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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the shaping of oneself and the potential consequences of actions, including evil behavior. They stress the importance of shaping one's body for one's well-being and the potential consequences of actions. The speakers also emphasize the importance of belief in Islam and avoiding negative behavior in community settings. They urge parents to not be suspicious of anyone who has passed away and focus on protecting their own children.
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restricted brothers and sisters.

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We are continuing with the shape on the series of regarding shape one. And in shoulder today, I want to cover a subject and a topic which has been discussed in much detail.

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The classical scholars and I've talked about this subject in much detail, that is that it is not possible for me to cover this entire subject in a small 15 To 20 to 25 minute lecture it is impossible, but I will try to cover as much as I can just to give you an idea about this subject,

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and then inshallah following next week, or the next time I get the football I will be talking about the final part of this series is that what can we do to protect ourselves?

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We have been going through many foodbuzz that how does your heart attack a person? How do we become the prey for shaytaan? But it is it is fair, that there shouldn't be also a flipper, that how do we protect ourselves from Shere Khan? Because Allah behind them without malice, so most of them Michael God and thrive, not not only does he tell us, that she finds her enemy, he also gives us the prescription and he tells us and He gives us the guidelines, that if you want to protect yourself from this enemy of yours, there is a particular way of doing that. So therefore, it is fair and it is it is must that we go through also a lecture that we hear that what can we do to protect

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ourselves from Shavon and inshallah we'll do that next time whenever I give the football, but today I want to talk about a subject as I said earlier, that classical scholars have discussed much in detail, but I cannot cover the entire thing right now and I will try to cover only much as much as I can. And the subject and the topic is less was or West West are whispers of the whispers of Shavon. In the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala first of all, he tells us, not anywhere else, but he addresses the people who say you hate Allah, Allah. And he says they do people who declare that Allah is your Lord, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is your messenger, you people protect ourselves from the

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footsteps of shaken, do not follow and do not walk the path of shame on why? Because the path of shame on leads a person to destruction to ultimate loss. It leads a person to gopher and eventually it will lead a person to the fire diner. And Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah in the Quran, African guys that do not follow the footsteps of Shiva and he also tells us a story yesterday I seen that and then in April, you have any other

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shape on that, didn't you make a promise to me? Did you not make an oath that you acknowledge where she should lie? And the question is, that today we believe in Allah subhanaw taala we worship Allah subhanho wa Taala how would we worship shea butter? And the answer to this question is that if Shavon takes over the mind and

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The heart of a person, then eventually a person becomes the slave of Shavon. You know, if you have ever been to a show where there are puppets involved, and puppets there are, there are being banded in control by strings, you will see that if the person when the person is controlling the puppet, he pulls the string this way, the public does one thing, he pulls the string the other way, the puppet does something else in the same exact way, which is why he attacks us. And he takes over our mind, and he begins to control our heart, then we become the state of shape on. In other words, you begin to worship shape on in other words, we become the puppets of shape and then shape on would tell us

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what to do. And without even thinking twice, without even thinking about the consequences, without thinking about that, if I were to do this, what is coming to my heart? Are there going to be repercussions? Are there going to be benefits? Are there going to be harmed? And my putting myself in harm in my putting my family in harm's way by putting my society at large by putting them in harm's way? We don't think like that anymore. Why? Because che Vaughn, he takes over the mind of a person. He's the one who tell the person that you do it this way, and that person does it. He comes into the heart, he says, Do this, and he does it. And there are so many ways that she or he attacks

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a person. First of all, as going back to the ayat of the Quran I recited earlier, Allah behind the word that says that when you seek protection with the Isla, when should you seek protection of Allah from Ming sharpening was fastened upon us from the evils and from the deceptions of shame, why, and what is that shame on you. And it was worse, he continues to bring these whispers this evil thoughts, the since the karate corroded the lead into our hearts. And he wants us to think about these things. And as I've said this before, not only does he attack our heart, not only does that attack our mind once, but he continues to attack it over and over again. He never quits. He never

