Nadim Bashir – Hadith of the Day #08 – Thanking People, Especially our First Responders

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The importance of thanking people for their actions and actions in general is emphasized, including showing gratitude towards others through actions and words. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing gratitude towards others through actions and words, as it is essential to appreciate them and not just for personal reasons. The speaker also thanks people for their contributions to the fight against COVID-19 and gives a brief recap of the pandemic, thanking everyone for their contributions and reminding doctors and nurses who have passed away. The speaker encourages people to show gratitude towards those who played a role in their lives and send a thank you note.
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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome to another segment of Hadith of the day, where we take a quote of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we explore, expand upon it and learn its implications in our current context. Today I want to share with you a very, very beloved Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a hadith that I think you and I, especially in these days, should really take to heart. And before I go any further in this talk, I do want to mention that Please do stay till the end of the talk because I have a very important thing I want to say for all of our first responders around the world. The hadith I want to share it with you today is a Hadith

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Narrated by Abu Hurayrah Ravi Allah Quran who, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and this is a Hadith mentioned in Abu Dawood, where he says it has Salam lair, yes, Guru la mala Yash korunas that he has not thanked Allah subhanho wa taala, who has not thanked people meaning that a person who is not a person has not thanked Allah subhanaw taala who has not thanked people, so Allah Subhana Allah so here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that if a person does not have this ability, or this nature of appreciating and saying thank you, or does akmola hate to other people who have done something good for them, then eventually they will not have this

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ability to think Allah subhanho wa taala, they will not think Allah subhanho wa taala. Now on the flip side, the other way is also very valid to look at this hadith, where a person who does not think Allah, He cannot appreciate and think other people too. So when we talk about sugar to begin with, we usually talk about it in the context of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah has given us so many blessings and so many near misses. For example, Allah says in the Quran, we're in terror dunya met Allah healer to sue her. If you were to count all the blessings or Annette or to create an attempt or make an attempt to, to count the blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala, you will not be

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able to do so what Allah subhanaw taala wants us to do is to appreciate him. And that's why Allah says in that same idea in Santa love or lumen kuffaar Like, you know, when we talk about sugar in the content in the context of being thankful, but in that same context, if you see the word Cofer now a lot of times we think Cofer means disbelief, and it does. But when you see the word Cofer in the Quran, in the same area or in the same context of the word Shaka, then journey that means that you are ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa taala. That's why Allah says that if you try to count the blessings of Allah, you will not be able to. And then he says that very the human being is he's

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usually in the state where he is an oppressor. He does not appreciate and also he rejects and he does not appreciate what Allah subhanaw taala has given him. So this is why it's very, very important to think Allah subhanho wa Taala Surah Rahman is a Surah where Allah subhana wa Taala wants us to reflect upon where he keeps on saying for be a Euro become Africa, the band, The Witcher, the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala will you reject. And the whole idea is, once again, Allah wants us to understand his blessings. And he wants us to be thankful to him now. But going back to this hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he talks about the importance of

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appreciating other people see, once again, if a person cannot and he does not have the ability to appreciate people, eventually he will not appreciate Allah subhanho wa taala. Anyone who does not appreciate Allah, He will not appreciate people mean that if it's not in your nature to appreciate anyone, and you simply want everyone to do things for you, and you don't care about how they feel. But on the other hand, you are always looking for other people to appreciate you, then this is not what we find in the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet Adi son was always the very first person to appreciate other people. So this is why it's very important that we learn

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how to say at least thank you to other someone else. Now, even a you mentioned that there are three different conditions of showing our gratitude, gratitude to Allah or to people in general, the very first way that we can do that is to our actions. Another way is that we can do we can show our gratitude through our verbal use of words. And the third way is to our heart. So once again, is that imagine if you don't want to show your gratitude. Let's just say you have an employee, and you want to show him that you know, he's done such a great job. And you go to him and you say

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He, you know what, thank you so much. Now, verbally you have express your gratitude. But since this is your style of showing him your gratitude, that person can see your employer, your employee can see right away that even though you have done it verbally, but your heart was on Intuit, it was like as if you were stepping on your heart and doing something so against her nature, and thinking someone that instead of that person, instead of that employee, taking that as a gratitude, he's going to be even more offended, he's going to be even more hurt. So this is why it's always very important that we show our gratitude to people verbally, through our actions and with our full

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heart. I want to give you an example of this. Go back to the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and how you would treat first of all the the friends and the their relatives and the founding members of Hadith Rhodiola Tirana. First of all, let's actually talk about who Khadija was. Her teacher was the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as one time I shall be allowed that on her. She even asked the Prophet SAW Allah Salam about Hadiya because I just says that there was only one person I was jealous about. And that was Hadith God Allah Tirana, because as soon as the name and the mention of Hadiya will come, the province of Sun will change. And you can

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see that in his tone, you can see that in his actions. And this is why one time when I Isha asked, the Prophet SAW Allah Azza about a hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that she was a woman that she believed in me when everyone rejected my message. She gave me that confidence. She was the one who consoled me. And she was always there as internal support photos, who also Allahu alayhi wa sallam, every time every day when the Prophet alayhi salam will come back after giving Dawa all day long and dealing with the foolishness and the ignorance of the Quraysh. And when the person would come back home and he was almost like, you know, like in terms of a spirit, he was like

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Hadiya was the one who always consoled the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she always gave that comfort to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, And subhanAllah the one thing that we learned also about Khadija was that never in her life did she ever say to the Prophet, that I've done so much for you, like even when it came to his finances, the province was taken care of by Khadija in that case, but never did Khadija ever say, I've done so much for you. And this is why and this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam throughout his entire life as long as he lived on he always showed that gratitude to Hadith, viola, Tirana, how by treating her friends well, like

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whenever he was sacrifice an animal he was sent her family members or friends some part and some portion of that animal whenever the sister of IJA would come and she was simply just knock on the door that's a just knock on the door because she would knock like Khadija that's why the Prophet saw some he will get excited and he knew that Khadija is gone, he knew that. But this is the sister of Khadija, Ravi Allah Quran ha and the person would get up from his place. And this was him showing that gratitude and that think that you know, the thinking ability to Hadith even though she's not alive. But this is how the person he was showing his gratitude towards her. This is his way of

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thinking of saying thank you, to her. So this is why it's very important that we always learn how to show our gratitude towards other people. Now, having said that, I want you all to take this as an action item for yourself. First of all, is that I want you to remember every single person who played a role in your life to make you who you are today. Think about every single person starting from your parents, your siblings, your teachers, think about everyone who played a role in your life, and they made you who you are today. And make dua for them. Say thank you to them, you know Subhanallah first of all, when it comes to our parents always say thank you to our parents. And I

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say thank you to all the parents out there. That you know being a parent is not easy. It takes a lot of you know, sacrifice, it takes a lot of dedication, commitment. And to all the parents out there especially in these days, when you are at home 24/7 with your children. And you know, all parents they need a sometimes a break from their own children. But we are in the situation where we are. Always say thank you to your parents. Look, you know, a lot of times, especially when it comes to teenage teenagers and so forth. You know, we feel like that we know everything. We may feel like that. We know what's better for ourselves, and we don't realize how much it takes to be a parent. So

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always cut your parents some slack. Always try to be gentle with your parents and always to your parents. Say thank you to you

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For parents, to our teachers, I want to say thank you, all of our teachers who have taught our children, whether today. Now, you know whether today in the past in the future, you know, nowadays, especially when our children are at home, and we have to homeschool them. Now we're starting to realize how much does it take to be a teacher, to all of our teachers around the world, I say thank you to, you know, our family members always think our family members, our our wife, our husband, our children, always thank them for everything they do. Yes, we all have deficiencies, we all have weaknesses. But once again, look aside and put those differences or those weaknesses aside, look at

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the positive, and always say thank you to each other. And once again, we have learned how to appreciate other people in every other person who does exist. And not only that, especially in light of this pandemic that we're going through, I want to simply from my own heart, I want to say thank you to several people, first of all, is to our clergy, members of all different faiths. These are times that are very difficult, that you have to lead the entire community, you are under immense amount of pressure, you have to always make the right decision. And sometimes making the right decision is not the easiest thing. But you do that because you are a leader and you are going

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through some challenges at that time. To all of our clergy members across the world, it does not matter what religion you belong to thank you for what you do. You are You know, you are going through some struggles to every single city official who is meeting day and night, making difficult decisions for their citizens. And for the people living in their city or in their county, I say thank you, because you are making difficult decisions and you're putting, you know, you're taking time away from your family, to make decisions for your for your city members. So thank you to all those who are donating in times of these in times of difficulty, and they are tiny, and there are

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people who are going through hardship and they are still donating and they're still giving and charity. Thank you. And there are people who are also they live in prosperity. They have been they have been given and blessed by Allah subhanho wa taala. And if you're giving, I say thank you to you. I also want to thank every person who is delivering aid to people who are in need, there are so many people who are at home, we have our elderly, our sick. And there are people who are putting their life on the line. And they are you know, they're going outside. And they're working hard just to ensure that aid and supplies, basic Daily Necessity supplies are delivered to their homes, it

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does not matter what organization it is, I just want to say thank you. And may Allah subhanaw taala bless you. And finally, to our first responders. You know, usually when we talk about first responders, it is like you know, the the emergency medical services.

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And not only that, we were talking about police officers, we're talking about firefighters, we're talking about paramedics, and so forth. They are usually the first responders. So thank you to them, no doubt. But I want to give a very big thank you. Finally, to all of our doctors and nurses, you are nowadays putting your life on the line, you're working, you know, hours and hours on end, you're working with a shortage of medical gear and medical supplies. You know, there's a shortage of beds. And there are so many odds that you are overcoming, I just want to say to you all doctors and nurses who are battling this pandemic, and this virus, thank you so much, you are doing something that only

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Allah can repay you. And not only that, but I've seen stories where doctors and nurses are not just going to the hospital go into the hospitals and working hard. But it's sad to see cases that they when they come back home, they cannot even unite with their families, they have to live in a separate place inside the house. I've seen videos where they cannot even hug their own children, which really, it breaks my heart. But all these doctors are doing whatever they can to help save lives. And for that I say thank you to all those doctors who have come out of retirement and understanding the situation at hand and putting your life on the line. knowing very well what our

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medic or what our American medical infrastructure is or wherever you may be around the world. You understand the situation you know that when you go in you can also be infected. And there are people who have passed away and you are putting your life on the line. Finally, I want to say to all those people, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don't know what else to say to you.

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Um, this is a big thank you from my heart. And I'm sure that all of you please, if you're watching this video, do also send a thank you note to other people too.

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And once again, the Prophet saw some has taught us to the to do this. And the Hadith once again, he says a nurse, thanking people he never mentioned anything about religion, he just said, think other people. And you know, lastly, I will say this, how many of us we all love when someone comes to us and say thank you. So if we love the fact that someone comes to us and appreciates us for our efforts, that how much would they like if we were to appreciate them? So to everyone who is contributing and helping out in any capacity to everyone once again, thank you does that Kamala had a salam Wa alaykum warahmatullahi brachetto

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was Eileen

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