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AI: Summary © The European Empire during the time of the Prophet sallali Alayshi wa sallam was a reference to the time of the Prophet's birth, which was the time of the return of the Roman Empire to the rear. The church's actions were discussed, including a plan to defeat the Persians and the Iranian Empire. The conflict between the Americas and the Catholic church was discussed, including internal conflicts, political risks, and military challenges. The history of the Empire is also discussed, including the importance of knowing history to avoid terrorization of the world.
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So we continue with the story in the Sierra, or the biography of Omaha Rhodiola today, and when you study the life of Amato the a lot that I and especially his time of Qaeda, and the wars that took place or the battles that took place during his time, there are two important events that took place or there were two major, two major things that happened during his time. First of all, is that something that obrigado the Allah Tehran has started during his time, which was taking over the Persian Empire in going taking a step back here, I want to remind you all that I've said this before, too, that there were two major superpowers at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam the you had the the Roman Empire, or some books of history, they refer to them as the Byzantines and then you have the Persian Empire, or the Sassanid Empire. So you have these two superpowers.

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Now during the time Obrigado, the Allah Tada and he has already entered into Persia, or he has already made his way into the Sassanid Empire. However, at that time, there was some key battles that took place under the leadership and the guidance of how did they even know what either the Yola time at that time, there was still one major area that was not conquered, which was called telefone. Now, after the death of Omaha, after the death of a bucket or the Allah Denine, almost all the Allah that on he began his his pinata, and he began to start giving orders as exactly what should happen as for the next step in terms of the army and the expedition, and where will they go. So one of the

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one of the things that happened was that oh my God, Allah, the line was that he first ordered holiday in Italy to leave his post into leave his position in the Persian Empire, and go and help out the Muslims, when they are fighting against the Byzantines. And this, and we'll talk about this probably two or three weeks later from from here, that there was there was a battle there were many battles that took place where the Muslims they in within a few years, they took over Jerusalem, they took over Egypt, and they took over Syria. Now all these three countries were under the Roman Empire, they were under the Roman or the Byzantine rule rule so that we'll talk about that later on.

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Here. We're talking about the the assassin empire and in the assassin Empire there were two main battles that took place one was the Battle of God the SIA and then you had the battle or the the conquering of telefone so we're today we're talking about the CEO. Now before we came and talk about how the CEO I we haven't take a step back. And there is a particular part in there's a particular place in this in the Quran.

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which needs some elaboration.

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In the time of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was a surah that was revealed to the Prophet Allah and his son called the Romans. And at the beginning of that Surah, ALLAH SubhanA talked about how the Romans were defeated. Now this is at the time of the Prophet SAW Allah send them while they were in Makkah, and the if you say the history of the Persians, these were people who were not from the Kitab. These were people who are these are, these are osteons, who were people who were worshipping fire, and they were they had found sort of a relationship or found friendship with the orange. So the Quraysh, when the battle was taking place, between the Byzantines and the

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Persians, the Muslims wanted the Romans to be victorious because the Romans were at another day there and Kitab. And if you studied Christian theology and Muslim theology, even though there are some key differences, but there are some similarities, like for example, the Christians believe till today that there will be a second coming of reciting Islam and a Saudi son, when he comes, he will defeat the Antichrist, which is the judge, we believe in the same exact thing as Muslim. So there are some slight similarities, even though I mean, we do agree that there are some major differences. The Muslims were were hoping that the Romans will be victorious, while the the Quraysh because they

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were, they were idol worshipers, they were not from the Al Kitab. They were hoping that the Persians would be victorious. Now, during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Persians were victorious. That's why Allah subhanho wa taala, he says, And if Lam Meem holy battle room, the Romans The Byzantines, have been defeated. Now, as soon as the Romans were defeated, now history tells us that after the Romans were defeated, approximately the nine years after that, the the Roman Empire came back with their full force of fully armed and they were able to take back the lands that were initially taken away from them by the Persian, by the Persian Empire, so they were able to

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revolt against and they they took back would belong to them. Now, at the time when the Romans lost or the time when the Prophet SAW suddenly, while they were in Makkah, the Quraysh, came to the Prophet Salah Salem, and I want you to listen to this very clearly. Because what you hear the Quraysh saying, is very similar to what you hear people saying today, especially after the President Elect, or after the elections, they The Purge, the Qureshi people, the coalition people, the idol worshipers, they came to the Prophet SAW Selim and they came to the sahaba. And they said that just like the Persians defeated the Romans, we are going to come after your life and we will defeat you.

