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On time that these kinds of differences, these kinds of differences or divisions could occur. But when you study the life of Amara, the Allah Tala and when you say the life of Ahmed or the Allah to the ion and him serving for 10 years or 10 years is a significant amount of time and According to American politics, it's almost two and a half terms of being a president so that is quite a long time. So but yet we find that there were no divisions and there were no major differences that took place during the time of Amara the alotta line people they complied with Amara the Allah Tala on there were there were not many people who objected to Almighty Allah Tala on people favor his style

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of leadership and how he ran things. Because even during his time, he invented many, many things in the into the system like he created the Social Security system, which was very different at that time. But he created a system at that time. He did many other things during his time, and that's why you know, people like Arthur manual the Allah Denine he served for 12 years, he was a Khalifa for 12 years. But there were many times where people they openly disagree with Auslan or the hola tonight, so I was murdered yella and he isn't he even he himself is aware of the fact that when Omar was a Khalifa, he never had to face differences amongst the people and he never had to, you know, he was

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never faced with divisions within within the Ummah, but myself when I am the Khalifa, I'm facing all these trials and tribulations and you have to go back to the

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another Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu. It was sending them the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim is that he says that, you know, just like after fajr, everyone, he would ask everyone that did anyone see a dream? It was the nature of the Prophet sallahu wa salam. So one person said, Yes, I saw a dream. And he says that I saw, through a skill, I saw a skill descend from the sky. And he says that you and obok are were weighed, and you were heavier. So he's saying that you promised us a nominal bucket weight, and you were heavier, then he said that then a bucket and on the word weighed, and the N obika was more heavier than almost all the allotted ion. And then he says that the scale was

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taken up the scale was taken up. And so some of the orlimar they you know, they talked about this hadith or what exactly could be the meaning of this hadith that What about what's wrong with the Allah and on what about Ali Rhodiola? On what about that? So the ornament, they say that the scale is symbolic for justice. The scale is symbolic for justice. So during the time of the province of Salaam, there was justice, there was no one and the time of Obamacare or the Allah denying, there was no love, there was Justice during the time of almoradi Allah Denine there was justice but after the time of Amara the a lot and I and then the Justice began to fade from the OMA and volume began

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to take over into the OMA and that's why when you look at when you say the Sierra or the life of ortho, the Allah Denine he was, he was killed, like almost on the other hand was also stabbed towards the end of his life. But it was, but there was much justice that prevailed during the time of almost all the allotted time. And so the only man say that this is a sign that after the time of Amara Yolanda is when all the fitna the fitness souling gradually began to creep into the OMA. So this is something that we learned from the the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There is another Hadith regarding regarding the religious commitment of Almighty Allah to Allah and the

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Prophet saw someone says that while I was sleeping, the people were shown that people were shown to me wearing garments for some the garment came down as far as their chest and for some they were shorter than that. However, the garment of armor of the allotted line was so long that it was dragging on the ground. So once again I want you to visualize this, there are some people whose clothes are coming into here, there are some whose clothes are coming to here but for almost all the allotted on his clothes are dragging on the floor. When someone asked the Prophet SAW said I'm what is this referred to? He said that this refers to religious commitment. So meaning that if the if the

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means was short, that means that that is your level of religious commitment. And as far as Ramadan is concerned, there was so much religious commitment that it was symbolic that the clothes were dragging on the floor mean that he was very committed to his religion.

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There is another there's something else that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned about amo the Allah Tala and and I'm sure that we've all heard this that you know the Prophet SAW said that. Che fine does not walk on the same

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side of the street where Rhodiola on walks. We've heard this before. But actually the hadith is longer than this. And it's something that is actually I mean, I mean when I read this hadith is quite funny too, because the Hadith goes that once was was so long it was sent to him, he was sitting with his wives, and when the y's will sit with Roswaal, so Allahu alayhi wa sallam, they would talk to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they would you know, sometimes the Prophet some would say something and they will respond to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And you know, if you remember last week, we talked about the story when there was this suspicious,

