I’ve Missed Salah For Years, Do I Need To Make It Up

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Question people they wonder about, you know, I've been away from Salah for many years. So I missed maybe 10 years, 15 years, what do I do? We must

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so people's power, they live their life away from Eliza for some time and then they find, you know, the light of guidance sometime later in their lives and they come on wondering about the past year since they become adults and they were responsible to pray. I didn't pray for five years or 10 years, 15 years or maybe I've been missing you know, here and there. I didn't make all my revita my Salah, how can I make it up? Do I have to make up every single Salah that I missed or not? Well, when it comes to making up for the salon complete, of course at the salon of the past, there might have two different opinions. The major one is that you are responsible to make every salon that you

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miss because you owe it to our last panel with that said for them, because you have to perform that and obviously since people don't know how many years and they don't know how many to count, so they've been given different alternatives like they say you have to do what they call cut out almost every time you press allow up another one with it and you keep repeating that until you know the end of your life probably it's it's very hard and difficult for people really to perform that and some people unfortunately feel this to be discouraging. So they stay away from it because I'm doing anyway. Why bother? But the other opinion it's basically no you don't have to repeat everything that

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you missed. instead. First of all, you do Toba which means you repent back to Allah subhana wa tada and we know you repent Allah azza wa jal. That means you have to fulfill the meaning of the Toba first first that you quit the sins that you've committed wouldn't in this case abandon Salah you stop, you know skipping Salah number two that you you regret that you missed the Salawat and number three that you determine that you never you know, quit your Salah and do your best if you make a mistake you will pick it up from there and shout louder and fix vanilla zildjian but you famous if you make that Toba inshallah, then you start resuming from there and then after that add more

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natural Salah as much as you can, hopefully inshallah Allah that you add whether it's the Hadoop will enter the message up to rocket before this down to higher the message when you make what do you pray to rock on shallow terracotta Allah and amantani do tarawih and so forth. So as many as you do, hopefully inshallah we'll we will cover you know the missing part of your evader and the Hadith the Prophet salla. Some said on the Day of Judgment, a person will be standing before a law surgeon he will be asked

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about the Salah, and they look into the record it was completely passed. If not, then the answer will come on through handy abdomen totowa check if my servant left an NFL Salah. And if they had any, they try to complete the missing part from the fourth Salah If not, unfortunately, they're going to have to you know, deal with the consequences. But again, if they missed many of these Salawat hopefully shallow data by increasing the provider of Salah nephrol salah and also repenting the last panel regretting what they've done, Allah will accept from them and inshallah you should be finding the light. Now that's it from your enemy, Allah