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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who

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are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish. Rahi Saudi were silly Emery. What have you looked at Emily Sani of coho Poli? Along Matthew Colby was a deadly Sunni was loads of humor to Colby mean European olivine

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Allahumma local hand La ilaha illa and what the color Sherry Kolak and manaan buddy or summer worth he will help. They'll Jalali while it Crom Oh ALLAH For You is all Praise. There is no god but you. You are one having no partner. You are the bestower of great favors the Owner of Majesty and grandeur or the Originator of the heavens and the earth. They'll Jalali will it Crom Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Anwar Allah early Muhammad come elsewhere later Allah Ibrahim, what are the early Ibrahim in naka hamidou Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad in Walla, early Mohammed, come about Okta, Allah Ibrahim, where Allah Ali Ibrahim in Naka Hamidah Majeed in sha Allah in today's session

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of Caribbean wajib, we will be going over some daraz related to increase in sustenance, where we are asking Allah subhanaw taala to provide us with risk and to place Baraka ated to increase it for us and to provide us with the best sustenance in this life. I mean,

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remember that Allah azza wa jal is a result he is the provider he is the one who provides all of his creatures, Allah azza wa jal didn't just create the creation and leave them to fend for themselves. Allah created us all. And he also provided us with the means of subsistence. In fact, Allah has provided for us the means of subsistence in our very home, meaning on this earth. We don't have to go elsewhere, meaning outside of the Earth in order to find sustenance, Allah subhanaw taala is our Creator, He is our Rob. So that means that He created us and He also provides for us and he provides for all of his creatures. Allah subhanaw taala asks us in the Quran, that Allah who led the halal

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Coco, Allah is the One Who has created you. So Manasa Kocoum, then he is the one who has provided for you. So may you mean to come, then he is the one who will cause you to die. So may you hear come then he is the one who will cause you to come back to life. health insurer aka Ico mania for Illumina Danny Kahneman che, is there anyone among your so called partners whom you associate with Allah? Is there anyone who can do any of this for you? Meaning is there anyone else who gave you life who provides for you who can who will cause you to die and who will resurrect you know, it is only Allah, who does this. So Allah is Allah Zonk. The, the provider, meaning the one who provides a

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lot of sustenance, because when mom and dad but in fill Irby, Allah, Allah, Allah here is to her. There is no creature on the earth, no moving creature on the earth, except that Allah is the One who provides for it. So imagine, there is no creature on the surface of the earth or inside of the earth, in the water or on the water, or on the trees, or in the sky, or by the coast or in the forest, anywhere in the desert, anywhere, any creature on this earth. Remember Allah subhanaw taala is the one who provides it, and every creature has its own unique needs. What the fish eats is different from what the bird eats, which is different from what the camel eats or what the cow eats.

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Allah subhanaw taala provides every creature what it is

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Need off. And then you see our needs fluctuate. There are certain times when we are in need of certain things, and then we are no longer in need of those things. We need some other things Subhanallah as our needs fluctuate, and they vary Allah subhanaw taala is Allah Zack he is the one who provides all of his creatures. And Allah subhanaw taala has placed in the earth what but the Rafi has a co worker, and he has placed in the earth. It's quote, any the sustenance that different creatures need are all within the earth. They don't have to go outside of the Earth in order to seek sustenance. And remember that Allah is the One Who owns sustenance as well in Allah Hi Yasuko it is

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Allah who provides and it is up to him, he can expand sustenance for a creature at a given time and he can restrict it, he can give a lot to some and little to others. This is all his decision in the Lucha Yasuko mania SHA or be lady hisab. Allah provides sustenance to whomever he wants without measure any there are some creatures who are given in abundance so much and then there are some who are given little or Allahu Yakubu way up so to where la he told your own, Allah is the One who expands the sustenance and he is the one who restricts it, what you lay, he told your own and to him, all of you will be returned. So when we need sustenance, any form of sustenance, what are we

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supposed to do? Allah subhanaw taala tells us that we should seek it fabhotel who are in the law he Risca that seek sustenance from Allah. And this means that we make dua to Allah to provide us and we also use the means that Allah subhanaw taala has given us in order to seek sustenance. For example, the birds don't just remain sitting in their nests, Know Allah subhanaw taala has provided them their sustenance across the fields across the trees. So the birds come out of their nests seeking sustenance. So likewise, we also have to go and find sustenance, we have to use the means that Allah has provided us and we also have to ask Allah, we also have to make dua, that Allah Allah provide us

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with sustenance. And you see, this is something that we are always in need of any there is never a time in our lives when we can say I do not need food, I do not need drink, I do not need shelter or clothing. No, we are always in need of sustenance. For as long as we live, we are in need. And Allah subhanaw taala is the one who provides us what we are in need of and we see that you know in life we are tested with different things. And of those tests is poverty, or shortage of of sustenance, lack of means, and this is something that Allah subhanaw taala tests his slaves with and when we experience such difficulty, or any form of shortage, or we desire more, we want more so that we can

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do more in life. So for example, you want more money so that you can save up and go for Umrah. You want more money so that you can save up and go for Hajj, you want more money, so that you can take care of your family comfortably, you can take care of your parents you can take care of your loved ones, you can spend generously in good causes. So whether we we want the fulfillment of our basic needs, or we desire more, whatever it is, then we need to ask Allah subhanaw taala for sustenance. There are times in our lives when we just have to look after ourselves. And then there are those times when we have to look after ourselves and also our dependents meaning those people who are

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relying on us, then there are those times in our lives when for example, we don't just have to provide food and clothing and shelter for our children, we also have to pay for their education, we also have to pay for you know their their needs. So, no matter how many needs we have, no matter how great they may be, no matter how, how many they may be, how different kinds of kinds of needs, they may be, remember, Allah is the provider, that is sustenance is entirely in his hand. So we should seek it through lawful means and we should seek it from Allah subhanho wa Taala we have to combine effort and prayer both. Now we see in Surah

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And that is number 114. Allah subhanaw taala mentions that there are have restarted his salon, where rissalah has prayed that Robina and Zilla Elena either Tamina sama taco Nuland are eagerly awaiting now what are at now? What are your can mink? What was Zuko? Now? What antihero verse 18? We learned that at the time of reciting his salaam, the people who believed in him the Hawaii Yun. They asked they requested reciting Salam that that is it possible that Allah can send down a tablespoon of food down from the sky for us. And recited Salam said to them that fear Allah if you're truly believers, meaning Why Why are you making such a demand. And they said, that we are only requesting this so

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that we can eat of heavenly food, and so that our hearts our content, and you know this would be a miracle and and it would be a means of strengthening our faith. So SRA Salam made the stronger than that Allah humara burner that oh Allah Our Lord.

