The Art of Quran Recitation #06 Maqam Seekah

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This MACOM is one from the best McCullough that's the most favorite makan for me. In

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coin can can sell for So Lily Bianca how the second part?

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Super Saiyan on me all of a sudden

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Lila you mean 70 Yet you

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watch a show called Wild

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only weaker powered by mahkamah to industry Institute.

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Rahim hamdulillah salatu salam O Allah rasool Allah Allah Allah He also ah mine so the molecule everyone, today we're going to be learning our fifth, McCollum. So according to the Sunni, I'll be cephalic We are now on sin seeker, which mcommerce Sika Sika Sika because it's in Farsi. See, it's like Darja fell for

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c ca, it's a dodge a third letter or the third. Ah, that's okay. But you'll see okay, yes, but this MACOM is Arabic MACOM. Not east. MACOM. Not Pharisee MACOM. It's Arabic movie took the name from Farsi Farsi. Okay. Yeah. Seeker, which is a dominant Arab. We call it sicker and sicker. But it comes from,

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from from Farsi language. Cool. Okay. This MACOM is one from the best immaculate. It's the most favorite makan for me. Is this one. Yes. And it expresses happiness. Okay, so when you're

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when you're happy, you use this McLamb and all the time when I'm reciting, I talk about John is talking about Nigel, Jana and talking about how the Prophet will be in in Jannah. Then people going to join him in the northern Atlantic of California for example. Yeah, Salam and I'm just imagining when I'm with the Prophet on Northern California

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I have to be heavy. Yeah. And you know, if you listen to recite, recite Surah Lakota, which saved me melody, you know, he has to change that

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mean of the maca mentality or headwear and that's one from the most favorite McCollum in my heart. But it's also so hard to learn. It's not easy, it's probably higher pitch because it's heavier. Yeah, in the third 130 To Page 3031

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It's a start for me. Yeah, for sure. It'll humming off the MACOM it's inshallah I'm trying to make it easy. It looks like this. Oh

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it's SEMA calm, but when you make the last little bit from the tune, but it's same calm. Lena it comes with MACOM a sick Oh

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last night

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because you brought it on the second. Okay. You raise your voice

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on Jimmy, Jimmy

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Phil karate Shalom Chava Alhamdulillah you're below me in Al Hamdulillah you're below me in Al Hamdulillah you're below me in an hamdulillah you're

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me in Al Hamdulillah you're below me in an hamdulillah Robben Island me in tears. Jameela Jamil hard, so hard, but it gives us as good

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Feeling hola chef anyone from the

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benign me law Alhamdulillah YOLO below me hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen me in

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Tallinn can cold phone in.

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Coin can come from Vassallo. Lili or have been

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how the second part

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person, me all of a sudden

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SICA one from the best mcommerce that people are enjoying especially talaga Lena method and Paula Alba drew a line

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of the poem. be using it with this model. All

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the while Lila you mean 70 Yet you

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watch a show called Wild

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Oh, this requires a lot of control over your voice. That's the MACOM a SICA? One from the Mr. Mohammed actually, let's try the Fatiha again. Alhamdulillah your bill. Me a handle in Europe built

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in unwashed man and washy team Maliki will meet the Yin Yang cannot move away. He can stay clean in the no sale offline and the most definitely.

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So you're all levena and Da Li him c'est la vie Panetta Dena and I'm dialing him Allah. Allah Schiff. And let me tell you something I told you about Adam, that it's yours is the right yes. When it's same thing you recite with comfort. I can tell you're comfortable. And it fits your pitches. See the thing is humming. And that's it's it's hard. Yeah, it's hummingbirds. That's the core of the MACOM that's the you know the

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forget about the hummingbird now, for me, I'm teaching Quran I don't care about humming coming it brings the tune like purified Yeah, and I can tell I can hear myself and see that I'm maybe 60% of what you did. Now I can see that there are differences that I'm not able to raise or lower my voice would you continue to say that But Hannah with Zika you both different dimensions even on the calm that means the MACOM it's in your mind that means you love it you need just to categorize it and you want to listen to it more that's it but it's there I can't tell if an hour I'm and seeker I can tell ya and clearly that you have them you feel them you can express with these two McCombs I'm telling

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you that's a great mashallah Let's go the oven with Zika nobody makes them with Zika it's rare to hear then with sick

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people usually make a done with Ross I'm sure you'll do it like jazz days when you're in the mood you're just

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a long walk

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Allahu Akbar.

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Allah will act

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or act along will act

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or act along

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all unquote. Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar. That's the best event

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that's the VISTA event for you now okay, Allah Allah. Allah will talk about a love or

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a Allah will Al Capone Oh

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ALLAH who Expo law Expo a shadow Allah ilaha illa along a shadow

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a shadow

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Rasulo as Shadow N Mohamed

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Salah chef I really love this alone. I really love it. You know mashallah, now we

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can mix them by seeker which is rarely to find an oven

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makes no secret but you know Norman all the time is distinct and unique. That's why

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nobody makes a Donald seeker except like real like few people who can make an official

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that's my conversation. This was really excellent 100 I'm really enjoying myself only a few left now three left, right. So we have Sony IBC

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called Okay, so inshallah next session hijas BarakAllahu li Walakum Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah. Thanks again

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here's what's coming up and the next episode and this maklumat series

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Alhamdulillah Europe believe me and hamdulillah Europe belied me when you're gonna give me a shake but while I've been hurt I'm it's not like this. It's close. But it's not like that. Right or that right? Because then bring it back a little bit with an agent to make the other. Allah ha.

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Oh, oh.

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That's the new versions.

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And honestly, I find it

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if you fly when you fly, oh, I had that. Wagner at one time. We have 12 types of income. That's when a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope that you enjoyed watching this video. For those who want to learn different methods of citation for those who want to improve their voice and bring it to a higher level. For those who want to enjoy and delight both prayers and listeners with their voice. For those who want to practice in sha Allah the whole maklumat practically one on one with me, sign up here.