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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of leadership in addressing issues such as death of previous members of Islam, the need for leaders to work with others to maintain behavior, and the history of the implementation of the Prophet's act of (the) salling Aladdin. They emphasize the importance of consulting with others and protecting individual privacy, while also acknowledging the history of the holy Fire and the use of cameras and cameras on the internet for identification. The speakers also touch on the importance of protecting home ownership and privacy, as well as the need for individuals to fulfill obligations under the Islam.
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In the guns on him Hakeem probably shuffling so the uncle Emery, one of them in the signing of gahoo. Kohli.

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So inshallah we are continuing with the life of Amara photogra. The Allah Tala and and before we actually get to the battles and the expeditions in which he was involved, or He sent down an expedition, I want to actually go through some of the important things regarding on whatever you're logged in on and his qualities of leadership. One of the most important things that we can learn from this from the story of Omaha Rhodiola today is how he served as a leader and how he held other leaders responsible. When you look at the story of when you reflect on the Sierra or the biography of obika The Allah didn't we learn that how he was able to defend Islam? When you look at the story

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of Amara photogra, the Allah Tala and you truly learn leadership, something that we're lacking in the world that we live today, at a time when I'm gonna Cadabra do a lot and I knew I was appointed as the Khalifa by obika, Yalta and he realized he first went to the masjid he gave a talk to the people he addressed the people and people came and they made they on the hands of almond ricotta Rhodiola that on, and they declared him and they acknowledged that he is now serving as a Khalifa for the Muslim ummah. This was of course good news for the Muslims because they realize and they saw that what was the benefit of appointing a Khalifa in the case of Albuquerque Allah and I'm remember

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that after the death of Rasulullah sallallahu ala he was saying this concept of Khalifa was something that was unknown. It was an abstract concept. It was a strange concept of the sahaba. But after the saw the benefits, the benefits of Islam, the benefits that that came to Islam, and how obika Rhodiola Tang was able to defend Islam. In front of these people who claim to be prophets and they were starting their own Deen they realize that we need to continue this process. So when Omar Ayala anon came into the position Khilafah there was not anyone who stayed behind and they said that we will not make be on Amara Amara, Allah that I'm although the Allah that I'm he understood that

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this position of leadership is not something that I can use. So I can, I can push forward, or I can progress in my agendas, I can progress in my plans on one of the Allah Tala and he used this position of Khilafah as sort of a testament Allah subhanaw taala. Because today in the world that we live in when anyone is given this position of leadership, when anyone is given this position that he has power to rule over the entire country, than many people they use that position to, to address or not to address, but to take forward their agenda in the case of Omaha Rhodiola dinner. And that's not how he viewed in alpha, he viewed it as a as a test from Allah subhanho wa taala. And so for any

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one of us who are in the position of leadership, whether it's at home, whether it's at a summit institution, whether it's at work, whether it's anywhere else, that's the way we need to view leadership that this is a test from Allah subhanho wa taala, rather than me being the one in power, rather, I'm the one who's being tested by Allah subhanho wa taala. The next thing the AMO Viola to the arm that we find in his chutzpah, or in his first lecture, as a Khalifa was that he not only He not only was serving as a Khalifa, but he began to appoint different people in different countries, and he will then hold them accountable, he would visit them frequently, he was sent letters to them

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frequently and he will, you will remain in communication. The minute he found out that someone was doing their job correctly, he would he would reward them. And the minute he found out that someone was not doing their job correctly, he would admonish them and after that, if they did not learn from their previous past, then what they would what he would do is that he was simply remove these people from the position of leadership, he did not care who that person was, how close he was to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam if he was doing his job correctly, he will be rewarded if he was not he was removed, OH MY GOD, ALLAH and he once was taught, he was sitting with a Sabra the a lot

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and I'm home. And he said, that I don't know in Maya Khalifa, or am I a king

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in My khalifa, or am I a king? So he says that if I am a king, then this is a serious matter. So someone said to me, photography Allah and that there is a difference between between both of them, and Khalifa does not take anything except for what belongs to him. What belongs to Him, He will take that he will not take anything else. And he does not give anything except he does not give anything to anyone unless they are truly deserving of it. In the case of the king, he will take what does not belong to Him and He will not give to people you will in fact you will give to people who are not deserving. That is why

