Nadim Bashir – Shaytaan Series – Being Humble

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "hamping out" and its various forms, including physical appearance cards and shiny surfaces. They emphasize the importance of humility in society and remind listeners to be vigilant and considerate of others. The speakers also touch on the topic of humility and its impact on personal relationships, including roles and behavior. They emphasize the importance of learning to handle situations and not just promoting oneself.
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Jeeva Duda will call us was an Allahu alayhi wa sallam for the Hadith menthol although I didn't name a father in law for in the has never had anything in our law. We're hiring a heavy heavy hammer this and a lot of it was ended up we're sure that that

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coupled with Adam Carolla will fit now my god respected brothers and sisters.

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Inshallah we will be continuing the series regarding shape one.

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In the past few holes in the past two foot guys, I talked about what exactly is the cardboard, the definition of the cardboard and arrogance. And what it consists of the cover the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was asked what exactly is a cardboard? And he says that it consists of two things. But then we'll have two of them to nows. To reject the truth, and button us to demean and disrespect and disregard disgrace others. This one button will not sweets. But the question is that what is the counter? What is the complete opposite of the cabal in our job and arrogance? And the answer to that is it is humbleness and humility. Now, the quality of humbleness and humility is

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something that has been mastered by few, although many people have claimed that they haven't mastered by few. Very few people know what the meaning of humbleness and humility is. Although many people claim that they do have it.

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What we see in home and humbleness and humility is that starts off when a person is in a state of identity crisis. You know, we live in this world,

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that as a person, and we notice, and there comes a period at a point in a person's life, that they're trying to find a safe haven for themselves in this world, they begin to see things differently as they grow up.

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A child sees something in one particular way.

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As he or she begins to grow up and they become a teenager, they look at things the same thing, they will look at it but not in a different way. As that person becomes an adult to look at it in a different way also, yeah. So this happens. Not only that, but as they're growing up, especially when a child becomes a teenager.

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What they're trying to do is that they're trying to understand that this is this is a mystery here is something that's very confusing. That how am I supposed to fit myself to this giant and huge complex world? Where is my niche? What is the area that makes me who I am? And as a child begins to grow up, they experienced that they they they experiment that actually, they tried to see the what is the thing that brings me comfort? What is the thing that makes me angry? What is that thing that makes me happy? What is the thing that makes me sad? And what is the thing that makes me joyous, when I must still have anxiety, and I am depressed and somebody makes me upset? What is that one

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thing that I can find solace in? What is that one thing that can take away my worries. And every single person when they are going up, they experiment in different different ways. And they come up with their own solutions. Some people, they find solace in sitting alone, just sitting on the internet and Facebook and you know, other media, or social media networks, this is where they find their solace. Some people they find they find to define a safe haven, or a place where they can feel comfort, when they're playing video games. Some people just want to be left alone, some people will go and do something else. They may go watch TV, they may go watch a movie, I said they're gonna do

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that. I'm not saying go to that I'm not I'm not endorsing that. By enlisting the people they try to find their own niche and therefore they're trying to find their own area. So what happens is that then this child as he begins to grow, he or she begins to grow, grow up, then they fall into a a situation, which is called identity crisis. This is something that every person has to go through in their life. And this child when they're going through identity crisis, or two different types of identity crisis, you don't want is that child grows up and they're growing up and they have no idea. You have no clue who exactly they are. Who am I? Who you know what

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consists of me what defines me? What are my friends? That's why you will see that our kids, when they're going out one day, you'll wake up and say, This is where I want to become in life. The next day you wake up, this is where I want to do my life. And the parents are like, befuddled. They're like, they're confused. The why is my child going through this? They'll come to the shed the wonders, like my child is acting weird. He's acting strange. Why is this happening? And I have to usually put my head on the on the brother. And I have to say that you know, what he's going through something which is very natural is called identity crisis. It was with every single person.

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And so what happens is that this is one time I did a crisis. The other time again, crisis is that we have no idea who we are and what makes us happy. We live in a society that we we spend our life and we condemn ourselves based on what what other people think about us, we put ourselves in a position that we analyze our self worth, that what is my position society? What do people think about me? What do people say about me? When people get together? And my discussion comes up? What are people saying about me?