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suspicious feeling amongst us a habit of the Allah to dawn on him that the Prophet some may have possibly divorce his wives. This was, you know, something that the Sahaba were concerned about. Whereas the Prophet some did not actually divorce his wives, he just chose to stay away from them for one month. Well, at that time, Amara Viola Dawn, he complained to the Prophet some he says they got us a lot. When we were in Mecca, our Mahajan, women were under our control. We had a good control over them. But as soon as they came to Medina and they began to socialize with the Saudi woman, eventually he said that the Maka, the Moroccan women became like the medina women. And what

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he meant by that is that the, the women of Medina, they would respond back to their husbands. So it's not in a disrespectful way. But you know, in some cultures, when the husband says something, it is that's an analysis done, the wife doesn't even have an opinion to even offer. But you know, in some cultures, the wife can respectfully provide her own opinion or owns her own suggestion. And some culture is considered as a disrespect in some cultures, is conservative disrespect, even if the woman is not saying, if the wife is the wife doesn't have to say that I disagree with you. The wife is just saying that I suggest that we should do something else. Then the husband usually takes it as

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a disrespect. Now, long ago, this was probably the concept. So I'm gonna tell you a lot. Don is telling us wa salatu salam that ye have our Mecca women become like the the women of Medina that now they are talking back to their husbands. So I'm one of the alotta and is coming to the province as salam and he hears that the Prophet Salam is surrounded with his wives. They're all talking the person you know, he's possibly saying something and they're talking back to the Prophet saw some nine disrespectful way just like a husband and wife talk.

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When the wives found out so over the allotted time before he entered he asked permission he goes jasola It's me on what can I come in

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and all the women listening to the voice of Amara, the alotta on the ran inside, okay, because they were just so scared of I'm one of the lot that I'm so the random inside. So the problem is I was salam when as soon as the Amara Athan came, the problem son was smiling. And he says, Amara, he goes, I don't know what it is about you. He says, When I'm talking to my wives, you know, they're talking to me very casually. But as soon as they hear your voice, they run inside, they run inside. So I'm gonna have the Allah Tala. And he says to the prophets, Allah. So first of all, he addressed. First he said to the Prophet sallallahu, it was sending them that you have more right to be feared

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by them than me, like they should be more fearful. They should be more fearful about you than they are fearful from me, like, they should respect you more than they respect me. And then he says, you know, from behind the curtain, he said to the wives of Rasulullah, sallAllahu. Ana, he was sending them that Oh, enemies of yourselves. So he never addressed them as a you know, Omaha to mean, he says, All enemies of yourself, because he's telling these people he's telling the wives or the problem setting them, that when you disrespect the problems to them, you're only hurting yourself. So he addressed them as by saying, oh, enemies of yourselves, do not fear me. And do you fear me and

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not the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? And what did the wise respond to like, what did they say? They said, Yes, you are more harsh, and you are more stern than Ursula sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I mean, because once again, when you say the personality of rasa, he was a very calm, man. I mean, even though people would come, you know, people would talk. I mean, the wives were responding to the province of Salem, and they were having this casual conversation, but the process of never took it took it as a disrespect. Yes, when disrespect did occur, the problem he separated himself, but the wives were very particular about that afterwards. So that's why, you

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know, that's why the problem he said, then what he said was that Oh, Saddam hottub by the one and whose hand is my soul, they shaytaan never meets you on the same on a path, but he takes another path that is when resources are Salam. He said this hadith. Now, the Almighty discusses Hadith and they say

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Does this mean that Amara Viola Tron is infallible? And almost said, No, that is not what it means. It means that that Omonoia Dawn is fallible. If there's anyone who is considered as infallible that will be useless Allahu alayhi wa sallam, but Aminata. And it doesn't mean that that armor is infallible, because this, you know, it just because shaytaan walks on the other path, it does not mean that shaytaan cannot whisper into his ear, chiffon can still whisper into his ear, he can still possibly get to almost all the allotted time. And there was another Hadith narrated by Hassan or the ultra on which the ultimate again they discuss this matter because they say, or there's a hadith