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And in fact, there is another, there's a statement made by someone or frosting on your waterline that he was asked by a photographer Yolanda onda, Mia Khalifa, a maya King, to witch Salman with Yolanda and he said that if you collect from the land, a did hum or less or more, and you put it where it does not belong, then you are a king. And if you do not do that, then you are a Khalifa. And this is a difference. When you look at when you go to work. When you study leadership, there's a difference between a boss and a leader. A leader drives everyone towards one goal, it takes everyone and if it really brings everyone's focus on one page, there's and it brings everyone's focus into

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sync. There's one goal there's one vision and we have to chase that vision and chase that goal. And that was who almost photography, alotta on was one of the very first things that he implemented, saying this, it does not mean that overcome the Allah and did not have this nature. It only means that oh my god Allah and he did this more than even oldaker The Allah Anon, which is the concept of Shudong Allah subhanho wa Taala in Surah Ali Imran he says, for the man rahmati mean Allah Healin tena, by the mercy of Allah you dealt with them gently, when Oh, Quinta foot one of a Louisville Albee land fragomen Holly, had you been severe or harsh with them? Or hard hearted with them, they

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would have broken away from you. This is a this was an idea that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and many orlimar they say that this was revealed after the Battle of Muhammad. In the Battle of the heart, if you remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he posted 50 Archers that you are to protect and make sure you don't move from your position you are to protect this passage, because this as long as the archers are there, they will be able to protect that passage, the Muslims will be protected. As we all know that initially there was there was an impression that the muscles may have won the battle. Many people they left their position and they

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left her post and because of which the Muslims suffered tremendously. Many Sahaba lost their lives. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam suffered physically, significantly in that in that battle. What did we learn is that after that was also a long while he was someone was really upset. He was really upset that I gave these people responsibility. And they did not fulfill the responsibility net. Now Cuadras Rasul Allah who it was some just say, You know what, I have nothing to do with you anymore. I'm not going to take your opinion anymore. I have nothing to do with you. He could have done that. But Allah subhanaw taala is saying that that is not what your attitude should be like.

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You should be gentle with them. If you be hard, if you be hard hearted with them, they will leave you alone. And then he says far for I'm home far for I'm home, forgive them, what's don't fill the home and seek forgiveness for them. And then he says Allah subhanaw taala was shot Washa we're home Finn armor and you continuously consult with them and matters. That's why after the Battle of aha, even though the Muslims suffered tremendously, after that, as well, so Allahu Allah He was on he continue to benefit he continued to consult with the Sahaba Northey, Allah turned on him. And this is a lesson for all of us. If there is a person who makes a mistake, that doesn't mean that we leave

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them alone, and we don't take their opinion anymore. What if we, what if we are in the family, and I sit down, and I implement these ayat of Shula in which we should, which we should, and I'll come across and I'll give you some examples of Omaha Rhodiola and how he consulted with others. But this is something that we shouldn't have, even with our families. So let's just say if someone gives an opinion in the family, and we took that opinion, or something happened and there was a negative outcome, things not go according to the plan. Does that mean that we stop advising or we stop taking other people's opinions? No, that does not mean that it means that we continuously work with them,

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no matter what. Another idea of the Quran Allah subhanaw taala and so Shura, he says Alladhina ster Jabu be him well upon was salah, well, I'm rowhome Shu Rabina home, Allah subhanaw taala he's talking about those who do Tawakkol he says that though these are in those who answered the call of Allah subhanaw taala. So who are the people who have to work well, they are those who answered the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala while following Salah and they establish their salah, well, I'm Rohan Shu Rabina home and their matters are dealt with consulting with others. Now this idea in itself teaches a very great lesson to all of us is that when ALLAH SubhanA talked about ecommerce

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Salah and then right after he talked about Shura, which is consulting with others, Allah subhanaw taala by bringing both them in the same sentence. He is saying that just like Salat is important in order to maintain your faith. Likewise, you must do

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You must consult with others, you must adopt this nature of Shula when you work with others, it is as important like Salaat Yes, it is not given the status and our deen as far but ALLAH SubhanA is trying to place emphasis on this matter. So Subhanallah when you look at Omaha Rhodiola. And there are many things he said about shooter and I just out of I remember I found 10 of them, I just want to share two with you today. He says an individual opinion is like a single thread. Two opinions are like two inter woven threads, and three can never be broken. The more you consult with people, the more you will, you'll benefit from their suggestions. Number two Almirall YUTAN. He says men are a