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And what happens is that because we are so anxious, and we are so worried, and we're so focused on what other people are thinking about us, we're not worried about what Allah has some things about, what do they think about us? It might try to please other people, what am I trying to please a lot of us a lot harder.

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And because we are so worried about how other people think about us, in life, we juggle and we jump from one extreme to the other extreme. Today, we are one type of person, this is who I am, this is my nature, this is the way I think this is the way I do things. But we've made a person who may not like us. So what we do is that so that I can be liked by this person, we will in fact, we will have like a transformation in our identity, and who we are in our personality. Why? Because I want this person to like me. So we jumped from one extreme to another extreme. And we face these, we face these difficulties and these confusions and contradictions these discrepancies in our life. And so

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this is another kind of identity crisis, also, that we have no idea that what are we doing our life, we're always spending our lives based on what other people think about us, and how they look at it. Look at us. So the question is, how do we get on this identity crisis. And there is something called humility and humbleness. It is something that Allah subhanaw taala has given us has instructed us so that we can become calm in our lives. When a person is humble, they're not worried about people praising them. They're not worried about people coming and putting them at a high pedestal. They're not worried about people coming and saying things about them. And they're not worrying about how

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other people think about that. Why? Because their focus only one, how can please Allah subhanho wa Taala help them through the process all along, it was set up. And unlike any, any average person, I'm just an average person in that community, regardless of my financial status, regardless of my my spiritual status, regardless of which family and my lineage I come from, regardless, and just like anyone else, will call in an email to see me I'm just like everyone else. So this is what this is what humbleness is, and I will get to this later on, because when we began to define, and when we get into the technical definition of humbleness and humility, there is a separate definition in

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Islam. But there's a separate definition and it is defined in a totally different way within the secular society that we live in. So first of all, is that when we attain and when we try to be humble, and we try to express humility, we should do it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. There are some people who may be humble and they may have some hidden agendas, some ulterior motives, such as praise, such as

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dividends or things it could be for social status or political status. It can be for self gratification, it can be for different different reasons. That's why some people they may they may be humble towards others, but humbleness is something that we have to honor for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And everything is that humbleness and humility is not conditional. Let me repeat that one more time. humbleness, and humility is not conditional. Which means is that we cannot say that you know what, if this person is humbled towards me, I'm going to be humble towards that person is unconditional. We see the lack of response Allahu alayhi wa sallam, that if humbleness was

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conditional, if it was conditional, then we see that the promise or law body was Senda. What he did was entirely different here when he entered into monka

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But now maca take place I think in place. Maca is now in the hands of the Muslims, the promessa WalMarting was seven he enters into my God as the most humble person. There was no ulterior motives, there were no hidden agendas. The Prophet Sal Azzam did not say okay, you know what, now that we have conquered, we have conquered these this land and this knowledge belongs to us, the power is now clean of all the idols, this area belongs to us. Now, you know what, we are going to treat them as they treated us.

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We think the most interesting center that they heard us when we were the minority in Morocco, they persecuted us when we only view a number. Now, since we are born number, they are the minority and we are the majority. Now they will see how we treat them. Now, it was not like that humbleness was not conditional here with Salah it was sent him even though they may have done, there was already there was already a past history with these people in Makkah. But when the Prophet SAW Allah Islam he came even though they had done things to him, but he was very humble towards them. Humbleness is not conditional. We should not say that. You know what if this person is humble towards me, I'm

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going to be humble towards them. Lastly, is that in our society, there is a saying

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that when it comes when it comes to humbleness, when it comes to your arrogance, make sure that you arrogant and make sure you actually make sure you do not let do not let your arrogance bubble out unless someone attacks you. Which means is that you are arrogant, you're quiet. You are a person who sticks to yourself. You're not worried about people praising you, you know, looking up to you, you spend your own life. But when someone attacks you, then you get even with them. When someone attacks you can get even with them. Let us remember this is what society teaches us. But let us remember what the Prophet saw a lot of it was something he did when he was sleeping under the tree and

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someone came and he took the sort of masala Salah it was sent out and he put it all the way straight to the neck of the programmatic. And suddenly he said that Hamid salah, Viva Sena, who's going to save you today.

