Mohamad Baajour – 6 Phases of Shaytaan to Destroy the Son of Adam

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The shaping of Islam is a complex process that involves following the Bible and following user's actions to avoid major sins. The segment discusses the history and importance of shaping behavior to fit in with others, including a video game where one person tries to play. A woman causes a fight over illegal activities, but the segment also touches on the causes of major sins through shaping behavior.
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Allah subhanaw taala said in Surah tauter in a shaitana can Allah comedone for Turkey through Adwa

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the shaytaan is your enemy, so treat him as one. Treat him as your enemy. In no time, Rahim Allah, he said and I Please lend me your ears because it's very important especially for my younger brothers and sisters.

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And they'll call him Rahim. Allah said, the shaitan

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comes to us

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in six different phases.

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In six phases. When one phase fails, he moves to the second

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and he never gives up. He keeps trying. He is our enemy like Allah said. So the first thing he tries is for me and you to commit shirk.

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That's his first attempt.

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Commit shirk, he comes to our younger brothers and sisters. What is this Islam?

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five daily prayers, fasting.

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Charities doing this doing that. It's like,

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constant work. Look at the Christians look at the Jews. Beautiful. Look at them having so much fun. Look at you go once a week, Jesus died for your sins. Leave this team, leave it.

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This is the first face or he comes to a Muslim, practicing Muslim. And he tells them go to the grave. Go to the people of the graves and ask them for help make tawaf around the grave. This person used to be a righteous man. Ask him just like he used to ask him when he was alive. Now he's dead. Go and ask him. What's the big deal? Allah said, Maryam lacuna, mean cashmere.

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They do not you know is telling the brothers today. You know the date. Inside the date there is a pit on the pit. You know that small tissue?

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Allah said, those people you're calling they do not own that small tissue. Well, oh, send me an O Mr. Jabu look come they're not gonna hear you. But if I made them hear you, they're not gonna answer you.

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Were human Kiana. And on the Day of Judgment, yuck for Runa be shell kickin, they would say our mother would Mushrikeen I have nothing to do with them. I did not tell them come to the grave.

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So and so blessed me with a baby boy yeah. So and So cure my daughter. I did not tell them to do that. So he comes first, leave the dean. If not, then he starts telling you to do should key things go to the fortune teller. This is something that we take it very lightly. When you go to a fortune teller, what happens?

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What happens? Rasul Allah says seldom said, if you're just going there, like you know, sometimes people go

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for a vacation and they see a hand on the on the window. Right? And they say to each other. You know what, guys, let's go inside. Listen to what she has to say. We're not going to believe her. We know this is all fake Habibi when you go inside. And you're not going to believe her 40 days or so much, Isilon said, your Salah is not accepted.

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And what happened if you believed her

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saccade cafetera, the man on Xena, Allah Muhammad, left Islam.

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So he comes to shaytaan first with shook. And if he got the person to commit shock, he goes, and he leaves them alone and rest. Now, all of us Al Hamdulillah, we're not going to go into this. So he comes to the next level. Next faith. And believe it or not, the next phase is not major sins. That's the third phase. The next phase is he convinced him to commit a bit.

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Start a bit that in the community.

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When you start a bit

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What are you doing? You think you're doing something great, right? Not only you think you're doing something great, you're inviting others to do it with you. And the shaytaan loves the Buddha more than the major sin. Why? Because the major sin when I drink alcohol, I know that I'm committing a major sin and I'm going to repent but the bit after we finished some out we all shake our head and we started dancing Allah Hey, Allah, hey, everybody's mentioning Allah younger Yasha bed. What's wrong with that? How can I return from I'm saying Allah, how can I return from this?

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So he loves the beta.

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He pushed to do a bit and start the beta and spread the beta and sounds so beautiful. And everybody follows. He loves it. If he comes to people like us, no shirt, no but then he comes and push them to do a major sin.

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have an affair go into Riba.

