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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the historical context of the Prophet's statement on drinking alcohol and the importance of avoiding close proximity during prayer. The discussion also touches on the idea of "will do" in Arabic and its use in various situations, including when someone is sick or traveling. The speakers provide examples and concepts related to "will do" and its use in various situations, including when someone is sick or traveling. The discussion ends with a discussion of "will do" and its use in various situations.
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Saddam won a coma Abdulahi or Barakatuh Welcome to another segment of Oh you who believe where we take you out of the Quran to begin with. Yeah, you handed in Avenue and we expand and we learn from those yet. Today I have chosen if, in fact I've chosen two verses of the Quran that are very similar in nature, because both of them have to do with the same topic which is to mom and the second is also includes a subject of will do, so inshallah without any further delay, we'll get right into this. This is item number 43 from Surah An Nisa Allah subhanho wa Taala He says, Yeah, you're Latina Amma no takanobu salata, wantem su cara Hatha Allah mu Mata Kowloon. So this is the very first part

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of the idea is not the entire aisle. By the way, this aisle also, there's a lot of discussion in this aisle regarding intoxicants and alcohol and the gradual process that Allah subhanho wa Taala he institutionalized and applied in making intoxicants and alcohol haram. Now, I don't want to get into this subject matter, because I want to focus on the other two topics, but I will say that why was this surah? Or why was this ayah revealed? So the Sahaba of the Allah on home, the first of all, we have to understand that they were very fond of Wine, wine was a pastime, wine was existent in all gatherings and so forth. In fact, if you go back to even the story of automotive and follow the EULA

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tonight on

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that when he was coming in one time before he became a Muslim, he heard the Quran being recited. And this is a very famous story. In fact, we find those is in the Quran at this at the end of Surah Al Harpa. When Omar immunopathol rota and he's hearing the Quran being recited, and he's saying to himself, that these are the words of a Shah and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, what my who will be Polish i? Then he says that this must be the words of a soothsayer, and Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well, Ma, who will be kolayca Han? And then I'm going to have Bob is asking himself is that where are these words that the words of the Prophet SAW somebody's reciting in his Salaat? Where is

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this coming from? So the Quran says 10 Zero Mirabella. I mean, this is a revelation from Allah subhanho wa taala. So the point I'm trying to make is this, that before on whatever Bob he came, and he heard the Prophet Allah he's I'm reciting, where was he before this is actually mentioned some books of CEDAW that I'm able to hook up first went to the wine store to drink. When he when he got there, it was shut down, it had closed for the day. So he thought, you know, let me go home on his way going home. This is where he heard the Quran being recited. So the point is that Sahaba were very, very fond of drinking. Now, there wasn't there is an idea in Surah Al Baqarah, where Allah

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subhanho wa Taala He sent down the very first idea regarding intoxicants and alcohol, he said, Yes, Aluna can humbly will mace it, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Sahaba they asked you about wine and intoxicants. Olfi Hema is Monica B woman after all in us that told these people that there are cons and there are pros, however, the cons outweigh the pros. And so this was the very first idea that was revealed in this connection. The next idea that was revealed is this idea, which is yeah, you live in Amrita Korbel Salah Now, here's the point I'm trying to make. When this idea was revealed the Sahaba already knew that we need to stay away from it. And we should try to

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decrease in our consumption of alcohol. At the same time, there were times where they would become still they will become drunk. So it just so happened that one time they were praying salads, and it was a time for a salad and they were drunk up drama Mina Alpha Viola drama is leading the salaat and in his salad he began to recite to the caffeine and instead of saying let our Budo Mata Abu doon as some of the books of Tafseer in mentions that he recited, I will do my taboo dune that we worship that which you worship. So because he made such a grave mistake somewhere in your mindset.

