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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the idea of unity LAMINAM and how it is linked to the Battle of Budha. They also talk about the connection between labor and the heart, with Islam subhanho wa Taala suggesting individuals should not use their minds. The speakers emphasize the importance of controlling one's emotions and avoiding using them in difficult situations. The conversation also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of "tank" and the importance of healthy communication between lenders and users.
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100 Lyrebird Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Mohammed water early he was a big marine and my bad. So inshallah we have for tonight inshallah we have chosen the ayah from Surah Al Imran, as we are in going in order. And this is an idea that begins with Johanna Dena Amano. And usually in the past, what I've done is that I've chosen the idea that begins with you will lead Ave and I've gone back few, like five, six verses, and I've led all the way I've come down all the way to the idea of unity LAMINAM today, I'm going to change it up a little where we're going to cover the idea the first idea that begins with Yeah, you already know. And then after there are several yet where

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Allah subhanho wa taala. He talks about the importance of Taqwa. Now. First of all, is that this idea the very first idea here about you that begins with you live in Amman, who is talking about rebound is talking about interest. But here's the most confusing part to a lot of readers. And that is that before this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking about the Battle of Budhha. Allah is talking about the Battle of heart and Allah subhanho wa taala. From nowhere, he begins talking about riba why, why Allah talking about rebar. So go back to sort of Bukhara Allah subhanaw taala is talking about money. He's talking about sadaqa he's talking about how to give sadaqa what wealth you

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should give in sadaqa and then Allah talks about riba it makes complete sense. But why Allah sama badam, ALLAH is talking about the defeats the Muslims suffered a defeat in the battle. I mean, they suffered many casualties and so forth. So from that perspective, they said they suffer a defeat. But what does the Rebbe have to do with defeat and battle better? And I've heard this is where Allah subhanaw taala is not trying to talk about first thing is the four what is the first connection the first connection is this? Allah subhana wa Taala talks about the defeat and Allah says, when you Muslims are defeated, there's two things that will provide you salvation. That is taqwa, and that is

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sabar. The very first passage here Allah talks about Taqwa. In this one passage, Allah mentioned the word Taqwa three times. After this, Allah talks about Sabah. How should the Muslim community show somebody impatience? And why is it so important? Even if you go back to sort of use of if you go to the use of we know the story of use of allihies Salam was interesting to note is that at the end of all this that that usually some had to go through, and when he confronted his brothers, after so many years, and he began to display he disclosed his identity. Do you remember you did such and such with a brother? His name was Yusuf and then they asked him I in Nicola aunty use of or you use of he

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says call Anna use of ohada He, he says that I'm use of this is my brother. He then says Amanda Allahu Elena. He says Allah had mercy upon us. And then what did he say? He says in the humane yet ducky while your spear whoever has tequila and whoever has sober for in hola hola yo, John Marcin. Allah subhanho wa Taala will not let the let the efforts of those who apply their sand in their life. Allah will not let your efforts go to waste, meaning that taqwa and Sabha are two important things for every Muslim community. Now, this is the very first connection, the second connection between your labor and the Battle of jihad. What is the connection? Allah is saying that what caused

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the Muslims to suffer a defeat in the battle for hearts? Go back and study if you study geographically you don't one of the biggest problems that we have is that, you know, when we teach a sealer to our children, it's all just a blur picture in their mind. It's all a blurry picture in their mind. Yes, the Muslims had to stand here. And the kuffaar came from here and so forth, is just all imaginary to them. But if you actually study go there in itself, or even now, if you say some of the books of history, they actually they actually draw a map. Where would the Muslims standing? Where would they prefer? Where did the Muslims camp and so forth? This gives you a very good idea

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what happened in the bar of a herd, there was a small hill where this was a long haul it was some he gave instructions to 50 Archers that do not move from here. And we all know the story of a herd that would happen was there for a moment the Muslims thought that they were successful. They have defeated the army, they had defeated their opposition. So what did they do? The promise did not give them instructions yet. They did

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obeyed the instructions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for what? For the spoils of war, everything that was left behind. So the dilemma they mentioned that the Muslims they left their positions for materialistic gain. Likewise, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions riba why, because anyone who leaves Allah, anyone who leaves the instructions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for materialistic gain, Allah will destroy them. This is the connection between labor and the back of our heart. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He gives even a more amazing kind of like parallel or connection. He says that the out of all devices here Allah could have talked about any

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other sin. Why did he talk about Riba? He says the Riba is the only sin that you declare war with Allah subhanho wa taala. And war demands what war demands killing and when killing takes place, there is a group that is defeated and killed and there is another group that is victorious. He says when a person involves in riba just like Muslims at that time they suffer a defeat. Likewise, because this this is you going and declaring war against Allah, you will suffer defeat and you will suffer in this dunya this is the this is the connection, that email I'll put the be he establishes. So this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned a riba here now without going I'm not gonna go

