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Nadim Bashir
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The Sutra i just recited in southern Fajr is sort of Javea. And so the jatheon is one of those seven sutras that began with him. If you go all the way to the 20 for the Jews, there are seven sorrows. They're called the Hawaii Masaba the seven high meme and they beat all the students they began with harming you first have subtle, sort of often. Hi, meme Tenzin rocket admin Hola, hola, Aziza RM orphelins MB, we'll call it Toby sure they are probably the total this is the very first tool. The second one is after that sort of having studied up, then you have next one. So the shooter Jaime mindset off. After that you have sort of Zakharov also because with high meme, and then after that

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you have sol de Haan and then you have to de jazzier and then you have sort of calm. So these are seven students that began with him. And if you look at the general theme of all the sutras, they're pretty much talking about Iman, now even on various levels, and not only just various levels by what are the different challenges as a Muslim community, the different challenges when it comes to our face that we unite, we can perhaps face in our life. So Allah subhanaw taala. He talks about Eman overall in all these tools. And not only that, but even also on a community level. And that is also shutting us. So instead the shooter, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the Sharia of Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this surah so the jatheon in particular, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about those people in particular, who decided to instead of following Iman and faith, they decide to follow their desires and Allah subhanho wa Taala gives many other examples. First of all, Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about bunnies saw it and there's no other greater example that you know, in the Quran that we find, then bunny saw in because bunnies saw it as Allah subhanho wa Taala says here in this same Surah we'll look at the attina Bani Israel eidl keytab first of all, Allah subhanho wa Taala has so much Rahim and so much mercy upon these people that he granted them a book.

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Usually a book teaches you everything about life. It details every single aspect of life. Allah subhanho wa Taala says Al Kitab Well, hochma when Nobu was to you but Allah subhanho wa Taala says that they were they he gave them Hikmah he gave them kingdom he gave them you know authority. Not only that, but he gave them prophethood within Bani Israel, Eid And subhanAllah how many prophets came within but he saw it and then after that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What was that gonna hold me up to you bet and Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them so much sustenance, halal per yerba sustenance. And then he says Well fuck Bala whom Allah Allah, Allah mean, and he gave them perfect

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above everyone else on Earth. However, what do they do with all this? All these blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala instead of sticking and being committed to Allah has the faith that Allah Subhana Allah demanded from them, they chose to go their own ways. Now the reason why I you know, of course, I read the surah but there's one idea in particular that I want to talk about, and this is an idea that Allah subhanaw taala says, Fra time money Taha Isla who Hawa and I want you to pay attention to the to the translation, because I want you to try to pick up on exactly what do I want to refer to? He says, Have you seen the person who has taken their desires as their god? Okay, then he says, What

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are Bala who are who Allah ailment and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala misguided them, despite the fact that they have knowledge, despite the fact that they have knowledge. Now the question that you and I, we, you know, the question that many of us may ask Is that how can a person be misguided despite the fact that they have knowledge? Knowledge is that one thing as Allah says in the Quran, cool, * yes, they will live in a Allah Munna will have yet Ayala moon, a person who has knowledge and a person who does not have knowledge. They're not equal. They're not on the same wavelength, in terms of understanding, you look at a civilization that has been educated versus a civilization that has

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not been educated. You can tell the difference. The problem is this. See Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us very clearly, it's not about the knowledge. It's about the attitude that you have prior to knowledge. That's why once again pay attention to the ayah. Allah says, Have you seen the person who has taken their desires as their God? Meaning that just like we are committed to a God, every in every religion, people are committed to what a God we are committed to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what we believe in. But what happens for some people is that their desires become the dictating force. The desire says, I want this and the person becomes enslaved to their desires, just

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like we are enslaved to Allah subhanho wa Taala they become enslaved

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If to a deity and who is their deity, their desires or their deity, their desires are the ones who are pulling the strings behind the scenes. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, We're Allahu Allahu Allah admin. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala misguides them, even if they have knowledge. So what we learned from this idea is, it's not about the knowledge, it's about the attitude that you have prior to knowledge. And this is why Subhanallah you look at many people who are teaching Islam in universities, there are non Muslims here or in all over the world, non Muslim professors who are teaching about Islam. And the question is, why don't they have even if they're teaching about Islam?

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Why don't they have Iman and they're not teaching Islam from a from a biased perspective. They're teaching Islam from a non biased perspective, a very, you know, a very steady a very balanced approach to Islam. Of course, they may have their own critiques of Islam. That's the one personal opinion, but at the same time, they're providing a very just imbalanced approach to Islam, yet they don't have Iman. Why? Because when it comes to our deen, knowledge, before even knowledge comes, there comes a certain level of test Kiya, and that is why Subhanallah you study about all of our own amount of the past all of our own amount of the past, this was something that was very common before

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they will study either fifth of sin Hadith, or lumen Quran or Hadith, or lwml or Sulan. Fifth, any study any other science that exists within the Islamic intellectual frame, they will first study this key to knifes. They will study that what are the job of being a student? What does it mean to be a student of knowledge? What does it mean to learn and acquire the knowledge of the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is why Subhan Allah when you study and you focus on around the entire world, all these other sects, you know, within Islam, not within Islam, and so forth, that call themselves entities, that they call themselves intellectual entities.

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And yet they're far from Allah subhanho wa taala, you will see that who's behind who was the founder of that school of thought, who is a founder behind this entire movement. And it's always been someone who claims that they have knowledge. But once again, it's not about only the knowledge, it's about the Teskey it's about a certain level of our raw receiving a tarbiyah before we acquire knowledge, and you know, this brings me to something else I, you know, I experienced not long ago, I went to a masjid. I was invited, somewhere I went, I gave a small talk. And in that talk, I actually talked about

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the importance of making sure that when it comes to Islam, when it comes to Iman, especially living in this 21st century, everyone has their own opinion about what Islam is, and everyone feels that my opinion should be validated and my opinion should be accepted. And if anyone feels that my opinion is not good enough, then that person is wrong. So after I gave this talk, a person came to me and he says, and you see Subhanallah the very first thing he said before he started before he started talking to me, he says, I am very knowledgeable about my Deen you know, when someone comes and says they begin their conversation by saying I'm very knowledgeable about my Deen that's when you know

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that are very not knowledgeable about their Deen because no one who has truly has knowledge will begin their conversation by saying, I 100 Allah I am a person I ever am no one you don't see. You don't find ever our own ama or our sulfasalazine ever approach a conversation by saying I'm very knowledgeable. Go study Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Allah and you will find out that Imam Hassan, Allah, Allah is such a great scholar, but he decided to become a janitor. Think about this, go study his life. He decided to become a janitor, when he when he felt that there was some kibble in his heart. The minute he felt there was some kibble in his heart. He left teaching and he became a

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janitor. Can you imagine that for a moment, and one time while he was in that university, as a janitor while he was a custodian, he heard two students discussing something related to Islamic knowledge from a book that he wrote.

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A book written by Imam Hassan Ali Rahmatullah Ali, to students are discussing something from his book, and they cannot understand because Imam Hassan Ali was a great thinker. He was, you know, if you read his books, sometimes you have to read is the text that he has written, and what he writes about certain things, he goes so deep that at times, you cannot just read it once and understand the essence and its scope. You have to probably read it two or three times to understand it. So when these two students were engaged in this course,

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Conversation, Imam Azhar, he says that perhaps I can help you understand this. But even in that conversation in Mombasa, he never said that, you know who I am I me mine was it Do you know my not my my status or my the know the status of my knowledge he never approached it this way he says that this I can perhaps give you some insight about this text that that you are referring to in this book. And he didn't even introduce himself. And these students, they said that, come on, man, you're your custodian. Go do your thing. We'll take care of our thing. They didn't even know that this Imam was it. Think about that for a moment. So once again, when you talk about our own amount of the

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past, they will never approach someone by saying, I'm a man of knowledge. This man he came to me. He says, You don't have the law. I know my knowledge very well. I know my Deen very well, that's when that was a red flag for me. And then he says to me, that instead of teaching our kids that they should not think and they should not have their own opinions, we should encourage our kids to come up and think. And I asked him one question. He's I asked him, he says, I mean, I asked him that. What if our kids began to think? And you give them a free rein of thinking? And what if they come up with an opinion that contradicts the opinion of all your alumni of the past? It contradicts the

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Quran, the the core teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you know what he says? He says, Yeah, that's absolutely fine. That's what he said. It's absolutely fine. Now, if you know anything about what sort of fake, especially like, especially in the Hanafi school of thought, where they give the us a whole lot of position, one to key rules of the US, by the way, many people believe that in the school, the Hanafi school of thought, in the US, it has more precedence over the Quran, sunnah. And that has never been the case, one of the very first rules or five rules it will soon will fit, especially when it comes to the Hanafi school of

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thought. There are five rules of the US the very first rule of the US is it cannot contradict the Quran, the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And many people think that in the Hanafi school of thought they give preference to pay us over Quran and Sunnah will lie is not true. So once again, this person he says that even if it goes against the opinions of our man, our self are solid in our own amount of the past, it is absolutely fine, because we need to motivate our children to think once again, this is the problem, the minute you feel that you are on the same wavelength, and you can come up with your own opinion. That is what destroys the OMA, then another,

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the same person. He says to me that if I come up with my opinion, he says, Are you going to respect my opinion? So I told him, I said, Listen, I say, if you're asking me that, I'm going to respect any opinion that you have. I may not argue with you, because this is not my budget. You I'm a guest here in this budget. I may not argue with you, but I will clearly disagree with you. So he got offended. He says that, why would you disagree? Because it is my opinion. So I told him, I said, your opinion at the end of the day, what if it goes against all your own amount of the past also, and your opinion has no preference, it has no standing. It is such a new opinion that has no place within all

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the Islamic framework of the past. So he basically said that, but then, you know, he says, he says, Well, I'm a human being. And there were human beings also. You see the difference here, when you begin to compare, and you say that I am on the same equal footing as those people in the past because they were human beings, and their opinions about Islam came from them. They're human humans, and humans are susceptible to flaws. And that is why they can make a flaw but I cannot make a flaw. And I told him, I said that, listen, I told this guy's brother, these are people who gave the entire life for Dean. They gave their entire life for Dean, you cannot compare yourself to them. And this

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is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so beautifully, because see, the property is some understands human flaws. And that's why Ross loves him. He says, when it comes to a monster hit, a person who has who has the power of SD had the power of SD had not given to anyone, the power of SD had is given to a person who has a great deal a deep understanding of Dean, a deep deep understanding of Dean. So the probability in some says a moister head, who comes to a conclusion after his Etihad, after looking at all the important points, he comes to a conclusion, if that conclusion is wrong, still Allah subhanaw taala will give him a reward for this. Still, Allah

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subhanaw Give him a reward for this. So this is why it is very important that especially when it comes to in our times, yes, you also Hello, our kids, they think a lot and our kids have this ability to ask great questions themselves.

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Along with that, but we have to also direct and divert their understanding and their thinking ability in a certain capacity. I'm not saying we limit it, but we tell them that you have no problem thinking. But there comes a time that if you don't understand something about our deen then you leave it simple as that. And this is why this was so long. Why is something he says that even if it comes to our mind, that everything has been created by Allah subhanho wa Taala for man Haleakala who has prayed Allah subhanho wa taala, then they you remember that this is from Shavon this is this idea is from Japan. We don't have the answer to every single thing but this is why Allah subhanho wa

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Taala says what, Samir na Aparna This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says, you may know not believe you believe in the unseen I have not seen Jana I've not seen Jahannam I've not seen I've not seen the hereafter yet we believe in it. Why? Because Allah subhana wa Taala said so. So when it comes to our children, and their you know, we want them to think at the same time, we have to always provide tarbiyah and second thing is that we remember that when it comes to our opinion, and the opinion of the scholars of the past. Once again, a person who says I'm a human, they were human, if I make an opinion, if I have an opinion, they have an opinion. No, this is why when it comes to knowledge

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before seeking knowledge, people today want to just go to online and learn and learn and learn. But Wallahi once again, you go through our Alma and their history, before they will study anything they will study has catered knifes, they will learn why am I seeking this knowledge? What's the need behind seeking this knowledge? How do I apply this in my life, they will study this before they will seek as they will seek knowledge otherwise, then Allah subhana wa Taala will misguide even when they have knowledge, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa that to make us amongst those who acquire knowledge for the right reasons. Ask Allah subhana wa to make us amongst those who fool who focus on their Teskey

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constantly over and over again immunoblotted Amin is that como la Hey, Saddam Warlick want to log

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in Nalina yo Luna Allah wants to

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do Nia or laughing or auntie

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mother movie in

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Wallasey? No, you

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meanie now, Mina TV a while at MCC that several phone calls.

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Dad Oh, man movie

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