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gets tired, he continues to do it over and over again. But Subhan Allah, Allah hasn't has mercy upon us. Allah has mercy upon us, because Allah says that he was resumed. Now as people move in us, but we still do in nice shape on only has access to our chest, he only has access to the gait of our heart, he doesn't have actually access to our heart, unless a person opens up their heart to shape one and says that you know what, my be on to you. You can do whatever you want. And when we gave ourselves and behind our ourselves in our heart, to shake on that Shavon will treat us the way he wants, he will put in our in our mind anything that he likes, and we will do accordingly. That's why

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Subhanallah when we look at the subject of West Wasa, there are so many different ways that she always was Well, first of all, is she gonna be worse was that in terms of our belief, in terms of our theology, in terms of our Abida shape on comes in? He attacks the mind of a person, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a correct answer. I mean, he talks about this, that this is a deception of che on the first and he begins to say that Allah has created everything around me.

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Allah Allah, Who created Allah subhanho wa taala, especially living in a contemporary time, when there is so many contemporary studies, people are questioning and they're trying to treat religion, and they're taking every aspect of religion and putting it and putting it next to logic that does this aspect of religion. Does it make sense or not? To believe in Allah? Does it make sense or not? Logically does it? Does it? Does it have justice? Does it have any kind of proof or not? And what happens is that our Yvonne and Willa, he might have our children, that Imani my youngsters, and even the Imana or adults is coming under attack every single day. How many times people have come to my

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office, and they say to me that I have a friend. I have a relative, that now they don't believe a loss of 100 with the island. Why? Because they began to think about religion. They began to as they try to apply logic to religion, that how does Allah exist? How does Allah do everything? Who created Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, if Allah created everything, it's a lovely everything. If nothing has come from a

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La, Los Angeles. Welcome doulas, Allah has not come from anything and nothing has come from Allah subhanho wa taala. The question is who created Allah subhanho wa Taala today and ABS will always ask this question and what is it reply? We don't have a reply. Why? Because this is our belief. Allah Subhana Allah, Allah in the very beginning of the Quran, he says, I levena Your Beloved, one of the key things that is the most criteria, I mean, the criteria of the mind, the most important aspect of Yvonne is whatever Allah has given you to believe in

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something that you cannot see, we have not seen a possible handle with the ILF we are not seeing the tools that allow for it was set up, we have not seen the condition of the grade, we have not seen Jana we have not seen Johanna. Yet this is all a Allah tells us that you have to believe that.

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And this is the criteria of success. If a person says that I will believe in something that I see that Ema is rejected by the loss of 100 with the island. And we see that for the for the story of the home, when for the home, he continued to reject Allah subhanho wa taala. And then at the time, when the seas began to come together

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when they began to come together, and he saw the reality. Now at that time, what did he say that now I believe in the in the era of Musa and Harun, but Allah did not accept that. Why? Because that was that you might be late. That was Imam shahada because he saw something and now he believed that that Iran is not accepted by Allah subhanho wa taala. So the Prophet SAW Allah while he was on says that if a person ever has this feeling in the spa that comes to his mind or her mind, that Allah has created everything, or who has created Allah subhanho wa taala. A person should say, based on the advice that was going to go up it was similar, that I had to believe that I believe in Allah

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subhanho wa Taala and do something else, get involved in something else. Take your mind away from that. Why? Because that is the West rasa chiffon. That is the West was out of shape. God should always come to a person and is trying to corrupt their emotion, their faith in Allah behind them with the Isla. Even when it comes to our a badass shake on he was vice versa. How many times do you see that even when a person is making Blue? Though it happens many times I've seen this myself that people are making Mugu and they have trouble making glue. Why? Because they wash their feet now once not twice, five times 10 times 15 times. Why? Because I think this area is left in this area on my

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foot is that and what is that that is the western South Shavon Shavon. Makes makes makes it difficult for a person to make all the why because he puts the Westwater and then this person he comes to a point that he says that you know what we'll do making Blue is too difficult. I don't want to make Google anymore. This is how shape onto these a person how to shake on reimbursements are in our in our hearts and into our mind at the time of Salah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that at the time of IDI when the words are being called up the law and federal law and Shavonne he runs away. He flees the scene. And then once the Athan is over, he comes back he returns and then

