Nadim Bashir – Elite Followers #33 Umar RA pt 8

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The importance of learning history and history in understanding political and cultural circumstances is emphasized. The speakers discuss the loss of buildings and protecting families, as well as the importance of taking care of one's family and respecting their rights. The history of the Middle East and actions of Iranian officials during the Battle of Kattner is also discussed, including the fall of the Battle of No One and the collapse of the European Empire. The speakers emphasize the need to study their own history and learn about their religion.
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One of the Melissa Ania holy. So inshallah we're continuing with the story or the life of Alma Cataldo, the alotta line. And one thing I want to make very clear is that while we're talking the life of Ahmed Al Khattab Rhodiola the line, we're not actually talking about Omar himself right now, but we're talking about some of the expedition that took place during his time. And some of us some of you may be thinking that I mean, if this is a series about Amato the yellow line that we should be talking about Ahmed or the Allah Tala. And but it is important to understand that we need to know our history, we really need to know our history.

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Many people they ask that, you know, when you look at the current circumstances, the political circumstances that are taking place around the world, many people say that what can we do in order to better understand these circumstances. And there are really some key important things that we really need to learn. One is our history, we really, really need to know, not just only our Islamic history, but if you actually study history after World War One, especially after World War One, a lot of it will tell you that when you look at the agreements that the British they made with some of the other countries, and so and especially what happened with the the fall of the Ottoman Empire,

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then it will help you understand of what is going on today. And so there's history that we should be learning politics is what we should be learning. And when I say politics, you know, I understand that when it comes to the word politics, the very first thing that our mind goes to, is that something that's extremely negative, and understand that power politics today has become extremely evil. It's all it's mostly about corruption. But we really need to study about politics. And thirdly, we need to learn about our own Aqeedah we need to learn about our own religion. And when you study all these three things will give you a better idea of you know, what is going on, and

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about what is going on, and give you a better understanding of all the circumstances like when you study by after World War One, whatever you see happening in philosophy, and it gives you an idea why this is happening today, when you see what's happening today in Syria, in some of these other like Middle Eastern countries, this all started really after World War One. So history in general is something that we should learn about. First of all, before we even get to world history, we should know about our own Islamic history, the time of Amara, the alotta line. And because that is where the real expansion of Islam takes place, when when we talk about the fall of the Sassanid Empire,

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the fall of the Persian Empire, if you study history during the time Oh my God, Allah Tala and the Muslims have reached all the way to some northern parts, or north ie Northwestern parts of India. And they have gone all the way there but then they retreated and they left they did not there, they had no business over there. So they just left. But Islam began to expand during the time of Amato, the Allah the line and then you studied the life of Walkman or the alotta line, and how he was the very first as a hobby, or khalifa to send a group of Muslims to China to to Indonesia, and things and places of this type. And, and as far as West is concerned, it sounds spread all the way to some

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of the European countries. So this is why we really need to study our own history. So today we're talking about the fall of the and the final fall of the SAS empire. Last time we talked about the Battle of policia and the Battle of God, the sea was only a battle, it was a battle that the Muslims had to overcome. It was an expedition that they had to participate in, in order for them to achieve their price target, or their prized possession, which was Medan already testified. And today, if you go to testify on the you have these huge structures that are there total today. And they are mostly they are mostly destroyed. But there is still some remnants of those buildings that when you go

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there and you see these structures, it gives you somewhat of an idea of what a superpower existed during that time prior to the Muslims overtaking telefone. Once again, the purpose of the target was not by the CEO, it was telefon. So after a while the CEA had been had been conquered, and they were victorious in the battle called the CEA. They stayed there for two months. They stayed there for two months under the guidance and under the leadership of Seidman it will cost you a lot and on saga because of the Ultron is later on informed and instructed by Omar photography Allah that on the now you need to proceed forward and you need to take over the most important part or the capital of the

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SAS Empire, which is medallion. Now Simon because of the Allah Allah He understands that he has women with him, and he has children with him and leaving them behind couldn't be couldn't make them possibly into a target for some enemies of Islam. So what did he do is that he took majority of the Sahaba with him, but he left some Sahaba