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that says that the shaytaan has never met to Omar, from the time he became a Muslim. But the fact is that he flees immediately like he flees immediately mean that as soon as the Allah to Allah comes, he flees immediately. Now, once again, does that mean that Omar is immune from the shaytaan, that doesn't mean that it means that his Eman is so strong, that shaytaan cannot have so much of an effect upon him. And this goes with everyone and anyone, if anyone has strong Iman, if anyone has strong Iman, then Allah subhanaw taala will protect him from the shaytaan even yesterday, when we were talking about this subject to our youth, you know, talking about Halloween and talking about

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gins and so forth. Some people ask this question over and over again that how can we protect ourselves from the jinns? Like, how can we I protect myself from shape on? The best way is to stay away from sins, increase your iman, you know, someone asked that, can magic have an effect on someone else? Like if someone is trying to perform black magic on you? Can that magic have an effect on you? And the answer is, if you are a person who has strong Iman, then that magic will remain weak. And as soon as your iman goes low, and you're you you know, your iman dips and you start to commit sins, then eventually that magic has a great effect on the person if someone is doing magic,

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one person, even yesterday monkey was here he was talking about this that the more you expose yourself to sins, the more you are giving shaytaan a pathway to yourself. And so the next we read about this when shuttered was was the harness and levy us we saw fee. So do the NASS Allah subhanaw taala tells us that Shavon does not actually have access to your heart, you know, when we say that chiffon is in my heart, Allah has told us in the Quran, that shaytaan originally does not have access to one's heart, he only has access to the sudo Rinas. The word sudo means the chest of a person, meaning that Allah subhanaw is trying to tell us that imagine that there is a castle and the

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the castle is surrounded by a 10 foot wall, okay? Not the wall of Trump, okay, just a 10 foot wall, okay, then in that, in that situation that shaytan is lurking outside, he's trying to get inside. And that castle or that building is considered as your heart that wall that is surrounded, or that is surrounding the castle, that is your chest. So the shaytaan only has access to the chest of a human being. But when a person deviates from Allah subhanaw taala and he begins to commit sins, then we are giving access to shaytaan or we're the ones who are giving access to shaytaan to our hearts. So it is never Allah subhanaw taala who gives them access it is ourselves who give access, or who

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were the ones who are giving us access to shape on to our hearts. I want to share with you one other Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He says that while I was sleeping I saw myself drawing water from a well with a bucket. Amara, the Oba Kuroda on first came and he drew a bucket. And he was very weak from carrying that by, you know, by carrying that bucket. Then the person says they're all microbiota and came and the bucket turned into a very large one in his hand mean that he was able to draw a lot of water. I had never seen anyone so strong doing his task. All the people drain their fill, and water their camels that kneeled down that had knelt down there. So now the protozoan was first of all, saying that I have not seen anyone who was as strong and doing his response really like otter the Alta and once again

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when you study the life in the Khilafah of Amara Viola Tron, non Muslims. I mean, the Khalifa time was so effective and it was so prosperous for the Muslims and the Muslim ummah, that non Muslims they say that the golden era of Islam, the golden era of Islam

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was the 10 years that were Amara Villalta. And he served as a Khalifa, they don't refer to the time of the province as the golden era of Islam. They don't refer to the time of rhodiola, Isaac golden, the golden era of Islam, they don't refer to the to the era of I leave on your timeline, or is titled The Ultra on as the golden era of Islam. But they refer to the time by Amara time as the golden era of Islam, because Islam flourished, Islam grew economically, Islam began to spread. And not only that, but almost all the data on the system that he had established, was a system that it took care of every single person, every single person, you know, when you go and use, you know,

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especially in many countries,