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when they almost be called out, he runs away again. And then before a person he says Allahu Akbar, and he before he even starts, it's that visit the Hiva Shavon returns again. And then he breathed the ideas in his heart. He begins to describe a person in his Salah that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explicitly he says that a person does not remember how many records they have prayed. And how many times this has happened. The things that you don't even remember anytime else we remember them in our in our slot we're going through our to do list for the entire day. I have to do this I have to do this after this. I'm going to pick up the kids from school. This isn't that we

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both want your child to do this. Tomorrow. I've worked on this study that our this our that our this is what we think about in our salon. So shake on the breeze was was a chore.

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Then what about our dealing with other people in our community? When it comes to dealing with other people, our social life? How will we deal with people in our community such as our relatives, that people in our society, other brothers and sisters in our community? When it comes to a community activity? How do we deal with others pushing on what he does is that he brings west facade to a person and there comes a time that shame on continues to attack the mind of a person that then this person his heart becomes dark, his heart becomes dark and now and now everything that this person looks at everything this person does anything this person he can

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If he comes in contact with anyone, there's always a negativity, there's always this person is always pessimistic, that this person is wrong and this person is wrong and this person is wrong. Why take this shape on brings the Westworth says, in our hearts regarding other people remember what's what's sad is always an evil, shape our brains that evil within our heart, that this person is wrong, and that person is wrong. And what happens is that within the people within our community, there are people that then they began to object to every single person, whatever as they are, whatever every person is doing, they object to that wherever any family is doing, they object to

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that, whenever any scholar says anything, they object to that whenever they hear anything, they object to that, why, because that is the most versatile ship on that now this person, the only thing he does is that he looks at everything in a negative manner. He looks at everything, that negative manner. And then he begins to question that without any proof. Without any proof, he begins to question that, and that's why Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, what does he say? He says, what a couple formalities that I have been hearing, do not talk about things that you do not have knowledge about. Why? Because when you talk,

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there's another person who's listening. There's another person who's listening, and your heart is thinking about that. And you're watching this, we're seeing that look at that person when he's doing, look at that person, what he's doing. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala that he says, that do not talk about things that you do not have knowledge about why? Because then he says, in the summer, your ears will massage and your eyes will fill and your heart will know who that you can can.

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They each of them will be crushed it on the day with judgment. When you make a judgment regarding someone else, without any kind of base without any kind of proof, then you are making voted against a person. And even let's say a person is doing something like that, that is not the correct way to address the problem. That's not the correct way to address the matter. That's why it was so hard that he doesn't put on Mondays and it can be hearing in some Oursler will include I can

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I can and I'm gonna screw that. And then after that, when a person he begins to question everyone, then a person he falls into he goes into another category, which is called suspicion that an hour person he is suspicious about every single person, this person is wrong. This person does this, this person does that. Not only that, but now a person he becomes a suspicion about his own family members. He becomes suspicious about his own his or her own spouse. They become suspicious about people in their own community. They become suspicious about their own children. And this then divide and this breaks up a family. This breaks up a family. There is a Hadith narrated by Joshua of your

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love behind I want to share with you there's a hadith narrated by Jack Ma right. And so he was saying that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that shame on his throne is on water shake ons throne is on water. And the reason I mentioned this hadith is because if there is anyone who is generally accurate in dividing the people, this is a Hadith for the for us to listen. If we are engaged in dividing the people, then this isn't the this hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that Sheikh Hamza throne is placed on water. And he sends out his army, he sends out his army, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala. He talks about this, that either the shayateen can

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be in the form of the inside, or they can be in the form of the agenda also.

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But what he does is we're talking about the agent not here, he sends out all his minions and all his, you know, his soldiers that go and cause corruption on the basis or

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go and cause corruption on the face of the earth. And at the end of the day, all these gymnasts, they come back. And then Shavon says that Comey What did you do today? And once shame on him to say that I did this, and I did that. He says, You know what, you did not do anything. Then the next year, God will say that I engaged a person and Xena includes you have not done anything. And he continues to ask and he says that you know what? Nothing, nothing, you know, you do not do a good job today.