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into the details, because we went we went through this before, but Allah subhanho wa Taala He says, Yeah, you already know Manu, la Kuru Riba, although Mudaraba Oh, you people who believe do not consume Riba and interest doubled and multiply, but fear Allah subhanho wa taala. As I said, and I want you all to pay attention, you're going to hear the word it taboo, it taboo, taboo over and over again. Allah says what the law now unlike him to flee home, you want success, fear Allah subhanho wa Taala be cautious of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now here, one thing that is mentioned about riba has not been mentioned before, see long time ago, when people used to say is that if there is rebirth

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that I'm involved in whether I'm taking the rebar or giving the rebar, every person who's giving the rebar they're always gonna be in a state of loss, but the person who's taking the rebar Okay, the person who is taking the rebar long time ago, they used to say or some people said that if I'm not multiplying it, because the Quran says doubling it and multiplying it. So they will say that if I'm not doubling the interest, if I'm not multiplying the interest, the interest should be okay. We the Quran says whether you are doubling it multiplying it or even if it's a small amount, because Allah said a Halawa will be haram arriba. Allah has made it very clear and this is a very arm there is no

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cage there is no there is no specification here Allah has made a blanket statement here that Riba is haram. So if you get into these technicalities, that this is this and this is that Allah subhanho wa Taala once again, Allah saying that it is completely forbidden and Allah is saying that if you want success, you think that the more the money you collect, the more money that you have, you feel that there is success, Allah is saying, fearing Allah subhanho wa Taala and not going close to riba that is what will lead you to success. Then Allah says the next idea what Doku again, once again, taqwa what Hakuna allottee or is that any caffeine other than says that fear the Fire? If there's one

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thing that you should be fearful of, and you should be afraid of? It is the fire the fire Jahannam allottee or it that little character in that which has been prepared for those who are the disbelievers now, never should he come or never should we have this misunderstanding that caffeine is a reference to those people that we see outside. I'll care for him. Kufa is in reference to a person who rejects the message. There are Muslims that are Muslims, they say La Ilaha illa Allah, but they don't care about the rules. There are Muslims who say La Ilaha illa Allah but they say if I involve in Riba is absolutely fine, because when a person becomes drunk, when a person becomes you

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know, there's so much money coming in, a person becomes blind, how many Muslims today they are involved in Haram businesses, but when the money is coming in, you become blind. So Allah subhanaw taala, saying that these kinds of people to even Muslims because they are rejecting the message of Allah, even these people fall in this kind of category, that Allah says, What up to your Allah Azza wa rasool Allah Allah Allah control hormone that this idea has a direct connection with what happened in

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but have heard Allah subhanaw taala sing over here, obey Allah and His Prophet so the Allah Allah have mercy on you. And the battle of brother by the way, you know, each battle teaches us all these different lessons. The Battle of brother taught us La ilaha illallah

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the brother, the battle brother taught us likely to hit Allah. Why? Because La Ilaha illa Allah teaches us that success and failure is from Allah subhanho wa Taala victory in defeat is from Allah subhanho wa Taala 313 I guess 1000 Allah taught the Muslim ummah Wen La ilaha illallah comes into the picture when Allah wants something, it does not matter. numbers do not matter. Allah will give victory to whoever you once and what do we learn from the bottom of our hearts, Muhammad Rasool Allah, because the prophets of salaam his instructions were neglected and this is why the Muslims suffer defeat. If we as a Muslim Ummah today, if we neglect the Sooners of the prophets of salaam we

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will Azuma we will suffer defeat. This is why Allah is telling us you want my mercy, you will be defeated and the only thing that will save you from defeat almost of Ummah is if I have mercy on you and I help you you want my help. I'll tell you Allahu wa rasool Allah, Allah Allah come to Ramon, obey Allah and His Prophet SAW Salem so Allah can have mercy on you now the next idea was Sadhguru Allah saying Hastin Hastin in Mount Filati Mira become what Jana tin, if there are two things you should hasten to Allah saying, to the mcfa of Allah and to the Jana of ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah, Allah will do has somewhere to well out, it's with is like, is as wide as the heavens and the

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earth. And this place has been prepared for those who are who have Taqwa. Now, I want to get into something over here and I want you to I need your attention over here when I talk about this. Allah subhanaw taala. In some places in the Quran, there are a lot of eyes that are very similar to one another. When you come across these ayat, a lot of times what we don't realize because of our lack of understanding of the Arabic language, is that it's not the Allah is repeating himself. Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking about a different category of people. Let me give you an example, in Surah, in the 18th Jers, the surah that begins with a pseudo element Menon. Allah talks about who

