Nadim Bashir – Hadith of the Day #09 – Racism

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallim emphasized certain things in his life, including the use of "has been" in Arabic language and the importance of not being considered "immigrant." He also emphasized respect towards others, not just one specific culture, and emphasized the need to have a commitment and work with others in order to deliver aid and achieve Islam's best form. racism is a problem for everyone, and people have learned to be respectful towards others.
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Somebody come up to law your broker to welcome to another segment of Hadith of the day, where we take a quote of Rasulullah sallallahu ala he was sending them, and we learned from it and we expand upon it in our current context.

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One of the things that we learn from the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that there's a lot of things that he taught in his initial days. And the things that we learned from the life of the prophet saw Selim in his final days are very important. Because what the prophet some understands is that his time is about to come to an end. And there were things that the problem he saw in his life, that worse were indications that his time in his dunya is about to come to an end, for example, we know that when the surah either Jaya and us Allah, He will fight. So the Nasser was revealed. This was an indication to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he understands this.

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However, he's a human being at the end of the day, he does not know exactly when the time is for him to leave this dunya. But there were indications. So keeping that in mind, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam began to emphasize on certain things. Like for example, the Hadith I want to share with you today is one of those a hadith that he would emphasize on this concept before he departed from this world. There's a hadith Narrated by Abu Nadra, or the Allah that I mentioned in most of the Ahmed where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Yeah, are you a nurse? So this is the province of salaam not addressing only the Muslim community. He's addressing the entire world

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here. He's addressing everyone here. He says, Allah in Rob back home wa hide. You may believe in what you believe in. But the reality is, that your Lord is only one Lord. There's only one Allah subhanho wa taala. For every for everyone, and for the entire mankind, no matter what they believe in this is the reality. Second thing is what in

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our head, and your father is one and that is who Adam alayhis salam means that we all come from Adam Alayhis Salam, yes, we have different connections. We come from different ethnicities, different backgrounds, different cultures, different races, and so forth. But we all go back to one father, and that was Adam it has since then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he wants to understand or explain to us something very important when it comes to our deen, something that will keep our Ummah united, something that will not create a hierarchy in our deen and so forth. And that's why the Prophet saw some he says, hola, hola, focali, our OB GYN IgM en one early arginine Allah Arabi

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and wallah Ali Amara, either Assad water as well

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Allah Muhammad Elizabeth Toccoa, a beloved to Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam he goes on to say that there is no superiority, there is no superiority Lotfollah completely and not only that, but in the Arabic language when you have less if you're an Arabic student you understand what I'm talking about. This Cutler is called like Lana fuel Jen's love formula like meaning that there is absolutely no superiority none whatsoever on the basis of race. So he says, There is no superiority of an Arab over a an IgM. And I jumped, by the way a lot in the times of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one is called an Arab. And one anyone who is not considered as an Arab was considered as an

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eye Jimmy, it is not considered as a derogatory term term, it was just considered it was just a title in a word, referring to someone who is considered as a non Arab. So that's why you probably saw him he says that there is no superiority of an Arab over an IgM or a foreigner, neither a foreigner over an Arab and neither white over white skin over black skin and black skin over white skin mean that there is no superiority when it comes to the basis of your the color of your skin. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says the only superiority that does exist is in regards to righteousness. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he has he was talking to the

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Sahaba and he says, Have I not delivered the message? And of course, it's a holler rodeoed on whom they said yes, you have delivered the message. Now. This is the Hadith the Prophet SAW sometimes mentioned most of the Ahmed however, there are some other Hadith such as in the Farewell Sermon of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he again reiterated this fact, he again, re emphasize on this, that there is no superiority of an Arab over an item or an item over an Arab and you can there's no superiority based on the color of your skin and so forth. And so there he also asked us to harbor at the end of his hotbar Have I not conveyed to you the message and the Sahaba they said,

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Oh prophet of Allah, you have truly conveyed the message. Now, this hadith I shared with you earlier, the hadith of Abu another offer Musa Ahmed Abu another mentions that this happened actually on the second day of the shriek. So as you all know that there is something called a year and with the three of the days after Eid, and those are the days where we say, you know, like this is especially related to either Ahana either fettered by either AHA that happens in the hijab. And we recite, you know, the rugby right after the Salawat, and so forth. So and these are the days where we sacrifice animals. So these are the days of the shooting. And these are days also the, what we

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learned from our prophets, Allah Salam that we don't fast in these days. So nonetheless, on the second day of the ship, the Prophet SAW Allah some he mentioned this hadith. He mentioned this hadith and this is mentioned by Abu Nadra the Yola time. Now, first thing is that when we look at the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is something that the Prophet Allah has some he really emphasized in his life, that amongst all his Sahaba amongst all his Sahaba, you had some who were out of you as some who are Agim, you had some who were from that place, you had some who were from, from other places, but there was never a Sahabi Rhodiola Quran and this is one of the