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they are veterans of the country who receive benefits, like even when you go anywhere here in America, and you fill out a form, when the question that they asked me is, are you a veteran, veteran or not? Why? Because veterans receive benefits? Well, if you go back to the time of the allotted iron, that is something that he had institutionalized is that the people who go out for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, putting their lives on the line for the sake of Muslims and Islam, then they deserve benefits. Not only that, but the Obama and the scholars and the Imams at that time, they will receive a great deal of benefits from almost all the time, because he said, he used

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to say that if these are people who are just worried about, you know, he just he used to say that if the Imams and the Allamah, and the scholars are just worried about their livelihood, then this would probably interfere in their work. So he would take care of their expenses. And not only that, but Aminata was also one of those very, very few people, there was a hadith narrated by him, that is used in the subject of Waqf endowment. Because long ago, if you study the history of Islam and the demise of Islam, one of the things that has happened is that all the institutions, that is some institutions that were run by endowments, and by walk properties, they were taken by the government,

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they weren't taken by the government. So first, it was a system where the automatic scholars were not worried about what they were saying, they were teaching, of course, the right thing. But then later on, when the government took over these institutions, and these walked in, and these endowments were eliminated, or they were removed, then what happened was that the government would put pressure on the school or the scholar that you have to speak in our support. And if you look at it, you know, this has happened throughout the years. But if you I mean, if you go back into, into the history of Islam, there were many endowments, and there were many walks, properties and you

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know, institutions that were that were created by endowment. So once again, Ahmed Allah on he was able to fulfill his responsibility. At the end of the Hadith, Ross was a Salam where he says that everyone was able to drink, and even the camels that were sitting on there sitting down, even they were also able to drink some of their own amount. They interpret this hadith by saying that during the Khilafah, of Amara rhodiola, tonight, he not only fulfilled the needs and the rights of the seniors, but he worried about the seniors, you worried about the younger people in the community, he worried about all the different demographics of the Muslim community, he would tell his leaders, he

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will tell his governors, that everyone in your country and everyone that you are ruling over their rights have to be fulfilled. And so when you look at our situation today, there are people who, you know, there's classes amongst the the nation, but there are some classes that receive more than the others, there are some classes that have to give more than the others. Like, for example, here, if you if you heard the presidential debates, I mean, it's sad to see that some are saying that we will tax we will tax the low income families more than we tax the so the higher income families will have to pay less tax, and the lower income families are going to have to pay more tax. Whereas the the

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correct system of Islam is that first of all, there's a there's the institution of Xikar, that the more you have, the more data you have to give. But on the other hand, the more the more that people they have, they should take care of the needs of those who are of the lower class or the middle class of the community. And this is, this is the system that Amara and he had created. But nonetheless, as I said earlier, that it all began you know, slowly and gradually as the Muslim ummah fell apart and they collapse and all these things they began to collapse to

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almost all the time. It said about him that one time was was so long it was selling them he said to amaro time, that last night in my dream, I saw

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a palace I saw a palace and I was in paradise. And I saw a person by the name of roommates roommate

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Isa was the wife of Abu Dhabi Allah Denine. And he says that I then heard footsteps when I inquired whose footsteps they are. They told me that these are the first sets of bilateral the Allah Dylon. He then said that I proceed I proceeded further ahead, and I saw a palace in Jannah. And there was a woman sitting outside that house of Jana. I asked whose powers does this belong to? And they said that it belongs to it belongs to someone from the tribe of Banu ID, his name is Omar Mahatama, the Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then said that I could have I was thinking of going inside, but I remembered your protective jealousy. The person said this to Rodeo time. I

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remembered your protective jealousy. And that time almost rolled around and said that made my father and my mother my mother both be sacrifice for you. He said yes, all of a sudden, there is no jealousy when it comes to you if you want it to enter into my palace, my palace is open for you you should have entered into my palace now. There are just one or two more Hadith of the Prophet of sundown I have here is the Hebrew honey. There are some other interesting Hadith I want to share with you and then inshallah I'll let you go.

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One is the Hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas Rhodiola Rhodiola. And I won't read the Arabic I'll just read the English right now for time sake. When the dead body of almond Rhodiola on was put on his deathbed, the people gathered around him and invoked Allah and prayed for him before the body was taken away. And I was amongst them who had been abuzz. Suddenly I felt somebody taking hold of my shoulder and found out that it was a little bit over the allotted line. I invoked Allah's mercy for Omar and said, Oh my God, you have not left behind you a person whose deeds I like to imitate a and meet Allah with more than I'd like your deeds. By Allah. I always thought that Allah would keep you

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with your two companions. Who is this referring to the problems of Salam N and obika time for every often I would I used to hear the prophets are seldom saying that I alberca in Oman went somewhere. I alberca and Omar entered somewhere I and obika. And Omar went out. So he says that when you you know, like Ebola Abbas is saying that the Prophet SAW Salam wherever he was say something you will always talk about obika and he will talk about Omar like me and me Oba can Omar went somewhere me Oba can onward and left from somewhere me elbakyan Omar did this me Oba can Alma did that. So he says that every single time or so many times it probably some will take your name. I know that you

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are someone who was extremely dear to us who so long want to sell them. Now this hadith in itself also shatters the doubt that some other people or some other groups so called Muslim groups that they that they say that there was a conflict or there was hatred or animosity between God Allah Tirana and Amara Rhodiola did on this animosity did not exist. If the animosity had existed between Omar and Allah on that article, the author would have not said these type of words, another Hadith of the province that I want to share with you because this goes to exactly what I was saying, is a Hadith narrated by a Buddha or the Allah the nine that ALLAH messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said, while a shepherd was amongst his sheep, a wolf attacked them and took away one sheep. The shepherd chased it and God that sheep freed it from the wolf, the wolf turned towards a shepherd and said, Who will be its guard on the day of wild animals on the day of wild animals when it will have no shepherd except I? The people said, subhanAllah glorify me Allah subhanho wa taala, the province that sent him said like so the province Salam is saying that this, this happened now the hadith is longer than this. But what was shocking is that this wolf was talking this wolf was talking to the shepherd. So the so the the people sitting around the province of Salaam in astonishment, they're

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saying that Subhanallah like how amazing is this? Now the problems are Salam, just to give them a peace of mind, what did he say? SubhanAllah. Look at this. There probably is some says, but I believe in it. So he says that I believed in it. Because the shepherd came in he informed the province I'm about this. And now the person was telling everyone about this. So the province of Sutton saying that when the shepherd came to me, I believed his words. And so did Allah God and so did Omar. So if all three of us have declared that this person is telling the truth, then why are you astonished? Why are you being shocked here? Whatever, because I believe in it. obika has

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believed in it and Alma Rodon has believed in it, so you should not be shocked about it. So

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Once again he's going to show you that how the problem was seldom associated himself with Oba normal really, really allowed to it. Now here's the other part of that hadith that is not mentioned the Hadith

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Obachan Alma, we're not even present there.

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Oh Bucha normal, we're not even present there. So that goes to show you that the person was so closely connected with these two people that he even while they were not even there, he said that I believed in it and they to believe in it. Now if these two people were sitting there with the Roswell Santa, they could have a testament say that yeah, you know the problem, someone saying the truth we did. But the product is so strong in his conviction that he knows that I can say this about Oba and Omar and they will agree with me and they will not be shocked or nothing will catch them as a surprise because I'm the one who said it. Yours and so once again it goes to show you that how

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much confidence but also also Allahu alayhi wa sallam he had in Oba and Amara Rhodiola and on another Hadith as mentioned here, in the chapter of Amara Rhodiola time is a Hadith narrated by Anasazi, Allah that is a man came to the province of Salaam and asked about the Day of Judgment. When will the day of judgment be? The Prophet SAW Selim said, Have you prepared for it? The man said nothing except that I love Allah. And his messenger of Allah is messenger of Allah. The Prophet SAW send them then said they, you will be with those who you love. We had never been so glad as we were hearing that saying of the Prophet SAW Selim. In other words, you will be with those whom you love,

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hence, I love now, non thigma does not look at the response of this man. He says Hans I love the Prophet SAW Salem. I love Albuquerque. And I love Omar. So this man did not only just say I love the Prophet, son, but he said I love obika and Omar, why because these are two people who were very beloved by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. One last Hadith I want to share with you, is a Hadith narrated by Mr. Ibrahim Mahama. He says that when Aminata on was stabbed, he shows signs of agony, if not our best will do later on as if intending to encourage Omar he said to him, oh, chief of the believers, oh, I mean, don't mean nevermind, what has what has happened to you? You have been

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in the company of Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you kept good relations with him. And you parted with him. As he passed away while he was pleased with you, then you were in the company of the person who was beloved by the province Salaam. In other words, the Allah Tala and, and you kept good relations with him, and you parted from him while he was he's with you, then you were in the company of the Muslims, and you kept good relations with the Muslims. And you end if you leave them, you will leave them while they are pleased with you. Now this is this is this is about saying this to Omar all the time to make everything easy for him, basically telling him all the time

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that you did a marvelous job serving as the Khalifa. Now, what did Alma Rodon say in response, he says, As for what do you have said about the company of Allah's Messenger and his being pleased with him, that is a favorite from Allah Subhana Allah is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala for me, like that, it is a blessing that Allah put the love for me in the heart of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Then he says that Allah did did it to me. And as for you have said about the company of obika of you Allah Tala and and he's been pleased with me. This is once again a favor in a blessing from Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah did this for me. And concerning my impatience, which you see is because of you and your companionship, by Allah, by Allah, if I had an A, if I had gold equal to the to the earth, or the quantity of the Earth, I would have ransom myself from it from being the punishment from the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala before I meet Allah subhanaw taala. So once again, it goes to show you that despite the despite the image of Amara Dawn, despite the fact that he served

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as a very successful Khalifa, despite the fact that he fulfilled everyone's rights, while he was on his deathbed, he's worried about how will Allah subhanaw taala judge him? I mean, if you know, holiday federal Yoda iron was a person during the time when the prophesy son who was considered as the confidant under sloths, Allahu Allah sent him he knew all the secrets of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I mean, look at the look at the Eman of Omar Omar would go to for the ephah and say that please tell me is my name amongst the munafo in or not. I mean for anyone who had that level of Iman and he has done much fear of being a monastic. My question is the word you and I

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I stand today in this matter, where do you and I stand today? Today we are pretty much certain that we're not amongst the hypocrites. Whereas if you reflect on the saying of Abdullah when Mr. Rosati Allah tonight, he says that the ones who fear that they are not hypocrites. They're the ones who should fear the most that they could be the hypocrites, or they could be amongst the hypocrites, and the ones who fear that they could be amongst the hypocrites, then there's a bigger chance that they will not be amongst the hypocrites. So when you look at Amara Raja and his Eman, it goes to you know, it teaches us a lesson that how much should we fear about our own hypocrisy? Where do we stand

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in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala because it really does not matter. What is our status amongst the people and within our society? What matters is that what is our status with Allah subhanaw taala so inshallah we'll go ahead and stop right here. I want to share one more Hadith, but because of time, we'll go in and start right here. Inshallah, you know, we will continue with Amara, Allah Hi, Nisha. And next time, we'll go straight into his time as a, as a Khalifa, and how he served as a Khalifa. But one last thing I want to share with you is that when we hear these stories about the conviction and the emaan, of Amara Rhodiola and his level of knowledge, his level of Eman, I'm not

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sharing the stories that we listen to the stories and say Masha, that was a great story. The purpose is that we try to implement what we hear about this habit, on the other hand on these were people who attained Jana in this world. If we follow their footsteps, there is no doubt there is no doubt about the fact that we will most certainly enter into Jannah but we have to follow their lifestyles. I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us the ability to act upon what's been said and heard that from Allah Subhan Allah we humbly subharmonic Allah who will go hunting nation to allow you to enter in a state of wanting to be exactly Malahide. Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh