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Mr. Lowe Robin are 100 low bid Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Rasulillah him Hamid wala earlier he was so happy he has rain and mud. So every Monday night and we cover when I have the Quran and if it's if it's short then we'll cover one and two is of the Quran that began with you Halina.

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So this idea that we're about to cover today is it number 178 from Surah Baqarah and this is starts off with yo yo Latina Avenue. However, the one thing that I was really debating within my own mind is should I cover this idea or not? Because this idea does not have to be honest, so much relevancy to our time today because it is talking regarding the subject of the sauce which is capital punishment, what happens in the case that someone kills someone else? What usually happens however, I still decided to cover this is because nonetheless it is part of the Quran and there is no doubt about that fact is it part of the Quran is part of our deen it has come in order of all the of all

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the unity and harmony verses. So therefore, I decided that we will inshallah cover this. So first thing is that before this if the iodine is mentioned is AYATUL Bill Lacell VIERA into a loo would you have comfortable and mash up? Well Maghrib this idea in itself, is it number 177 of southern Bacara. And this is according to some Alama is one of the most comprehensive verses of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa taala. You mentioned a great deal of regarding our deen from Iman, from rights of one another. He mentioned all this in the in this one idea, which is the idea of virtue or AYATUL bearer. And then after Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about legal guidance, and he talks about

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criminal law and he talks about civil law in this same passage. And so the passage starts off by talking about capital punishment or criminal law. And it ends with talking about the importance of Wistia and the importance of leaving behind an Islamic will Now in this ayat, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, I'm going to recite the ayah of the Quran first he says yeah, a U haul. Adina Amano oh you people who believe katiba on a commodity sauce who Philip Kotler sauce, and the law of equality is prescribed for you in case of murder, and horrible horrible, free for the Free Will I will do beloved and a slave for the slave will will also be an author and a female for the female

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feminine or Ophelia. Now who mean are he he che on foot t bar on Bill Maher roof what are their own in ABSN but if the killer is forgiven by the brother or the relatives of the victim, then the blood money should be then be given and it should be sought in a good manner and it should be paid to their to their family respectfully. Then Allah says there Lika toffee for Mira become whare Rama This is an alleviation in a mercy from Allah for manera Tada about Nika fella who are the Aleem? So after this, whoever transgressed the limits mean that they continue to kill then for them there is a painful torment. Now, this idea in itself even a cathedral with Allah Allah in His Tafseer he writes

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that this idea was revealed because there were two groups non Muslim groups that they went to battle and war against each other prior to becoming Muslims. And after an in the battle, they lost slaves they lost, they lost free men, they lost men in free men and women. They lost so many people in that battle when they became

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Muslims, they talked about retribution. So one of the tribes said to the other tribe, that in that certain battle, we lost a slave of ours. Today, we want retribution, we want to take the life of one of your free men, we lost the life of one of our women, we want to take the life of another man. So like this, these two tries, they begin to go at it one another, and even a cathedra. With Allah Allah, he mentioned that this is why this idea was revealed. Because this boronic Iam makes it very clear that number one, no one should carry the burden of someone else. If a slave is killed, then first of all, no one is gonna get away with it. If a slave has killed, they will be held

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accountable. If a man has killed, they will be held accountable. If a woman has been killed, a woman will be held accountable, there is no there is no concession for anyone when it comes to murder. At the same time, the Quran also says now one thing here that we see very common throughout the entire Quran is this word katiba katiba like katiba on a chromosome, Allah has ordained fasting upon you, why is this word cultiva so important, because the word katiba implies that something has been written down, something has been written down. Now, you and I, we know this very well in the world that we live in, imagine something has been verbally agreed upon. Or imagine your employer came to

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you and said that you know what, starting today, I want you to do such and such extra. Now, you know, that when he says this and journey, you I mean, each person they know their situation, if they know that this is just a recommendation, or the boss is telling me that if I can do it, I'll do it. I if I know that, I do not have to do it, then can the boss come and hold me accountable for it? No, because the it's not written down in your contract. When something is documented, you know that there is no room for any error. But when something is not documented, then this is why you have a lot of problems then someone that may not be committed. So this is why Allah says in various places