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unzila Elena either Tamina sama that all our Lord sent down from the sky, a table spread of food for us. And when you send it down on us to call Nolan or Eden, that day will be a day of celebration for us, Lee are well enough for the first of us, whatever the dinner and The Last of Us meaning for all generations, what I add to mink, and that tables for the food will also be a miracle from from you what Zona and provide us what and the highroad Razia teen and you are the best of providers. So this was the draw of reciting his center, because the Hawaii Yun, his disciples, they requested that you know, a table spread of food, if we have it, then we will eat to our field and we can worship Allah,

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you know, in an excellent way, and we will be certain that whatever you have told us is indeed true. And as we receive this table as part of food that day will be a day of celebration for us. So recently Sam made the store now we see in the store that recently his Salam said Allah home model burner or Allah Our Lord. Typically we begin to our with the word Allah Houma right or we begin Dora with the word Robina. Our rub, Allah Houma means Oh ALLAH Robina Our Rob But here we see there is Alison and combined both Allah Houma Oh ALLAH Robina our blog, which teaches us that when we make dua, then we should also use or mention different names and attributes of Allah. We can say

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Allahumma el Jalali while EClub you know, Yemen none. Yeah, but there are some are what he will up. Yeah. Hey, you yaka you any yah yah. Yah, yah Robina, our Rob, he mentioned many and different names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, and call upon him again and again. So Allah Houma, or a banana, and then he said, unzila, Elena, either can minister Matt send down on us a table spread of food from the sky, to Cornwall and are eagerly awaiting our atherina that will be a day of celebration for all of us, the first generation of us and also the later generations, it will also be a miracle, something that will strengthen our faith. And he said what was Zoopla? What antihero

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was iffy? And we can also say the straw when we are when we does want sustenance from Allah, we can say these words, what is Okona? Yeah, Allah provide us what and the Hyrule recipient and you are the best of those who provide what is Okona even cathedra said, this means that provide us especially from yourself without any effort or work on our part, because they wanted the tables for the food to come down from the sky. They didn't want to have to go and prepare that table tables for the food themselves. Because there's a lot of work a lot of effort that goes into preparing the banquet, right you end up spending so much time so much money, so much effort into preparing so much food. So

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they said what Zona yeah Allah you will provide us without any effort on our part. And sometimes you see you are in a situation where you don't see many. You don't know how to

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or what means you can, you know, gather sustenance for yourself. So for example, you may not have any money in your bank account, and you will and you need food, you may not have enough money to pay for your tuition, or to pay for your ticket or to pay for whatever it is that you want. But you really want to have it especially when it is something that will benefit you in a religious way. So, sometimes you see the means available before you. And other times you don't know how you're going to make ends meet, you don't know how you're going to pay for the bill, you don't know how you're going to, you know, take care of your matters. So especially in such a situation, what is the corner where

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you are trying, you're looking, but also look towards Allah and ask him what discipline are provide us with the higher velocity, you are the best of those who provide sustenance. And you see, you're a stylist and I'm when he made this thorough, first of all, he said, that provide us with this table, it's part of food, so that it will be, you know, a day of celebration and also a miracle. And then we will also eat of it in zona so that we can eat from it. So he mentioned religious benefit. First, he mentioned religious benefit before worldly benefit. And when we ask Allah subhanaw taala for sustenance, we should also keep the same order any for example, you're you're praying to Allah to

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bless you with with money. All right? Why are you asking for money, so that you can go and buy a nice fancy bag and then you can show off or you can go and buy some

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you know, you can go and enjoy food at a fancy restaurant, and then maybe whatever is leftover, perhaps you can give some charity from it, reverse the order, always reverse the order that yarn up, grant me so that I can do good things with this money. So I can spend in your cars, I can spend on my family, I can spend on my parents, I can spend on my relatives on my loved ones. I can give sadaqa you know in the masjid, I can give to those who are in need. And then Europe I also want to enjoy it for such and such and such purpose. And there's nothing wrong with that, as we learned earlier, or have been to Atlanta for dunya has santa clara de hacer una We ask Allah for good in

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this world and for good in the hereafter. So he already has set out first he mentioned the religious benefit of having the tables for the food and then he mentioned the worldly benefit of having the table spread of food. And

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we see that

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he said what was Okinawa and the Hyrule Razia clean. In Europe you are the best of those who provide what does this mean that you are the best of those who provide that you give sustenance in the right measure at the right time in the most perfect way.

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Subhanallah any, sometimes it is so amazing that you have a certain need. And you you know you think of different ways of fulfilling that need. And Allah subhanaw taala sends you sustenance from where you did not even expect from where you did not even imagine and what he sent for you was perfect for you was exactly what you were in need of. So Allah is the Best of those who provide because he gives to his slaves, what they need when they need and what he provides is perfect for them. It is excellent for them. It is best for them, it is off grid benefit for them, any if it was any less or more. It would not be ideal, but what Allah subhanaw taala chooses to bestow His slaves with that is

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ideal for them. That is excellent for them. Any Think of it this way?

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You know, the foods that grow in the land that you live in, in and especially seasonal food, that is food that you are actually in need of this is why they say that, you know eat local. Why eat local because the earth the part of the

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Earth that you're living in is growing the food that you are in need of,

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you know, in that particular season, and these are the nutrients that you need, because what Qaddafi Aquata Allah subhanaw taala has placed in every part of the Earth, it's called any the sustenance that the creatures on it need. So, Allah is Hydra rasa teen he gives to his slaves, the best quantity at the right time and also in the best manner Subhanallah the way that Allah provides is excellent. For example, if you if you look at an orange, right, look at how perfect The peel is that you know, it preserves the fruit inside. So perfectly covering it protecting it, it acts as a seal also. So nothing can permeate, nothing comes out any the fruit is perfectly protected inside. And

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then you can peel it and enjoy it. And when you peel it and you throw away the peels, any they do not cause any waste, they go back in the earth and they provide nutrients, you know, they decompose and get back into the cycle Subhanallah there is no waste. And when we packaged food, Allahu Akbar, how much waste we create when we packaged food. And when we packaged food, how much you know how many

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unhealthy things are basically put inside of the food in order to preserve it in order to increase its shelf life. And so eating it becomes more dangerous for people than then then not eating it. Subhanallah So when Allah who were under higher Rosicky, you are the best of those who provide because Allah provide sustenance in in an excellent way in the best way, in the best measure in the best quantity at the right time. And we're under high Razia teen also means that you are the best of those who provide because you give to all those who believe in you. And also those who do not those who obey you and those who do not. Allah is the Best of those who provide what happens with us. For