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This is why Allah subhanaw taala reveal this idea that Allah tecovas Salah antem Sukira Hatha Alamo Mata Kowloon, that do not go close to Salaat while you are in the tape while you are in the state of being drunk and intoxicant. And this is why the Sahaba after this point, they made sure that even if they wanted to drink, they will still drink. But at this, they have to make sure also that it's not during the time of salaam or anywhere close to the time of salaat. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling them what that Allah momenta will known that when you're praying, you have to be conscious of what you're reciting. So if you're not conscious of what you're reciting that don't go,

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don't go close the salaat. Now, in connection to this, the orlimar have also discussed in some detail, that what about a person who has meant who is mentally insane, or a person who is not in the right frame of mind, or let's just say a person is very much drowsy, either because of sleep, or they have taken some certain medications, and that would cause drowsiness. In that case, the owner they say that a person should not be praying Salat, in light of this ayah and not only that, but this is also highlighted in a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is found in Behati, where the Prophet alayhi salam says in a hadith narrated by Isha either not rasa dokkan will

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who will you suddenly fall your recorder had yet Hebron and who known for in that era salah? Well, who were Nasir en la tienda de la isla who your stuff you do for your Cebu NAFSA the Prophet SAW Allah Who are you some says in this hadith, if any one of you feels drowsy, while praying that he should go to bed and go to sleep, till his slumber is over till his this Drowsiness is over, because in praying while he is drowsy, or while one is drowsy, one does not know whether he's asking for forgiveness, or is he asking something bad for himself? So this hadith is very clear in body that if a person is not in the right frame of mind, then the person should take some rest and be able to

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pray sloth in a state where they are fully conscious and their are fully aware. Now this is what the Prophet SAW Allah who is some has said so this is once again going back to the ayah Allah says, Yeah, you're living Amendola takanobu salata, wantem Sukira, Hatha Alamo Mata coloane. Now, the next part of the ISS, wala juban, il IBD, sebe Linhart, that of the zero. Now, here Allah subhanaw taala is saying that who which other person should not go close to solid, it is a person who is in a state of Genova, it is the major impurity. So and we understand usually how a person can fall into that kind of situation. So, if a person finds themself in the state of Geneva, meaning that they require

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a hosel, to become pure and to become or to come into the state of the hara, then Allah subhanho wa Taala saying that that person should or should not also come close to salaat and then he says, it will be the civilian heart, Doctor zero, except for when traveling on the road. Now here what this means is, and this is where iiamo Hanifa Imam Shafi Rahmatullah er they have a slight difference of opinion, and they have their own positions in regards to this matter. So Imam Abu Hanifa says that if a person is in the state of Geneva, and they are traveling and they have no access to water, then in that case, they can make the film and they can go ahead and pray. So a lot. Imam Shafi

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Rahmatullah Alayhi is simply saying here that this is not in reference to the salaat but this is in reference to the area or the place where we pray our salon in other words, the Masjid So Imam Shafi Are you saying that this idea or this part of the idea is in reference to going to the masjid meaning that there are some masajid where they are big enough that you can just simply pass by and you're not walking into the masala area? Like, you know, if you go to like in North America, there are a lot of massages this way. They have a lobby area, they have an office area, so you walk into the masjid, but you're not necessarily inside the Musala area. And there are other massages and many

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other places around the world. Where as soon as you walk into the masjid, you are actually inside the Masjid. So Imam Shafi is saying that if a person wants to walk just to the masjid, and like you know, you see like in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh many other massages are like this way to where you walk in and there's bathroom there's a bathroom area, there's they will do area, and then you come to like the marble area where this is the Masjid. So if a person just wants to walk through and just walk by in that area, not walking inside the masala area. Imam Shafi says

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It is absolutely fine. If a person simply does the Imam by Imam Abu Hanifa and majority of scholars say that this is not what the reference or this is not what the ayah is referring to, is in reference to the salad. Now the next part of the ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala he says we're in contou Marva Oh ALLAH suffering. Oh Jah Dohmen Camila et Oh La Mustermann Nisa falam Taji, Duma. And Now here Allah subhanho wa taala. He's saying that if you are sick, or you are a traveler, oh, Jaya, I don't mean call me a void, or any one of you comes after answering the call of nature. Hola, Mr. Manisa. Or you have been in contact with a woman. That means that then Allah subhana wa Tada says,

