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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea that Islam subhanho wa taala is a regret within the hearts of people who travel through the land or travel to fight. They emphasize the importance of learning from mistakes and turning back to Islam. The speaker also discusses the history of Islam and the responsibility of Islam to wake up at night and seek out the cure for COVID-19. They stress the importance of avoiding social gatherings, not being associated with anyone who brings down or weakens others, and reading the Quran in order to connect with the Prophet. They also emphasize the need to avoid socializing and associate oneself with people who bring down or weaken others, and to focus on the Prophet's words to avoid mistakes.
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So I wanted to come up to law who Barakatuh this one man or 100 Lego bit Alameen wa Salatu was someone that was sudo who Muhammad while early he was on big marine about so every Monday night Alhamdulillah we cover some idea of the Quran that begins with Yeah, you Hello the domino. So today I have chosen i a number 156 from Surah Ali Imran. Now Surah Ali Imran, if you say the entire Surah one of the key themes of Surah Ali Imran is the defeat, or the the brief setback to the Muslims, they suffered in the Battle of a heart. And I've talked talked about this in some of my previous lectures in some of the previous weeks. Some of the key things that we have learned from the battle

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of jihad, but here today there is an idea that I want to share with everyone is that Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, Yeah, you will live in harmony. So he begins the idea by saying are you people who believe and then he says, Let the cool no calorie and Cafaro do not become like those who disbelieved in Allah subhanho wa Taala we're all equal and he him and they said to their brothers, either vulnerable will fill out when they traveled through the land. Oh Ken, who was the locale or Indiana mama to Mr. Potato. So there are people who basically said to others, that when you travel throughout the land or when you go out to fight, they said had they stayed with us, they would have

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never died or killed. Allah says, Lea John Allah who the liquor has rotten vehicle obey Him. So Allah makes that misconception a regret within their hearts will law who you are, he will you meet Allah is the One who gives life and he causes death will Allah who will be matamanoa will see it and Allah is sees ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada he sees what they do or what you do. Now, this is, as I said earlier, that this is in the context of the defeat of the Muslim they suffer in the Battle of hearts. And before this, Allah subhanho wa taala. He says that he taught he says the eye or the eye as mentioned in is number 155. In the Levina. The Willow men come Yamata clergyman in musters

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Allahumma shaitan will be battled the American Civil War, Lakota Afula, Juan whom in Aleppo for him in this ayah, Allah subhanho wa taala. Basically, he highlights and he mentioned the the crime or I will say the actions that the Sahaba they committed when they left their positions in pursuit of brief or temporary materialistic gain, as you all know that in both of our hearts, that Paul was saying he posted 50 archers to sit to guard a certain place, and they left their positions and because of them living there, their positions, they suffered many casualties. Allah subhanho wa taala. Interestingly, he says at the end of the ayah wala pada Alpha Allah on whom ALLAH forgives

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them, and what the word offer means here is mean that Allah subhanaw taala completely forgives them, because the Sahaba never did it intentionally. Now, there's a very beautiful point to be learned from this and that is that when you and I when we make mistakes, when we commit sins, and we turn back to Allah subhanaw taala. Allah is willing to forgive. When we turn away from Allah and we go through a calamity and we come back to Allah. Allah loves that. And I understand a lot of times we may think that isn't that sort of like you know, we are acting hypocritical. When we are going through good times we forget about Allah when we are going through difficult times when we come back

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to Allah, will Allah accept us or not? Will Allah subhanho wa Taala say that yes, you have been forgiven? And the answer is yes. Allah loves the fact that when his slave comes back to him in times of need, but when we understand when we don't understand in many cases, I will say is that Allah subhanho wa Taala what he wants from us and what he expects from us is that we learn our lesson, that when we come back to Allah, we don't go back to our old lifestyle, where we have forgotten about Allah subhanho wa taala. So Allah subhanho wa Taala when he is talking to the Sahaba, he's telling them that I have forgiven you, but make sure that you do not go back to the ways your