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example, if you as a parent provide for your child, what happens when your child hits 18 or 20? And they're still not taking life? Seriously. They're not studying or they're not, you know, working, then what do you do? You say, Okay, from now, you have to pay for your car insurance yourself, you have to pay for your phone bill yourself. You have to pay for, you know, your clothes, your clothes yourself. Some people even go to the extent of demanding rent from their children. SubhanAllah. Right. Why? Because they're saying that, you know, if you don't cooperate, if you don't listen to us, then you can't have all of this, right? You can't take our generosity for granted. You have to

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start acting responsibly. And subhanAllah. Some parents when they get angry with their children, because of you know, certain choices that children make, then basically they cut off from their children completely, any day give nothing to their children, even when it comes to inheritance. They will not give it to their children, they will give their estate elsewhere, but they don't want their disobedient children to take any of it Subhan Allah will love how you analyze it clean well antihero Rosicky, we disobey Allah, day in and day out. Think about it in just one set 124 hour cycle. How many times do we say things which are inappropriate, that are perhaps displeasing to Allah? How many

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times we do things do actions which Allah does not like, and even the good things that we're doing so for example, when we pray, what is the quality of our prayer? When we fast what is the quality of our fast Subhan Allah, but Allah subhanaw taala does not withhold sustenance from us, he continues to provide us we learn about Ibrahim released, he made dua that you know, for his descendants that you're up Whoever among them believes in you and in the last day then then give them sustenance. And Allah subhanaw taala responded that Paula woman cover off all material kalila any the one who disbelieves I will still give him something. Yes, it will be little but it will be something. So

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Allah subhanaw taala is high you don't receive Him because He does not discriminate he gives to all his creatures. We see that. So often in workplaces. There's discrimination, where women feel

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Do that, for example, their their work contribution is way more than their male counterparts, but they're not paid equally. Or some people feel that because of their race, or because of their accent, because of their background, you know, they are not paid fairly, you know, so this happens we face discrimination. Sometimes children feel it, that that my parents don't treat me the same way as they treat my siblings. So Allah subhanaw taala, he is hydrolyzate pain he provides all of his creatures, whether they are obedient or they're disobedient, they're righteous or not, doesn't matter. Allah, Allah is highly corrosive him and what Zuken our antihero Razia team, and the high

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rise in you are the Best of those who provide this also means that you are very generous, right? Because there are those who will give, but they're not generous, right in what they give. So for example, somebody will, will will give you certain when, for example, a an employer will give you certain benefits, right? But not all of them and you want more, but they're not going to give them

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they are, you know, penny pinching, they are being very careful about how much they're giving Allah subhanaw taala is a learner you will Hamid he is rich, he is praiseworthy, and he is most generous, look at how much he provides his creatures, how much honey every second, every, you know, portion of a second, how many creatures are receiving from Allah,

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what they are in need of and so many different needs so many different kinds of needs. Allah subhanaw taala provides his creatures were under hierarchy. So make this doll for yourself Wanzhou Karna Europe provide us with antihero philosophy and you are the best of those who provide. Now, what exactly is it is we ask Allah for sustenance, what exactly is sustenance, sustenance, risk is anything by which one profits, any anything that is of benefit to us, that

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you know that that prophets us in any way.

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This is also a means of support and growth of the body, the body of any creature. So for example, a baby is in need of milk, in order to

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live in order to survive in order to grow. People are in need of food and water, different animals, different creatures are in need of different forms of subsistence, in order so that their body can

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survive, it can live and it can also grow. So for example, as human beings, we don't just need food, we need water, we need oxygen, we need vitamin D from the sun Subhan Allah, He look at how Allah subhanaw taala is providing a sustenance from so many different ways, from the food that we put in our mouths to the water that we drink. So there's food that goes into our stomach and then it benefits us and then there is risk that our skin absorbs or there is risk that you know through oxygen we absorb into our body isn't that amazing? So, risk is anything which is a source of support and growth of the body. And this is of two kinds, there is a parent or material that is which is for

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the body. So for example food, drink, oxygen,

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you know sunlight, things like that, this is all risk for the body. Part of that is also clothing, because we need clothing in order to keep our bodies warm. And then

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the second type of risk is that which is unapparent or intangible or intellectual. So for example, the risk of the heart is is love. Risk of the mind is knowledge, right Eman faith. So this is also sustenance. So when we ask Allah was zona, we're not just asking for a whole lot of cash. We're not just asking for money. We're also asking for the risk of a man that is of love. That is of good friendships, that is of contentment, that is of happiness. The rest of us

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Having a spouse, having children. All of this is included in risk. So remember that every blessing is risk, every blessing. And we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about the love that he had for the journal de la Mourinho that in the country music to her Baba, I was given the risk of her love any Allah provided me with this with this sustenance, with this love, this love is a gift from Allah. And really, as human beings, we need to feel that, you know, that emotional connection with people that closeness to them, that comfort in knowing that there's someone that we can, you know, feel close to any intimacy, closeness, attachment, this is a human need. So in the

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other music to herba and when a person feels lonely and isolated in this life, this is more difficult on a person than experiencing hunger Subhanallah if you don't eat all day, you'll survive. But when you feel lonely, when you when you miss companionship, when you desperately desire companionship, then that is more heavy and difficult to on the body then hunger.

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Now also remember that risk is of two kinds there is risk that is any general. So for example, Allah subhanaw taala provides all creatures, humans, animals, birds, and this is the risk the sustenance which is for the body, all right, which is for the body. So food, drink, things like that. And this is sustenance, which Allah subhanaw taala gives to all and which Allah subhanaw taala has decreed for his slaves, right for his creatures, even before they enter this world. The other type of risk is special provision, all right, special provision, exclusive provision, which Allah gives to His prophets, His messengers, his righteous slaves, those who worship Him, and this is the provision of

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faith and belief in the Oneness of Allah, Eman and gratitude. And you know, such blessings are which the heart experiences and that is sustenance that we should be seeking from Allah as well. You know, when we ask Allah was Okona, or antihero recipe, a lot of times we're only thinking about tangible things. We're thinking about a new car, we're thinking about new clothes, we're thinking about a whole lot of money we're thinking about, you know, financial ease, in whatever form it is. But Allah, remember Allah can give you worldly sustenance, he can also give you spiritual sustenance, and worldly sustenance is such that it will end over here, spiritual sustenance is everlasting, it

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is everlasting. It is something that accompanies the slave in the grave. And it is something that that will be a means of success for a person in the Hereafter, eternal

00:33:26--> 00:33:50

any happiness success comes with what spiritual sustenance, so that is what we should be asking Allah subhanaw taala for and remember that the what the best form of sustenance is Janna Paradise. Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran that whoever believes in Allah and does righteous deeds, Allah will admit him into paradise into Gardens, which are such that