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for them that you do man and in that case, you don't find water. Now, I want to make this very clear. This is not necessarily and we should not take this very literal that Allah subhanaw taala saying, We're in Quran to Mirbeau Allah suffer, so only if we are sick or only if we are in suffer, or in travel in a traveler situation. What this actually means is that in as a traveler, many cases, long time ago, they never had access to water. So the Allah subhanaw taala, saying that if you find yourself in a situation where you don't have access to enough water, okay, that's the first thing. So whether it is traveling, you could be traveling, you could be in any other kind of situation,

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let's just say you even have water, but you have only enough to drink and take care of your necessities. So in that case, all this will fall under, oh Allah suffered in the world in consumer law means that if you are unable to use water, because it can be harmful to you. So for example, the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the story about the sahabi mentioned and a Buddha would that where he had an injury in his head, and he asked him the Sahaba, or the autonome, that what should I do? And they said, No, you got to take a shower, he was in the state of Geneva. So they said to him, you gotta take a shower, because this is what the Quran says, he took a shower,

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eventually, his wound intensified, and he passed away, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam got very upset about this. So the point is, that in a situation, that water can be harmful. And not only that, but a lot of people have asked that what if like, I'm wearing a cast, I broke my arm, and I'm wearing a cast. Now I cannot, there's no way I can take off my cast mean that using water in this kind of situation can be harmful to my arm, taking off that cast and so forth, I'm hurting myself more. Or there are a lot of people who have asked like in case of the have eczema, like a severe case of some skin problems or skin disease, that using water can be extremely harmful for them. So in any

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situation, if water can be harmful to you, then this is what this is about. So once again, if you don't have access to enough water, or using water can be harmful to you. The second thing that has mentioned in this part of the idea is that whether it is hard at work or harder as well. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala says answering the call of nature, what he implies by that is that if you fall into the state of how does it mean that you use a restroom or you pass gas or anything of that type, anything that you do that can break your window you are in a state of a minor impurity, meaning that you only require will do to praise a lot or to read the Quran or touch the Quran and so

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forth. And the second one is, as Allah says, Hola, Mr. Manisa. If you have touched a woman, here, once again Allah subhanaw taala understands and he has given all of us an intellect what that means. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has applied a lot of higher and modesty in this idea by simply just saying that, that we understand that. So then Allah subhana wa Taala says, if you are in this situation, how does that work? How does it work? Or in that same case, you do not have access to enough water or using water can be harmful to you. Then that case and Allah subhanaw taala says fundamentally DOMA and Fattah yeah memo sorry then by Yvonne from Sahabi Wu Zhu e comm where ad comm

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Allah then says that you do to your mum, with side and even with clean earth and rub their with your faces and your hands mean that performed the moon. Now, before I go any further, take a moment itself is a blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala for the ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In fact, there's a very beautiful Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we find we're in he says, that there are six things that have been given to Me in My Ummah that have not been given to the people of the past. The very first one is ot two, he says, or Thea, or at least to Joanne Joanne Meola column, I have been given word

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as they are concise, but comprehensive and meaning so they are concise and speech, but comprehensive meaning and SubhanAllah. This is so true about that word about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, one simple Hadith, a very short Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and sometimes it takes pages and pages, simply just to explain that one Hadith. Once again, the Prophet saw somebody who was very concise in his speech, but it had, it was very impactful in terms of meaning. The second thing that was given to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, I have been helped by putting by putting fear into the hearts of my enemies. The third thing is spoils of war have been made lawful

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for me. So a long time ago, spoils of war were never allowed to use in the previous armors. In fact, we see in the past, that they would have to gather the spoils of war, and a fire would come from Allah subhanho wa taala. And it will burn the spoils of war, but for the OMA Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam like we see in the in the time of the Prophet saw a sudden them and even after that, when battles and wars will take place, then at that time, the Muslims, they will use the spoils of war, and they will distribute it amongst themselves. The fourth thing that was that was made allowed for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, Jewry, let Li L. R Lu to hold on

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to hold on one must Judah, that the Earth has been made a place of as it has been made as a masjid, and a means of purification, meaning that there is not a necessary place, I need to have to pray my Salaat I can pray soft anywhere as long as I'm sure. And I'm certain there is nothing that just there. I can pray anywhere. And by the way, this also means that there is a you know, there is this idea in this notion that I need to have a prayer rug, you know, like overseas, there's this concept and we call it as John amaz. You know, and a lot of people are under this liberty under this notion, an idea that you need to prey on a John Emma's only then your slot will be accepted. So that's why

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it is this is misunderstanding, John Dumas is not a requirement for your slot to be valid. Once again, the area has to be clean. So the province has some saying that the Earth has been made as a means of purification, in the case of like in the Imam. And not only that, but it has also been made a place for me to pray. Number five, I have been sent to all mankind. And number six, the line of Prophets, meaning the prophet hood has concluded with me. So these are six things that were given six things that were given to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. So after this, as we know that the Yemen is one of those things, it is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala to this ummah. Now, I

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want to mention a few things about the Imam because they can be some misunderstandings and so forth. First of all, is that the word to your mom means a low cost means to make an intention, it means to intend for something. Meaning that when we talk about the Imam is unnecessarily true, that even when you're making the Yamame, that every single part of your body has to be covered in dust or in mud or anything of that type. Once again, it means to make an intention. So even if you and it is quite symbolic, if you think about it, that if you simply just do to your mum, as we have seen in from Ursula sallahu wa sallam, where he would hit his hand on something that is an earthly substance,

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like a rock or stone or brick or anything of that type, he would hit his hands on that, and he will simply wipe his face. Once again, you don't have to use me make that intention and you do this, and the face has done. So this is the most important thing is that it's not necessarily true that you have to have dirt on your face. The second thing that we learned about the Imam is when was this? When was this revealed, and when was his hukum. Or this, this gift for the OMA when it was revealed so quickly in this case, or the story of Aisha of the Ultron her about her necklace, a very famous story in the scene of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salaam, which leads to the story of the

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slander, I guess, I share with you a lot that I have, in that in that story, we find that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba were delayed in the desert because they were looking for the necklace of eyeshadow, the yellow Tirana, and it said that in that situation that some of the Sahaba even came to obika, the Ultron and they began to become, you know, they were very critical towards him, that look because of your daughter, we are stuck here in the desert. And now, you know, we don't have enough water and so forth. Of course, they're not going to go to the Prophet salallahu Salam and say, you know, because of your wife, this is happening. So of course, you know, people

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always have this nature of blaming people for you know, things that go on. So this is why they went to obika Rhodiola. And they never went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but at this moment, Allah subhanaw taala he revealed the ayat of surah Ada, which we're also going to cover today in sha Allah. This also that ayah also talks about the Imam. So the idea was revealed and then the

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came back to Albuquerque Athan and they were very apologetic towards him. That you know in Honda because of your family, these ayat have been revealed, and they are a gift for the OMA of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. The next thing is that when we talk about the emblem, whether it is for voodoo or whether it is for Goossen, the method of TM is there are two different opinions about this. The one opinion is that as we find the hadith of Ahmad Vinyasa or the Ultron, that when he came, because what happened was that is mentioned about him to that one time he was traveling, he was in the state of Geneva, he would take a shower, but he did not have water. So what he did was

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that he found a place where it was secluded from everyone. And he took off his clothes and because he thought that, you know, naturally we put water over our entire body when taking a whistle. So this is why he actually went and he lived out in the in the dirt in the sand, and he began to roll over. So because of that, he you know, he thought that this is a he's doing the right thing. He came back to Medina, he told the prophet Sallallahu I have some about it. And the Prophet saw some said that no die is not die is not required. So in that hadith, he mentioned that you simply got to hit your hand on the earthly substance, wipe your face, hate your hand again, and do your hands. Now of

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course, there is an afterlife in this matter that you have, like in this hadith is mentioned only simply wiping the hands to the wrist. However, there is another opinion and the opinion of him and it's an homage to the Yola. Tahoma TriNoma. And I show you a lot that I'm here and so forth, and some others including Abu Hanifa Rahmatullah chalet Imam Shafi document de la la and their opinion was that when you do TM on the hands, it is not simply the hands to the wrist, it is the entire hands till the till the elbows, so this is their opinion and this is also a valid opinion. There is not only one opinion about this matter, so this is why it is very important. Just want to mention

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this once again the one opinion says all into the wrist, the other opinion says all the way till your arms, nonetheless both of them are very, very both of them are valid. The next thing about the Imam is that many people have asked Is that what will break the Imam so there are two things that will break the Imam number one is finding water that will break your thumb immediately. So if a person has if a person needs to be loosened or will do as I said earlier, face and hands that's all you will do. Okay doesn't matter. But if you find water if a person finds water and they are in the state and they need they initially required a lesson, they will take a full lesson. And if they are

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required only will do and they did the demo then as soon as they find water, this will break the dam on right away and they will make they will make will do. The next thing is

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we also find from our books or books of FIP another thing that will break our TMO is anything that will break our will do so going to a restaurant will break our will do likewise if I've met a young mom and I have gone to the restroom it will break a mighty among too. So anything that breaks your will that will also break your DMO. Some of the alumni have also discussed that do you have due to your mom for every single slot and the answer according to majority there is no there is no

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they among for each slot. However some said that it is you should do it. And even if you feel like you want to take that opinion, it doesn't take a long time it probably takes you know less than a minute to do to your mom. There is nothing wrong if you do that. So this is just few things I wanted to mention regarding to your mom. So the next thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned from Sahara we will do he come to a decom then Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Allah How can I for one, or Fula truly Allah subhanaw taala is ever often pardoning and he's often forgiving. So going back to the beginning of the ayah where Allah subhanho wa Taala talked about some of the Sahaba and what

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they did, once again, if you find yourself in that kind of situation, and those Sahaba who did that or any other thing that we have done, then Allah subhanho wa Taala saying that he's often pardoning and he's often forgiving. Now, there is another idea that I want to share today quickly with all of you and this is the idea from SOTL from Surah Al Qaeda which is item number five and it is a number six and the reason why I want to share this idea with you today is because this idea is very similar to the idea that we have covered today regarding the emblem however there are some some slight additions to this in terms of the topic of will do so let's quickly go through this Allah subhana wa

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Tada says yeah, you will have the innominate so since this is starts off, also with your Lydian Avenue, this is why I wanted to cover this Allah says either quantum in a solid when you stand up for Salaat foxy Lou would you have come way they come in Alma raffia wash your face and your hands till your elbows. Once the whole b2c Come and do massage over your head

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We're out of July calm while July calm is not a continuation of Ahimsa who it is if you have studied Arabic language since it has a Fatah it is connected to falsey Lu okay. So, what that means is that Allah is saying that wash your feet in El Kobane till your ankles. Now, this is this part of the idea in itself talks about will do and based on this idea in itself many orlimar have also discussed amongst themselves is that what is the basic bare minimum requirements or what is the photo of Lulu Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah Allah he says based on this part of the idea, and so, then Matt either, he said that there are only four things that are formed in will do and they are mentioned in this

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idea, face, hands, Messiah and washing the feet, this is the four foot all and of course, we find in the other books of some books a fifth, the Imam Shafi rahmatullah wa ala, he added some other things such as a Nia is a must order, order and a sequence having sequence in will do meaning that you cannot wash the hands before the face and so forth. So having this order in and will do is also very important Imam Malik Muhammad Allah, Allah, Allah said that Nia continuity and rubbing, rubbing means that when when you put water over your, over your hands, making sure in Arabic is called a Delk. So making sure that you're, you know, you're rubbing the, and you're, you're wiping and you're

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rubbing the, the hair, the water on your hands and so forth. And that Imam in humble, he says that Nia continuity in order all these things, all these three things are for all of whoodle So these are just some basic enough in some of the positions of the aroma, but nonetheless, this is what they have said about will do that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada he goes on to say, and once again, which is very similar to the previous ayah Allah says, We're In Kuntum gentlemen, Fatah Hello. If you are in the state of Geneva, then purify yourself, purify your entire body will encounter Marva if you are sick, or suffering or you are a traveler, oh Jah hadn't been coming alive. Or if you have answered the