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three type. Men are of three types. A man who deals with problems, according to his own opinion, a man who consult who consults others. So that's the first one. The second one is a man who consult others with regard to matters, he is interested about and follows the opinions of those who have wisdom. That's the second type. That's that's the second type of man. And then the third man is the one who is confused, and he's helpless. And he does not consult with others, and he does not take decisions seriously. So the question is, out of these three types of men, Which category do we fit into? The category that we need to fit in? Is the second category. Now who do you? How do you know

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Don, he consulted people, first of all, whenever he wants to do anything, he will go into Medina, he will talk to the general public of Medina, this is what I want to do, as we all know, and we will talk about this later on the problem. Almost all the time, he will patrol the streets, he would walk in the streets. He was an average man, even serving as a Khalifa he never put himself in that position that I am exempt from anyone. I'm going to isolate myself from everyone. No, I am part of the community and I will continue to serve the community. So what he would do, he would go and he would walk the streets. He would then talk to the people he said that this is something that's

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coming to a mind What do you think everyone would give their opinion? Then he says, okay, you know what, exactly, we're not here for our opinion. I'm going to keep that in mind, then he will go and he will call the Sahaba of the Allah that I'm home. Some say that you will first call the Sahaba he would first ask them, and then he will call the singer Sahaba, the Allahu Anhu. Those who are very knowledgeable, those who are very close to promise Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and those who participated in the Battle of Budhha, the buddy companions of the Prophet SAW Selim, he will consult with them. And then after that, if they thought it was something that was important, and they

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thought that it was it was worth it was worth it, then what are the Athan, he will move forward with that opinion, something else that we've seen in either one or the other one is that sometimes he would even pass a rule. He would pass a rule he said that from now on, this is how things are going to things are going to take place. The weak people of the community would come to realize that on and they will say that oh, um, you don't mean you made a mistake, and this is the correct view and if they provided a delete, if they provided a Quranic IRA or a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that was contrary to the law passed by Aminata rhodiola, Tehran right away on

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whether the Allah Quran he would change his opinion. He was never arrogant, that these are the weak people of the community. I don't need to listen to them know if they have an if they have a point. And they have the need to back up their claim that I will most certainly listen to these people. On what other Yolanda i Not only would he consult with your buddy companions, the weak people of his community. He even brought children into his own into his own gathering, the people who he would consult with, you have people like Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Saudi Allah Tehran, a very knowledgeable young child, who learned directly from this was Allahu alayhi wa sallam one time on

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Raja Raja Allah Don is sitting there with the Sahaba and he asked the Sahaba though, in your opinion, what is the seed of either Jaya nostril Allah he will fit every Sahaba gave their own opinion. In my own opinion, this is the meaning of this sutra, in my opinion is the meaning of this sutra when he came to Abdullah ibn our vessel the Allah Tala and he asked him that, in your opinion. What do you think? He says that this is a sutra that was revealed to the salsa Allahu alayhi wa sallam as an indication that your life is coming to an end?

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And almost all the time he said, that is the correct answer. Subhanallah how many senior senior Sahaba there's so many, but that one child, if a child was knowledgeable, he would bring him into his into his gathering. Now you thought this is all the rodeo Donna would do? No. He would do something that many of us don't do. Unfortunately, he will go home and he won't even consult with the women. He will consult with his own daughter have said have you allowed Alana

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this is unfortunately in our culture is considered as taboo to take there.

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opinion of the women that the women are only there just to just to serve the house, clean the house, do the laundry, drop the kids off, pick up the kids. That's it. That's all they have to do. No, the Prophet saw some he did this. Oh, Bucher did this Amara on home? They did this too. He did this consult with the woman. You remember the story of Arabia, the province some did not know what to do OMA selama gave that opinion to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam And subhanAllah that opinion was the most healthy was one of the most helpful opinions to the Prophet sunnah after the Prophet some did not say you know what exactly okay for your opinion, I'm gonna do something else. He

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listened to almost selama he did that he did accordingly and guess what all the Sahaba they did they follow the the promise of Salem and everything this entire matter which was very very tense at that time was put to rest because of the opinion of a woman on the Ultra and he will go to his daughter have some of the Allah Tirana there you tell me what your opinion is about the matter. There's nothing wrong in taking the opinion of our of our sisters.