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rivers flow over there beneath the trees, etc. And they will abide there in eternally ascend, Allahu Allahu,

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Allah has given such a person an excellent sustenance. So Jana is the most excellent form of sustenance, that is that we should be asking Allah subhanaw taala for now remember that all risk sustenance is in the hands of Allah. We learn that Allah subhanaw taala asks us in the Quran, Hellman Harlequin, right Allah here Zuko, Kamina sama evil. Is there any creator besides Allah who provides you from the sky and the earth? No, it is only Allah who provides you from above and also from below. Allah is the One who yep SUTA recently Manisha Where could he expands increases sustenance for whomever he wants, and he is the one who restricts it. So when you see variation that

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one person has a lot and other has little or once upon a time you had a lot now you have little or you used to have very little now you have a

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lot Honey, this is whose decision this is entirely Allah's decision. He does this and Allah Yep. So to this convention Shall we could it and he is the one who owns all all of the treasures also. So, he gives according to his wisdom, whomever he wants, whatever he wants, and he is very, very generous. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the Hand of Allah is full, and the generosity the generous bestow, through night and day does not decrease his, his, his treasures, do you not see how much Allah has spent on his creatures from the time that he created the sky and the earth? Allahu Akbar, Guinea just think about yourself, how much food Have you eaten in the last

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How much food have you consumed in your entire life? How much Allah has given you, and how much Allah has given to your family, how much Allah has given to your community, how much Allah subhanaw taala has spent on every creature has given every creature and when Allah subhanaw taala bestows His creatures, it does not diminish from his treasures at all. And he is the one who provides a sustenance from above us from below us.

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We learned that one of you know a person was asked me in a in a telco in where do you get your food from? Where do you get your money from? He said men or in the law, I get it from Allah. So someone said to him, that does Allah sent down

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dinar and did home for you from the sky? Any? Why do you say Allah gives it to you? Does Allah rain down money on you from the sky? He said, The man answered that, that does Allah only own the sky, the earth also belongs to Allah. Right. And so, whatever that comes to me, whatever that I earn, whether it is that I invest money, and I make profits, or I, you know, run a business, and I make an income, or I go and you know, fish, or hunt or whatever, then all of that belongs to Allah. Everything belongs to Allah, not just the sky. So everything belongs to Allah, whatever I have, whatever I receive comes to me, from Allah.

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And Allah gives to all of his creatures, those who obey Him, those who disobey Him, those who even associate partners with him, even shake on IBLEES Allah provides for a bliss also,

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Allahu Akbar, in a narration, we learned that a bliss said that,

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that, yeah, Rob, every creature of yours has its sustenance, and you have a portion for every creature, its sustenance. What is for me? What about me, so at least was told that anything on which My name is not mentioned is for you.

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So when we eat, for example, and we don't say Bismillah, then shaytaan has a share in that. We don't want to do that. We don't want to let shaitan have a share in, in what we are enjoying. So when Allah provides to all of his creatures, why should we despair? And isn't it amazing, it least makes us think that Allah doesn't care about you, he's not going to give you a look at how much he is given to so and so. But you know, because he doesn't like you, this is all false. These are all you know, tricks of shaitan lies of che plan that we must not believe. And Allah subhanaw taala provides for his believing slaves in this life. And also in the next life, He gives them risk and has an

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excellent sustenance, good sustenance. Now, what is our responsibility when it comes to sustenance? First of all, we must put our full and complete faith in Allah subhanaw taala. When it comes to the risk, any we should put the work we should have to work well in Allah, that Allah is the provider. Allah has provided me before. Allah is providing me now. He will provide for me in the future. He provided for my parents, he provides for me he will provide for my children. Put your trust in Allah. Not in your business. Not in your stable job. Not in your parents estate. Not in your investments. No. Put your trust in Allah. Not even in your spouse. Not in their job. No, not in

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

their generosity. No. Put your trust in

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

Allah because Allah Allah is the provider. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if you were to put your trust in Allah, the way that you should, Allah will provide you the way he provides the birds. Look at the birds, they leave their nests in the morning, empty stomach, and they return in the evening with full bellies, doesn't Allah provide for them. So you should also have faith that Allah will provide for you. Now, having faith in Allah, putting your trust in Allah doesn't mean that you just sit at home. Because the birds don't just sit in their nests know they go out. But Allah subhanaw taala provides for them. So likewise, we also have to use the opportunities

00:40:43--> 00:40:56

that Allah provides for us. So for example, an opportunity to work an opportunity to, you know, gain an education so that we can, you know, have, have better employment, you know,

00:40:57--> 00:41:24

submitting your resume here or there. And working hard going for work, having a good work ethic. You know, things like that we must do things in our part, but put your trust in Allah. Don't put your trust in your education and your degree in your job, in your work experience in your work ethic in your resume. No, put your trust in Allah because he is the ultimate provider.

00:41:25--> 00:41:25


00:41:28--> 00:41:36

when you put your trust in Allah this way, then remember that Allah will not forget you, Allah, Allah does not forget you

00:41:37--> 00:42:28

believe with conviction that Allah provides. In a hadith we learned that Allah subhanaw taala says that all my slaves, all of you are lost except for those whom I guide. So seek guidance from me, I will guide you, all my slaves, all of you are hungry except for those whom I feed. So seek food for me, I will feed you, all my slaves all of you are unclothed, except for the ones whom I clothed. So seek clothing from me and I will clothe you, Allahu Akbar. So, any kind of need we have spiritual or food related or clothing related, you know, housing related, means of transportation related, any kind of need, we have, be certain that Allah is able to give it to you, Allah is able to take care

00:42:28--> 00:42:42

of your needs. And to think that the creation provides for you this is complete foolishness, because the creation is not even able to provide for itself. So how can they provide for you?

00:42:43--> 00:42:44


00:42:45--> 00:43:19

if if a person thinks that because that, you know, people or the creation can withhold sustenance from them, this is also a huge mistake. This is a sign of weak faith, any if you get something, you get it because Allah gave it to you. If you if something is prevented from you, then that's because Allah subhanaw taala wanted that for you. He prevented that sustenance from you. Because Allah Allah Mala manera Lima Arteta will are more clear, Lima Narita.