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previous ways, make sure that you are not influenced by those who do not wish well for you. So this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala he wants. So this is, this is item 155. And one I number 156. Again, is the idea that begins with you will not be an avenue and in essence, Allah subhanaw taala is here correcting and he's making sure that

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There are people who have this false belief or this false Arpita or there is some there is a deficiency with their belief, and that is that they thought that if they had done such and such, then they would have never been killed here they are the munaf 18 the kuffar in Medina telling their people had you not gone, you would have been saved. And the lesson that we learned from this is the lesson that we learn from this is that there's something called the other of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. And a Muslim believes in the culture of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we believe is that we believe that we can never escape the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala and whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has will, it will happen? Yes, Allah subhanho wa Taala has created this world with a he has associate this world with a suburb and means so yes, Allah subhanaw taala has given us the choice and we do what we think is right for ourselves. At the end of the day, this is all in the hands of Allah subhanho wa taala. You know, for example, in the current context, we're talking, you know, with his whole Coronavirus and what is going on, once again, we you know, we were living our life, and all of a sudden this pandemic comes along our way, this is the culture of Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is something that Allah subhanaw taala had Dustin, when he created this cause in the

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earth. Now, you know, there's one question I would like to quickly mention in that is the question that many people ask is that, you know, there are a hadith where like, for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's talking to even Abbas or the Allah Anoma, he's telling him in the Hadith at the end of the Hadith, he says Rufio a Kalam over what Jaffa to sort of when he's talking about God that he says that the the pens have been uplifted and the ink has become dry mean that nothing can change the color of Allah subhana wa taala. At the same time, there are other Hadith where we find out that dua contain the color of Allah subhana wa Taala there's something there are

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some certain good things that we can do, that Allah subhanho wa Taala can change our other. So how do you make sense of all these kind of a hadith and the answer to that is that the way that I have explained this is that Allah subhanaw taala has created our corridor, and if there is a certain other does already put in place, and through our doors the color has changed, this change due to our dua in our father has also been documented and noted already in our codon, meaning that our code there when it was first created by Allah subhanaw taala, it was written that such and such persons other words such and such, but because of making dua, because of his certain actions, his other has

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been changed to such and such. So this is how this works. So once again, the what we learned from from this is there is no one can escape the other of Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is what I'm gonna African we're trying to express that we can change or we can escape our codon. So this is something that we learned from this Hadith from this ayah of the Quran. Something else I would like to point out when we talking about these ayat is that once the Muslims they suffered a minor setback in the Battle of 100.

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The the Jewish community in Medina, and the kuffaar, in Makkah, they sort of ramped up their efforts to create hostility and propaganda against the Muslims. And in that time, Allah subhanho wa Taala he's telling the Muslims, that this is what you need to do, you need to turn to Allah subhanaw taala you have to make sure that going forward, you can never like you cannot openly disobey and overlook the instructions of the prophets, Allah, Allah, he was setting them, make sure that you you know that you, you know you have complete obedience to Allah. Now at the same time, while Allah subhanaw taala is telling the Muslims to do such and such, at the same time, they're having to, you know, to

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go through this propaganda and this hostility created by the enemies of Islam. And there's something that we learn from this and that is that you can only do what is in your capacity and you cannot worry about everyone else or you cannot worry about everything else that is taking place on earth. There are some things are within your control. So for example, once again, let's take this idea, and let's try to apply it to our current context and the Coronavirus pandemic. At the end of the day, we have a certain responsibility. Our responsibility is for example, make dua to Allah. Our responsibility is to wake up at night and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala our responsibility is to come

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closer to Allah to seek is still far from Allah subhanho wa Taala to possibly fast and you know and fast and once again, you know, seek out the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is what we need to do. We have to look after our family and you know, we

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You know, looking after the welfare of our family and so forth, that is what our responsibility is. And then it is on Allah subhanaw taala, when he sends the cure, or when he brings us out of this challenge, that is Allah, Allah does matter. So what we need to understand is that we cannot control every single affair of this dunya even when it came to the Sahaba, when it came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they did what Allah told him to do, and they did not worry about anything else, and Allah took care of everything else, you know, subhanAllah people talk about when it comes to Dawa, that how can you give Dawa to everyone and so forth? And you know, recently I

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answered this question by saying that, when you say the life of the prophet saw set it up, the only thing he was told to do is what? You know, whatever you do, would you do with great success, dedicate yourself and have sincerity and there are some other things that Allah Subhanallah told the prophet of Salem, the Prophet saw him he did that he gave Dawa, along with, you know, with all those things in mind, and eventually, Allah took care of the rest. And eventually, people came into the fold of Islam. So once again, the lesson in all this is that we do what we have to do, we do what isn't within our control in every aspect of our life, and we cannot worry about those things are

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beyond our control. The next thing is that quickly I want to cover something else that we learned from, from these ayat of the Quran.

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And that is that, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala he tells the Muslims, that do not socialize or do not be with those people who can bring down or who can weaken your iman, you know, in times like these,

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either we can associate ourselves with people who will constantly remind us about Allah, or we can associate ourselves with those people who will say such, you know, foolish things such as, you know, where is Allah? If, you know if Allah does exist in Allah's Mercy does exist, then why is all this happening? That's not for us to ask. And for us to be around those people who will create those doubts, in our mind, is something that we got to stay away from is that those are the kinds of gatherings that we need to avoid. Those are the kinds of people that we need to avoid. That's not what we need to do right now in our life. We need people in our life, who will give us a moral

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support those who will always encourage especially in difficult times, like this, and once again, the province of Islam was always there. The problem Saddam is ordered by Allah subhanho wa taala. In fact, in just few hours later, Allah subhanaw taala tells the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam that when it comes to the Sahaba Be gentle with them, if you have a harsh heart, what Oh, Quinta, Fabiana Holly Rolla Calvi l'enfant boom and how like if you have a harsh heart, then they will go away from you. So this is what we need to do in times like this is be around those people who will bring us closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. And at the same time, you know, keeping the other things

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in mind. Once again, this is the idea is number 156 of pseudo Ali Imran and I ask Allah subhana wa Tada I conclude by asking Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gives us the ability to understand these ayat May Allah subhanaw taala give us ability to connect with the Quran. And one last thing I will say before I conclude in that is that no matter what the situation is, and what challenge we are going through in life, will Allah He you will find something in the Quran that we can relate to. That's why connecting with the Quran is so important. I mean, there is going to be some story, there is going to be some idea of the Quran that you can relate to. And but all that requires that you sit

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down with the Quran, read the Quran, and especially nowadays, especially nowadays, you know, when we have some little extra time on our hands, we are at home with our families, you know, this, you know, the Quran is such I mean, I'm going I know I'm pulling this little longer right now, but I do really want to mention this, that the Quran is such that till you don't give yourself to the Quran, the Quran will not open itself up to you. Like you have to really put your mind into the Quran. You cannot just read a translation and assume that you know, the treasure of the Quran will be open up to you. You have to sit there, read and I have the Quran, ponder over it. Think about it. And this

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is why Allah says Allah azza wa jal Khurana Amala Kuruman Akbar Allah, is there like don't you reflect upon the Quran? Or is there is there a lock on your heart? So the only way we can truly understand and connect with the Quran is by reflecting and giving some time to the Quran, reading the Quran, you know, just quickly reading a translation and saying I'm not able to connect with the Quran. Well, obviously you're not going to be able to connect with the Quran. So keep this in mind.

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Insha Allah, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to give all of us ability to administer and hurt I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to help us in these difficult times. May Allah protect us, our families, our wealth, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah, that he forgive us for our shortcomings all of us for whatever whatever we have done, and whatever we have done that has brought this upon us We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive does that Kamala Hi salaam Wallach want to label cattle?