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Nouman Ali Khan
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Now Allah says to him Kala in Niger Iluka NASCI. Mama, I am going to make you a leader overall people. I'm going to make you a leader overall people, Imam, you're going to be ahead of all people. By the way, am I going to make you a leader for the Israelites or the Arabs? Or the people? Which one?

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What does that mean? Which people, all people, this was important for the Israelites to hear, because when they think of Abraham, they claim him for who? themselves and Allah is telling us from the very beginning, that he is to be a leader and a role model for all of humanity, which is why the house that he was going to build and going to raise the foundations of was not going to be a house for the Arabs or the house for the Jews. It was going to be a house for humanity. What if Janelle beta metabo tadley NASCI what Amna Linares for all people, this is the universal this is, you know, a universal message of Ibraheem Alehissalaam. So now, Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam was told I'm making you

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a leader over all of humanity. And the genius of Ibraheem Alehissalaam is immediately he understands that maybe may sound like an award, but it's a massive responsibility.

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When you get a high profile job, if somebody applies for a high profile job, and they get it

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it's a real honor to get a job. But you know what, the higher the profile the job is, the more responsibility you have, isn't it? So as the congratulations is there, Mashallah. You're CEO, now, you're the head of this department, head of that department. But immediately if you're truly qualified for the job, you'll celebrate less and worry a lot more. Because man, this is a huge responsibility. This is no small task, you understand? So immediately, Ibraheem Alehissalaam switches over to the concern. Oh, by the way, I'm still in section two. So the third, okay.

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So he's been made leader over all people. He understands that leadership means that you are answerable for everybody under you. How many people here work in management? Management, okay, good. A number of you. If your team messes up, the executive over you is not going to yell at your team, who's he gonna yell at? He's gonna yell at you. You're responsible for the people under you. Isn't that the case? Get it done. I don't want to hear excuses. And when you go before your manager and start complaining about your team, this one didn't do this, that one didn't do that. You're not a good manager. Your job as a manager is to take the hits for who? Your team. And then you have to go

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back and make sure they do work and they're cultivated and they do their job, right. You have to take care of your team. That's what a manager does. There is no greater manager by the way than a messenger and any sort of Salon any of them. They have to take responsibility for their OMA, what can you say that did not mean call the OMA timbi Shaheed well now because Allah Allah insha, Allah will make the messenger so Salam stand witness over his own people, how they how they fared. So when the messenger Ibrahim Ali Salam is told he's being made a leader, he gets really worried. And he understands, first and foremost that he's being made leader over his children. And he understands

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that because he didn't have much of a following.

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He didn't have huge honors behind him, very few people believed in him. So he knows his primary responsibilities to who? His children. So Allah says to him, I'm making you are a leader, over all of humanity, and he says, What about my kids? Well, I'm into reality, and of my children and their children's children and their children's children's children. The idea that you and I have to think 34567 generations ahead is a legacy of Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, the Ria, not Allah, Allah does your kids do RIA is your great, great, great, great, great, great grandkids. I'm not just concerned about the institutions that are helping Muslims today, I have to think about what Islam is going to look

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like 100 years from now, 200 years from now, in the United States. What's it going to look like? We have to think like that from now. And who teaches us this thinking? Ibrahim alayhi salam, we call ourselves the religion of Ibrahim alayhi salam, we have to learn to think like him of the receiving an honor is not enough. Having a position of leadership is not enough. You can have leadership today and it can be gone tomorrow. He's thinking immediately about the future. Now notice also that Ibrahim Ali Salam is one of the most grateful human beings that has ever lived on the face of this earth. Shakira li anatomy he Quran itself describes of the messengers that he describes with so many

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great qualities. When he describes Ibraheem Alehissalaam he describes him as someone constantly grateful, constantly grateful, and I would think the greatest blessing Allah has given him is telling him you have passed all of your tests. Now you get to be the leader and role model for all humanity at this great favor. Instead of saying that hamdulillah cannot be Alhamdulillah Allah you have given me such an honor. It's such a blessing. First thing ya Allah I this is a responsibility before this is a blessing. What about my kids before even thanking Allah, he's worried about his kids when the reality

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and by the way, has a brand

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Hema, listen done small things or big things for Allah.

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Bigger than anybody else in history bigger than anybody else. And the more you do for Allah, the more you're in a position to ask, isn't it? Follow along with what I'm saying. The more you do for Allah, the better position you are in to ask when you do have you make extra dollars, yes or no? Yeah, you don't make extra dollars after watching a movie though.

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When you do stuff for Allah, and you feel you're in a position to ask, when you mess up how you feel, you just ask for forgiveness and try not to do it again. Is it not the case? Ibrahim Ali Salam, I would argue after finishing all of those tests, is in a pretty ideal position to ask Allah Wouldn't you say? And the first thing he asked Allah was for what?

