Bustan al-Arifin_ Intention in Debating with others

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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One of the things that you ma'am, and no Rahim a whole lotta Allah mentions in his book was Stan allowed a few talks about intention. intention is a very important pillar of anyone who is aware of a loss of Hannah with Anna, and more so about someone who is aware of the necessity and the importance of attention such that that intention becomes so much manifest in a person's life in a person's mindset, the person's heart thoughts, they're always thinking, intention, intention, because with the right intention, and sometimes, I mean, obviously say right intention, but even with intentions, I'm going to forget to have even an intention. But having a right intention can so

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much make a difference in how much reward you get, and how big the reward is, and so on and so forth. And so Hannah law, he mentioned a few sayings and one of them is related to Imam Shafi Imam Shafi was renowned for his intellect, his intelligence, and his smartness in how he would argue certain points. There is a story in fact, narrated of once because Imam Shafi his opinion, with regards to the accommodation, there was a debate amongst the scholars about accommodation and whether

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people could sell or rent Indeed, the accommodation of Makkah in the harem, is the property open for selling if they like, now, Mr. mee Shafi? His opinion was that it can anyway he was debating with someone who was called this half ignore our Hawaii

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in Iraq, and his hack was of the opinion that it's not permissible to sell or to lease out property in Mecca. So when Imam Shafi Will you know, he was, like debating with him, he was saying to him, well, what's the evidence? And I said, well, the saying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is when he entered Mecca, he said that the apeal, who was the eldest son of a multilingual and the brother of Ali, he said that he has not left for us any property,

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or any places.

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And so, his happiness, sort of like puzzled. How's that? How's that evidence for? You know, how's the evidence for for this point? So when he said this, so Mr. Chef, he said,

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something amusing, he said,

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Are you the person who, the people of Horus, and they claim that you are their party, and you are the most knowledgeable of evil, of course, and so it's hard, also smiled. And he said, Well, that's what they claim. And he was always say to him, like, you're supposed to be the 14 here, and you're the top guy, of course, and you can't understand you can't see.

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This point. There's being debated anyway, that's a different topic. I'm not gonna go into details of that. But the point being is that when email Shafi said as narrated by him knowing is that never did I debate with somebody never did a debate with somebody except I would have the intention, I'd wish that the truth would be manifest on his tongue.

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It's not a it's not important for me to win the argument is not important for me to, you know, say that I'm right. And to to, you know, to feel happy about myself that I actually defeat, but it's more important that the truth is manifest. Okay, you might have evidence you might have point, okay, show it and if the truth is on your tongue, then that's it. It's fine. It'll hamdulillah because actually, not only is there truthfulness in this, but also there's almost an aspect of look it that there's there's Taming of the self, because I don't want myself to feel it's so happy that Yeah, I defeated that guy, something very difficult, especially for scholars today and people who like to

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debate, they, they're always, you know, always want to win the arguments. And sometimes the hardest people to actually argue with are not those who are intelligent or smart, is in fact, the foolish people. And that's another sign of the amount of Sharpies and never have I debated with someone who is foolish, except you would defeat me.

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And never have I debated with somebody who is knowledgeable or except I defeated him in the argument. Because the scholar understands principles, has principles, understands points. Were somebody who was foolish, you know, he would argue with us silly points and even points that you can, you know,

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once I remember and I just ended this one story I was debating with somebody in Hyde Park, we're talking about you know, trying to come to the conclusion

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How alive exists and etc. So, I wanted just to start with, you know, establishing the creation and the creator and so so I said to him

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you know, you see the sun here it's it's it's a body has a beginning and ask the kind of argument I said you can see the sun here is exist. He said No How do I know that the sun exists? I said, Well, it's there.

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See, you can feel the need to know I don't know.

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I said okay, well, how do we know you have a brain because you know it we can't see is it as possible? I don't have a brain. I said, I think it's not possible. I think it's definitely

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Get your coffee have a stand out if you and you can read more about the whole concept of intention and recording the intention in these matters.