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the Quran, when Allah wants to make something understood when Allah wants us to understand that something is ordained upon us, that Allah uses the word katiba. In this is again Allah uses the word katiba that this is something that this retribution and this this loss is part of our deen and we have to apply it now. I will say this, that when it comes to of course, Islamic law is such that our Dean has taught us that they are her dudes, like if a person commits murder, there is there is a

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there is a there are consequences for that. If a person commits stuff, there are consequences. If a person commits Zina, there are consequences for person, slanders of a person accuses an innocent person there is there is a HUD for that for person drinks. There's a HUD for that. However, when you are living in a country like America, the Allamah have gone into this great deal of not just debate but dialogue. I will say that word they have explained that when you're living in a non Muslim country than the huddled and the punishments that are applicable in your country, that is what you have to stick to. That means that if a person goes and they do commit Zina, even if there's this

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person in the Muslim community, he goes in they commit Zina, there is still nothing that you and I we can do because this is this and this is the environment or this is the laws that we live with. Now when it comes to when it comes to the sauce, the reason why Allah subhana wa Tada in the next idea, he says, Welcome, filthy, saucy, hyah tone. In this resource there is life. How in when when a person has killed another person, and there's retribution and there is a death penalty upon this person. How is that life because through this, you are protecting the lives of other people. You're protecting the dignity of other people. And when we studied the Quran in surah Al Furqan, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala he mentioned that there are three different crimes, three different crimes, that when a person commits them, then not only will the punishment be doubled upon them, but they will be even in the fire Jahannam what are those three number one is murder. The second one is Shipwreck and the third one is Zina Allah subhanho wa Taala says well Lavina la yeah their own Amma Allah He Isla de those who do not do should have with Allah wa ala yaku to Luna nasality haram Allah who in level up and they do not take the life of anyone except

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For it is it is, I mean it's justified and I'll talk about this later on. And then while I yes noon and they and these people they did not commit Zina. But then Allah says Romania for Ireland that Nika Yelapa Therma you will draw Afla who will either boo yo Malkia ama Welcome to the fee him ohana. Allah says, Anyone who commits these three crimes, these three crimes, then not only they will be in the fire Jahannam but the punishment will be multiplied upon them. The question is, why is that? Why is that in that ayah Allah mentioned all these three things together? Because number one is when you are committing Schick, you are humiliating Allah subhanho wa taala. You are, you are

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destroying the dignity of Allah subhanho wa taala. When a person does ship with Allah, you are actually saying and you are acknowledging that someone is more worthy or being worship rather than Allah subhanho wa taala, even though it is Allah who gave us everything, this in itself is a crime. And I've given this example before, and I'll give this example again, because it resonates with a lot of people. Imagine, just imagine if someone came to your home. Imagine someone came to your home, and on the way there guests before they leave just before they leave, imagine your son or your daughter goes to them and say, Can I have some money? Just think about it. Can I have some money?

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How disgrace Would you feel as a parent? How disgrace you of course, and it will feel disgrace that I give you so much and now someone comes in you're begging them of money is as if I don't give you is as if I don't give you now imagine Allah gives everything that we have, yet we're giving that credit to someone else. Imagine we are asking someone else for help. How upsetting is that to Allah subhanho wa Taala This is humiliating Allah subhanho wa Taala in murder, you are humiliating and you are taking away the dignity of a person. This is such a crime, because you are taking within your own hands. Something that Allah subhanho wa Taala has destined life is from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and Allah takes life whenever he decides. So for us, for a person to go and do that, this is also killing, killing a person is humiliating them. And finally, Zina is when you are humiliating, why is it so despise because you are humiliating? That one thing that Allah has given us and that is our body, giving our body a way to be misused, okay to be misused by someone for the purpose of pleasure is something that Allah subhanaw taala does not like this is why all these three things have been mentioned right there in that one is now going back to the I was talking about cookiebot a kimono pesasso filipendula. In this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it very clear that justice has to be

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served. And just as across the board, right is right, wrong is wrong. And it does not matter who it is, may be a man or woman free slave. It does not matter. The rules of Islam apply to everyone. If a person says because I'm in this position I can commit wrong. Islam says absolutely not. Not only do we learn this right now from this ayah of the Quran, but look at two things from the seat of the province that I'm going to share with you. Number one, the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he explained justice he said, even if faulty ma even if faulty ma committed theft, justice will be applied. It does not matter who it is. It does not matter who it is. Secondly, in

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the story of headful falloon, this is before the Prophet even became a prophet. This is before he became a prophet, a man comes to Mecca, he sells and one of the leaders of the place they buy and they do not give the money. And when that person comes in, he says I want my money, you owe me money. He said I don't owe you anything. He was using his status as a point to gain leverage upon that person. The people of Makkah including Rasulullah sallallahu it was somebody came out the house of Abdullah Judah on and they just they discussed this and they made an agreement that it does not matter who it is no person can take advantage of another person based on their status. This was not

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part of Islam at that time. Islam had not even come in the world at that time. Muhammad Al Salam wasn't even a prophet at that time. Yet these people they understood that justice is something that is so important that when you have a world like we have today, like we have today, when there is no justice, when there is no justice, then corruption will prevail. Now it might say

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In that there is no capital punishment. Yes, in some states you have or I mean, we'll have a lot of money. I don't know now, but at one time, there was the electrical chair at times people are put together I mean, they're putting down or they're, they're given the death penalty by the needle and so forth. Yes, these things they do exist, which is very similar to the sauce, but at the same time, the the problem that we have in our system today in America for example, is there are many times when a person who is truly innocent, they are they are declared guilty and there are many people who are guilty they are declared as innocent. So, this is the issue that we have. Now, finally, I will

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say this, there are a few things that I do have to mention about this. Number one is as I said earlier, there are only two cases wherein

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punishment, or capital punishment can be applied number one is when someone kills another person, intentionally, without any without any reason. The second one is mentioned in the Quran. And so Alma either ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, In nama desert will Lavina you Hari Boone, Allah Azza wa rasuluh Why is the owner fill out the facade then? Allah subhanho wa Taala says those who create war against Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and not only that, but they go around the land, committing facade, committing facade and corruption. Allah subhanho wa Taala has said that these people can also however, based on the teachings of FIP, we learn that it is not our place to

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describe or to understand, or how do you measure facade in this day and age? That all depends on the government in the situation. But the point is that the Quran does say that these kinds of people they can be they will be killed if it is declared by the government. But number two is Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentioned in the following either Illa Levina, taboo men public and Takeru Allah him, whatever person has committed wrong. The question is, what if a person has committed wrong and they do Toba? Or they are forgiven? What do you do in that kind of situation? I'll talk about that next. But the second thing I do want to mention is about killing another human being when

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it comes to killing another Muslim. If a Muslim kills another Muslim, unintentionally over a Muslim kills any person unintentionally, then you give the idea you give the blood money, what is our blood money, 100 camels and 100 camels this concept originates all the way to the time of the father of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was to be killed, the father of the province of Salem was about to be killed because of the look but they made an oath to Allah he made another they if Allah gives me 10 children, I will sacrifice them for the sake of Allah. And it came out that when they did the drawing, the Abdullah's name came out however, there was a person at that time

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that they gave this suggestion that why don't you put 10 camels on one side of the Abdullah one side and you do a drawing, and every single time Abdullah's name comes, you add 10 more camels and as and when and you keep on doing this till the drawing comes out in the name of the camels. And when you do that, then you sacrifice the camels and you let go of Abdullah and when that happened, they they did this they put 10 camels Abdullah on one side, the deer drawing, Abdullah's name came up they added 10 more camels, they did it again. Others name came up that 10 more camels and this kept on going on till you had 100 camels and under on one side and then the camel they're drawing came out

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100 camels were sacrifice. This is this the money which we call blood money or a deer for manslaughter. So if this is the case, then 100 camels worth will be given and if a person if a Muslim kills another Muslim, the Quran makes it very clear. Why am I not Katella mcmeen and moto I'm me then for Jezza who Johanna Mohali, then fee her. What are the biller? One I know who what are the who are the EMA. Today there are so many Muslims, unfortunately, killing and taking the life of other Muslims. Because why we've been ordered to do that. That's it. We've been ordered do that. Not understanding that who is giving the order is a look of Allah, but they're not understanding that

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what Allah has said himself, Allah has said four things. Four things four consequences when a Muslim takes the life of another Muslim. Number one Johanna Mohali than fear they will be in Johanna forever will have Allah Allah will be angry at them. One I know who Allah will curse them. Allah will curse them what I did who are there but Alima and Allah will create a for them, not just

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the know who either either been

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R V Mon. This is Allah saying a very painful and in pain, I mean punishment that is full of torment. That is what Allah subhana wa Taala will create for this person. Now on the other hand, what if a Muslim is a Muslim allowed to take the life of a normal person? Absolutely not either. The Quran has made it very, very clear. And not only that, but I shared this one time, even on a Friday night, the ayah from Surah Alma EDA, the ayah from Surah Al Majda, that taking the life of one person is equivalent to taking the life of everyone. Now, a lot of people they say that that idea has nothing to do with our show idea.

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That idea has nothing to do about the shoddy art because there is mentioned a bunny saw in that idea. And what we need to understand is I showed this last time on Friday, one time, there was a Friday, long time ago, I covered this, that there were many Sahaba many Sahaba such as even ortholite with the iPhone or the yellow Tron, who use this idea to understand the Quran who use this idea to explain that why it is not allowed to take the life of any Muslim I mean any, any person in general, if the Sahaba are using it, that means that this is something that we use also in this part of our show. And not only that with the Prophet saw some has also mentioned that anyone who takes

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the life of a non Muslim, then in that case, they will never smell the fragrance of Jannah This is the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is why it is very, very important that we understand this. Now, the last thing that is mentioned in this idea is what if the family comes forward? And they say we forgive? What do we do in that case? In that case, first of all, is

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when it comes to this matter, the Quran, you know, the one discussion that was mentioned in some of the first scene is that what happens if a person comes under emotional or I will say, community pressure? You know, imagine if a person has been wronged. Okay, imagine if a person has been wronged. And he says that, you know what, I'm not going to forgive this person. Okay, I'm not going to forgive this person. I want my revenge. I want retribution. Okay. I want to get even the Quran first of all says that this person has a full right. Okay, this person has a full right. In fact, in Surah Surah, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala mentions? Well, ADINA, either Osama homegirl, Bilyeu, homie,

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anthos, Iran, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned there that these kinds of people when they are wrong, and the whole the other person accountable, there's absolutely nothing wrong. In fact, Allah subhanaw taala says, I've nothing wrong when a person does this. However, the Quran makes it very clear. What does that will say you didn't say you told me through her, whatever wrong has been done done to you. Only to that extent, can you do something back to another person? But what if a person says that, you know, what do I have to forgive? Like the person says, You know what I don't want to forgive. Like, just imagine today. Just imagine today, if someone lost, let's just say a person came

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and committed an act of Islamophobia, and kill someone from some from someone's family, okay? Now, a person says that if I go in, I forgive them. If I go in, I forgive them. That is the nature of the problem that Salam, Allah has told us to forgive, I should forgive. But not only that, but if a person says I forgive because I want to forgive, that's your choice. Absolutely. That's your choice. But the Quran also says, based on the iOS, shall we share with you from sort of shooter, they've a person says, you know, what, I'm not going to come under community pressure, because something from the community may say, give it up. Don't Don't take any you know, do not press charges against this