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Then after he comes to a shape on, he comes to another gym. And he says that what did you do today? And he says that I created westwards into the hearts of a couple and I created a fight between a couple that the time has come

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I'm now at the point he has come to a point that now this couple of has been they have been separated. They have been divided and they no longer are together, shake on he gets up from his chair. And he says that come, you have done the best job today. You divide the hearts of the people who have done the most remarkable job today. Respect your brothers and sisters, if we are in our community, and we are the means of dividing the hearts. Remember, remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in a hadith that anyone who severs relationships, he says he has hired a VA. It is as if the all of their reports have been wiped out. All of the boys have been wiped out.

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And that same honey, that was awesome. He says that anyone will raise our hearts together and you want who can who brings the arts together. And he brings people together, that that is better than even the saliva and the saliva in the car. So we see that Shame on him when he brings a Western insight into the heart of a person, what he does, how does he create chaos in the community, the division within the community, it first starts off to first start from negative thoughts. And then it escalates. Until now a person is always suspicious about others, he's always talking about others. And now a person has come to a point that now because he is suspicious, he begins to fight

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with everyone and their hearts are being divided. Let us keep in mind and let us be aware that if this is happening, this is happening because of the West was out of shape on May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from the from the West was out of shape on May Allah subhanaw taala take us from the evil position on puts into our mind, router, the router now whatever.

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Whatever I want you guys to realize when I came, I stopped. What I was saying was universal in the whole world.

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And Hamdulillah I have to line up a little when I start even want to start through when I was

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a young

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woman filtering for the worst when

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I show you what's going on, but then I'll do a sudo

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for the vanilla Devadas with Isla Majeed were provided I mean by the OpenDocument Shakeology mystery, or him in the wild woman advocate who knew not and maybe Yeah, I think women need to have some sort of wisdom to this nema.

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Before I proceed any further ahead, I would like to request everyone to please come forward.

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The gaps in current

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respected brothers sisters, we're talking about being suspicious about people in our family.

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And one thing I want to say is that when it comes to parents, it's very easy to become suspicious about your own children. Also, how many times are we suspicious about our own children. And I understand as being a parent is not easy. A parent has to walk a very fine line when it comes to their own children. If they are very suspicious about their children, and they express that before their children, and their children are actually are not doing what they are under the impression of it can create it can change the dynamics of the relationship between the parent and the children. It can have a big effect on the dynamics in a family. By the same time keeping in mind is that let's

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look at the story of more sightings.

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When Musa alayhis salam he came, when he fled Egypt, he went to Bosnia.

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There came we know the story what happened when he came, he saw many people that were feeding their animals on the well, there were two women who were not able, and they would stay all the way to the very end, and they will let everyone leave. Then they would feed the animals and they would take care of the animals. At that time in this audience. And he came you offered his help these two women, they came back home early today. And I'm not gonna get into the whole debate that who this person was, as I put it, first this person is the chef who was it was a charade. Right. Isn't Was it not sure anybody? It's not. I'm lucky enough to be right now. Or in that difference opinion. But the

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point I'm trying to make is this. When these women they came back to the when they came back. And their father asked that they came back home so early. What happened? They said that today there was a gentleman that came and he helped us out. Now I want you to think about this. This person who was their father, he never became suspicious. He never became judgmental, that who was his body? And why did he help you imagine? I mean, parents put your central

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Put yourself in that situation. If you're a girl today, if your daughter came home today, she came home today and she said that I was sitting in the library and there was a boy that came and he helped me out to get my own word.

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A father will lose his mind, a father with his mind

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you know, how did you design this avoid

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Allah, then you have to go to the medicine cabinet, take some Tylenol and Advil and just like sit down, watch some TV after that.

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So this one happens. But this fall in what we learned from this father is that he was never judgmental.

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He was never judgmental towards children. He was ever suspicious about his own children, or his touches to ours. In fact, later on, when he sent his one of his daughters to go in, call Musa alayhis, salam, he sent her alone, he sent her alone, that I wanted to go and call the Saudi consulate, which shows that this father ever had any kind of suspicious feeling regarding his own kids. What we learned from this is that when it comes to our own kids, if we do not have substantial amount of proof, if we do not have any kind of evidence that our kids are involved in something that is absolutely wrong, that we should never feel suspicious towards our own children also, because

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once again, this is what Shavon does, he breathes what's what's happening to the heart of the husband, or the wife is doing something, he will bring the whispers into the heart of the wife, or the husband is doing something, he will bring the whispers into the heart of a parent that your children are doing something wrong. And once again, what happens is that our families are breaking up, our families are divided are being divided. And this is why there's such a crisis within our Muslim communities about family. Why do you think we talked about family so much from the, from the member, why, because it is a crisis. The It is literally a crisis within our own community, that

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families are not getting along, husband and wife are not getting along. Parents and children are not getting along, there is a problem within our society, there's a problem within our own community. So that's why my humble request is that shaytaan will continue to bring this was Was He will make us feel suspicious about others, whether in our community, whether in our family, but until we don't have proof, until we don't have any kind of evidence, we should not be suspicious about others, we should try to forget about others and look at our own selves, that what I went through, I do. And I understand that as a parent, we have the responsibility to take care of our own children. But that's

00:27:45--> 00:28:25

not the way if I approached my own child, and I accused them why because of my sisters, my sister just feelings, and they are not involved in that. And they will never trust you. They will never trust you as a parent anymore. Why? Because they will know that you feel that this is this is what you feel about them. So that's why it's very important that if this was what says and these suspicious feelings come to our heart, we have to push them away for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala we have to do and we have to make a sincere effort to not let Shavon take over our heart, take over our mind. And once again, going back to the iOS Ohana with the Isla that when he says that you

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worship children. It is not actually nearly me that you are worshiping God when He means that you come under the control of Shavon. So we pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he protects us from Shavon from the Westland says of che Vaughn he protects all of us from the whispers as a Shavon and inshallah in my next book I will be talking about what can we do to protect ourselves in the western South shed on and all the other trips of Shavon what can we do to protect ourselves now before he could conclude just few things I want to just do things in regards to the community I want to mention. I want all of you to remember everyone in the community, everyone in the community who are

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going through any kind of difficulty to work with them know Doyle's brothers upon his uncle passed away my last place agenda Ville this will make everything easy for him all the stages that you'd have to easy for him. Our house a judge his I believe his and he passed away. Please pray for him pray for all of us behind that gives her a place in Jana. Even within our own community, we have a lot of sick people in our community. Dr. Dr. Moody, he was in a in a in a severe car accident is here today. But he was in a car accident. He sustained some some fractured ribs. His wife sustained a concussion male that may or may go on to Allah Subhana Allah gives and she thought even in our own

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communities, this was out of 119 years old. 20 years old. She has been diagnosed with cancer we want to make a husband makes everything easy for her and also even brothers were hit by both he's also been diagnosed with cancer. His management with us about other leg is all these people she felt

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And anyone who has saved in any capacity in any which way, in any capacity, Allah so behind us, every one Shiva, I don't I don't know everyone who is sick in the community. And that's why once again I make dua that anyone who is saying, Allah subhanaw Give everyone Shiva, everyone who's passed away. The artist that has any kind of relations or are related to anyone in our community, Melissa Newman, please inject not and not only that to anyone who has passed away all the Muslims who are suffering around the entire world, may Allah make everything easy for them always continue to make dua for the people in Syria. The people in front of us the the people in Chechnya the people

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in in Burma everywhere and anywhere where the Muslims are under attack anywhere around the entire world when they are they when they are mudroom. Remember who either was Muhammad everything easy for that? And make go either the hell that Allah subhanaw taala you forgive forgives us for our sins in our shortcomings. And Allah sends down his help. And Allah says down his mate, we will shoulder with him in our lives. a loved one so his son wants to meet the loved ones that is that was just moving along from Asana on call the phone app