00:43:20--> 00:43:34

Another thing is that when you make dua to Allah, ask with full conviction, any don't don't have any doubt in your heart whatsoever. In a narration, we learn

00:43:36--> 00:44:20

that once the prophet that once there was a guest that came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said and sent word to his family, that you know if there's any food, served this person, but there was no food in any of the houses of the Prophet sallallahu radiocentre So the Prophet sallallahu earlier said and pray Allahumma inni aloo come in from Lika Well, the Hermetica for inner who lay em likova Illa and that, Oh Allah, I ask you of your favor and your mercy, for none owns it except to you. He made this thorough and very soon we learn in Hadith that a gift of cooked meat was brought to him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said This is

00:44:20--> 00:44:48

Allah's favor, and we await His mercy SubhanAllah. So, believe that what you need, whatever need you have, whether it is education, or money for education, or spouse, or a job or children, food, drink, medication, any anything that you are in need of it is with Allah.

00:44:49--> 00:45:00

He is its provider and he is able to give it to you. So ask with full conviction, full conviction. And remind yourself that Maya

00:45:00--> 00:45:27

Students, before even I entered this world was already decreed already written. And another thing is that be pleased with what Allah has decreed for you. Because sometimes, you know, we fall into the mistake of constantly comparing ourselves to others, that Oh, my cousin is a millionaire, so and so has so much money, they have a house here, an apartment there and investment there. And me, I am struggling to make ends meet.

00:45:28--> 00:45:47

And when a person gets into this falls into this trap of comparing themselves with others, then this leads to unhappiness, this leads to discontent, and eventually leads to a person being unhappy with Allah even because

00:45:48--> 00:46:03

a person is desiring what is is with someone else. So don't make this mistake, whatever Allah has given you be content with that. But being content with what Allah has given you, doesn't mean that you don't ask Allah,

00:46:04--> 00:46:33

you have to ask Allah. And remember that Allah will give you what he has decreed for you. And whatever he has decreed for you is best for you. Because he is Jairo rasa teen, he knows what you need, he knows how much to give you. Because you see this in people in sometimes in your own children, that if you give them a little too much, then they tend to take things for granted. They they forget that, you know, they are,

00:46:34--> 00:46:55

you know, privileged. They are they take everything they have for granted. And they start treating you as if you're just their bank account, that they will ignore you. And whenever they want something, then they come to you. And they don't even ask you nicely, they just demand from you, or they don't even ask there's they just take it without permission.

00:46:56--> 00:46:56


00:46:57--> 00:47:38

any, it's it's important that we, you know, have conviction that Allah is able to give, and we believe that whatever he gives me, is best for me, that whatever condition my Lord has kept me in, that is excellent for me. Because it's possible that if Allah gave me more, that would cause me to become sinful, that would cause me to forget him, that would cause me to become wasteful. And we learned in the Quran that those who are wasteful are the brothers of shaitan. You know, for example, when you have

00:47:40--> 00:47:49

a limited amount of money that you designate for groceries, then you buy groceries very carefully, and whatever you bring into your house, you use it.

00:47:50--> 00:48:31

But if you don't have any such budget, then what do you do, you go buy, whatever looks good, whatever looks nice, you just pick it up, and then it sits in the refrigerator. And then after a week, or two weeks or three weeks, whatever, you clean out your fridge, and you throw away half of what you purchased, and you're being wasteful them. So if Allah puts you in a situation where you have to budget your groceries, then in a way that's good for you, because it's protecting you from being wasteful. Maybe you don't have that skill of you know, managing things properly. And Masha Allah, there are other people who are able to manage very, very well they only buy what they need,

00:48:31--> 00:49:17

even when they have a lot of money, they only buy what they need and whatever they buy, they actually use it they don't waste it. So, be content with what Allah has a portion for you. And be certain that you can only get what Allah has written for you. So, seek sustenance, but seek it in a way that is lawful in a way that is permissible without becoming you know, greedy for the world without making the world your ultimate goal and concern. So, adopt moderation in in seeking sustenance. Because some people you know, for example, when they have a good job, a stable job,

00:49:19--> 00:49:57

you know, or or a job through which they make a lot of money, and they want to go further and further. They they work all the time then, you know, in Ramadan in the day in the night. They will not go for throwaway prayer because there are things you know that they want to complete. related to their work, their worship is being compromised. Their family is being neglected, so that they can make more money. Isn't it amazing that a person for example, takes her family on vacation, but half the time more than half the time they're unavailable because they're still working

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

or they come home

00:50:00--> 00:50:50

And they're still unavailable, because they're still working, what's the point of all of that money, if you're not able to enjoy, you know, spending time with your children, because children don't stay little forever. They grow very fast very quickly. So if you don't enjoy those, you know, those years, those early years, and you miss that, because you're just obsessed with working all the time, then, you know, you're, you're, you're missing something so beautiful from your life. You're not enjoying what Allah subhanaw taala has, is giving you so adopt moderation in in seeking sustenance, you know, that will earn a Salam, he was a king. He was a prophet, he was an excellent worshiper,

00:50:50--> 00:51:42

and he will also earn an income with the work of his own hands. And he had a very good balance in his life, where he would, you know, dedicate a day to passing judgment, you know, in his people, and he would take their cases, guide them etc. Another day, he would dedicate just for worship another day he would dedicate for, you know, his his work. So, see what is feasible for you. But remember that, you know, your body has a right over you, your family has a right over you. Your Lord has a right over you. And yes, you also have to make money. So, making money is a part of life. It's not the goal of life. It's not the purpose of life. In fact, the purpose of life is what it is to

00:51:42--> 00:52:01

worship Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala says, that, that I do not want from them, meaning from the people and gin, that they should provide me that they should give me food. No, it is Allah, Who is Allah Zack who is the provider.

00:52:02--> 00:52:24

And in this isn't is an indication that you can if you have the right focus in life, which is to worship Allah, and Allah subhanaw taala, he will provide for you. So yes, you adopt the means to earn sustenance, but don't make earning money, your ultimate goal and concern.

00:52:25--> 00:52:29

It's a part of life, not the ultimate goal of life.

00:52:30--> 00:53:19

And also remember that at times, Allah subhanaw taala, tests his slaves with poverty or with shortage of wealth, shortage of food, and at such times, do not despair, and do not get upset. We learned in a hadith about how the people who were tested the most severely were the prophets of Allah. Right? And then the people of knowledge, and then those who are pious, any people are tested according to the level of their faith, according to their level near Allah. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, any four days in his hole, the oven would not be turned on, the fire would not be lit.

00:53:20--> 00:53:40

And Aisha de la marina, he had one point she mentioned how if they had oil, they wouldn't light candles with it, or, or lamps with it, they would drink it, you need they didn't even have that much oil. And for days, the stove would not be turned on. And

00:53:42--> 00:54:00

if ever they had two meals, only one meal was cooked. The other meal was raw food, which is dates and water. That's it. So be content with what Allah has given you. And don't despair and don't feel,

00:54:02--> 00:54:27

you know, pity for yourself. If Allah subhanaw taala has decided that he should give you limited sustenance in a certain period of your life. Because the prophets of Allah, they also experienced poverty, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi, wa salam, any the best of all creatures Subhanallah he would be hungry for days on end.