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To take care of the women and the children and this goes to show you that the Muslims were also very careful and they took care of their families very much, as much as a battle was important and expedition was important. Likewise the family was important and Subhanallah when you go and you look at the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I mean, this is a very important lesson for those who are in the field of Dawa. This is a very important lesson that when it comes to Dawa, just as Dawa is important, your family is as important you cannot leave your family you cannot abandon your family and just violate their and their rights. We with the, you know, with the sole purpose in

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mind, or with the sole purpose that I'm going to do more and more Dawa. Yes, there are times when you're going to have to leave your family for the purpose of Dawa. That's, that's not a problem. But the problem is that when there is not a balance in your life, that when we're not able to give time to our families, like for example, as I said, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the Battle of budder, he did not even let Orth man, even our family, Allah didn't participate in the Battle of Budda, because he told him that you need to stay home and you you need to take care of your sick wife. So as in as just as the Battle of Buddha was important, the Prophet SAW Allah who it was sent

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him by telling worth money, but I found this, he is teaching all of us a lesson that taking care of your family is as important. So likewise here is Solomon because of the alotta and he understands this, so he left some Sahaba with, with the women and the children, but he took majority of them, and he proceeded to testify. And now the word Muda. In the word muda is the plural of the word Medina. And the reason this place telefone was called Medan is because that this was a huge kingdom. And this will end this was within within fortified walls. So this is a huge area within fortified walls. And if you go and you look at you study history, you will see that all the kingdoms they used

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to live in this manner, they used to live in this manner. Just to give you an idea if you if you actually watch some movies nowadays, where they have battles and wars involved, such as if you watch like Lord of the Rings, and things of that type battles of that type, or movies, you will see you'll get an idea of how people used to live within fortified walls. That's how it used to be during the time of the sahaba. Viola the line one so you had within the fortified walls, many small areas. And so since all these areas were called Medina, they were in their own their own Medina has their own small, small areas. That's why the entire area collectively was called medallion. So the Sahaba they

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go there and on their way they come across some cities and they conquered those cities. One for example. One is Babylon, which was one of the most ancient civilizations they take over that. The next one was Kusa Kusa. Very interestingly, Kusa was a place where the Muslims they took over, and that was the same place where Nerud he tried he catapult Ibrahimovic Islam into the fire that is exactly that same city where that event took place, they were able to take over Kusa and then they came to Medina and on their way, there were some people who followed them and there was some new experiences that they picked up, as you know that during the time of Oba Crow, the Allah Tala, and

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he faced some some interesting tribes and people outside of Medina and outside of current date, probably currently Saudi Arabia or within Saudi Arabia, but in the Yemen and so forth. So the Muslims as they were fighting with opposition's they were picking up experiences and experience. Even in the world that we live today, the more they experience you have, the more skillful you are. So now the Muslims after having been victorious in the battle for the CEA, they picked up a lot of experiences over there. So now what's happening is they have a lot of experience, a lot of Persians who were then their cities were conquered, not out of force, but then they came into the fold of

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Islam and they were now providing providing support to the Muslims. In addition to that you had Persians, non Muslims, Persian non Muslims, who are now assisting and aiding the Muslims and what they are and to give you a better understanding, you know, you may it might make you wonder that why would Persian non Muslims, if there were Persian Muslims helping out? We understand, but why is it that Persian non Muslims were helping out the Muslims because they were against our own government? To give you an understanding, look at the Republicans today. Okay. The Republicans there were some Republicans within the Republican Party who were going against the Republican, Republican

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presidential candidate so it's something similar to that. Now the Muslims came, and one more Sahabi that I want to mention is a man on fire cod Allah Tada. And as we all know, the summoner first God Allah Dawn, played a very important role in suggesting a tactic of war in the Battle of

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As up where he suggested to the Prophet salallahu audio send them that we should dig up trenches. Now some minor fasciola on now he is existing, but he is not actually physically involved with the war because he's extremely old. But because he is from Persia, he understands our culture, he understands their military operations, he understands our language. That's why he played a very important role in negotiations, he played a very important role in trying to strategize to create strategies and create plans to to take over the assassin Empire, but he did not physically participate in the battle. Now, how would the Muslims get inside? The Muslims could not get inside,

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really, because these were huge fortified walls. So what did the Muslims do in order to get these people out, and in order to give up their kingdom, the Muslims stopped. And they they held back all the resources that were coming into medallion. So for one week, the now the people inside medallion, they're getting impatient, because the all the resources have been cut off, they had a unlimited supply of water, so that so water was not a problem. But as food as you know, merchandises concern as far as food is concerned, they're their resources has stopped and they were cut off. So when we pass by one week turned into two weeks, two weeks turned into one month, people are getting