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call of nature. Hola, Mr. Manisa. Or you have touched a woman for them that you do man. And if you do not find water for the ye Musa then by Eva and then you should make their moon with pure or clean earth and from Sahabi would you he come with AD comin? Allah subhana wa Taala says that wipe your face and wipe your hands with that dirt and then Allah subhanho wa Taala at the end of the ayah he says ma you read Allahu lianja Allah alikhan Mahajan, what can you read on Ito Hello calm which means is that this is the reason why Allah Subhana Allah has sent down this is to have to complete this Nirma upon you and to have mercy upon you. So, this is what the ISS and to remove an obstacle

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from you this is what the ISS and certain amount either so nonetheless the reason why I wanted to cover these two is first of all is to give to have some clarity regarding the moon and to also have some clarity about will do now of course I did not go through all the fic of of will do and so forth and even the fic I have gone through regarding TM is just some basic bare minimum. Some other people have asked this question regarding the Imam is that what if we find ourselves in a more difficult situation such as you know we're very shy in making Moodle we are at work some youth have asked that what if they are at school they don't want to make although you know you don't want to put your your

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feet in the sink you don't want to actually go through the whole process of will do and so forth. So in that case they have asked can you make the Imam of course you cannot make the moment that kind of situation because it has not been mentioned in the Quran once again, if you're in the state of Cuba or whether the us of our major impurity or minor impurity, and number two and the other two points are the other two points are that the other two points are that if you cannot find water, okay if you cannot find water you don't have access to water or as I said earlier, you do have water but not enough to take care of yourself and make will do and in that case or secondly is using water can be

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harmful to you. Then in that case you can do the moment sha Allah so having said that ask Allah subhanaw taala to give all of us ability to act on what's been said and heard. I just want to see if there's any questions for today in sha Allah

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says sister has sent this message I'm writing from

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Australia, my daughter 15 years old is in big misery she really she really

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doing her will do thinking that she may she might break her will do please suggest something. So usually in a case where you find you know, this is a very big problem with a lot of people is that sometimes they may feel like they have broken their will do but they're not very sure about it and not only that, but sometimes people are making will do but they're taking like almost like 1015 20 minutes just to make well who because they feel like that you know have they covered the spot have they covered that spot? So, all this has to do with West USA and this is purely from Shaytaan for this sister I would you know there is by the way, there is a

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there is a ruling and fifth which is Alia, Pinilla Zooniverse shuck that in this situation if there is just simply a doubt okay, like one is that you know exactly that she made will do now, there might be a doubt here and there that tissue breaker will do or not. So, in that case, till there is there till she till she has certainty that she doesn't have will do she will have little meaning that if she may will do the first time and she knows she may will do now, after this she may have some doubts, just ignore those doubts and till she does not come to the point that she is absolutely certain that she has broken her will do that in that case, then you can go and make will do but once

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again this is something which is a very big problem for a lot of people especially it is a way of shaytaan playing and causing you know trouble and pain to someone because when shaytaan sees that this person has this was was a problem or issue that in that case you know chiffon has a great time because he knows that is causing so much confusion so forth. So this is what I would strongly suggest to the sister so inshallah having said that, we will conclude today I ask Allah subhanaw taala to give all visibility and once again if you do have any questions Inshallah, please do put them in the comment box or you can put them While this video is going on and inshallah next week, if

00:32:02--> 00:32:21

there's any questions we'll certainly inshallah we will get to them in our next next segment of oh you believe ask ALLAH SubhanA without to give all of us ability to practice upon always been sent and hurt May Allah subhana wa Tada clean us internally and externally in all different ways. I mean, noble Allah mean, does akmola hate salaam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

00:32:23--> 00:32:41

in and mostly me now Elon Musk Lima Do you want to know meaning I mean it will quantity now look on it the more slowly again I was born in Poland he was saw the Rena was Slavia right before she you know she

00:32:42--> 00:32:57

was before she unfortunately no one was watching. The one downside the lino one downside being party was all me now it was all in

00:32:59--> 00:33:06

one heavy Lina photo gentlemen gentleman wouldn't have failed was it was that good enough? Love it guess?

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What the guilt or? I don't know hula

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