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The speaker discusses the meaning behind various aspects of the spiritual messages and how they relate to the physical and mental state of the person. They explain that the meaning of "rocky or sad" is related to the physical state, while "rocky or sad" is related to the mental state. The speaker also discusses the meaning behind "rocky or sad" and how it relates to the spiritual readings.

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You know, when you pray,

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you know select, when the members voice is good, you say that helps me and it helps me and for sure, if the man is sound is beautiful, I shall like and pray the whole night and

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we just said, so, that is a meeting between you and the last session, they will come in which we will hear last time, if there was if What if the sound of the event, if the voice of the event motivated you to breathe the entire night behind him because of his voice. Imagine then when you hear it was part of what it means himself. Cinnabon cold and cold and miserable. Mahima speaks to His servants. And this is when we die when we die when eventually we're all gone and dead. Angels they come you know what they do?

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They come with me mean attorneys yada,

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yada. When the angels they come to a person when they present themselves to oppose it as he's dying, they take your soul, the soul out now, they shrouded with the shrouding of the paradise Yani addressed with garments of the paradise. And it's perfume with perfume of the paradise why that may be so now is going to meet a law. It's not appropriate to go with these clothes, these are prison clothes, a dunia in the walk the life is a prison, these are prison codes, you can be the love with this, how they dress you from the dressing of the paradise, perfume from the perfume of the paradise and the soul goes straight to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if a man is pleased with that soul, he

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will hear a mouse or a mug would say, I'm sada cohabitee

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kita Bob de by savoured has been truthful with me, my servant has been honest with me, he is pleased with you Will you hear

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about the

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record and register and leave the book, the book of good deeds leave that leave it here with a lawsuit. This is a type this is your title deed to property in the paradise. You know, with any title deed, the libraries that you didn't keep it hanging anywhere, you either put it with a lawyer, you put it in a safety lock on it. One document could be that expensive and takita

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your book your record, enter your title deed, to your property in paradise for more reserves and keep that with him. And then you solely sit back down and into the grief into your body. And this is why now the believer What does he say? And the result alone? Why don't you send them he says to us that the believer from them he would say

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to me, sir, hurry up, hurry up my Lord. Bring it bring it yo Marcos, we want this is the meaning of love is supposed to be a rush. They're supposed to be excited when you pray behind the event. So maybe the sound the voice of the event gives you encouragement and motivation. But as you prepare for that it's all about spiritual meanings. Think of hearing loss of Hannah Montana himself. Think of the day that you stand before law, the law would speak to you.

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And then that in itself should be enough to keep your brain

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and to develop this for sure. And that should be enough.

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The problem is we've detached our select from the spiritual meanings. And this is the problem. So that now is only become a matter of physical worship.

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So that is physical worship. Because the law of origin is given concession to the stick to preceding the one who can't preceding can pray line God, the one who can't move us and can just move his arms aside, it wasn't about physical movement for the one who can physically move your sugar to allow that you move properly and you do the press as they're supposed to be. Also that in its core meaning was about spiritual readings. That's what you're supposed to live with. The more you learn about the positions of a solid, the words that are set in solid, the more and more mature is develop.