00:54:28--> 00:54:35

Any so often, he would wake up in the night and toss and turn out of hunger, out of thirst.

00:54:36--> 00:54:59

This is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So if Allah tested his beloved with hunger, with poverty, and if he decides to put us in the same test, why should we despair? And why should we think that Allah does not like us? Don't ever make this mistake of thinking that if Allah gives me a lot of sustenance, that means that Allah is happy with me and Allah

00:55:00--> 00:55:17

loves me. And if Allah does not give me a lot of sustenance, that means that Allah does not like me know, having sustenance is not a proof of God's love and His approval. Allah gives to all creatures, those whom He loves and also those whom he does not. Those whom He is pleased with and also those He is not pleased with.

00:55:18--> 00:55:32

So be pleased with whatever Allah gives you. And that is better for you than having a lot that that can make you think that Allah is happy with me. And because of that, you end up disobeying Allah.

00:55:35--> 00:56:23

Now remember that there are some things because of which sustenance is increased for, for the slaves of Allah, first and foremost faith and piety. We learned in the Quran, that Whoever fears Allah may yet the Killa or level Maharajah were Zukerman. Hey Juliet later said that whoever fears Allah then Allah creates an exit for him out of his troubles. And Allah provides him from where he does not even imagine from where he does not even expect. Allah tells us in the Quran that if the people of the towns had believed and feared Allah, Allah subhanaw taala would have opened for them blessings coming down on them from the sky and coming to them from the earth. So Iman and Taqwa they are a

00:56:23--> 00:56:36

means of receiving abundance in one's sustenance. And remember, abundance is not just with more quantity, abundance, is also related to contentment.

00:56:37--> 00:57:00

Because you can have a lot you can have your refrigerator full with food. But if you're not Subhanallah, if you're a super picky eater, then it's possible that you don't eat anything of it. You don't want anything of it. And if Allah gives you contentment, and you you eat whatever is available to you,

00:57:01--> 00:57:15

you're not a super picky eater. As long as the food is healthy, it is nutritious, it is safe, it is lawful, it is a you, you eat it, then look at how much sustenance is available to you.

00:57:16--> 00:58:01

Another thing is the fulfillment of obligations when people fulfill their obligations, and we learn that will lower your Zopa, Manisha OB lady herself, and so to note that the people who you know in their trade in their business they don't forget to fulfill their obligations such as prayer and zcat. Allah subhanaw taala provides them so when you fulfill your obligations, Allah will provide for you obedience to Allah. This is also something that brings abundance in provision, leaving sins, it will pay him said that just as adopting Taqwa is a means of acquiring sustenance. Likewise, leaving

00:58:02--> 00:58:20

sins is a way of acquiring sustenance. And at the same time, if a person is not pious, meaning they don't observe the fear of Allah, they don't observe the core of Allah, then they will suffer from hunger and poverty.

00:58:22--> 00:59:01

Another thing is gratitude, because Allah has promised that if you're grateful, I will increase for you. Your blessings, then, Toba and so far, we learn that for all to still fit or become in the who can have a fellow US citizen or early considerado. When you seek forgiveness from Allah, Allah will send down rain from the sky on you in abundance where you did can be unveiling weapony and he will provide you with wealth and children were there under come genetic Allah will make for you orchards where there are local and Hara he will make for you rivers, and he will give you in abundance. When when you seek forgiveness from Allah.

00:59:02--> 00:59:03

Then making

00:59:04--> 00:59:15

then remembering Allah, Allah vicar, especially the spear Subhan Allah who will be handy. This is also a means of receiving more sustenance from Allah.

00:59:16--> 00:59:59

Another thing is hajj and umrah. We learned in Hadith that when a person follows Hajj with another Hajj or Umrah with another umbra, any, they're doing 100 Allah consecutively, then what happens poverty and sins are removed from them, just as impurities are removed from iron and gold and silver. So poverty is removed from a person when they go for Hajj and Umrah likewise, being good to your relatives. slitter to Rahim, staying connected with your family, being good to them, spending on them. You know, this is also something that increases sustenance for a person spending on others. Anyone

01:00:00--> 01:00:16

You spend on those who are with you around you. Those you work with your companions, your friends, your neighbors, your community. When you spend almost pensado says unfair, unfair garlic you spend and I will give you I will spend on you.

01:00:17--> 01:00:45

When you especially look after those who are in need, we learn in Hadith that for in nama tours of Kona, we're doing so Luna below arpha eco, you are given sustenance and you are granted help because of the week among you, meaning when you take care of them, when you honor them, then Allah subhanaw taala will also give you spending on students of knowledge. This is also something that brings a person sustenance from Allah subhanaw taala

01:00:46--> 01:00:54

spending on on, you know spending generously, we learned in a hadith that you know there are some people

01:00:55--> 01:01:43

whom Allah subhanaw taala gives, why because they they give others and if they stop giving others then Allah subhanaw taala will stop giving them Subhanallah any these people are basically a means, just a means. So, you will you will receive more from Allah when you become a means for giving others so be a giver, and Allah will give you another thing is work first thing in the morning because the prophets of Allah who already have sent him prayed for baraka for his oma in, in their early mornings. So when you work at that time, you will have you will receive the door of the prophets of Allah who are in your cinema and Allah will bless you in what He has given you. Another

01:01:43--> 01:01:47

important thing is honesty, honesty, in your

01:01:48--> 01:02:05

you know in your business, in your buying and selling honesty in you know, in your workplace. You know, whatever work you have, however, you need to be honest over there, be honest, and Allah subhanaw taala will give you because of your honesty,

01:02:07--> 01:02:56

then some whenever I say that there are four things that bring risk, these are first of all prayer in the night, secondly, is still far at the time of suhu. Any at the time, before Fajr. Thirdly, giving sadaqa And fourthly, remembering Allah at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day, these four things, bring sustenance to a person, pray in the night, seek forgiveness from Allah before Fajr and continue to give sadaqa and especially remember Allah at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day. Now there are some things because of which people are prevented from sustenance and these are of course sins. When we disobey Allah has an adversity he said a sahab

01:02:56--> 01:03:44

goofy, he will allow you to score on the clouds, by Allah in the clouds is your sustenance, but you are deprived of it, meaning you see the clouds above you, but the rain does not fall alright. Why because of your sins because of your own wrong deeds. So, remember that when we disobey Allah, whether it is in the form of constant backbiting or constantly putting certain people down, alright, whether it is in the form of being consistently ungrateful to our families, whatever it may be, any sins are of many kinds. So, because of these sins, we are deprived of sustenance.