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impatient. They're coming to us to give the the king of that time. And he's telling people that please be patient. This is just a way to you know, this is just a way for these Muslims to make us a week. But eventually what people began to do is that they began to lose hope. In the king, some people began to leave, some people actually left. They just abandoned their city and they left. Some people relocated, and some people, they were not so much concerned about the king as much as they were concerned about their resources. And they want to start the rotation restart the rotation, or the the process of the resources coming into their town. So what they did was that they informed the

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Muslims, that there is a passage, there is a passage and there's a way to get into the city. And if you take this route, you will be able to get inside the city. The Muslims were able they took that suggestion, they went with that suggestion, and they cause they cross the Tigris River and, and they came inside Medan. As soon as they came into Medallion is the gift he had already sent his family somewhere else. But when he found out that Muslims had come into his land, he dropped everything and he left and he fled he fled now it was unusual now you for if you're thinking that, yes, the good left, and he's gone forever. That is not what happened because it is unusual for a king just to

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leave and never to show his face again, there is revenge on their mind, and we'll talk about that next inshallah. But before that there are some important things I want to mention about medallion.

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Before this is the good had actually sent an emissary to the Muslims and said, Listen, you're here, you wanna take over our town, but let's make a deal. Whatever you have taken, you have taken all the care you've taken other parts of Persia, that is all yours, Medina is going to be ours. Okay. So you so you leave. So you leave you you leave and you you let us keep Medina and the Muslims are no, there is no purpose and coming all this way without taking the capital, we have to take the capital. So that's why then they were not willing to give up and they were not willing to surrender and that's why then they were suggested that Muslims came inside the city. Now after after all this had

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happened. The most you know, the Muslims enter into the entered into the palace. There was a very huge hall inside the palace that they converted into a masjid and

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they converted into a masjid. And then what happened was that they began to call the event, Salma Casa Viola that and he took all the treasure that that was, um, that was in the palace, and he sent it to Omar Leola to line on one of the Allah Trine is mentioned in the books of history that when all this treasure came, when all this treasure came, it had covered almost the entire space of the masjid during the time of Omaha Rhodiola turned on. And you know, on a side note, if you actually study the history of Madina Munawwara during the time where I'm going to cut out of the alotta and he had expanded that masjid, so before it was extremely small, noontime I'm going to do a lot on he

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had expanded it so you can imagine. Of course it was not the way it is today. In fact, today Medina if you look at the walls of Medina, the walls of Medina where it is today that was the entire city of Medina during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that was the entire city and this is why the Paulson he would go outside and technically he would go outside the city. There's a there's a measure of how much the woman right on the northeast

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Just outside the Northeast wall of Madina, Munawwara measure number we that is where he will go in leader eats a lot and that's why remember Hanifa is of the opinion that eats the law should be done outside the city because we didn't have the problem. It was done outside to say nonetheless. So here, all the treasure comes inside Madina Munawwara I'm gonna talk about the Autobahn he sees all this, he tells the P does the hobbit have the ultra on home that go in distributed is where it needs to go. According to Islamic law 1/5 of it needs to go to the beta man. It went to the beta man. That is when on one of the Allah Tron he calls to rocket in Malik. And he says that Do you remember the

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time when there's so long while your son promised you that you'll be wearing the bracelets of kissa? And he says yes. And then he took out the two races of kissa He even put the crown of VISTA on on Soraka and Malik and that is when everything became surreal for So Robin Maddie because in during the teacher of risotto Allahu alayhi wa sallam, when the profiling is done, promised this to Swakopmund, Malik struggling Monday probably in his mind, he's thinking that how is this man promising me the property of Giza when he doesn't even have a place to live when he's on where he's like, he doesn't have anywhere to go right now or he he's going to Medina. And he's taking * from

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me. How can you promise something of this type, but we all know the word of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is can never be a lie, the promises of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whatever we have been told by the prophet sunnah will indeed happen. The Prophet sallallahu is his words can never be, can never be false. So here you have the you have a superpower that has collapsed. And that is where then you know, slowly and gradually the massage was, you know, were being built inside medallion. And you know, you have to remember that during this time, the Muslim did not just come and just take over completely, you know, life, you know, life was, you know, life

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in the city was business as usual. But the government had been shifted, that's the only thing that happened, no one's life was taken, there was not and there was no any battles, that wars that took place. Now, coming back to coming back to yours, the guilt. And what he what he did was that, of course, he's not going to go away that quietly. So what he did was that he went, and he began to talk to some other rulers and kings. And he began to put together his huge army, that he would, he would try to conquer and try to attack the Muslims one final time. And this is the battle called the Battle of no one. And this is a battle where they were able to get over 100,000 Persian fighters and

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warriors. And they went to a place called no one now no one was a place that had build more stronger, taller and more thicker fortified walls. And here's the good learning from his past. When he settled when he went to NASA went, and he was about to launch an attack from there, he already had been through this problem, where they had limited sources in the city. So what he did was that he had really packed up the resources in his city to ensure that if the Muslims came, and they they cut off our supply, we can live for a very long time without any incoming resources. So so this is what he did. Now the Muslims, they came, they tried to take over no one, but they cannot they

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because the walls were once again, taller, and they were much, much wider. So what they did was that they created a plan. And the plan was that they would, you know, a rumor began to spread that, that the Muslims were that the Muslims are retreating, the Muslims are retreating. And so what happened was,

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what happened was that then the so the Persians heard that the Muslims are retreating, they're leaving. And what the Muslims actually did was that they were in ambush. I mean, they were sitting in there, we're sitting ready for the Persians to come as soon as the Persians came out of no one to attack the Muslims. The other Muslims came and they surrounded them. And, and what happened was that they had two options, either they can just surrender, dropped her and drop their weapons, and simply surrender. But they did not choose that option. In fact, they chose the option to fight back. And that's why on that day, a majority of this Persian Persian army consisting of over 100,000, more

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than 100,000 warriors, majority of them lost their lives on that particular day. The Muslims would have not fought back they, I mean, they would have not initiated the fight. They want them to surrender but when they fought the Muslims had no other choice but to defend themselves and fight back. So the Muslims they fought back at that time, yes, the good again, he ran and instead of by Yes, the good that he went after that from, you know, from country to country or king to King, ruler to ruler, trying to encourage them to give him their their military, you know, give him their military.

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No supply, give him warriors. But knowing what happened to us the good and what happened to what happened to the city of no one, everyone refused to give any kind of help to us the good finally, what happened to us the good was that he, he, since he was, you know, he was infamous amongst many lines, he had to disguise himself as a, as a as a normal citizen. And one time he came across a normal average worker. And that average worker what he did was that he took the life of his the gift. So you have a man here, who was a Persian emperor, and he lost his life in a very,

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in a very disruptive and like in a inhumane way that where his life was taken by someone else. Now, there's some few important things I want to talk about here. Number one is that after the Persian nine was taken over, after the person was taken over, what happened was that they sent a message to a Mahato the a lot and on that here in Persia, we don't have the added to keytab. Here, there are no Jews over here, there are no Christians over here. In fact, you have you have the the Zoroastrians, you have the fire worshippers, or the Medusa. And so what happens is that

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what they did was that they asked them to photography a lot or under what do we do with these people, because when it came to the anarchy tab, they were a, they were allowed to eat their meat. And once again, I want to mention this, that there's a lot of conditions for that. They were eating the mean of the alakija they're eating their food, they were marrying the women, so that's fine. That's not a problem over there. But here you have this absolutely different type of people they worship, they don't worship, they're not from the allocate tab, they worship the sun or the worship the fire, and

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and so what they would do is that they were confused, so they sent a message to Omaha Rhodiola. And I'm going to talk about the alotta and who said that, look, they are going to have many different practices, you are told to live with them, to coexist with them. But there are two things you have to keep in mind. Number one, you can eat their meat, you can eat their food, and number two is you can marry their women, you can't marry their women. And so, now, when it comes to this particular matter, and if or the the suggestion that was provided by Omaha Fabiola de Lyonne what do we learn from this is that there is a difference amongst the fuqaha Imam Abu Hanifa is of the opinion that

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this rule or this, this rule that was given by Omaha Rhodiola DeLanda, you can coexist with them. He said that this rule applies to than every other religion besides the Al Kitab. Okay, that means that this would apply to the to the, to the people who are from like the Hindu religion, or the Buddha religion, or any other religion that doesn't exist on Earth, it doesn't matter who they are even more Hanifa says that because this we're not from the Al Kitab Anamul photography Athan, he gave specific directions, or instructions. That's why this applies across the board to all the other religions. That means that Muslims can coexist with all the other religions, but they cannot have

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their meat they cannot eat their food, and they cannot marry their women. Whereas the other three scholars, you I'm shattering your Malik and you have been humbled are of the opinion that since almond photography alotta and gave his provided this fatwa only regarding the Jews, that's why the Muslims can only coexist with the guitar and the Medusa and no one else. Now majority of the audience, they say that they have the opinion of Jambo Hanifa. And the PRS or the the logical reasoning that was used by Abu Hanifa makes more sense, compared to the opinion of the other three orlimar in module with the Anima. They agree with the opinion of or the

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the view of Imam Abu Hanifa. Now, the next thing is that what happened to these people is that as Muslims began to live with these people in, in Persia, they began to notice that their practice were very unusual, like, for example, within their culture, there was a lot of *. And, you know, it's it's very disgusting topic to begin with. But this there was a lot of practices that they were doing, which was very unusual for the Muslims, because Muslims were very familiar with the practice of Christianity. They're, they're familiar with the practice of Judaism, but when they saw these kinds of practices, they could not hold themselves back, but to simply criticize it, that what kind

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of things that you're doing, I mean, these these, you know, this, these acts of immodesty that you're doing and you're performing, it's really, it's hard to even, you know, you're talking about Sahaba rhodiola, on whom we're sitting there and watching this and they cannot simply bury it. And so history mentioned that a lot of these people they just picked up, and they left and they they located they relocated in places like Iran, and a lot of them they actually went and they settled in India and these people, when they you know, they were called Pharisees they will call Pharisee but when they migrated to India, they will then call Parsis, you

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You know, and that's why you have these people, Parsis, and India. In fact, I believe, I mean, I don't know PacSun history so much but as far as I remember, even if I, the US and the founder of Pakistan, he actually married a Parsi to I believe anyone, right? Okay, so he made a Parsi to so these people will call Parsis, they will fire worshippers. And once again, this is the name that that they were given. So, you know, they relocated, and today in the world, they're not so many of them, I did hear that there are quite a few of them in America, but in that in those lands, so And gradually they're dying out, but because of you know, because of you know what kinda awesome he

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married, the family he married into, and then they had children. So it did it did receive some boost, you know, this whole culture, this whole religion did receive some boosts. But once again, they are in extreme minority compared to all the other religions that do exist on Earth. And this is once again they had they relocated because of their bizarre practices. So we'll go in and stop right here in sha Allah. So this is once again after no one after no one that this was the final This is the final attempt that was made by his the good and this was when the, you know, the the backbone of the Persian Empire had had had been broken forever. And since then, Persian has always been under

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the rule of Muslims. And that is how they went that land and then you know, subhanAllah history goes on. So this is so this is the SAS empire and how this has an empire the Persian Empire collapsed. And this is one superpower that collapsed during the time of I'm gonna hop over the allotted on the other. The other collapse, or the other superpower that collapse during his time was the Roman Empire. And we'll talk about that as well in the upcoming weeks because you have the conqueror, you have the Muslims conquering Egypt, they conquered Damascus, and then you had the conquering of Jerusalem. And what happened when all the Allah Tehran he went inside Jerusalem because there was

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some really interesting things that Ahmed or the Allah Tala and he did in Jerusalem because the ruler of Jerusalem said that if the Muslims want Jerusalem, then the Khalifa has to come himself and take the key of the city from me. So Alma Rodon, was forced to come himself all the way to Jerusalem, to take to begin to take the keys. It was by force he said, I'm willing to give it but I'm gonna give it only in the hands of the Khalifa. And there were some interesting things that Ahmed Ali Athan he did in Jerusalem, which can be applied today in our times, too. So inshallah we'll talk about all that and the upcoming upcoming weeks I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he

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gives us the ability to add funds when Senator heard and I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that we can learn our history and take lesson from our, our great Islamic history in sha Allah Zachman Allah Subhan Allah we humbly Subhana Allah 100 Krishna Allah, Allah and nostale Fluka want to build exactly my Phaedrus and I'm already going to label cattle

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