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Nadim Bashir
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Hello today and as we've started off, I want to address a very important issue that many times our kids are dealing with. Even myself when I was a kid actually growing up I had to deal with and deal with this myself. At that time, of course, no one actually came taught me educated me. But this is something that as adults we face and again, our kids are going to face this as well. First of all, is that in suta, Yacine, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions a story, a story about a group of two people Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well, the rebula who methylene us herbal Arrietty if Musa known Allah subhanaw taala tells us a story about a group of people or city I will say it is Jan muestran

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Allah subhanho wa Taala sent to warn the people of the city to prophets, Allah subhanho wa Taala says it all sunnah either he was named for castable Houma, the people the city they rejected their message. So in order to provide them strength and stability for us as NAD be thoroughly thin football in a commercial zone, Allah subhanho wa Taala said a third profit to give them strength. These three people they went they call people to Allah subhanho wa taala. And there was one person in particular who was a carpenter, he actually did become a Muslim on their hands and is mentioned Surya seen that when these people came across the people of the city these people have since it was

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a new concept to them, it was a new message for them. They actually felt threatened by this message of Islam and they began to send threats to these three prophets. These are this is a story that's mentioned. These were mentioned of bunnies saw in these three prophets from Bani Israel. So nonetheless, it is mentioned that once they were threatened, this man was a gentleman Arkansas Medina T. Yes, sir. From the corner of the city mean they used to live in one corner of the city. He came running in providing support to these three prophets. And he's telling his people he says Wa Rodrigo maxima ADSR

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Kalia Perlmutter, y'all more saline, that all people who follow these people what they're telling you, whatever they're telling you, it is the absolute Hawk, and that is mentioned that they actually attacked him. They killed him. And not only that, but as a result of him standing up for Islam, him standing up for the prophets, he was entering to Jannah Allah subhanho wa Taala says the lead the hotel Jana Bollier. Later call me alimony as he was dying. He was being told that he was given the glad tidings of Jana. And at that time, he said that I wish my people would know exactly my situation. If they knew that I am going to Jana, perhaps they will become Muslim. So what do we

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learn from this story? There's two important lessons to be learned from the story. Number one is that this man, according to some books that I've seen, his name was Hobie been nutjob. The name is irrelevant at this point. But nonetheless, this man, although he was all by himself in the entire city, no one else believed in his time, but he was the only one who believed in Islam. The scholars, they say that what we learn from this story is that even if every one is going against the truth, and you're the only one who is stet, who knows the truth, that you need to stand by the truth, that's number one. And number two, the most important thing to be listened for and learn from this

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story is the majority does not signify the truth. Okay. Often we hear that most people are doing it. So it must be right, right? We hear this often says most people are doing something the right way, or doing something a certain way. It has to be the right way. Now, I've come across people and have this I've had this discussion before. And sometimes you know, people can become very stubborn in a conversation, you're having a very casual conversation, you're having a very, you know, educated conversation, and then they become stubborn, and then they will say, So are you telling me that everything what everyone is doing? If it is the majority, it is wrong? And I will tell them? No, of

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course not. It's not the case. Because once again, brothers and sisters, I'm not saying that everything that is done in in the state of majority is wrong. If everyone is driving one way on the street, that's the law of the city. That's the law of the state. That's the law of the country. I'm not going to go against that even though majority is doing it. That is the right way in that city. I'm not saying that it is technically there is something about this from a religious point of view. But since the city has decided this, the country has decided that we will drive in a particular way you have to follow the laws. So if everyone is doing it the same way that's fine. Whenever we have

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this discussion about majority or majority doing it majority are not doing it. This is strictly from a Quran and Sunnah perspective and a halal haram perspective. If everyone is doing haram does that does that doesn't make it right. Of course we do learn from the Quran. That never has been the situation the majority of the people are going to be doing the right thing. We often find the Quran when I can accept

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undersea layup. Most people don't understand what I can accept on Nursey now, yes karoun They don't most people are unfaithful to Allah subhanho wa Taala well, that can axon NASCI. Now you may know and most people don't have Iman. Well, there's so many ideas of the Quran. Well, I can accept a nurse. The majority of the people are unthankful they're ungrateful they are they don't they don't think Allah subhanho wa Taala they don't believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala they don't believe in the akhirah they don't believe in the Ross was a silent majority that people are like this. So this rule in this concept that since majority are doing it, it must be the right way does not exist in

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our deen. It does not exist in our deen because what we look at is the hack in the battle. While we look at what we look at is the truth and the falsehood. If Allah subhanaw taala has declared something that is right, we will always stand by that side. Even if we are the only one alone, just like this carpenter have even ajar. He was standing by these three prophets, although he was the only one against the entire city. He's living in that city, he can be boycotted by that city, he can be put aside by the entire city, but he realizes that he needs to stand with the heart and that is why we also find in the Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and he's telling us something

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very amazing and very profound. He says, we're into tears. If you follow a thorough if you follow the majority at Salomon fill out of you the look and submit Allah. If you follow the majority, when it comes to your deen, you will go astray. Meaning that if you look at the society in every single era, there are going to be some kind of fitness. And we say that since that is the fitna and majority of people are going to be following that fitna. I need to follow it. You know how many kids as I said earlier, I dealt with this when I was a kid, because I you know, when I was growing up, there were no Islamic schools, there was not a single Islamic school in the entire country, perhaps

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when I was growing up. Now, there are so many Islamic schools that yet many of our kids are still going to public schools. Now, when our kids are going to public schools, and they see faculty sharp, they see in morality, they see wrong things being taught, they see wrong things being spread. Often, they don't have the pseudo strength, and the willpower to say this is what I believe in. Majority of them, they don't have this strength. And we as parents, we have to teach our children that no matter what if this is what you believe in, and this is what your dean has said, you stand by even if you are the only one on this side. Because that is what the society wants the science society wants

