a crime. Both of the both of them did something which was wrong. Both of them had a position higher than the angels. Both of them

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were in Jannah. One committed and miss one committed wrong and he was arrogant about it. And then one committed wrong and he repented to Allah subhanaw taala about it. We come and since no one has no one of us we are perfect. We are not perfect. None of us are perfect. Allah the Prophet saw something he says putting nobody had a mohawk on each one of you. You come in since you come in since no one is perfect, but will 100 foot but you're not the one. But then you repent over the sense you have regret and sincere and genuine sorrow over the sin that you are committed. You know there's a Satan or that that we have is that God exists in us. I'm sure you've heard that God exists

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and God that one is that you commit the crime. And then you're boastful about it that I committed this crime and you try to justify the crime. This is exactly what Shavon did, and exactly why she thought he was destroyed. This is why she's gone. He has been disgraced to the base of judgment. And that is why we need to learn with these are few things that we can learn. And the last thing that we learned when we see check audit was keeper. He compared himself demeaning others is something that is not a subject before Allah subhanho wa taala. One is to be proud. One is to have pride. One is to be arrogant. One is to demean others. You can be proud you can be proud of over well Allah has given

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each one of us individually or collectively for that matter. But if we begin to demean others in this respect others, this is something that is called arrogance. Keep up this sometimes it's something about loss of 100 with honor. So to cap off, there are four things that we learn from the story of either our ladies that are

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He believes, number one is that how He disrespected Allah subhanho wa Taala how He disrespected Allah, and how we need to stay away from disobedience and even if we do disobey Allah, how we need to be sorry about it and how we need to show our greed about it. Number two, is that a true believer and never questions Allah they do as your command to do. Number three is given never demean anyone else. And number four is that when you do make a mistake, instead of being arrogant about it, as for the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala to ask for the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala respected brothers sisters this story has been mentioned in the Quran and the story of Adam and Eve

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has been mentioned itself in the stream alimony has already please have been mentioned in several different places in the Quran. Why to to to help us understand that what does Shavon do wrong? Now now that we understood who she thought is why does he hate us Inshallah, in the upcoming footballers, will be taking one thing at a time to shake on attack a human being in the last football we talked about getting to know your enemy today we know about losing one is Why do you think attackers Why does he hate us and why is he Why is he taking a problem is to to misguide the entire mankind. Inshallah, in the next problem we'll be talking about what are his special tactics,

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and how does he attack the Imana a person may Allah Subhan give all of us the ability to act vulnerable and semi hurt alone muscle is how one has to be alone must be someone was to be able to put the market