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person, everyone's gonna see this good side of Islam and so forth. So a person comes under community pressure, and then you're like, you know what, I'll leave this person. If a person comes, if a person is leaving that person for community pressure, you should never do that. Because a person has the right. Either you can take you can take, you can avenge the death of someone, you can press charges against someone, that's what I mean. Or you can forgive them. That's your choice. But the fact that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the concept of the sauce in the Quran tells us that even if a person says, I'm not going to forgive this person, I'm going to press charges, then this person

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should never be criticized in a society. A person can never be criticized in society, okay. Now in this and think about this, if this applies to anything else, imagine if someone does something wrong to you. They have violated your rights, and they come to you and they say, Forgive me. Now, of course, we learn that forgiving is great. And we usually forgive, but imagine if it's something that you are so hurtful about, and you decide that you know what, I'm not going to forgive

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If I'm not going to forgive you, I'm going to hold you accountable on the Day of Judgment, then you have the full right to do so. And in doing so, no one can criticize you for that. Yes and no one can say that what kind of despicable human being, are you? No one can say that where is the clock of the Prophet in you? No one can say that. Where is the compassion that Prophet in you? Yes. Yes, I mean, if you want to, you can forgive. But the fact that the Quran has said this tells us that if you wish not to forgive, that's totally your choice. Now, the last thing is, in this case, a Mufti Shafi Rahmatullah Ali, he has explained several points in his stuff cmrt for Quran about this, too, I'm

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not going to get to all of them. But he does mention that what happens if the person forgives, if the family says, We forgive, they still have to come and pay the blood money. Now, if they come and they say the family says, We forgive the crime, and we don't even want the blood money. Okay, if he says that, if they if the family forgives completely, and that means when I say the family forgives, it means everyone who is the key family members, the closest members for that to the victim, if they all say they have to all say that we forgive this person, then he's forgiven. But what if? What if they all say today, okay, you are forgiven. But then a year later, two years later, they say, You

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know what, you still owe us blood money, you still owe us the the manslaughter money for this person, then they cannot come back. If you have forgiven a person completely. You don't want to press charges, you don't even want to do money, then a person cannot a family cannot go after them. But what if there's a situation where there's a split in the family? Some people say no, I don't forgive this person. And then some people say no, I do forgive this person, what do you do in that kind of case, in that case, then in that case, the blood money will be given according to the situation. So imagine, if there are a certain amount of people, then a certain amount of percentage

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of the the money will be given and bloody money will be given to the family and the person who has relinquished and they have forgiven it completely, they will not get anything from the blood money, because he has given away what was supposed to come to him. So this is something so this is this is is number one, some data, as I said earlier, that this is not something that you know, really, really gets our iman going and so forth. But this is part of the Quran is part of our deen. And I just wanted to cover this. And one last thing, if anything, I know you must be thinking of the sauce. And you know, if it does not apply in our lands and so forth, if anything you take from this

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is the importance of Justice, the importance of justice, that justice has to be applied, even when it comes to our children, to be honest, even when it comes to our children. Justice should be applied to him amongst our children to as much as we can I understand children always, you know, and especially in our in our DC culture, we always give the example of the five fingers. Right. It's about Alberni, you know, we always say that we always give that very famous example, I understand that. But at the same time when it comes to key core things in a family, you know, one of the key things I always see in families is, is there's a lack of justice, you know, and we can talk about

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this some other later on. But like, for example, you know, and you know, this is why even among siblings, there's a lot of issues. Why, because when siblings grow up and they have animosity amongst each other, ask them even if even if there are people over here, and you may have animosity amongst your siblings, a lot of times is because there was a lack of justice and families. One could get away with anything, and the other person cannot get away with the smallest mistake. You know, there was favoritism and families and so forth. So this is why justice is so important. This ayah teaches us the importance of justice. Ask Allah subhana wa to give all of us justice in our life.

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May Allah subhana wa Taala give us ability to be just in our life in every aspect of our life. Whenever we're dealing with anyone I mean noble Alameen Zakum Allah Subhana Allah homeopathic nasty to Allah either enter sterile field or want to be the Zachman Allah hate Islam Whitehaven playbook.