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This is very similar to what you the rhetoric that you hear today. And I'm pausing here for a second and you know, going away from the story for a moment, you know, even today, I mean, if you are in touch with care, and the things the cases that they are facing, they have been faced with many cases. And in fact it like in California, there are many massages that were sent a letter by some Islamophobes that whatever took place with the Jews in the time of Germany, or with the Holocaust. This is exactly what you know what will happen to the Muslims and SubhanAllah. When you look at that time, and the rhetoric that the Qureshi people to use against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam is the same type of rhetoric that you find today. At that time, even though they had believed that they believe that that's it, the Persian Empire are now the kings of the world, they will now begin to take over every single city that did belong to the Romans, and they will be the rulers of the world. Allah had another plan in place, Allah had another plan in mind, and that is the message I want to I'm going to say here too, that even though people are saying whatever can take place after the president elect and what will happen to the Muslims, what is the fate of the Muslims here in this country, remember that Allah also has a plan and the plan of Allah will always be dominant

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and will succeed. Now coming back to the story

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obika The Allah Denine as soon as that happened, of course, there were many Muslims who were afraid. And obika The Allah Quran went to obey Ben Hello. And, you know, out of anger, he said that Do you really think Do you really think that the Persians are victorious? You watch the Romans will come back and they will defeat the Persians and they will not completely wipe out the Persians but they will take back what did belong to them and we'll even have said that will never happen. Oh look at the Allah turned on he said to a babe and Hello. Let's make a bet. Now pause here also, at that time, making a bet a two way bet was absolutely allowed. This type of gambling was allowed today is

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not allowed. And we'll talk about that some other date. obika Viola on who said that give her three years. How long give her three years you watch the Romans will come back. And he says that if that doesn't happen, he says that I will give you 10 camels

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I will give you 10 camels. And then he said that if the Romans do come, then you're going to give me 10 camels. Now obika on he made this wager he made this bet and he came to the Prophet sallallahu. If somebody says yes to Allah, I just made this bet. And the problem was, someone said, Why did you make this bet? Why? And he says that, well, doesn't the Quran say that? Because the Quran says Holy but your room fee and then our old wahome embody is Allah be him. So you have only one after they have been defeated and dominated, they will again dominate. So the problem is someone says yes, the Quran says that but the Quran also says fee billed every scene. Now the word billed by board in

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Ireland in the Arabic language refers to a time period which exists between three to nine years. So the province is set, I'm told obika I want you to go back to baby McAuliffe and tell him, let's make it 10 years and let's let's, let's bump up the price. 200 camels, okay, so within the next 10 years, if the Romans come back, and they take their land, you will give your give me 100 camels and if they don't, I'll give you 100 camels. Now, history shows us that when the Muslims were in the Battle of Buddha or in the time of the CEDAW close to the battle, but the Romans actually came back and they took their land again the Romans came back and they took their land now if you say the history of

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the battle, but there will be one color for he lost his life by them he lost his life. So Albuquerque Allah Tala and you know at that time a bed was a bed, you know, a guarantee was a guarantee, oh book or the Allah on he went to the family of a wave in a color. He said it will be been have made this condition with me. The Romans have defeated the Persians. And now you have to pay up 100 camels and guess what? The family they did pay up 100 camels and they gave 100 camels to Albuquerque a lot. And I know some of us who don't know the value of one camel is hard for us to even understand the you it's hard for us to understand this bet because, you know, a camel hump. I

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mean, can anyone tell me how much is a camel today? Anyone? Huh?

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I mean, how much is one camel? I mean, give me a price on a mountain. Huh?

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Now, does anyone really know like how much is a camel?

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Okay, because that was just a that was a shot in the dark 80,000

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You can Google it. Try it. Okay. 200 camels is a lot of money. The point is it's a lot of money is a lot of value. They paid 100 camels now now we come to the now we're leading up to the battle for this yes is now you know that the Romans had their empire and the assassins had their empire now. Now comes the point of hospital hospital was a leader of Persia. How much is it?

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That doesn't help us either. Okay. 36 goes does not help. Okay.

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So, now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam going back into the time when the Persians had defeated the Romans at that time, the Prophet SAW said I'm sent a letter to hospital, that I invite you to Islam, and believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah will give you prosperity in you know, an average or in your standard letter by Ross law Sonam from the profiling Assam to hospital. What he also did was he took that letter, he read it and he ripped it to shreds. When the Prophet SAW Allah who it was some he found out about this, he said that just like May Allah subhanho wa Taala rip the kingdom of horse road just the way he ripped up my letter. Okay, this was a this was a a dua that

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam made against the hospital. Now, what he also did at that time was that he had alliances with people in Yemen and there was a leader in Yemen by the name of bad Dan, what he did was he ordered by Dan, to go send two people to the Prophet sallallahu it was sent to find out who indeed is this guy who taught who is telling me to accept his religion. So what by then did was uh, he sent two people based on what the hospital had requested. And they gave these two people by then gave these two people a fake letter, a fake letter, though go give this to the Prophet sallallahu it was sent out. Now we know that whenever anyone would try to make, whenever

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anyone would try to trick rustless Allahu alayhi wa sallam or if when anyone intended harm against the Prophet alayhi salam, O Allah subhanaw taala was saved the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So here the Prophet SAW Allah some he sees it. He says, You know what? I'll give you an answer. Tomorrow. The Prophet saw some comes tomorrow. He comes the next day. And he says that go back. I don't want to read your letter. And you will learn the you will learn that that your leader, not this not your leader as better than the one who actually ordered by than to send both of you hospital. He has already been killed.

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This was set by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. Now, what exactly happened? Remember the DUA against hospital? The question is what exactly happened to Kosovo? What hustle you know, one thing that you will see

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in when it comes to if you study history, when you have a family, a royal family, there's a lot of internal conflict and internal politics that takes place, especially when you have a lot of kids involved. Okay, we have a lot of kids involved. And just to give you an idea, I know a lot of kids are there some kids will be here some youngsters will be here. I'm going to give you a very practical example. So you know, I'm talking about how many of you youngsters know what Thor is. The comic Thor, okay. You know, he had an evil brother, right? Wasn't even brother named. Loki. Okay. So you have, you know, just between that kingdom, you said, you have so much conflict that takes place.

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And you see, as soon as the Thor all these kids were like, lit up, you know, they know exactly what I'm talking about. Okay. So in any kingdom, you see, there's a lot of internal conflict that takes place. Now, that hospital had a lot and a lot of children here, a lot of children. And all these children, they, you know, there was so much rumors and politics that began take place and they began to fill the ear of hospital, that there's one particular son of yours that needs to be exactly needs to be killed. What holster did and you know, when it comes to money when it comes to power, you know, as you say, power corrupts. Okay. Power corrupts. So, you know, what he did was that he tried

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to kill one of his sons, but instead of killing him, the Senate escaped, and he came back with his own army. And guess what, you know, when the prophets of salaam said May Allah rip him to shreds. He Subhanallah his life was taken at the hands of his own son, who threw lost his life, at the end at the hands of his own son. When this son who was being attacked by his own father, he came back, he tortured his father to such an extent that he lost his life due to torture Soheila. Now, after this happened,

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there was now of course, this person who killed his own father hoster son, it said that he began to take the lives of his other siblings who were behind his being exiled. Okay, the people who were behind him being exiled, he began to take their lives, and there was more internal conflict and slowly and gradually, things got worse and worse. And so Subhanallah you see that how Allah subhanaw taala destroyed the kingdom of Kosovo because of the dua of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, after this days when the leaders within the Sassa empire, they said enough was enough. We need to remove all these men and let's put a woman in power let's put a woman in power. At that time they

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put the daughter of hospital in power, that is when not during this time, it was during still this all this was happening during the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That is when we come across the famous Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salam. When he heard about the Persian Empire being ruled by a woman, he said that no nation can prosper as long as or when a woman is their leader. Now, pausing here for a second and talking about this hadith this hadith is mentioned in Makati. So there is no question about is authenticity. But as you have, I'm sure you have come to learn. Something that you have come to learn about me is that I've always said this before and I am

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going to be a believer about this. And I will always preach this because this is what our own Am I believe and this is what our classical, not just our contemporary Allama but our classical or Lama, the great tambourine and the tabby diver and this is this was their approach when it came to the Quran and Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and that is that you can never take any word on any chronic idea or verse or Hadith of the Prophet of Salaam in its literal sense. You have to read his context and you have to understand his context. Even 100 is baloney. Muhammad Allah Allah Allah is a famous Hadith he explains this hadith that you haven't take this with Khan with context, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is not he acquainted with 100 He says that this is not a general rule by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he says that in fact, the Prophet alayhi salam he said this statement, because he knows that with all the incorrect internal conflicts that have been taking place within the SAS empire, this is not the this is not the this is not there's no place for a woman in within all this conflict. There's no way she will come out victorious or come on prosperous. In this situation, she will be defeated. Now, after she her time came to an end. It wasn't as she passed away, but her time came to an end. After her time came to an end. There was a

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person in that empire his name was rose stone. Okay, Rose stone. What he did was that he and his other people, they got together and they placed a a boy, listen to this very carefully. There was a person a ruler his name was

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he has, he has the gift, okay? Yes, he has the gym. They placed him as the king of Persia. You know how old he was? He was eight years old. How old is he? He's running entire empire. Think about it eight years old. Now. Rustom played a very smart, he had his very smart plan in place. He said that we're going to put this person in place, but we're going to be the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes. Okay, we're going to be the ones calling the shots. Now what happened was roadstone that is when he wants to find out what are who are the sahaba? Who why are they coming into our land? Why are they trying to take our land? That is the famous story, you know, a story that we have come

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across, where he met a Sahabi of the Prophet sallahu wa salam by the name of ribbony, Rubery, even Iman. And one thing about Bibi even Ahmed is that if you open the books of history, you will never you will not find anything about Ruby, Ruby, even Muhammad, you will hardly find anything. The only thing that you will find under the name of robbery, even Ahmed is his encounter with Rustom. Now, what wisdom did was he called the sahaba. The Sahaba they sent Libya, even Ahmed Robina Ahmed? I mean, what does he have? First of all, they said that the books of history mentioned that he had a broken sword. What was he writing he was writing and a donkey. Now when it was done, now you're

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talking about Persians and even till today, you have all these big carpet companies that they always talk about their level of quality. And you know, whenever you talk about rugs, what kind of rug is the most famous rug out there, the Persian rug right, the Persian quality. Now, even at that time, the rugs that they had were were amazing. I mean, they were high class, high quality rugs. And so it says that Rustom is sitting on his throne. And he has put out the silk carpet or this silk cloth on the floor and he's sitting on this carpet on these rugs, these luxurious rugs. And everybody Ahmed he comes in and he sees that his camp. his donkey is having troubles walking on that suit cloth. So

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what did he do? I mean, these were Sahaba. They never cared, they were they were not scared of anyone. He took out his broken sword. And he cut and he ripped that that silk cloth and he moved it to the side so that his dunking can easily walk all the way to the stage. He comes all the way to wisdom. And he says what do you want to restore? Now you're talking about a Sahabi who is not one of the most prestigious Sahaba but the Sahaba never cared and they never were scared of anyone. They were not intimidated by anyone. He comes to wisdom and Rossum says Who are you people? Like I mean, here, it seems like you don't you have nothing? But you're not scared of anyone. You're Congri land

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after land? And who are you people and what do you want? That is when Jerusalem said the following the famous saying that we are here to take the people out of worshipping the creation and to bring them to the worshipping of the Creator, which is Allah subhanho wa Taala we are here to bring people to take people out of Chinook and bring them to the monotheism and to the terrain of Allah subhanho wa Taala this is what we want. So now at that time, you know, Rustom he said, a look what you do whatever you want to do, we're not going to give up our land. And that is when you know Subhanallah if you say the history of Persia, this is when the end you know from here the Battle of the sea.

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Yeah, takes place now, to quickly come to the Battle of the sea. Yeah, the battle for that said did not take place for a very long time. It said that in order for the Muslims to get to their main goal, which is telefone they had to go to the Battle of Odyssey another battle called the SIA was someone that was very difficult in the very beginning, when the Muslims actually went to go face the Persians, they encounter something that they have never ever experienced, you know, the Sahaba, that when it came to war, and when it came to battles, they were very, they were extremely skillful. They knew how to use horses, they knew how to use camels, they knew how to use donkeys, you name it, they

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knew everything in the battlefield. But this time for the very first time, they experience another beast that they have never come across. And that was called the elephant. Okay, they had no experience with elephants. And these elephants are huge elephants. The Persians are writing these elephants, and they have no idea and what they will do is that they will use their trunks to pick up people and throw them. And of course, you know, elephants are huge animals. So for the very first time, the Muslims had no idea how to deal with this, and a lot of Muslims who lost their lives. But then what happened was that the leader of the leader of the Muslims would he advise the Muslims to

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do is that we are where we're going to continuously fight them. And it said that they had brought in camels now what they did was they brought in camels, and they had put many people on one camel to seem as if to seem as if there are many camels. And what the leader of the Muslims did was that he reached out to different people and different tribes that were

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We need your help. And so Subhanallah what happens is that the when you have Rustom Rustom is sitting over there, and he's watching all this taking place. And to him, what it seems to him is that there is so much reinforcement coming, although there is not so much reinforcement coming. But to him, it did seem that there's so much reinforcement coming that slowly and gradually, internally, he began to lose hope, he began to lose hope. The muscles were then advised. Now, of course, as battle, you know, you have to defeat these animals in order to defeat the army. So the Muslims then began to throw spears into the eyes of the elephants and spears at the elephants, slowly and

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gradually, all the elephants were defeated. Now, if you study Persian history, or the assassin empire, if they have lost their animals, that is the end of their war, as soon as that took place, is said that they got to roast them by the time they got to roast them. And they said, for three, four days, constantly, there was just continuous battle. And on the last day, especially on the last day, they were fighting all night, the books of history mentioned that all night long, there was, you know, the swords were, you know, clinging against each other, they were coming in contact each with each other and night. And all night long. There was fighting taking place after fajr after they

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are faced a lot. The Muslim army or the Muslim leader said that look right now. It's Fajr time they are tired, we need to be strong. And this is our time to defeat the the Persian and the Persian army. And they they moved with great force, they were able to defeat the Persian army. And then they came to Jerusalem by time they came to Jerusalem Rustom had already died. Now how did he die? Well, Allahu Allah. Some books of history mentioned that he was attack. When the Muslims came in, they saw him there was a lot of piercings on his body, there was a lot of like, there was many wounds on his body. So some say that while he was in the battle, he lost his life in the battle Allahu Allah. Now,

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at this moment at this at this time, now the Muslims are heading towards testify or not testify is their most important price, and they're heading towards testify at this time. Once again, there is no Holly beyond what was already gone, and especially when it came to testify on the famous story. If you go back to the seat of the Prophet sallallahu it was send him when he came across a man by the name of Soraka Ben Malik, he chose to rock up in Malik The time will come that you'll be wearing the bracelets of the king of Persia. And at that time, so I was like there's something wrong with this man. Okay, that's the way he approached it that how can this man who I can turn them in right

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now to the parish, and again, I'll gain a good reward. This guy is talking about me wearing the braces of of this. I mean, this man has lost his mind apparently. But once again, the words of the Prophet seven can never be false and Subhanallah after the conquest of telefone, all this gold that didn't belong to the Persian king, it was sent to Medina. Now Medina, the people of Medina and Omaha, probably not use it for their for their own cause. They used it as well to support their other expeditions, because there are many other expeditions that took place is said that that is when he calls the rock up in Malaga. He says, you remember the promise of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam? He goes, Yes, he goes, here you go. And he gave him the bracelets of the king of Persia. And at that time, so lock them in Malik was speechless. That how the problem is on him I one time he promised me. And today I'm wearing the bracelet of Tesla. I mean, it's something amazing now, we all know and one thing I forgot to mention is that when when the when on ricotta, or the Allah Tala, and he removed, having what he said, harden Walid, to go fight the Byzantines. And one thing about the Byzantines was that we'll talk about this later on, but just because this comes up many times that you know, Amara, or the Allah Tala and he removed Khalid bin Walid from the position

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of authority. He removed him from the position of authority and many people say or they ask why did Omar remove Khalid Don't worry he has something against Holloman body. Now there's two different opinions are given first of all is that he initially did did not agree with the selection of a workable Viola and there's really nothing wrong with that. I mean, there can be disagreements, even though Amara Viola Don he disagree with the selection of oboe Viola on but he never went against Oh Bucha or the Ultron. And this is the most important lesson. So what did he do is that he removed has been worried the second reason why people say that he removed him and what it is because people

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begin to believe that if you have have been bullied in your army, you'll be victorious. So it was as if people begin to believe more in the power of Halima Walid rather than in the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala and number one to send a very strong message that all these conquests are taking place. It is through the power and the help of Allah subhanaw taala not through Hadith. He wants to get his point across to everyone. On the other hand,

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And when hug him when he left you know when he even when he left from Persia from the SAS empire to go help help out over there. What do you think the Persian Empire did you remember oh Bucha began to take over, has been what it is in Persia. This is before called Battle called sia has been what he does there. He has been then been ordered to go to the to fighting, fighting against the Byzantines. Imagine what happens here in Persia, the Persian Empire began to take over their land, that is when the the the Muslim person sending the Muslim over there in Persia, that is when he told her Omar that I need a leader, I need a leader you talk husband Well, either way from me, I need a leader

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that is when he says side of you will cost you a lot and on and Simon of course was the one who actually assigned robbery even armored to go in visit Rustom he is the one who helped them and they were able to defeat the Persians. And then you come to testify, which we'll talk about Inshallah, next week, they take over telefone Persia is completely taken over. And then you have them taking over the other area, which is you know, if you look at geographically speaking you have is you have Israel, and then you have on top of that Syria, and you have Jordan, you have all these countries, and right beneath them, you have Egypt. So in one go, it said that Omar, Omar, the author, and he

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assigned someone else, and they were able to conquer there was one battle that hadn't won it was the leader of but they were able to take Egypt into their own hand Syria, Damascus, especially into their own hands, and they will also be able to take Jerusalem, and we'll talk about that at that time in sha Allah. But at that point, since the Romans were in charge of Jerusalem, the Jews were not allowed to come inside Jerusalem, the Jews were not allowed to come inside Jerusalem. Once the Muslims took over Jerusalem, only then the Jews were allowed to come when people say that Muslims don't you know, when Muslims are biased towards other religions, if on ricotta on knowing that there

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were only Christians there because it was under the Roman kingdom ship. At that time, he realized that it's unfair, that we allow that Christians to be here who are amongst our Lupita. And we stopped another the Jews who are from the unlucky tab, we stopped them from coming into Jerusalem. And he said that the Jews can come here. And since that point, since after the Muslims took over, the Jews began to live in Jerusalem. Before that the Jews were not even allowed to come in to do some Sahaba. So it's through the Muslim they actually got introduced in Jerusalem. So we'll talk about that inshallah. Later on next week. We'll talk about telefone and then we'll move on to the

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Byzantine Empire, I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gives us the ability to act on what's been said 101 Last thing I will say is that this is our history. This is our history. Muslims today need to note know their history, so that when they talk to other people, this is this is what will help us a lot. I'm telling you if we know our history, people don't know people don't know history. The other day at the open house, the we show, we had a small clip that we showed to our guests. In there they are talking about the dark ages that how many contributions that the Muslims have during the Dark Ages to the to the modern world. We don't know this. Our kids don't know this as adults. We

00:33:11 --> 00:33:44

don't know this history of ours. What contributions to the Muslims make to the world we don't know this. We need to know this so that when we talk to others, we can show that Islam is not here to terrorize the world. We have brought Rama to the world. Islam has brought mercy to the world and a lot of things that people use today is because of Muslim inventions, and Muslim scholars and leaders. So inshallah we'll talk about these in the upcoming weeks I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us the ability to act upon what's been sent or heard from Allah Subhan Allah Muhammad subharmonic Allahu Allah. I'm not sure that we're not in the internet stuff. You want to read

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exactly my Hadith so I'm already gonna play but I'll catch you

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