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His future generations? I would think, since he asked, and he's the allele of Ramadan. He is the beloved friend, the Intimate Friend of Allah. Allah is going to say of course.

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Allah says La Jana Lua the volley mean it is a Cold Response and is a harsh response. The response is my guarantee. My promise does not extend to wrongdoers.

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He didn't ask to help wrongdoers, who did he ask that should have leadership

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who should have leadership? His children should have leadership and Allah says I don't guarantee to who? wrongdoers What is it Raheem are they said I'm being told, unfortunately some of your kids are going to be what wrongdoers and my guarantee does not go to them. He does not even say if they do wrong, then I am not guaranteeing you anything. Because if he said if there would be a possibility that they're wrongdoers, but maybe it's gonna happen and maybe it's not gonna happen. But when he says wrongdoers, I don't guarantee it says though Allah is guaranteeing him that there are some of your kids that are going to be doing what wrong and they're not going to be worthy of what the

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here's the key question. What will they not be worthy of leadership up until now when this idea is coming down? Who believed that they were entitled to leadership? Bani Israel very good, and they consider themselves children of Ibrahim on a Sunday.

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And so they believe they're entitled to leadership in this one ayah Allah has already justified why the leadership needs to switch because my guarantee does not extend to who wrongdoers, wrongdoers. But Ibrahim Ali Salam doesn't know that. Now he's in shock. My kids are going to be wrongdoers. This is a pretty traumatic thing. So now, Ibrahim Elisa, now we're gonna move on to part three. He doesn't say anything more. Allah switches the subject. Allah starts talking about the Kaaba itself. And he says a few things to us. He says What if journal data metadata Linda Siva Amna, when we made the house, a place that you will find, you know,

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return, the heart will want to return to it taba in Arabic, really cool word Thaba. You might know Roger Alba does the hobby he, when you leave somewhere and you want to come back to it, and you want to go back to it again and you want to go back to it again, then that place becomes a metabo to you. So the word Masaba is using the IoT suggest that once you see the Kaaba, what do you want,

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want to go back again, and you want to go back again, and you want to go back again and you want to go back again, just the sight of it gives you this peace. It gives you this tranquility that you can describe the Arabic language uses the word Ethel lob or a third word for a novel, it uses it for the B because the B keeps coming back, right, it goes all over the place. And then at the end of the day, it comes back almost as a matter of survival that has to come back to its own nest. So it's like the human being the believer is going to have this desire to keep coming back to that place. Thelma, Ilya, he just Musala haba Duluth harbor is also used for restoration. Masaba a place where

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people will be restored. I will go to the Kaabah broken, sad, depressed, angry, frustrated, low any man I haven't cried in years. And then I'm going to stand in front of that, please. And I'm going to look at these walls and nobody's given me a hug, but nobody's given me a speech. I don't even know what this means. But I don't know why I'm crying. And I don't know why I feel a peace I've never felt before. I can't even explain it to anybody else. It's this out of body experience. That's the word Mesaba. Allah says when we made the house a metabo a place where they can be restored. They can be restored. Guys, some of you mashallah are from well off families. After all, you live in Plano,

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which means you can afford good vacations. If you can take your take your kids to hombre instead of taking them to Hawaii. I know it's not as good weather.

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You know, it's not all it's almost as pretty No, it's not pretty at all. Look into it. I keep saying this. Look at the place Allah chose for his house. He could have chosen like the Fiji Islands. You could have chosen California you could have chosen like you know a place where you go mashallah the karma is there but there's also a nice beach there and you know,

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He chose this one place. Where if it wasn't for this building,

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there is absolutely no sane reason for you to go there.

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You certainly go don't go there for the weather. You don't go there for the scenery, and you definitely don't go there for the people.

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I mean, you don't I'm sorry.

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Have you met the cab drivers? I mean,

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why do you go there? You go there for this one reason and one reason alone, Allah made this place, he chose a place on the earth, that almost guarantees sincerity. You cannot have two intentions.

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It's very hard. He made it really hard. Subhanallah It breaks my heart, though, that it's becoming the capital of luxury hotels in the world. You know, they're actually Businessweek articles on how it's actually defeating the hotel industry in Vegas by far.

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Right. So that's, it's a sad state, because now they're alternative reasons, right? It's a status symbol. It's a lot of things. May Allah protect us Oma? You know, it was it was the police was chosen for a reason. It's clear, it's very evident why it was chosen. And it's also very evident that 1400 years of this online, we didn't develop that place. You notice that? Both dad pretty developed ancient city, you know, Damascus, incredible art infrastructure. You know, Istanbul incredible infrastructure. When you go to Macau, what do you what infrastructure? Do you see water tanks on top of buildings. You know, you don't see ancient infrastructure. And there's a reason we

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keep we preserved it, we kept it the way it was because we wanted it to be, you know, not turn into some other reason for which people should come here. But that's changing SubhanAllah. Anyway. So in this, this, this discussion of when Allah says to him, My Account, my promise doesn't guarantee or extend to the wrongdoers and Allah says, then we made the house, a place where people people's heart will become soft. He says, What does he what I'm done, and a place to find peace, we made it peace itself, I'm an actually means to feel secure, to feel safe. What Allah is describing is not a place that is I'm in peaceful, but peace itself. You know what that means? That a person who leaves their

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eyes on the house of Allah that was built with the doors of that man, Ibrahim alayhi, salam, those doors have some radioactive effect in that area, that when you lose your layer eyes on it, you will experience what you will only describe as peace itself, like you've never felt before. You'll feel safer and more secure and more cared for by Allah azza wa jal than you've ever felt in your entire life. And you just won't you can't get enough of it. You just can't get enough of it. You know, if I can just find a somewhere to sit in and recite Quran and every couple of seconds I can look up to Allah's house again, know what the one that my father built, I'll be happy if I can just find a

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spot. You know, that's what Allah will do. This is what Allah put inside our hearts. That feeling that you get is not taught in Sunday school, that cannot be taught through a textbook. That feeling that you get is still echoes of the dua of Ibraheem Alehissalaam it's echoes of the promise and the guarantee Allah gave to that man, I think he thought or Salam, I'll just put yourself in that state when he is at that place. And we're gonna get to those out when he's at that place. There's nothing there.

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There's nothing there. There's not even an audience.

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There's no 1000s or millions of people wanting to come, you know, saving their life savings to go make have nothing. It's just him. And yet this dollar made in the loneliness was there's not even a recorder out there. Hmm. There's not even an audio voice recorder, no video camera, nothing. And those words are preserved without an audience by Allah Himself. And we're still shaking by those words, the power of Doha in this passage Subhan Allah. Allah says, What does he do Mima? Kami, Ibrahima masala and make sure that you make from the station of Ibrahim, make sure you make it a place to pray MACOM Ibrahim, right so let's making reference to macabre him at near dakara. You guys

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know what we're talking about here? Right? Allah switches over and starts talking about the importance of this grand house. What the human Nakagami Ibrahima masala wha hiddenite Illa Rahim what is my ale and Pahala vtls ifin? Well, archy Fein Roca is sujood I'm going to stop at this aisle but I'll explain this part I'll give you guys your next break. Ibraheem Alehissalaam is then told

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that Allah took a promise we took a promise from Ibrahim along with this man a law who is aspiring to Ebrahim

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his son, which means Allah took a sacred promise from Abraham and his son, Ishmael. This is very unacceptable the witch community. So the Jewish community because the promise of God does not come to Abraham and Ishmael, if anything, it should come to Abraham and Isaac and through him Jacob which means Israel, so we just promise I did we don't get it. By the way, it's my aim is just mentioned a couple of my article which nation did Allah address? The Israelites and the Israelites rejected the Prophet because of what they are children of is

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My L and Allah Now make sure he tells them. First thing you need to hear is that my promise was actually originally made as he was building the house with Abraham and his Arab lineage, Israel. And they Salam. And I took a promise with them. What will they do under here, Rob at Allah, if you know what Aquafina Haruka sujood that both of you are going to purify my house for people who make the love.

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You guys know what that is. People who make anti cough you guys know where to take off is when you stay devoted inside the masjid and worship. You're going to make this house dedicated so people can worship Allah and Allah alone, while Rocha and you're going to make this house dedicated for people who make ruku sujood that people will make records. So Judas, Judas was going down on the ground. Now this the laugh ethic off Raghu sujood. Are these parts of Islam today?

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fundamental parts of Islam, aren't they? They're essential parts of the sun. And these four things, why are they being highlighted? Because the one who will restore this legacy is the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Jews had actually lost such that they had lost the life because they had even lost sight of the Kaaba. They had completely forgotten about it, even though Musab acela himself knew it. Inside Islam was very familiar with the Kaaba. But if they forgot about it, you know, and if you don't have the right kava, you don't have the reverence for it anymore. And you're such that is gone. And basically, you've only taken bits and pieces of this religion, the

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whole thing has to be restored again. What we're what we're learning again, is it those who say someone's job is to restore the work of his father, Ibraheem Alehissalaam his mission, his entire mission sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is actually to finish what his father started with. And by the end of his life, he just made this prayer that I pray that one of my offspring comes and finishes this, basically. And there comes the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam, we are proudly the religion of Ibrahim Ali salaam

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