01:03:46--> 01:03:46


01:03:47--> 01:04:19

because of ingratitude, we learned that what a person has also gets ruined, any person is not able to enjoy that a person loses the blessings which they already have, because of their ingratitude. When a person becomes stingy, and they don't spend on themselves, on their family, in the way of Allah, on those around them, a person becomes stingy, selfish, then this also is a means of being deprived of receiving the risk.

01:04:21--> 01:04:25

We also learn that when when, when people

01:04:26--> 01:04:59

you know, kill their children, in the sense that out of fear of poverty, they don't want to, you know, provide for their children. And at the time, you know, earlier at at the time of the Prophet sallallahu, where to send them and even till today, this is common where people will literally, you know, kill a fetus, or, or a child that has just been born because they don't want to have to raise another child. They don't want to have to feed another mouth. This is something that also deprives people of sustenance. Remember that

01:05:00--> 01:05:43

Every creature, every child comes with their own risk. They come with their own risk. So, don't think that because of having children, you will have less or because of having another child, you will have less, no you will have more in fact, because each child brings their own sustenance, Allah subhanaw taala is the provider of you and also your children. So don't become, you know, Stingy over there. Another thing is cutting ties of kinship. This is something that is also a means of that provision of sustenance. And another important thing is begging people.

01:05:45--> 01:05:52

We've learned in our Hadees, that well, if the who are doing Berber must entertain it, further Hala, who are led by Bucklin

01:05:53--> 01:06:00

the slave does not open the door of begging except that ALLAH will open the door of poverty for him.

01:06:01--> 01:06:12

Anyone you spread your hand before the creation that you give me, please give me I beg you, then Allah will put you in poverty.

01:06:13--> 01:06:17

But when you spread your hand before Allah, that he or Allah you provide me

01:06:18--> 01:07:06

Yeah, Allah you give me under hydrolyzate pain, then Allah subhanaw taala will give you and we see this, that when a person begins to think that people provide and so, you look at what they have, you look at the car, they drive, you look at, you know, the money they spend, you look at the house they live in, you look at the kinds of things they buy, and you think that oh, they have a lot, they can give me something and then you start expecting from them and not just expecting you start asking them again and again in one way or another, when you begin to ask people whether openly, directly or indirectly, then Allah will open the door of poverty for you, whether you are the biller, then you

01:07:06--> 01:07:16

will always think that it is people who provide so then you will always be looking at people please give me please give me please give me and you will have low self esteem, you will have low confidence.

01:07:17--> 01:07:35

On the other hand, when you are in need, and you ask Allah, then you will have greater confidence, you will have higher self esteem than you will try you will work and whatever you earn, even when it's little you will be happy, you will be content with it.

01:07:36--> 01:07:51

You will be grateful for it. So, do not make the mistake of becoming dependent on people's charity. No earn with your hard work and whatever you earn.

01:07:52--> 01:08:25

Allah subhanaw taala will bless that for you. You know in a hadith we learned that if a person were to go into a forest and you know or in the in the desert and collect firewood and come and sell that, that is better for him than begging people. Any do anything if you cannot find you know good employment, something that that is you know, suitable for your education, your background, etc.

01:08:26--> 01:08:33

Doesn't matter. Take a step down. Take another step down if you have to, but

01:08:34--> 01:09:29

you know, put in your efforts and seek sustenance with your effort and with your prayers. Do not make the mistake of spreading your hand out before people and begging them Don't Don't Don't put your you know your dependency on the creation because this is a huge mistake. Now some dollars we can make like I mentioned earlier, what is Zuko now we're under Hyrule Rosicky that Oh ALLAH provide us for you are the best off providers. Another thought we can make Allah humo fiddly. What how many? What Dini while Feeny what is zucchini that Oh ALLAH forgive me. Have mercy on me, guide me, give me good health and provide for me what is zucchini? And this dua we learned that whenever you know a

01:09:29--> 01:10:00

person would embrace Islam, the Prophet sallallahu produciton would teach them how to praise Allah. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam would tell them to make this dua and we learn in you know different Hadith about how a man came to the Prophet sallallahu Reyes and I'm asking him, you know, how should I make dua and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him to make the store that a lot more fiddly Allah forgive me, Have mercy on me, grant me health and safety, good health and provide me sustenance. This is something that we're

01:10:00--> 01:10:40

All in NIDA or you can simply say, Allahu Mirzakhani will Allah provide for me? Another thought we should make, especially after fajr every morning Allahumma in the Alucard MNF era, what is completely Heba? Where am Allah Mata Kampala? Oh Allah, I ask you for beneficial knowledge, pure provision and deeds that are accepted. Another drop Allahumma in the Ruby criminal factory will appeal that you are the Letty, what are all the becoming an elderly man Oh learn that Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from poverty. Here Allah protect me from poverty. Protect me from Killer killer shortage.

01:10:42--> 01:11:02

Protect me from that having having a shortage of things that I am in need of within law protect me from humiliation. And I I seek refuge with you from the fact that I should do wrong on someone or that I become a victim of someone else's wrongdoing. And you protect me from

01:11:03--> 01:11:11

another lot we can make La ilaha illa, who were a little Kahal rhombus similarity will argue on our Boehner homeowner Azizullah.

01:11:12--> 01:11:23

We learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say this, either to learn what Amina laid, when he would wake up in the night and toss and turn out of hunger or thirst.

01:11:24--> 01:12:06

And in the night, it happens if you're hungry, you're not able to sleep. If you're thirsty, you're not able to sleep. You get up you wake up, your sleep is disturbed, and you're constantly tossing and turning. So I Chateau de la Morton has said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say this, at that time, that there is no God, worthy of worship, but Allah, the One the victorious Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, the Almighty, they all forgiving. Another out, we can make Allahumma caffine Behala Lika and hello MC, whoa, Nene, be public and see work that Oh Allah, suffice me with what you have allowed, instead of what you have forbidden, and

01:12:06--> 01:12:46

make me independent of all others besides you. Because you see, sometimes a person is tempted to use unlawful means, you know, to use or to use haram means to acquire money or to increase their wealth. You know, for example, you find out someone takes a loan from the bank and an interest based loan from the bank of like 300,000. And then they mortgage your house, and then they sell it after a year, you know, with a huge profit. So they have basically a double their money with no money, you know, they basically earn so much profit. So you're tempted,

01:12:47--> 01:12:58

especially when you see examples like this in your neighborhood, or you see examples like this in your workplace, or for instance, in many places of work, you know,

01:12:59--> 01:13:26

every person will contribute in, in purchasing a lottery ticket every month. You know, this is a practice at many workplaces, where everyone will give $1 or two every month so that they will buy a lottery ticket. Why so that when they win the lottery, then everyone will share in that money. Don't don't fall into that mistake. Ask Allah that Allah Allah suffice me with what you have made lawful for me

01:13:28--> 01:13:31

and protect me from what you have forbidden.

01:13:32--> 01:14:25

And whenever you are tempted, and you see people around you using unlawful means to get rich, fast, you know very rich, they're using lies or or they're using haram, whatever to to make money. Ask Allah Allah you protect me, Allah homak fini. Behala Licorne holonic suffice me with what you have made lawful for me against what you have made unlawful for me and you make me independent of all others besides you. And he let me be dependent on you and you alone. No one else. Another art we should make Allahumma inni Arruda becoming Zool in aromatic weather. How will your fear tick waffle Jaya, Athenian aquatic would you marry so I'll click that Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from the

01:14:25--> 01:14:59

decline of your blessings. You see, sometimes you have certain blessings in your life and you're enjoying them. But you don't know if you're gonna have them forever. You don't know if you're going to have them for long. So for example, your car is is functioning well, perfectly fine. Right? It's possible that it breaks down tomorrow. It's possible that you know within a year or two it's no longer drivable. So yeah, yeah. Rob, I seek your refuge in You protect me from the decline of your blessings and from the

01:15:00--> 01:15:34

change from the removal of the safety that you have given and from the suddenness of your punishment, and from all forms of your wrath yeah Allah you protect me. Another thought we should make Allahumma Vaticana fee what is Zuko now Hi Robin Hood and this especially we should make after eating that he or Allah bless us in this and provide us better than it so there is no harm in seeking what is better, Allah is able to give you what is better than what he has given you now,

01:15:35--> 01:16:21

another thought we should make Allahumma like Al hamdu Allahu Malik Al hamdu Kulu O Allah all praises for you, Allah on my left COVID la Lima but sulfa O Allah, there is no one who can restrict what you can expand any if you make something abundant for me, then no one can limit that abundance. No one can restrict that. Well, I'm Akari by the Mahabharata, no one can bring near what you put far while I'm aware edema corruptor no one can take FAR which you bring close, because sometimes we think that it's because of certain individuals, right that we have money or we don't have money. You know, sometimes there's another person at workplace they get the promotion that you were seeking. So

01:16:21--> 01:17:03

you think that they are the problem. So know if Allah has written something for you, that no one can bring close what Allah puts far no one can put far what Allah brings close. Sometimes you go to the grocery store, you're standing, you know, in a very civilized way waiting for your turn. But before you get you know to the fruit stall, the the watermelon that you had your eyes on is gone. Somebody else took it now you're looking at their cart constantly. Oh, they took what I wanted. No, that was not written for you. It was not decreed for you. No one can put for what Allah brings near and no one can bring near what Allah puts far from you. So don't look at the creation. Don't blame them.

01:17:03--> 01:17:56

But your hope and your trust in Allah. Well, Amara clearly mama Narita wala Malema out later. None can give what you withhold and none can withhold what you give Allahumma absolute Arlene abimbola CATIC What metric will public what is IC, O Allah expand to us from Your blessings and your mercy and your favor and your provision? And he you you expand these for us. You give us a lot of your blessings you will bestow on us a lot of Your Mercy, a lot of your favorites a lot of your sustenance Allahumma inni is a luminary Malmo Keem or Allah I asked you for permanent bliss for permanent enjoyment. Allah De La Jolla, Hulu wala Zulu, which does not change, nor does it go away.

01:17:56--> 01:18:46

It does not decline. You're asking Allah over here for permanent joy, which is the joy of paradise. Because the enjoyment of this world eventually comes to an end. But the enjoyment of the Hereafter that will never come to an end Allahumma in the SLO Canary my yelman or ala T will unknown will help. Oh ALLAH ask you for your favor, for blessings for happiness for joy on the day of poverty. And the day of utter poverty is also the day of judgment, because their money will not help. So you're asking Allah for, for richness on that day for blessings on that day, for security on the day of war, meaning in the world, when there is war, or there's fear, you're Allah, You grant us

01:18:47--> 01:19:31

security, then Allah humara, even bigger Minsu in our Python, we shall remember in our time in, although we seek refuge in You from the evil of what you have given us, and the evil of what you have prevented from us Subhanallah and he sometimes there are certain blessings that we have been given, but there are certain evil attached with them. So it's, we shouldn't just be eager to have more sustenance, we should be eager that it should be good for us and anything evil or harmful or dangerous that is with it. We should ask Allah to protect us from that. Another thought we can make Aloma in the LUCA Furnell hierarchy, what are called non covered where herbal Messiah King. What is

01:19:31--> 01:19:59

Delphi rally? What are happening? Well either our defeats not a calming fatawa funny layer of tune in as a Luca Hogback we're humbled by your book, we're herbaria millennial caribou Illa Herbig. Remember that love is also a form of sustenance, right? The love for for doing certain good good deeds, the love of people, that is also sustenance, friendship is sustenance. So here, we're praying to Allah that Oh ALLAH

01:20:00--> 01:20:01

I asked you

01:20:02--> 01:20:36

for the ability to do good deeds, the ability to avoid evil deeds. Give me the love of the poor. And forgive me and have mercy upon me. And when you have, and when you have willed fitna in the people, meaning to test them in a certain way, then take me without testing me. And he protect me from the Tribulation. And I asked you for your love, the love of whomever you love, and the love of the deeds that bring one nearer to your love.

01:20:37--> 01:21:33

And if we have this in our lives, where we, where our heart is content and satisfied and satiated with the love of Allah, and the love of doing things that Allah loves, and the love of people whom Allah loves, then this is the most satisfying thing in our lives. I'm telling you, money, good food, yes, it brings some kind of satisfaction, but not ultimate satisfaction. That satisfaction comes from the love of Allah, the love of the right people, the love of doing things that bring a person the love of Allah. So ask Allah for the most excellent sustenance, the sustenance of your heart, not just of your body, and also Allahumma in the alchemy in public, well, I have medic for in the hula

01:21:33--> 01:22:11

Yong likova. illa Anta Oh Allah, I ask you have your favor, and your mercy for none owns it except you. When you see that your pockets are empty. When you see that you don't know how you're going to take care of your needs your family. Remember that Allah's treasures are vast, he owns everything. And he has the ability to give you what you are in need of. So call upon him with faith with conviction and have the intention to use the blessings that Allah gives you the sustenance that he gives you in ways that are pleasing to Him.

01:22:12--> 01:22:22

In Sharla, we will conclude over here, subclinical Lahoma will be handed a shadow a la ilaha. illa Anta as the Hirokawa tupu lake was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh