You’re Back From Hajj…Now What

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is a statement that I read for safe haven bears Miss alanya hammer are from Jamie Oliver muslimeen listen to this,

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and higher to feasterville illa

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assawoman and notifii Sevilla

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that you strive

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to live

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in the cause of Allah

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to live as a Muslim

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to maintain

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that state of a filter is more difficult than actually you go to the battlefield and dying in the cost of Allah.

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Allah higher fee serie de la assawoman a no fee Sevilla.

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I'm really saying this to a lot of the brothers and sisters who Allah Subhana Allah bless them with going to height

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and they returned and now they have to maintain

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one of the wording of this hadith a few about Allah subhanaw taala extracting and taken out the offspring of Adam from his back. It reads that this happened in arafa

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in the head had a tiara

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now Subhanallah the hedges went back to the same place.

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And as if you're saying to Allah subhanaw taala all this past since you given me that original state of fitrah I messed up, I went astray

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as if you're in you that covenant again.

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And you're coming back

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and you're supposed to strive to strive to maintain that.

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It's not easy, it's difficult therefore

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it's very difficult, especially at these times. Anil COVID ballardini

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the one who was holding his Dean is like somebody who's holding a piece of fire in his hand it's it's fitting his right and left

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a you know when you stick to the religion when you stick to the teachings you are looked upon as but you have no choice but to strive to do this work hard.

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And we always read the Hadith that Allah subhanho wa Taala descended in a way that fits him on the day of arafah Banu. I want to tell you also, that we know from our sooner that Allah subhanho wa Taala descends every night

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when the last third of the night is here he descends in a way that fits him. So when you do something wrong, go back to Allah subhanaw taala and say I'm sorry forgive me and that goes to my brothers and sisters who were not only able to go this year as well. This is the end of the year, the lunar module hedger Why don't you make up with Allah subhanho wa Taala and renew that covenant with Allah subhana wa Tada. This is Reason number one