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most beautiful things. I mean, every time I talk about this, it just brings me more it creates more love in my heart for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that no matter how many Sahaba they were, they were, they were locals or foreigners. Every Sahabi thought that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved them the most. Like, just let us settle in and let that you know, sit into your heart for a second, just think about this. How many Sahaba were there? There were in the 1000s. And yet, no Sahabi ever felt that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has treated me any different than anyone else. Today we have few children and our children, they always you'll find a situation that

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some children feel that I do not get the equal amount of attention from our parents. Even in a workplace employees would feel that our employer shows favoritism to someone else. We as human beings, we have this flaw that is so hard for us to establish that equality and the equal amount of attention to everyone. Promise Allahu Allah was sent out. Amazingly he did that. Like never do we find any of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ever complaining that he did not show give me enough affection or enough attention. So first of all, is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he came when it came to treating people

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In general, he gave everyone their their due. And never once again did anyone felt like the possum did not take care of me or he never, he never looked after me or he never, he always neglected me there was no one who felt that way. At the same time, the foreigners who were the items who are in the company as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophet Allah has always made them feel that they are part of everyone else. I don't want to go into the story of Salman al Farsi or the Allah Quran but go back and study his his story and how he came and he joined the community of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. There Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is teaching us

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something very important and something very valuable from his story. The Prophet Allah is some got everyone together in the community to purchase the freedom of summer festival the logline, here, the Prophet alayhi salam is going out of his way. He's bringing everyone together to seek the freedom of the person who's ever considered as an Arab. The problem is somebody's teaching us a very valuable lesson. Everyone is part of your community. There is no one who can say I am better than anyone else because of my race because of my color because of my ethnicity. We all are equal in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala when it came to Billetto, the Allah Quran

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on the day of Fatima QCCA on the day of the conquest of Mecca. Here on one hand, you have some of the leaders of the Quraysh, who are still alive till then. And they remember Bilal, they remember his status in Makkah. They remember the days when he was treated like a slave, and how he was dragged in the streets and Macau. But today the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of Fatah Maka, he gives Bilal a very honorable position. I want you to call out the Yvan. And when he calls out the Athan here you have someone who was degraded in society initially, but the Prophet SAW Selim, when he came into Islam to pass on he elevated him, he made him feel that everyone is part of

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the community. And this was the way the Prophet saw some he showed that there is no one who has superiority over a real anyone else, just because simply they are Arab, or they are a foreigner, going back to the story of someone or Farsi, or the Ultra. And we also learned that when it came to the Battle of trenches, the person he consulted with everyone, and when he heard someone or Farsi suggestion, and he would say that in Persia, this is how we would do things, we would dig trenches the problem, he loved that idea. He never said that you know what the idea is good. But because you are a foreigner, I'm not going to take your opinion. Now the problem, he showed that honor, and that

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dignity and respect to someone or Farsi, and he liked the opinion, he never took his opinion, because he was a Persian, by the way, he simply took that opinion, because he thought that this was a good tactic to apply to defend ourselves. So nonetheless, we learned for the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that there was never ever a situation where he would give preference to an ARB over an IgM, or an IgM over the Arab. The second thing that we learned is that whenever there were situations, when the Prophet saw some would come to know about that some of the Sahaba, they would sometimes, you know, do things that the probability some would label them as an active J

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Helia. Like a times when there was a hint of racism that may come out there, Paulson would refer to as an act of Jackie Lea. And as we all know, acts of Jackie Lea, it destroys a community. Brothers and sisters, I want you to think about this. You know, when we talk about racism, when we talk about those things that divides our community, it's not theological differences that destroys our community, there's always been theological differences. And people have always learned how to be respectful towards one another. Now, there are some people who are not respectful, but it was respectful. But overall, we have learned that we need to be respectful towards other faiths and so

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forth. The problem comes in when there is racism, when I feel that I am better than someone else because of my creation, because of my, my, the color of my skin because of the way I look or the peekers the way I speak or the language I speak and so forth. Go back to the story of Shavon when initially shaytaan he rejected the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala to make sudo to Adam Alayhis Salam, at that time, Allah subhanho wa Taala it was not the act of not making sujood or the act of rejection that made Allah subhanho wa Taala have said it was his it was his comment. It was his response. When Allah subhanho wa taala. He says, Why did you not do this? Okay. Why did you not make

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sense to either Maliki Salaam and his response is what angered Allah subhanho wa Taala he says on a higher Omen, I'm better than him. Why am I better than him? halacha 20 Min narwhal Lakota human clean. You created me from fire and you created him from there.