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Let's talk about justice and equality something that Omar will do a lot on he had almost all the time as we all know in the Quran. There's so many I don't want to get into right now that that highlight the importance of justice inequality, it doesn't matter who you are in our deen everyone is equal. Everyone is equal for Allah subhanho wa Taala once there was a Jewish man and a Muslim man they came they brought their dispute to Amana, Cadabra, viola and on on Earth and did not see that this was a Muslim man, this was a Jewish man, even though even though on top of the allotted on is very well aware of the history of the Jews, and how much the how much harm they caused her SOS

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He is well aware of that. But when the time came that they brought a dispute to the alotta line. He saw the who was the right one who was the wrong one who was the victim who is the criminal here. And he said that the Jewish man is innocent. And the Muslim man is guilty. He did not care. This is justice inequality. This is why Islam spread so much in the time of Amara Viola line, because there was so much justice and equality people saw the people saw the blessing of Islam, people saw how much justice and quality does exist within Islam. One time, you allowed that on, he was sitting with his governors, he called all his governors, and he was sitting

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with them. And he says, and not only that, but he called some other people. And he says that all these governors that I have appointed in different different lands, they are there to serve you people that are there to serve you. They're not there to take away your rights, to eliminate the rights. They are there to serve you and to give you your rights and give you what you deserve. So if there's any man today, who feels like his rights, were neglected, stand up today. And let's talk about this. A man stood up. And he says oh, I mean, don't mean this person. He did wrong to me. And who was he referring to? He was referring to? I'm referring to us. So he stood up and he he then

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later on? He said that who is who is your governor? He says I'm gonna move to AWS. He says stand up. Now this is who Rhodiola and was he did not care whether this was a commoner or this and this was a leader. He told both of them to stand up. And he says that, did you whip him? Did you give him lashes? And he says yes, he does. I gave him he said that he gave me I gave him I'm gonna ask that I give him 100 lashes. And he says for what? And he realized that I'm gonna ask you I've not done that. He says Let's settle the score. Right now. I'm having said that if you do this, that this has been a set a precedent for the for the future. And this is something this is going to be a practice

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that everyone's going to do you want to discuss this? Do you want to deal with this? Let's go behind doors. Let's go behind, you know, the, you know, let's go behind closed doors, and let's just discuss this matter. He says no, he says, Are you going to tell me not to serve justice when Rasulullah sallallahu it was something you serve justice. I cannot do that. I simply cannot do that. At that time. He then said that if you don't want the lashes, then you have to come to a financial agreement and a financial resolution and they were able to come to that. And that is how amaro the alotta and he settled the score between both of these people, once again to Omotola and it did not

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matter who you were, if you are a commoner if you are governor, you all have certain rights and they all have to be fulfilled on what are the alotta nine. He was not only a man who who who conducted or who exhibited justice equality with others. But he even he even he even conducted justice equality with himself. If Medina if the people in Medina were going through a famine, if they're going through a difficult time financially, one time Are you allowed to die and he says that it was a time in Medina that people in Medina were going through a difficult time. He says that a man brought some meat to me. He said he bought some meat to me. It was the liver of a camel.

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He brought up Mercato Nila and he said that this is a gift for you. He said where did you get it from? He says I camel camel was slaughtered and

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In this you know the the parts of the camel were distributed this is the thing that came to my into my share. I know you've not eaten anything properly and in many days I brought this for you he says no. If the people are Medina if the people of Medina are deprived from food like this, this does not give me the right to eat something like this either. I will be held before Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, this is on top of the allotted on let's talk quickly talking about his freedom. And then one more manner than inshallah we will finish this one as far as freedom is concerned, we've talked about this before, that almost overthrow the Allah Tala and he made it very clear that

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everyone has religious freedom. Everyone has religious freedom. If there was any Muslims who would conquer any land there, they would stay on the outskirts of that city, the churches, the buildings, the the judicial, the judiciary system would all be intact, nothing would be interrupted in that city, nothing would be life would it go on, very unlike the visiting Empire, the Persian Empire when they would go the Byzantines whenever they would go anywhere they would, they would force the people to accept their religion, anyone who ignored their orders, they were either burned alive or they were hanged in public. That is not how Muslims conducted their matters. Whenever they will go

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anywhere on one or the other. I made it very clear that is what they did. This is how Albuquerque alotta on who did matters. And this is how I'm going to conduct my matters. Everyone has religious freedom. This is the true teachings of Islam and anyone who says that in Islam there is no religious freedom for others. They are absolutely wrong. This is against the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim against the sun against the Sunnah of the holy fire regime, none of the qualified Russian I mean, none of them, they will conquer and they will begin to kill the people it was against the teachings is against the teachings of our deen not only that, honor the Allah to not only provide religious

