A sign that Allah has turned away from us.

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The speaker discusses the use of "backbiting" in actions, citing examples such as avoiding assumptions, avoiding major sins, and sharing information. They also mention the importance of avoiding double-standing and not giving anyone a wrong name. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to verify information and not to judge actions until they have verified it.

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The pious predecessor said that from the signs of Allah azza wa jal turning away from a slave, is that they are preoccupied with other people's affairs affairs that they're not supposed to be concerned about. And we see this a lot. Oof, did that person get a divorce? Oh my god, that a person marry that person. Oh my god, that person has 10 wives. Oh my god, that person's a drug dealer. He's on drugs now. Your Allah he she got arrested, he got arrested. They had a fight. They had a fallout that she argued with that chef, that Masjid has had a big drama. This person goes global inciting this person goes regional news, citing this person goes his own way and citing this person cited

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Jupiter. You know, we're so concerned about everyone. And how about we look into the mirror before looking out the window? And that's why the self would say to Ballymun shuffler. Who eyeball who and Ubinas? Do I turn into the one whose own faults preoccupy themselves from the faults of others. And the self would also say the early Muslims that if we were to consider our words, as part of our actions, then we would have been more silent.

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Beautiful words. Once again, if we were to consider that our words are from our man, our good deeds, or from our deeds, then we would have been silent much. So the verse of this evening, as I'm sure you are aware, the verse of backbiting. Allah says, Well, the Bible Kumbaya, Allah azza wa jal says do not back by one another. And Allah azza wa jal here used it in the plural form, in the sense of that when you're backbiting, your backbiting your own, honor your backbiting each others like you backbiting yourself, or your Hadoken and yet called LACMA, se he made them forget if the more Allah said, Would any of you like to eat the meat of the dead brother or sister? And that's the similar

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trait of backbiting? That's what we're doing. And why a corpse are all the examples, you know, because a corpse can defend itself. Right? It's just dead laying, they can't do anything. Likewise, when you're backbiting against a bad someone, they're not around to defend themselves. Right? And we had the gods who had the courage to go to them and we feel really sincere we tell them okay, okay, look, you know, this is the issue. Is it true? Is it not? Let's sort it out. Right, talking about people create issues, talking to people solves issues. If we really had that sincerity, we go to them and say, Look, this is the problem. 123 Especially when we go online, you know, airing your

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dirty laundry online airing and venting your problems and when there's issues and dramas, right, whether it's about you or others, you know, this only perpetuates the problem only makes it worse. Like I said, if we were sincere and we really wanted solutions, then this is not the man on how we go about it. Yes, we all fall into sin, we all make mistakes, but at least this trying not to make it worse.

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And if you look at this idea of backbiting it's either 12 or 1300 or 12 of so 200. And so 200 Subhanallah is referred to as sort of a clerk, the sort of character because Allah has really in this surah outlines the most defining characteristics of what good character is. And among them is of course not backbiting each other. But that is a toss up problem doesn't start with them back by backtrack a little. Allah says, Yeah, you have Ledin Avenue, which then will cathedral minute one, avoid much suspicion. Why what's the connection? Because when a person doesn't have good suspicions of their brothers and sisters, what do they do? They fall into backbiting. Right? Because if they

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had good suspicion, they'll give the benefit of the doubt. Or if they heard something, hey, look, you know what, I think that's true. I know that person they're good, you know, and if they did they made a mistake. You know, we shouldn't judge people on their worst mistakes is what we do with crucify these days. The person has mashallah so many good attributes that make one mistake they crucified on public you know, on social media now we shouldn't be like that. The seller would say although this is a weak Hadith, but the meaning is correct, give you a brother or sister 70 excuses. wouldn't even give seven wouldn't even give a seven have an excuse. We look for 70 reasons to blame

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and to believe. So that is a pile of backbiting starts with avoid suspicion because we need to have good suspicions of our brothers and sisters well Wouldn't we like for us to if someone was talking about us and other person to defend the say Nana look, go and verify first in general Confessio koombana Inflatable you know, news comes to verify? Verify let's verify this information. The Prophet Halle sorts of them said that that combined with name had thus far Mila Paula Fein aka makan.

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Do not judge between two until you heard both sides until you hear both sides and usually we believe the story of the person that comes to us first and know if they come say does that come luck? No. Thanks for letting me know. Right. Thanks for not bottling it up and taking the proper means. Because you know sometimes people need to speak we're talking about venting here is the person are going to be about venting online and the problems that creates by looking for strategies Zack will have in our talk. Do you want me to talk to that person for you? No problem. I will

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See, and I'll end with this hadith. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said it's enough of the sin. Meaning if you do this sin, you shouldn't be sinning after that Subhanallah Allahu Akbar what is sin? Is that COFRA Belaire should Kabila is not praying and IVIG Of course, any major sins that can remove someone and from the fold. He said it's another person to narrate everything you hear tonight, everything is upon Allah. And what do we do today? Everything that comes our way everything we read everything we watch everything we see social media, Instagram, WhatsApp Yola, we send that we share we comment upon it enough of the scene to narrate everything he just because you heard it

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doesn't make it authentic.