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I am better than him because of my creation and that is what Allah subhanaw taala was upset about. So that's why it's very important that we understand that if there's anything that we can gain superiority upon anyone else, it is our Amahl the Prophet SAW Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran says yeah, uh you Hannah's once again this Hadith also said, yeah your nurse the eye of the Quran also says yeah your nurse in Kalapana coming decade you will own what your Allah commercial Ruben Wakaba Elita RFO in a chroma coma in the loggie at core come If there is one, if there is a measuring stick that you want to use, if there is something that you want to measure your

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superiority, do it on the basis of Taqwa. Now, the last thing I do want to mention is that we also learn from our deen that when it comes to others when it comes to doing good, okay, when it comes to contributing to others, when it comes to benefiting our society, when it comes to helping others, we remember brothers and sisters, you don't have to belong to a certain race, or you don't have to be a certain color. Or you don't have to speak a certain language to do something good. There's always something good that you can do. The reason I say this is because many people they actually believe that if I'm not of this culture, if I'm not part of this race, then I cannot contribute. First of

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all, is that the province has some once again he talks about Yeah, you are nuts. Oh people. Now when we talk about old people, today, in our society, we have so many people who are doing good. I've heard Muslims at times judging other people based on their religion. Yeah, this person he does really good or she does really good, but because they're not really close to Allah subhana wa Tada. They're not a believer and Allah, or they may be a Muslim, but they'd not they're not adhering to all of their religious teachings, I'm learning to completely negate the good that they're doing. Don't ever do that. This is sort of looking down upon them simply because you feel like you are

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better than them. If someone is doing good, appreciate them for that. If someone is doing good, you know, be part of that do not look at someone's ethnicity or someone's color or someone's religion, and then decide if I want to be with them or not. And this is why you know, subhanAllah there are many countries where Muslims are working alongside with other faith based communities and they're achieving good things. And that's something that we learn from our deen and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The Prophet saw some he worked initially with the Jewish community. It was the Jewish community later on that day, violate the terms of the medina charter in the medina agreement.

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And that's why they were asked to leave. But otherwise the problem he was working with other faith based community, there's nothing wrong in working with faith based communities. At the same time, when we study our own Deen, when we study our own rich history, what do we learn? We learn that, that the all the contribution today that we see in terms of the Quran, in terms of Hadith, in terms of or normal Islamia, in terms of Fick in terms of difficile, in terms of Arpita in terms of so many other different Islamic sciences that do exist

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when it comes to science and so forth. Not every single one was an auto. Not every single one was Arab. Not every single one was an item. You studied the Sahara citta Imam Bukhari Imam, Muslim imam, autonomy the Buddha would even imagine and so forth. All these Allah ma, all these Maha detune they will not necessarily autumn you know, when you study other scholars such as even a CD in PA uz Imam Al Ghazali Rahmatullah Allah, they will not necessarily Arab. So likewise there is you don't have to be a certain race, to do something good. You can be of any race you can be either honorable, you can be iGEM and you can do something good, you can always contribute to, you can always contribute in

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any capacity. So always remember that you don't in order to do something good, you need to have drive you to have passion, you have commitment, and Subhanallah we look at our Allama They came from different places from various places, but till today, we are reading their books of Hadith. Till today we are referring to their books to understand the Quran. Till today we are referring to their books to to gain a better understanding of our deen. So when it comes to doing good when it comes to doing good, you don't have to necessarily look at the other person and judge their work, judge their work based on their color or their ethnicity or their religion. So having said that, Inshallah, I

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want to conclude by saying that, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to give us a better understanding of this

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I ask Allah subhana wa Tada that in times like these may Allah subhanho wa Taala not, you know, put us in a bubble where we only have a one set mind, but rather work with everyone else, especially in these kinds of times work with, you know your other faith based communities if you can, to deliver aid and so forth. But the most important thing from this hadith is that once again, there is no superiority based on race. Racism is something that was abolished by Islam. We are supposed to completely negate this idea. We are no one is better than anyone else. And unless we have Toccoa The only thing that will make us appear is our taqwa and only Allah subhanaw taala will decide who is

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better than someone else. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us and to give us ability to add and implement the purest form of Islam in our life. If we have any of these kinds of thoughts, ask Allah subhanaw taala to remove these kinds of thoughts from our mind. I mean noble Allah mean, does akmola Hyatt Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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in Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning Mina on et now I looked on it that he was loading Pina was on the bond he was long Dino was Slavia rod Do you want to follow Sherry You know wonderful she

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wouldn't call she mean I want to call she I think one down one BP now one downselect the party was slow or any now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen, one half year warranty was good enough to get along. What's going on? I don't know who

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was a gentleman Eileen.

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