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And of course we know the story. When he said Allah, Allah subhanho wa taala, this person began to shiver, he can know that he can no longer hold on to the sword and the sword of film in his hand and then the promises of All right, so he took that story. And he says I was gonna save you. It was not the intent of the public, take that person's life and end the person take that for a minute and Allah the Prophet of Allah, take that person's life. In fact, he said that you are merciful. You will you are forgiving, and the puzzle I need some forgave him. He invited him for this stuff. And he said that, are you forcing me to accept Islam? Is this like an ultimatum that I have to accept

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this time in order to save my life? He goes, No, I'm gonna let you go. That person went but he came back and he took shahada. Why, because Islam was not enforced upon him. And when he saw that this was the nature of this was a low volume ascender, he told me that he came into the fold of Islam. So what we learned from society is entirely different from what we learn from response a lot more than 80%. So, this is what humbleness is looking down to not not worrying about what my status is always worried about how to fulfill the rights of others. This is what it comes down to. This is another definition of humbleness. But then the question is that the society that we live in, when I said

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when we get into the technical definition of humbleness and humility, there is a notion of preconceived notion within our society. And that is that humility, humbleness, equals to the lack of dignity, and dignity equals to arrogance. So if a person has respect, they have dignity, that equals to arrogance. And if a person has a person who does not have no dignity, that is a person who's humble. And so, what happens is that the way we look at humbleness is that a person who does not say anything to anyone, people will come and abuse him physically, verbally, in any which way, and that person will just stay quiet and he will build a way that is honorable this let me repeat guys

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almost, if someone comes in, they do something to you. They abuse you, you can stand up for your rights. Today we have this understanding, and society says Can dignity and humility can dignity and humility can they be combined? Can they both coexist or not? And the answer is yes. A person does. It doesn't mean that if you are humble, you give up all your rights. It doesn't mean that you cannot speak out. It doesn't mean that you can be abused and you just you just go on. This is nowhere humbleness is I'm gonna be Allah why we saw a person who was so weak and oh my god Allah is honest.

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Oh, this is not what I'm used to kids strong, don't walk with such weakness.

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On the other hand, I'm going along well, I'm the same person, what he's entering into Jerusalem, keeping in mind is that all the Christian leaders are standing there. They're waiting, that we've heard so much about this. The Allahu Akbar missing who this person is. We've heard so much about this guy, let's, let's see who he is. And when they see this a little longer. I know they're shocked that there's another person on the on the animal and is ruining your loved one who's walking with the animal. And they're like, this is there's something wrong here. I'm gonna be alone supposed to be on the animal because that shows that you've got no money on Radovan. And we're worried about

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that. Why? Because you know what dignity is. Let me make it they're trying to make it as simple as I can. Dignity is achieved. When you fulfill the rights of others. The way you treat others, the way we treat others people will treat us that Monday you're hungry or you're hungry. See the purpose Allah is somebody says, if you have no mercy, mercy will not be shown to you by Allah subhanho wa taala. If you want if you want dignity, we have to help others. We have to fulfill the rights of others in our community. If we weren't dignity, show fear of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah says the Quran, Allah, Allah, whoever is more cautious, whoever has the awareness of Allah subhanaw taala he

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is the person who received dignity and respect from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala. And then on the other hand, what exactly is humility is downplaying our own actions and our own accomplishments, that is what the reality is. So we see that all of the above or if he was able to balance between dignity, he was able to balance between dignity and humbleness. This is something that we learn the Sahaba of your love, and they teach us that both of us both of these elements, they can coexist, the both can coexist. So we respect others, we show we fulfill the rights of others in our community. And after that, we downplay our own accomplishments, we never look at who we are, but we are always worried

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about others, this is also another definition of humbleness Shala and the second part of the foot that I'll be giving some practical examples from the necklace was love it was setting up that what consists of humbleness is showing the next part of the medical world and afterwards read but I'll leave when I find out when we're thinking again, I stopped for a while I leave when we started.

