Ammar Alshukry – 99 Names – EP 4 – Alkabir And Almutakabbir

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © Speakers Fidel Han and El Capitan discuss the concept of a law that allows for power over women and men. The law is viewed as being greater than everything in our lives and is seen as a "bringing light" to our bodies. The law protects us from dangerous defects and allows us to be more powerful than anyone else.
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Welcome to an episode of tagalong. Here, I'm your host, Fidel Han with our guests here on model shoukry. We are covering the 99 names of a low are these episodes. In this episode, we are going over El Capitan and multi cap bear. Yep. So you have these two names, very similar to each other and Kashmir, and then we'll talk a bit I'll caveat is the one who is the great, it could be anyone who's great. And again, you know, you're not going to have just one English word that perfectly translates these concepts. But it could be it means the great thing with a couple it means the one who is greater than everything else, and the one who is above everything else, and the one who's more proud

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than everyone else. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says, that on the day of judgment that allows your good will hold the heavens and the earth in his right hand and he will say, animalic See, I am the king, were the kings of Earth, I am a Jabbar I'm the powerful I'm the the mighty were the kings of earth. And so when all of the kings are resurrected, and everybody all of the proud and the hottie and the mighty resurrected a lot as of yet is going to be the greatest of them all right, and he's going to show who it is and can be

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also shows up in the Koran Of course, and of the interesting verses in which KB comes up this concept of a law as being the mighty is in sort of a nice at verse 434. very controversial verse, of course, where a lot of your talks about domestic disputes between the husbands and the wives Yeah, and then a lock includes the verse by saying that if

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that friction or that tension is removed if your women or your wives for in a thought and okoma they obey you for that type of white * idea then don't have a power trip. Don't you don't trip with regards to your your power over them any more in the law kind of caveat on a law as is the high and a lot as good as the powerful. Now what's the connotation there was a blessing those two attributes that he has an ID and that he's mkv are the laws are good is high. And that allows you get as powerful I leave meaning

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I would have so it's every power tip like this, whatever your little petty disputes are just know that the guy right yeah, lies basically directly husband's like, if the friction has been removed, and you're diluted by your power or your strength over the the weaker * or the weaker gender, your wife,

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then remember that Ally's ID and give you a little bazian has more power over you than you have over her. And that allows you and is above you, no matter how much you think that you're above her, or that you're above anybody else. So this concept, and this concept of a law of law is greater than everything in our lives, right. And that's something that we're reminded of every time that we pray throughout the entire month, all of the motions of prayer, you know, as much as you get distracted by the dunya, whether it's your children, or your family, or whoever, that you remember that a lot as yet is Al Qaeda that a lot as a jet is the one who is above you. He's great in everything. He's

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great in his essence, he's great in his attributes, he's great in his actions, his names, he's great, and everything, and he's free from all defects. Again, you see all of these names have these applications of perfection. Yeah, but there's no, there's no,

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there's no imperfection that approaches a lot. So and that's why it becomes very, you know, when you see these names, you see how important it is that we keep our tongues pure from attributing these things to Allah.

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extraordinarily dangerous defects, defects to Allah, you know, sometimes that just creeps into your language. So guess what you hear some guy say that he's a god, boy, you're just like, What are you talking about? God is somehow

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shout out the laws, like the sky could fall and the earth might split. And all that when a person says, a statement like that, or they accuse a person to have that type of statement that shows you how evil This is in the sight of Allah. And you see all of these names reflecting that. It's funny, though, even those people who claim that how quickly they're humiliated in the eyes of others. Yeah. Yeah. And when I know that a lie is it can be right when I know that a lies, it could be that immediately puts everyone else in their place. Yeah. For me. It protects me from not just becoming proud in and of myself, which it does because allies. Yeah, but it also protects me from falling

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subject to feeling inferior to anybody else. Because Who are you? Yeah, okay. You're you're big and you're strong and you're powerful, and you've got resources and stuff like that, but I know someone greater than you. Right?

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There's a beautiful story that I heard from a chef who was talking about, you know, a Bedouin, man. Okay, so this Bedouin, she was being told of a colonizing force. Okay, that was going to come and attack his country. Yeah. And he's just a, he's just a scholar of the Bedouin. He's no, he's a Bedouin. He's uneducated. Okay, he's just and they're complaining. They're telling him that this colonizing nation is going to come they're going to bomb the lights out of this country, okay. And everybody's terrified and they're telling him about this

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nation. He's like, I got a question for you. These airplanes that you guys keep telling us about, do they come above a law or under a law?

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And everybody's like, What kind of question is that? Of course they come under a law and he goes, Okay, so they come under a law that allows above them we'll be alright.

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We'll be alright. Right and that's that concept which is alive or dead is greater than everything and alive or dead overpowers everything. So it gives that pert like, you can't break the back of someone who truly knows and believes that alive as good as it can be. So essentially, if there's ever a fear of other people, or other things are the technology that allows greater absolutely

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about 2 names of Allah – Al Kabir and Al Mutakabbir and why it matters to you.

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