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freedom, but he said that everyone has a right to security. Everyone has a right to their home, and everyone has has freedom to what they own. He first is talking about as far as security is concerned. Think about it today. Let's talk about today. When the when law enforcement want to force any information out of someone else, they have the full right by the government to treat that person in any positive in any way. They like. They can torture him, they can hurt him, they have the full liberty to do that. In the case of Oh my God, Allah didn't listen to this brothers and sisters, he says that there can be no certainty that a man will not confess to a crime if he is starved,

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frightened or detained these words of Almighty Allah and they indicate that this is it is not permissible to obtain a confession from a suspect under pressure, or by any means of threat, whether the means are used or used are physical, such as depriving him from his stipend, or confiscating his wealth psychological such as giving him threats or scaring him or, or scaring him in any way. This is what the Ultron said, If there's anyone who's a suspect you cannot write him.

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I mean, can you imagine people today say that we don't want Islam, but this is the beauty of Islam. This is the beauty of Islam. Let me show you let me just share with you just two more things that inshallah will will end this sanctity of the home going back to the idea of sort of know Allah subhanaw taala and sort of know says Yeah, are you 100 In Amman Are you people who believe last tied to Hulu Do you tend to Europe who you will take on that study so that you are not allowed to end to enter anyone's home without their permission? What to sell him Allah Allah and you must make Salam to the people living inside the house. Then he says the next if for any length that you do feel, if

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you do not find anyone there laughter The Holy haha for later, do not enter that home. Just because that person might be your friend. If you do not have permission to enter that home, you are not allowed to enter that home on one or the other. And he said that based on these ayat of the Quran, I cannot take anyone's home from them. I cannot confiscate someone's home, I will not threat anyone that will take their home away that home belongs to them. They are the rightful owner of that, as far as ownership is concerned.

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On one or the data on will also guarantee and protect the ownership as as long as it was under the under Islamic Sharia with almost all of your data and found himself compelled for political and strategic reasons to compel the Christians of nudge Iran or the Jews of hybrid. Because what the what these two people they did is that they did not fulfill the agreements of the treaty. As we all know that during the time of the Prophet SAW Salem the Prophet alayhi salam took over high bar and the Jews were living in Haifa. He let them stay there. He let them stay there. Eventually the the Christians in Iran he let them stay there but there was an agreement that you have to fulfill this

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treaty. If you violate this treaty, then you'll be told to leave at that time. They begin to violate the terms of their agreement. And then that is when Alma Rodon who said that I have to tell you I

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I have to be I have to be strong about this. And I have to tell you that you you are told to leave you cannot stay here because you are not fulfilling the terms of your agreement. But Subhanallah look at the lead look at the type of leader that Amara the Athan, who was he said that you are not allowed to stay here you are going you have to move to places which are current, they see the Iraq he says you are too you're told to go there. When they went over there. The one the very first things that Amara Reutimann who did is that he helped them find a place to live. Is there any ruler today? Is there any leader today who would do something like that? He could have simply say, You

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know what, you're not fulfilling the terms of your agreement. You leave from here, go go to that land and stay there, and I don't care what happens to you. But that's not what Omar Rodon who did, he said that you're not filling in the terms of your agreement, I'm being forced to push you out, he kicked him out. But he says that before you move anywhere, let me make sure that there are living arrangements for you. Subhanallah, what kind of leader was almost on the alota line? So these are the reasons I'm sharing these things, because these are the things that we learned from our qualified regime, the type of leaders that they were, there are some now inshallah next week I want

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to talk about some other things. How do you serve like when it came to our opinions when it came to opinions? What How did rodeo tion what was his attitude towards opinions opinions that were that were in line with the Quran and Sunnah and opinions that were contradicting the Quran, the Sunnah, and there were some other important things that took place while serving as a Khalifa. We're going to talk about that and then inshallah we'll get into some of the battles and expeditions that he participated in or he sent, he sent a group of people for our prey to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us the ability to act upon who has been setting the herdsmen Allah Subhan Allah we humbly

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Subhana Allah 100 Actually what Allah you know, in the internet selfie Luca wanted to be exactly located on the hunt Allah here Brocato