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100 that I'm going to want to stay on when I stopped when I wanted to learn from this now I

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will make

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as much for 99 in the logo I know what I should watch for and I'm hoping that I'm delivering sooner

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rather than later relationship ology was relying on federal aid in a lot of life

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alongside Allah Mohammed

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for him either and he brought him in to come along but if I love him the water and got over him, while I draw him up to me and make me the budget, before I can proceed forward, please, please come forward. Inshallah. There are some people there are some people who are coming and they can find the space please come forward.

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As I said that liberty is all about taking care of the rights of others from the rights of others.

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And humbleness is about downplaying our own accomplishments and our own position also, we see this from lines of Uppsala, for example.

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The province of all by ism as he has taught us, that a person should always take the first initiative step in order to greet others do not wait for other people to come and greet you. You try to go and be others first. You try to go to greet others first. The problem is that a lot of wires on the right and we know that when when a person makes it up to you is the Muslim that is Salam Raja Salam is part of one of the rights of liberal senator. But we see for the same time you see from from the lack of the proper and even Salam is that when it came to making set up, and I hear it Okay, this one is dignity, fulfilling the rights making said unto others, at the same time

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downplaying his own position. He never would go out and expect others to first come to him to make salaam he will rush towards others and first main setup. He will not expect that you know what, I am the Prophet of Allah. I want other people in my community first come and make salaam to me that I'm going to make salaam to them. Because why if a person ever thinks that you know like I deserve, I deserve to firstly

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Islam should be initiated towards me first. That is arrogance. We see the Promise of Allah while he was on he would go in Medina and a small kids playing in the streets. You know, the only thing that we do today for the kids in the street is we doesn't yell at them. A person can't come inside the masjid a small ball, and we just yell at them. We do this all the time, unfortunately. And we don't even the other day I saw I saw a small kid with just a tennis ball to the tennis ball. And there was a person yelling, that's it, yada yada, yada you probably saw so he never yelled at children never yelled at children. So if we have this habit of killing our children, stop it. There's a way of

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talking to children. There's a way to talk to children. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he will see these children and he will go and mix it up to that. He never said that. You know what I the property. You can't make sense to me. No, he wasn't like that. This is what this is what it means that you're showing respect towards others. And you are downplaying humbleness, you are downplaying your own position. When it came to doing things, the prophets are always participating. We live in a time today that leaders you always stay back. People who are arrogant they always take back that you know what, what they're doing is demeaning. I'm gonna stay here at the time in the

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Battle of trenches. They came a time when the Sahaba came to complain to the sorcerer Allah but it was seldom that there was a huge rocket bulgur it was not there was not breaking. What are the problems are some do he got in and he began to deal with others. This shows humbleness when people are doing something together in a community all together. There's a community activity taking place. A person gets it and you work with others that brings humbleness. Why? Because we're helping out something that we always have is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and number two is that you're downplaying your position you're not saying that you know what this is too demeaning for me

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but no we can we can we get involved. Also what we see when it comes to helping others not looking at of course, we see once again hoping that others Ramadan Allah or and there's so many stories I can share with you. But due to the lack of time, we cannot get into them. But there are time after time. I'm going to log on greetings, Inaba, he wouldn't walk in the streets, and he will patrol the streets. Today we'll find there's not a single leader. There's not a single leader who does that. Like oh my god, the law binds to the higher law. And I wish those days come back and show like that where a person a leader of the community, they're patrolling the streets, on under the Obama used to

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do that. He found a person. He found a woman with some children crying in the forest, no, nothing to eat. I'm gonna love it. He went into vapor in mind. He never said that. You know what, I'm too busy. Go do this for me go do that for me. He never gave orders. Who did it himself. He brought himself Whoa, he brought his he never He never does position. He went to the naked man. He collected food, his slave. I mean, his servant personal was with him. He said, Oh, I'm in the military. And this is beyond you. You shouldn't be carrying that. He says no, no, Who cares who I am? Who am I? To look tomorrow, I will be about Allah subhanho wa taala, that there were people in your city who were

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hungry, what did you do about it, and he carried the sack, he went all the way into the forest, he cooked food for them, and he served them die is humbleness, that is humbleness, the problem is so long already was set up. And when I say this, I want people to understand this, that, you know, within our households, we have we have positions, and we have defined roles. In some cases, with some families, the rules are defined that the woman is the is the housewife, and the father is the one who goes out to work. Sometimes the the situation, the dynamics are different inside the house, where everyone is working. And that's fine. Also, we should never judge anyone else. By the way, if

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we see that there is a husband and a wife working, we should never be judgmental towards them. We should never say things about them. If there's a family where the housewife where the house or the the wife is he fulfills a role as a housewife, and the husband goes out that's all fine. And we see that oh my God, Allah and in fact, one of the alumni now, but what happens is that the problem is a lot like he was saying he would have come home, he would come home. And of course there are defined roles. And you know, it may be that the the wife, she has cooked the food and she has everything else. But what if we come home one day, whatever, they come home one day, and the wife she's not

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feeling well, the kids are running around. Like, you know, they're up and down everywhere. What is done from upstairs. From the table. There is a chaotic in the house. The wife is sick, she may be expecting a child. And she's going through this and she's feeble. Now what do we do? Do I sit in my chair and say you know what, why is the house not clean? Why is this like this? Why is this like that? The problem is that a lot of it

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So there is no one

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there is no one whose status was higher the crops are long audio etc. But you know, for the Prophet of Allah, Allah zone he would do so beautiful. I mean, this person is so fascinating, when you study about about salah Salem, this his personality is so amazing and fascinating, he would go. And he taught us that this is part of how nervous he would go, his slippers were brave, he would take he would take the needle, he would take the thread, and he will begin to solve his own sandals.

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You don't really throw you know, we have to

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this, how we treat our spouses, the women vote in our homes, I understand that they have a defined role. And you know, there is a defined role. But what if we come home and the situation is don't enter, things are not as normal, then as humbleness, this is humbleness within a person that you go out and you help out, you go and you help out. So this is something that we see

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that you always took out of this bubble as the position the bubble up position, he never thought that you know what this is who I am, this is how people should respect me whenever he wouldn't go. Whenever you want to go to a gathering, you know, this is something that we see even today when people come in someone who has a high status, you know, has a high position, people stand up and also you would dislike that use it more Sit down, sit down. There are some people they are so arrogant that when they come to a when they come somewhere, they expect everyone to get up, get up, get up, get up, greet me, this is not who I was on love, it was an was. So Subhanallah what we've

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learned is that we when it comes to our status, we are nothing. Whether it is as I talked about in the past weeks also, we need to learn that everyone else comes before us when it comes to fulfilling the right everyone come before us. We should learn to tie How can I provide to others, I should not expect anything from anyone else. expect everything from Allah subhanho wa taala. And regardless of my status in society, I'm annoying. I know what I'm just along with all the other muscles, or whatever it is, he has something in his hand we fell down, someone came to pick it up, he said, Why are you picking it up? He goes you are Jesus, who cares? Let me do my thing, if you didn't pick it

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up, this is how things were that time this is how people they will express their will display their humbleness. And this is something that we have no also in every you know, I can keep on going on. There's so many different areas, and in different areas, different positions, different times, different circumstances, where humbleness can be where we can display humbleness, and there's a different there's a way of doing it in every single different times in our life. But the question is once again, why am I talking about humbleness is because this is the opposite of pickup. It is the complete opposite of origin. It is the complete opposite of arrogance. Arrogance is what Shavon

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Shavon always did about those arguments himself. Another type of arrogance is about me myself. And if you go to anywhere, it's all about me, myself and I I'm at a height Roman halacha even know what the woman thing. I am this I am that. This is arrogance. Don't, don't ever try to promote yourself. Don't ever try to try to put yourself higher than others. Always try and keep yourself low, as much as you can. May Allah subhanaw Give all the stability to give us the email and US ability to observe humbleness and melesa behind give us a true understanding what humility and humbleness is along with us who is someone who see me

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along with us who stand on the CFP coding mechanics. A lot of us are now

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