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are the believers? Now we all know that there are a lot of people who say that you are hitting Allah, but every single person who says that either Lena and Allah, are they a believer? Like do they have Eman? The answer is what? No. Because a person can say like you and Allah, but they don't pray a lot. They don't give their ticket there. There's no spirituality in their life. They lack Iman because Eman is what the problem says Eman is I mean, Leila is what we do verbally. Eman is what comes from the heart. So when a person is supposed to do what they're supposed to do, and they are doing what Allah wants them to do, that means that they have a sign of iman, going back to the

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life of the prophets of salaam there was a group there was a community that they would harass people when people would pass by them. And they said we have Iman, Allah said no, you don't have Iman, because a person who has Imani you don't harass people, you don't hurt other people. So when you are a person who lives acquainted teaching the Quran and Sunnah, you have Iman, now Allah subhanho wa taala. He talks about the characteristics of those who have Iman, then you go to the 29th Joe's, there was a surah by the name of Surah Alma aardige. If you get a chance, go and look at it you will see what I'm talking about. The ayat are very similar between Surah Surah Al Moggridge, the person

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who's reading the Quran will ask why is there the similarities? The difference is that in one Surah Surah Al Momineen, ALLAH is talking about a different group, a more elite, elite class, he's talking about the believers in Surah Al Muhammad, Allah is talking about general believers or people who just say even they are they are Muslims. And I said, there's two different classes. This is why this is why pay attention Surah Al Muhammad when ALLAH is talking about just general people, Allah says there'll be given agenda. When Allah talks about Sudha Menon he doesn't say general, he doesn't say generally Jana, he says gentle for dose. That's a different class. Here in this passage, ALLAH is

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talking about a different class of people. These are the people who have been labeled by Allah subhanaw taala as the people who are the muta, goon or the Muda, clean. These are people who have Taqwa in their life, versus people who may not have Taqwa. This is why in this ayah and this this verse, Allah subhanho, wa Taala says, these are these are very selective group. So this is why we go through these ayat because Allah subhanaw taala is saying that these kind of people they are different. What is different about these kinds of people? Allah says, number one is I love you

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Yun, Rafi what the raw

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it's very easy to give donations and give sadaqa when everything is smooth in your life, but Allah subhanaw taala says those who have Taqwa they give sadaqa and they spend in the Cause of Allah, during ease and during hardship in both times, because also by the way, not every single person who is going through a smoothest in their life they will always give because of the greed of wealth. A lot of times people don't give. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying that if a person has stuck Allah and they have been given immensely by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. They realize they realize that this money is from Allah, let me give it back for the cause of Allah. And those who are going through

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difficulties, they realize that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has given me there are more people who are more desperate than I am. Let me get for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. It is more difficult either way. But because you have Taqwa these kind of people they give was the second sign of these kinds of people. While it kind of liminal values, they suppress their anger, they suppress their anger, while Calvin in ways does not only mean they just swallow their anger, you know, there are some people that when they get so angry, their face is still like a cherry tomato, okay? It's still red. You can tell that this person is extremely angry, but it takes one is a

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person. This is why the Prophet said I'm What do you say about the man who's who is the stronger person he said, a person who suppresses his truth, the prophets have some says that these kinds of people, they are going to be rewarded by Allah subhanho wa taala. But guess what, there's another higher level of a person who gets angry and who are those, they have Toccoa. And what is their sign that when they get angry, they swallow their anger in such a way that there is no remnants of that anger on their face. This is the definition of what we mean by youth. You cannot tell a person got angry, although inside he's extremely angry. He's extremely angry, because he's able to have so much

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control over himself that and this is why a lot of times when we talk about this, when a person does get angry, and you do and a person does a foolish thing, who's in control here? Is it a human being who's in control or his feelings are in control is the feelings more in control, a person does not have enough control over himself. But when a person is able to suppress his anger, that means that this person is more stronger over his emotions, and that is what we need to become. We Yes, our emotions play a very strong role in our life. But we need to become more stronger than our own emotions. Our emotions cannot dictate our life. It is us who need to dictate our emotions. So this

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is what Allah subhanaw taala this is what he says, By the way, there's a hadith I want to share with you. I'm not gonna go into the Arabic the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, He who gives to a debtor, or who gives he who gives time to a person who took a debt or forgives him, Allah will save him from the fire Jahannam then Allah says the deeds of paradise are difficult to reach for they are on the top of the hill, meaning what they if you want to go to Jana, you're going to have to do certain deeds, but for that, there is going to be a sacrifice and some hard work required on your part. While the Ds are the fire Jahannam are easy, and they're easy to find. And this is why

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the public says some says the path to I mean, Jana has been covered by difficulties and hardship. While Jahannam has been covered by temptations and desires. Then the problem is solved. Some says, Verily there is no DOS, the Verity there is no dos of anything better to Allah than the dose of rage that a servant controls. And whenever the servant of Allah controls his anger, he will be internally filled with faith. This is the province of some saying that if you control your anger, Allah will fill you with iman and Iman and Taqwa they go hand in hand. So this is why it's very important that whenever we get angry or upset, we try to control our ourselves. And then the province has some said

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Allah subhanaw taala says, the third thing is what was the first thing is was a sign of those who have Taqwa those who

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those who watch spend in difficulty and ease the second one was

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suppressing the anger. The third one is forgiving people well, fina on in us will law who you're able Marcin in Allah subhanho wa Taala says he loves those who do son then Allah says not only now who are those who have their son Allah goes into more detail when the Dena either for ILO for Asia, those who commit immorality Felicia, by the way is a deeper level of sin. In morality as we call it, like sometimes in order to be higher is like is like a sin is like a morality that when it comes to you know things that we will not

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I want to do in public things that we feel shamed about that is a fat ish Allah saying anyone who commits a factory shot or volume one foster home or they have wronged themselves, but then they remember Allah. They remember Allah for stone February's and will be him. They remember Allah subhanho wa Taala and they seek forgiveness for their sins. Allah says wollam woman you're filled with the Nova Illa Allah, the only one who can who can forgive their sins except for Allah. This is a rhetorical question meaning the only Allah can forgive their sins for what they have done. What am you Saru Allah for Allah and who do not and who do not persist and what they have done? While they

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know meaning that they know and they do not persist on it and they do come too close to Allah subhanho wa Taala these people are loved by Allah subhanho wa Taala they could have stuck on to what they're doing. But they chose not to do that. Finally the last ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Hola, Iike Jezza homophone Otto Mirabai him what Jana to antigenemia, tattle and Heroux Holly Dena fie her Wanyama Judah Iman in those the reward is forgiveness from the Lord from Allah subhanho wa taala. And this Jana is a place where there are gardens and beneath these gardens are rivers that are flowing, were in and they will stay in there forever. And then Allah says what a great place

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this place is. So this concludes this passage. Once again, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned a few important things number one is duckula Toccoa. Taqwa number two what are the signs of those who have Taqwa number one is they spend, they spend in ease and difficulty, they swallow their anger, and they forgive other people. And not only that, but Allah subhanaw taala also mentions that when you do commit a sin, when you do commit a sin, these people are loved by Allah, who turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala is easy to commit the sin is very difficult to come back to Allah subhanho wa taala, you're taking a very difficult step. This is why these people are loved by Allah subhanho wa

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taala. So we'll come we'll finish with this in sha Allah. Also, one more thing that is a lesson to be learned from all this is about rebar. And by the way, I will say something about Dubai here is that Al Hamdulillah. You know, many of us in this community, we may have businesses, we have, you know, we have got other people involved when it comes to business, and so forth. And 100 There are a lot of people who do give out loans, they do give out loans, and the suppression and the wrongdoing is not done on the part of the person who's given the loan is usually on the from the other side. So what I would say is that in any case, first of all, is that if you're giving out a loan to someone,

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and they need more time, they need more time, first of all, is that they should, they should come and ask the person who's giving the debt, they should come and ask them for more time. Because what happens is that when that communication is not there, let's just say a person needs more time. But you don't make that clear to the person who's giving the debt, then ship on it comes to that person, like oh, that person took a debt from you. And he does not even he's not even coming in paying you on the first day. Let's just say for example, even if you gave out for rent a house to someone, and they're supposed to pay the rent by the first of the month, and they don't pay it, and they might be

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going through a legitimate reason why they have not paid it. But when you don't communicate that to the to the to the landlord, and you say that I need few extra days, then the landlord is always developing also like ideas of why he's not paying. And she thought it comes in that kind of situation. So that's why there has to be healthy communication between them. Number one, number two is the person who's lending the house or lending or giving up the debt. They should not in any case, in any circumstances, try to they should never charge interest because of what Allah subhanaw taala saying in any capacity. And if they need help, once again, Allah subhanaw taala is not saying that

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you have to. But there is a very high reward for a person who is lenient when it comes to these kinds of things. Once again, that's your choice. For person says no, I still want my rent on the first of the month. That's your hook. That is your hook. And if a person says well don't you know the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's fine, the hadith of harvester Salam is there. The problem is not demanding. He's not demanding the lender to give him more time. It is the province of some is giving a virtue. So it's up to the lender if he wants to give more time or not. So that's something that we have to keep in mind. So there are rights of both one is the lender and

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then the rights of the person who's taking the debt also ask Allah subhanaw taala to give all this ability to everyone's been seen and heard exactly Allah Subhana Allah who have the connection to Allah, you know, into that stuff. You're going to be like exactly Malachite, somewhere you can play with