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everyone to be on their side, no matter if it's right or wrong. So that's why we have to teach our children that number one, even if you're the only one on this side, on the side of the hug and on the side of the truth, then you stand always on the side of the truth no matter what the situation is. But at the same time we have to always teach our kids that just because most of the people are doing it is never means that it is the right way. This is why think about this how you the prophets of salaam when he says a very beautiful Hadith he says brother Al Islam hurry been Islam started off as strange. What's the Ja Rule do hurry been? And there's gonna come a time again, when Islam was

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going to become strange. What does that mean? Does it mean that Islam will not spread and it will not flourish on earth, of course, Islam will spread and flourish on Earth, there'll be so many millions of Muslims on Earth, but there will be only a handful of people who call themselves Muslims who are living by the standard of Islam. This is why Ross was someone he says, but that Al Islam have already been Islam started off as strange when Roswaal son began to call people to Islam. It was a strange concept. The Quran says they actually felt threatened, they felt that their economy would fail. If they became Muslims, their social status would fail. It became Muslims, they actually

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felt that they would they would fail and their tribes would face defeat, because there was always tribal competition. So we would become defeated our tribe will become inferior to the tribal Rasulullah sallallahu or your son if we became Muslims. So that is why they made Assam a strange concept. If you were a Muslim, you will look at people will look at you the wrong way. Just like what happened when we saw after 911 How many people they want. They don't want to be known as Muslims. after that. So many of our Muslim women took off their hijab, so many Muslim men did not want to be identified with a Muslim name. Their man named Muhammad became Mo and Khalid became Kelly

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and so forth. These are things that we saw. So Islam is starting to become now strange and now so that was a time when Osama phobia was on the rise. And now his son is trying to become

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Strange people look at you people look at you in a in a wrong way, in a strange way. But now we are now facing a different kind of fit. We're now there are new ideologies that are always being produced. And this and this liberal society is always producing new concepts that is destroying the fabric of our society that is destroying our deen. And that is why now there's going to be some people who are going to say, No, we're not going to take these ideologies. We're not going to we're not going to, we're not going to confirm to them and we're going to stick to our own Deen. And now we are seeing a time that while there are so many Muslims who have changed their Deen, there are so

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many Muslims who actually believe that the needs to be changed in order for us to be to fit into society and so forth. There are so many Muslims right now who are taking a step back and they're saying Nah, we're not going to compromise in our deen at all. And now these Muslims who want to stick to the Quran, who want to stick to the Sunnah of the Prophet has sent him now there are seen in a strange way not even by non Muslims, but by the Muslims themselves. Now the Muslims are looking at them and saying, What kind of a Muslim are you? We you are the ones who are holding us back? You're the ones who are stopping us from progressing and moving forward and that is why think about

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this when the Prophet saw some says But Al Islam or even was saya Oh, do hurry been Subhan Allah the Prophet Muhammad said this 1400 years ago and we see the same thing happening right now. What's the hurry, but now you might be you might feel that I'm the only one who is sticking to the Quran and Sunnah. But for you, there is a glad tiding also, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says far too bad and horrible. For too bad in that Glad Tidings are for those strangers, those who are viewed as strangers in the community, those who are viewed as strangers in the Muslim world, because they're not adopting these new ideologies, and they're not conforming to these new ideologies, than

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they are viewed as strangers. But remember, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that you have a place in Jannah you there's glad tidings for you Inshallah, in the Hereafter, if you stick to this. So this is why it is so important brothers and sisters, that we have to teach our children that number one, no matter what the society is, society will always change. This is why this is why in the Quran when Allah subhanho wa Taala says Wahlen thiruvalla unclear who the Wallenda Surah had to be on Milla town when ALLAH SubhanA wa Sr. Saw salah they will never ever be happy with you till you don't change their Deen till you don't change your dean had that down to you

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don't follow their military, you don't follow their way. And if you look at the ways of Christianity, Christianity has gone through so many changes, so many changes, that it's you know, it's unbelievable how many changes they've been through their Bible, most Christians don't even know what Bible is, most Christians didn't even know what the truth is anymore. Because every single Bible is different. Judaism has has changed. And it has there are so many alterations and adjustments throughout the years and throughout the centuries and so forth. Islam is that one religion, that our Quran has been the same, the way it was revealed by Allah subhanho wa taala,

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recited by bringing your son to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what they want is for us as Muslims, that we move from our original teachings, and that is what makes us the Hadith. So that is why we teach our children that, first of all, is no matter what the situation is, you always stand by the truth, even wherever you are, even if you're at work. You know how many Muslims I've heard, that when their entire work or their co workers go for drinking, they can they they just do not have the they don't have the the art or the strength to say, I will not go, they feel like that in order for us to get along with everyone the office, I need to go for drinking, yes, I may not drink, I'll

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probably stay on the site. And I will not. But if I don't go, I will be left out. I will not be involved in some of the major projects and so forth. If that is what your job is that you need to change jobs, or you need to talk to your co workers and so forth. Because if they don't have enough respect for you and your religion that were you doing there? So that is why we have to always stand up for the truth. And number two is the rule is the majority is not the deciding factor. The majority has never been the factor of determining what is right and what is wrong. The majority will always as Allah tells us, the majority will always be on the wrong side. So we ask Allah subhana wa

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to keep us on the right side. Always make us amongst those who are the minority and keep us on the right side of the hump as Allah subhanaw taala to protect us in our children Amira but ottoman, Zakouma la hide a Salam aleykum Martha lie about our cattle.

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