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The video covers various topics including coworker's birthday parties, coffee drinkings, football teams, and a photo room. There is mention of coworkers like Jteem and KENNETH Po pounds, but the transcript is disjointed and difficult to summarize.

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Allahu Allah,

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a shadow

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shed Shedden number one mega rasuna

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hyaena solid high

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quality the format is solid so far the format is Salah, Allah who I can

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learn in in non law

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streamlines when the gaps is online please make sure our cell phones

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Oh aloha

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and hamdulillah Europe behind me in a rock Manuel Rafi me Maliki a woman D and E ear canal I will do what he kind of staring at in a suit all stuffy him set off on leadin and now I'm going to ID him why he didn't nobody will be hiding him one more knee and

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ne for

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Nikita, Vela Roy Buffy him you're robbing me and I'm yep gewoon after all, Bell who will help me Rob bakery to the rock a woman

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Minetti Minetti, Remi, publica, they

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do and Allah will lay the heart of a center where you will honor the woman being a woman if you sit down at a young

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woman or whomever you sit at the A

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muster were

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mad at me Dooney me whether you want to sheffey effort

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when you're duckbill Umrah Amina semer Eden all these Amaya Raju either he will guide me

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guide me through and fascinating matter or do and then he can early movie be wish that he realizes Oh Robbie

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and Larry x and I couldn't let's say in the follow up or whoever the follow

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up and throw Madonna's level

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in Mahi and through Massawa whenever fafi him you rudely Watch out hola como some our others or Well, if either Paulina Marrakech guru in will call you either on a landfill or in

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JD either burn home Billy Oh

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All your RBMK if you and pulley at Our

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Lady Will killaby come through my era Robbie calm total Joe and why don't we thought all Ed moody Moon anarchy su see him

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be him Rob Ben

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was me follow grna now I'm sorry

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Rob Ben

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was me or nephrology or nana Amanda saw the home in the you know when when I was shooting that day could have seen who the hell can happen power Lumini what I can have Paulo Paulo me neither I'm not Johanna Amin LG naughty one C IG Mary and for the OB mana Seatoun Oulipo yo Miko MHADA in Nana CNET Magoo either full DB makan TomTom when in your main OB Tina levena e dazzle Kira will be helpful Russo Jada horror Russo Jada was a battle will be Hamdi Rob beam your stack be ruined

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along with

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data Jaffa Zhu Hua Ani and mobile Jerry

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wami Maryrose upon whom you flew in ferrata Ala Moana of some

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karate Are you in Jersey?

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The Mac and

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when FMA can

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see four layers who am Melodien

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sorry hierarchy phenomenon gen two

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New Zealand the maquette

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you mean

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do fi What are you

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walking you know who

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to be here to cut the

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wall I know the

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men and

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women out

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Zucchi Robbie Robbie.

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In Module II mean

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when whenever the attina Musa al Kitab

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fi media team middlee or wha hoo then leave any

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water Anam in Marathi Do not be a marina. Masada Rue wa can be a Yeti. Now you will win in Rebecca who are UFC Rubina.

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Murthy, female black and female aka no fee of 34 in our media

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covering him in rhodium Shuna famous kiedy him in FE that he can

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smell when our Amuro Nana su

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Josefa Northridge will be easy.

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For an awfully Gob he is

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a cool woman who

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flew home if you will. So you were

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the only young male fat

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fat lady Nika fat who e man whom wanna

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ruin for our dine whom one in

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Allahu Akbar

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samyama Honeyman Hamidah

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along Aloha

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Alhamdulillah Europe behind me in a Walkman Huapi me Maddie Kiyomi D and E can

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kind of staring at the you know slit off on him was stuffy set off on leadin and now I'm gonna eat him waiting Magoo be honoring him What up more money and

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sir nippy minute dad Edom Yakushi Mascoutah in follow Cornell sir said I mean no perfecting Misha Jean Teddy never Delhi He who sent me I'm pursuing you're in Medina was sebelah a Meshech you don't want him America food or in

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caffeine SNS either

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food or I in a shrub will be heavy burden logging you've had G Rudra had f g or or Yufu Narrabeen other the way fr for now young woman can I shut a room was struggling it off while you throw a Munna

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FOB Myskina Wyatt even as he you're in

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in north Georgia he he led Rudy do me

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wanna shoot off in Nana for whom you have been a young woman Abu son Concordia, your fellow

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who shot

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me well up

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or wages? M B mas sobre

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la hottie your Muteki ENFP

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lay your own Fe Hashem says what is the Euro where Danny I turn on a team leader? Weatherly let's go to FU hat as Alena where you talk Lonnie him be Annie at the mu fit body work webbing. KENNETH Poletti Euro Poletti Iranian football team who had bought the euro, while US pound fe, can can do as Jebi ILA i fi had to some maths and savvy

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way up to four on AIM Willdan

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when either or at home has a better

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food or way either 808 and our email when we're looking can be your idea home theater soon to see in the photo room estaba Rocco wha Hulu as we roaming field bought WhatsApp for whom Rob boom shot Robin Hood or in New

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or you can walk in I saw you Mascoutah in Luna Zilla

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false belief hook me up BK two three are men whom as Iman I will get food

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with Poulos Murghab peekaboo Rotom

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Wamena lady faster Judy Allah who was a beer hula Eden Paul, we're

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you hate buena largie that

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way or the rune our

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young woman therapy

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now hello Hala Kona home washer the wrong way Either she in

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in the ether the Kira feminine shirt

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father Robbie sahbihi

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wa Masha

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a che

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in alohacare Iman Heike

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Yoda ilumi

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goofy rock Matty What valde mean I

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semi hola when Eman Hamidah?

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Santa Monica rock metal

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rock metal low

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So that was a little cartoon

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there's another word community but they're adorable dude he's requesting to our to please please make dua for his wife. She's extremely sick. Also brother, our brother as a hottie, he's requesting to our for his son's father in law. He's going through, he has an open heart surgery or a bypass. So please keep them near to us. And there's been a lot of requests coming forward to I apologize I've not been up to date, or I've not been making all the announcements, but I make dua that anyone who's sick anywhere May Allah subhanho wa Taala given them shifa, they will get celibate nurse was up until sheffey law last she fell in love Shiva Shiva and you had to supplement NASA de la la the

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herbal Asha Alim and yes via home NASA law Hello the mobile Asha the media sphere home a law who must be marijuana when more than Muslim in a law who must be more long I will know them see me. I'm a little bit Artemi does akmola Mala head somebody can play with