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All those major sins. You know, you have donated so much money. If you

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drink a little bit of alcohol or you buy $1 Just $1 lottery

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and all those sins that you all the things that you have done so good they're gonna, because of this is gonna be gone. What's the big deal after you finish the sin? Go and make a stepfather

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go make us the far ALLAH forgive and he gives you an idea.

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When a young girl by law longer, it's no big deal.

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No shirk. No but I know major sin. He's not going to touch me. Then he comes to the fourth phase, doing a lot of minor sins.

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That's a big deal. It's a small thing. You know how this is spinal? It's she's like my sister.

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She's like my sister and start joking with the girl in the office. And you know, we're only having fun. And she's like my sister.

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My brother, the only woman that's like your sister is your sister.

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That's the only one that's like your sister.

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They start like this minor sin. I didn't do anything. I'm just joking around. Next step. Let's go have some coffee. We're going to discuss business or some students or we're going to discuss some Hadith I want to check with you some Hadith. Let's go to Starbucks discuss a hadith alone and have some mocha. And then one thing after the other it goes to the major sin so he keeps whispering until you do a lot of minor sins. He cannot touch me with the minor sins no way no how. No shirk no but there are no major sins no minor sins. Then he comes

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from then he comes and encouraged me to do a lot excessive Huddleston, things my bad things. Playing basketball playing soccer is halal. Nothing wrong with it. Keep playing. Keep playing come to our young people. They play Salah has gone right? They playing video game my video game brothers. I'm not gonna ask you to raise your hand.

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You playing video game Halal Halal video game safe video game? Half an hour 45 minutes, Mama come to dinner mama come help me. Leave me alone. You see that Halal thing let him to haram because this obeying the parents is haram. You see, do a lot of this is nothing. What are you doing? You're playing soccer. Soccer is halal. You're not doing anything. Do a lot of that.

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After he comes to this and he finds out that you know what, this guy is organized. You have time for this time for this time for that. I cannot even get to him. He comes to the sixth.

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He never gives up what is the sixth one.

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He will convince you to do less rewarding things than more rewarding.

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For example,

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alarm went off for Fisher I'm opening the door and I'm gonna go to pray with the Jamar

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wake up your wife pray together at home mashallah Euro from the people of fishers. You know how many people miss Fisher? When you want to go to the masjid? buy shoes there and he's gonna start telling you this and don't go to the masjid. Pray at home. play at home. hamdulillah you're praying many people don't even pray.

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Allah You're right. Yeah, wake up. Let's pray here. Right Subhanallah I know a lot of brothers are shaking.

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He came to me on the sixth one Subhanallah he never gives up we are sitting in a halacha right Halaqaat Rasul Allah says Allah and said, angels surrounding you Sakina descends upon you. Tranquility descend upon you. Allah mentions your name. He doesn't forget about the Halacha sit down to read Quran. Quran, you have to you have to finish the school and today, Freedom Quran is excellent. But which one is better?

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Because the Halacha Rasulullah says salam said, Oh, get up after the Halacha like, like we're doing right now. As soon as I said at the end of the gathering, you will be told get up. All your sins are forgiven, and all your evil deeds are switched into good deeds. And he convinced him to go and sit alone or leave stand outside in the parking lot and talk talk and miss something like so valuable. So the point is that when you know when you hire somebody, you ask him how many years of experience do you have 2030 4050 years of experience? The Shaitan have, since the day of Adam experience,

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hundreds and unknown many 1000s of years of experience in deviating people. So we have to counter attack. How do we counter attack by constantly

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remembering Allah by constantly being in the masjid and listening to those short KOTTARAS that will enforce us or bring us close to Allah. May Allah keep the shaitan away from us and keep the sheltering away from our children and from our families and our community. May Allah keep the shouting of jinn and the humans from our community and Zakon located

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in mostly me now almost Lima T one meaning Mina team one quantity now I look on it, the more slowly been I was finding Ponte wants to Song DD no a Slavia rod Do you want to follow Sherry You know, wonderful she

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wouldn't call Shireen I want to call she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was on all evening I was all in

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when you have you Lena photo gentleman wasn't happy about it. Was that good enough?

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What's going on? I don't

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What Angela nauseam

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