Nadim Bashir – Elite Followers #31 Umar RA pt 5

Nadim Bashir
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The Assembly assembly, one of the miscellaneous Cobolli, before I began the the main part of the program or tonight's program, I just want to remind everyone about the announcement that took place yesterday, which was that we have an open house this coming Saturday, this coming Sunday Inshallah, between 230 and 530. Please do invite anyone who you know, this is, this is a collaborative program between epic and Akena. So we're exploiting more and more people as much as you can do remind the people about this program. Number two is on your way out. If you can do stuff at the table and pick up some cards, we have another event coming up another interfaith event coming up, taking place on

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Saturday, December 3, which is which will take place between 11 o'clock and to two o'clock in sha Allah, this is a program that is geared or put together for educators and teachers, professors, anyone who is in the line of education, or whose profession is education. So if you have if your kids are going to public schools, do give your, your your own kids, these, these flyers so that they can give to their teachers, and we are collecting RSVPs. So hopefully, we are hoping that we can collect more and more RSVPs we can have more and more teachers, professors come to this program. Inshallah, as you all know, you're all aware of the political climate that is taking place and we

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are surrounded with today, it becomes very imperative in these times that we reach out to more and more people as much as we can we get the idea out about what Islam is, believe it or not, no matter how much effort we are doing. Still, the overwhelming majority of the Americans believe that Islam is here, or Muslims are here in this country to establish Sharia law, to take over the country to overthrow the government and to sub into basically force everyone into Islam. Even I mean it is it is a shame, it is a shame, it is a shame. And it is very sad that even all after all this effort and after all this hard work still that is the perception. So as a Muslim, we cannot just simply sit

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here and say, well, after all the hard work, if this is where we are, then we need to just stop these efforts. But rather this should sort of wake us up and energize us even more that the amount of work that we have done so far is not sufficient. And we need to put more work into giving Dawa and calling people to Islam. So now coming to the main part of our program, which is the continuation of the enough of Omar with the Allah Tala. And, and this, just to remind you all that where this all started from, if you remember, many, few months ago, we started a series called elite followers, which is the biography of the Sahaba yard and the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, we went through the children of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we went through the family of the Prophet sallallahu Adi was send them most importantly his wives. And then we talked about some the other Sahaba of the alot and I know amongst the eye chakra, we were shut off. We then came to the life of the qualified Russian recovered a worker of the alotta on whose life now we're on the life of Amara Viola line, and this will continue for a few more weeks. Why? Because the the time spent, or the time that Amara, the Alana answer as the Khalifa was a great time for Muslims and Islam prospered very much and Islam spread very much during the time of Amara Yola, Denine and

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then we will take some time and in the time of talking about the life of worth money, but I found it a lot and on and I don't even know if you thought about the allotted time, and then inshallah once we get to the other Sahaba then we will take it one day at a time, once the hobby one day and we will get through them in sha Allah. So we are talking about Amara, the Allah Tala and his personality. And we left off last week at the point where we were talking about how he respected other people and how he respected people's belongings and what they owned. So today, we're talking about religious free. We're talking about freedom when it comes to this subject of opinions.

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expressing your opinion, what does Islam say about expressing your opinion? And what was the atmosphere that O'Meara Viola on created during his time when it came to people expressing their opinion? First of all to begin with, on what have you allotted? I never had an issue with anyone expressing their opinion. As long as number one, it is not contradicting the Quran, the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if anyone expressed their opinion, which was clearly in contradicting in contradiction with the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, they get stuck on whether the Allah did and would not tolerate that, if any, and there's a reason behind that. There

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is a reason behind that. See, some of us can say that, well, if I'm going to be allowed and I'm really respecting other people's opinions, then why did he not let people express express their opinion, even if it can't?

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To get to the Quran and Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Well, there's a reason behind that. The reason is that if anyone openly, openly first says anything that contradicts the Quran, the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or goes against the teachings of the Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salam, then and if you let that person get off, or you let that person go with what he has said, or what she had said, that is sets the example for everyone else. See, when when fascia spreads, when when curse spreads, and when evil spreads, it doesn't emerge as the evil or the evil does not emerge all at one time. It takes one person, it takes one

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person to commit that evil and it opens the door for everyone else, likewise on the altar and who knows that if a person comes and he says something against the Quran, the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which actually did occur on numerous occasions during the time of Amara Cataldo, the Allah to dawn and he will not let these people get off that easily. He would hold them accountable, he would first tell them that retract what you have said and when they would turn down or when they would deny the order, or they would reject what are the alotta on his saying to them, then they were held accountable and almighty

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Almighty Allah to the iron would make them pay for it. Well, the reason he did that once again is because if anyone did that, and he will not hold him accountable, that he's setting the example for everyone else, that whatever you feel like you want to say you can come and say it even though it is against the Quran, sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So that's why he never would allow that. Something else that Ahmad Yatta on would not tolerate is when someone expresses their opinion and they have no proof to back it up. So one is that Amara Thomas was say something. And there are many people on numerous occasions they came to they came to Omaha rhodiola, Tehran, and

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they said that what you are saying is not right. On what are the author on would ask based on what if they had a hadith or was was Allahu alayhi wa sallam or they had an idea of the Quran to back up their claim, then Amara or the Allah Tala on would back down immediately. He was not an arrogant ruler, that when it came to the Quran, or the Sunnah of a sorcerer sallam, he would impose his opinion and he would impose his stance on the matter, even if you remember the story of Omaha Rhodiola tinyjohn When he was approached by a man who said very harsh things to him, and the nephew of that man, who was very rude and abusive or very rude to a lot of photography, a lotta and he's he

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reminded Amara Viola tonight that Allah Subhan Allah says in the Quran, hood, Allah Azza wa more bill all four are the Anja hidden, that when it comes to people who are ignorant, it is your responsibility to ignore them. So this is my uncle. And even though yes, he is my uncle, but right now he is being ignorant about the matter. He has no idea what he is saying, instead of you being upset, why don't you adhere to the idea of the Quran, and right away right away on what other than was able to control his temper, and he simply let that person go. Likewise, it said that one time amaro the Autobahn was giving me a hotbar he was giving me a quote by in Medina, and the hotbar was

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attended by both men and women. And in his hotbar, he talked about the man, the bride gift that is generally given to the women at the time of marriage, or it is or there is a decision or an agreement made that this is how this is the diary or not the diary, the MaHA or the bride gift that will be given to the woman. He said in his football, that the women of Medina should not be given more than 40 odd years. And then he said that if anyone gives any of his new any of his new wife, more than 440 OKRs, then the additional okie has over 40 will be taken and put in the beta in mind. Now he made this he said this. And you remember how Amara Liotta and what was his feelings about the

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Saudi woman we talked about that few few weeks ago, a woman stood up and this is something that we learned is that a woman had first of all the ability and the will and the strength to stand up in front of Amara Viola Milan and on Mirtha on will not put them down. A woman stood up in front of amado Fatah Rhodiola Tehran and she said that oh Khalifa Oh amino mean. Oh, oh Khalifa. This is your opinion. This is what you're saying. But Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the Quran, something else and he says we're in a rush to Mr. Vidal. zodion McKenna's origin what I tell you Tom Dahu nothing *. Ping Pong Ping Pong in in Arabic

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which according to a majority, there are many orlimar they say that it is more than 40. Okay. Yes. She says that here, Allah Subhan Allah says that it's really up to the discretion of the man and the husband, if he wants to give more than 40. Okay, yes, that is his choice. And at that time, immediately after hearing this idea being recited, Amara, Violetta and he retracted his opinion, and he said that this woman is absolutely correct. And if any man wants to give any kind of Mahan to his wife, he has the ability to do so or he has the permission to do so. So we do learn the nominal data and he was open to people to listen to people. And once again, if the if the opinion that was being

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expressed was against the Quran, or was disrespectful, then on Rodon he will not listen to that. The next thing that I want to share with you was something that comes under the subject of expressing opinions.

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There's a there's a Sahabi of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the for evening, a man of your life. And it is said that during the era of amata, rhodiola, and he married a Jewish woman, he married a Jewish woman, Alma rota and sent him a letter that I want you to, to, to get rid of the marriage and to separate yourself from this Jewish woman. Now this is what Amara the Athan, who said to are they opening a man with Yolanda and her they've given me a man with a gun in response he asked I'm going to photography alotta and that is this something from the Sunnah or the Quran? Or is this your own personal opinion? Do you want me to do this because this is how you feel? Or this is

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legislating from Allah subhanho wa taala. And he says that no, this is not from Allah subhanaw taala but rather, this is for me. I feel like that you should not get married to this Jewish woman. Now without going to the fifth matter about Nikka and who are you allowed to marry and you who you're not allowed to marry? It is very clear from the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that a man is married to a man, a Muslim man is allowed to marry someone from the anarchy tab. There's nothing wrong with that. The vice versa is not allowed. But in this case, Aminata on he's simply saying this. And there's a lesson in this for all of us, especially today, because today

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we have a lot of people, a lot of Muslim men marrying a people from the Al Kitab. Now once again from the Quran, Sunnah wa salam, there's nothing wrong with that. But look at closely what Omar Rhodiola did our ancestor for the feminine a man he says that I fear that when you do this, you will neglect the Muslim, you will neglect the Muslim woman and the mayor. In the end, these women eventually will become immortal. So he's looking after the welfare of the Muslim woman who are in the community, that they're looking for a husband if you don't marry them, and you marry people from the Kitab. Then what happens to these Muslim women first, that's the first thing you have to think

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about. Number two is he says that what will happen to your upcoming generation and this is what your honor my journey say today to that it is not haram to marry someone from the Al Kitab. But when you are marrying, this is why we're told to marry someone who has been who has a club, because when you have children, it is Jeremy the mother who teaches the child what is right and what is wrong. And so if the if the woman happens to be someone from the anarchy tab, and there is a religious conflict inside the house, that one is a Muslim, the other one is not a Muslim. There in that situation, a child can grow up being extremely confused. And believe it or not, I have seen families I've seen

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families where their husband was a Muslim. The wife was not a Muslim. She was a Christian. Yes, that Nica is allowed, but the problem was the children and I saw the children. And these are children who grew up and Wallahi they were so confused when it came to them. There were so confused when it came to the and on one hand, they were eating halal, but on the other hand, they were drinking because their to them, if they're growing up in a family where they don't know what is right and what is wrong. Mom says that this is allowed the father says this is allowed this is not allowed. So the kids grow up extremely confused. Number two is that what happens to our Muslim women? So it is never

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about what is right and what is wrong. But sometimes you have to look at the Messiah, you have to look at what is Why is in this situation. Once again, it is halal. But if you were to ask me personally, I would very strongly recommend that Muslim young men should marry Muslim young women because if they are neglected, if they are neglected, then you can I mean think about where will they go? Where will our young Muslim girls and Sisters where will they go to find a husband? So this is something that happened during the time of Omaha Rhodiola that I'm now talking about few incidents are few of

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events that took place during his lifetime. The very first thing was the introduction of the history calendar. And this all began when Alma rota and came across a document he came across a document that was dated Chabad. It was dated Shabbat now we do know that the Islamic months did occur. I mean, they did exist. Mahara. Rom suffer Rabelo mutiny all the way to the Hijjah. They all existed, but there was no calendar exactly what year is what. So when this document appeared before the ion, he was confused that is this shot ban of last year? Or is this shot ban of this year or years ago? When was that? So when this caused confusion to O'Meara, the alotta line, he called us a hospital

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Yola that I'm home. And he asked him that what should we do in order to determine an Islamic calendar? Now, there were several opinions that were given to you a lot and on, for example, one suggested once the hobby suggested that we should foul the Roman calendar, and to that, the other Sahaba, including Amara Liotta, and they objected. And they said that this is account that has been going on for such a long time. We don't know when was the inception of that calendar. So it's hard to follow that calendar, someone suggested that we should follow the Persian calendar because once again, they were considered as a a superpower. He says that every single time a King comes, they

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abolish their previous, the previous standards of calendar so we can follow their their standard either then they look into the the Hijra of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said that I saw sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was in Medina for 10 years. And we all know this. So he said that the Islamic calendar will begin from the time that was was the Allahu alayhi wa sallam was in Medina. So we do know that this was your number one, your number 234 Or five and six, and they and history goes on. But then there is the question that what will be considered as the very first month, the very first month in the Islamic calendar. So some suggested that we should go with the

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birthday of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when you study history, especially the Sierra of us, WA sallahu wa salam, when it comes to the birthday of Roswell, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there are so many different opinions. You know, there are some books that you will pick up and they will say 11 Turabian. Oh, well, and that is it. But if you actually pick up the more classical books, books written by scholars of the past, they will give you a whole list of details that there are so many differences of opinion when it comes to the birthday of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, to determine exactly when that took place, was difficult, the beginning of his

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mission, when exactly did was was or some began his mission, that was also unclear. So we cannot start from there. The next thing is someone suggested What about the death of us wa salaam, the month where the death of assaults on took place? And then some other Sahaba they objected? They said that no, if we start in the month, when the Prophet SAW Allah was on passed away, then every single time we start a new year, it will be a sad time for all of us, because we are remembering the time when US law so long while your son passed away. Then finally someone suggested, and the books of history mentioned that the month of Muharram was suggested, and was accepted for two reasons. The

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month of Muharram has been the first month and the Islamic calendar was accepted for two reasons. Number one, the second pledge of Aloka. If you remember the history of Makkah, during the time of Ursula Salem, there was Baotou Lacava Talulah. The first day or the first pledge that were the oath the people of Medina, who were previously or formally the, the Olsen, huzzah Raj, some of them accepted Islam, they came through a sua Allahu alayhi wa sallam the prophet has sent them send them back to Medina, with some Sahaba of the Allah that I know to teach them. The following year, they came again to Makkah, at the time of Hajj they came they met with Roswaal. So Allahu alayhi wa

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sallam. This time you have a much bigger group, and they are now setting the ground for the coming of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This second Bay, which is called bear Atala aka Saniya took place in Ville hija it took place in the Niger obviously because it was a season of hij the first month after that was Muharram. So they say that since this was the beginning of a new Islam after the second place, this the beginning of new Assam so that's why we consider Muharram as the first month of the Islamic calendar. The other opinion which is also widely accepted is which is mentioned the books of history is that they said that in the month of the hijab, a person goes for

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Hajj. And as you all know that there's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whoever performs Hajj and he does not do anything indecent and he does not engage in any kind of argumentation.

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And, and he performs his Hajj correctly. Then Raja aka yo Mineola, that to Omar, that he will return back from hij, as if he is completely sinless as if he is born today. So this is this place. And this takes place, of course, at heights which takes place in the hijab. So the new beginning of a person takes place when in the next month, which is the month of Muharram. So Muharram is the new beginning, it is a fresh new start for a person who has performed hijab, that's why Muharram was considered as the very first month in the Islamic calendar, something else some of the things that will that took place during the time will be a lot and iron was something that we are all aware of a

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practice that was a practice that was practiced for so many years and so many decades in Egypt, where people, they would take a virgin woman, and they would purchase her from her parents, they would go through this financial negotiation, they would purchase her, they would adorn her, and then they would throw her into the river Nile. And as a result, the River Nile would then the water level will then rise and they will begin to flow. And so that, you know, it was one of those years when the governor or the person appointed by Omar Rhodiola. Don, his name was

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us. Awesome. And he's he sent a letter. In fact, there was there was another one of the alotta and he sent a letter to all of you a lot and on that this is the practice of Egypt. And he told the people that you are not going to purchase a bride and you're not going to sacrifice a bride, just for this matter, we have to resolve this matter. So he sent that letter to Alma Rhodiola Denine. And he said that I tried to stop the people of Egypt and now they're getting so frustrated that they are threatening to leave the country and slowly and gradually some of them have already left Amara Yalta and he sent a letter back to this hobby at that time and he says that I have enclosed a small piece

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of small piece of paper a small note, which is a message from the amino meaning to the River Nile that if you flow with the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala if you float on your own, that we are not in need of you, we will find some other alternative, but if you flow with the command of Allah subhanaw taala then you flow then you flow and he put this this piece of paper into the river Nile and so Subhanallah overnight, they saw that the water level had had risen and it began to flow and Subhanallah till today there this practice has been abolished. Because of the note that was given by Amara, the Allah Tala on such a powerful note, a man of iman was able to do something of this,

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something this great.

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Something else that we learn from the life of the altar, and one time he went for Hajj. And while he was an homage, he came to the black stone. And he says that you are only a black stone. And this is very important because what I'm about to share with you is something that we see very often when we go for hygiene Onra we see how people behave, they're at the Haram and this gives us some perspective on the viola and said that you are only a rock. You are only a stone and there is no significance to you by pee I'm kissing you. Because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kissed you. And if the problem had not kissed you, then there is no need for me to kiss you. Now there is

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something that's very, very important all this is that when Amara Viola Dawn was serving as a Khalifa, he began to see people doing things that would eventually lead them to shirk and kufr. And when you go today to to the to the haram for Hydra aamra purposes Subhanallah it's really a gem. When you see people they are just stuck to the Kaaba, they're stuck to the Kaaba see. One is to go to the Kaaba to touch the Kaaba to get close the cover, that's fine, but the way a time you see people behaving around the Kaaba, it is as if they're worshiping that black or they're worshiping that, that that the building or that structure is as if they're worshiping that they believe that

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this is like Allah subhanho wa taala. And once again, this is something that we have to stay away from, there is no significance there is actually no significance, but of going and holding on to the cover of the Kaaba and making dua holding onto the cover of the Kaaba, there is nothing that we find in the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salah that there is a high possibility of your DUA being accepted if you hold on or you touch the walls of the Kaaba, there is nothing like that we find the Sunnah of Roswell Satsang yes, if I go there and I'm able to touch it, because this is what Ibrahim I think is some he constructed. This is what Allah subhanaw taala ordered him

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to do to construct and he constructed this and I'm touching this because it is something you know it is such a great landmark for our deen, that's fine. But to go there and hold on to the Kaaba and worship the Kaaba, as if this is the thing that will that will accept your order. This will help your doors being accepted. This is something that we find that we find until today, and we see that almost all the alotta on his demeanor will show you that he never believed in this not only that, look at the story of Beata Ridwan, the story of who they be, we know the story of who they be, I'm not going to get into right now. That tree that existed, that tree existed into the time of Amara,

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the alotta on, people would go that tree, that this is where the Prophet SAW Selim, he took the allegiance and he took a commitment from all the Sahaba of the Allah to the unknown, that we would go and fight. And people start going over there. People start praying a lot over there, that this is the place where Ross was awesome. He took this debate from all the sahaba. You want early Allah to Allah Who did because he saw that there is a potential fitna in this situation, he ordered that tree to be cut. He ordered a tree to be cut. He says that I rather have the tree cut, rather than it being there. And then slowly and gradually, people fall into fitna, and people fall into shake. Now

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this is something that we find very often. This is something that we find very often. There is a place where I saw some he did something and people start going over there and they start performing to the cost slot. Where do we find in the Sunova resources that you have performed to the castle out of there? I remember when I went for Amara, when I went for ombre in March.

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There was a young man, a young brother, who took who took me and another chef to the place where it was Lhasa Allahu Allah He was some people form one of the longest sujood of his life, one of the longest periods of his life. And once we got there, we saw that there were some other Musala there were some other prayer rugs over there. And he told us, he told me and the other chef who was shaking her salon from Plano, he said that people come here and they begin to perform to like Ocelot. Now, once again, this is not from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu. It was something Yes, there is nothing wrong in going to a place like that admiring that kind of place. That is history

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for all of us. If I get to see a place where the postman he performed very bad that it is a it is a historical landmark. But that doesn't mean that I stopped performing my salad over there. Unless resouces Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he performed this a lot here and he advised that you should pray a lot over here. If I go to a masjid, if I go to a masjid, where there is a very prominent historical Muslim figure that is bring it over there.

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Can I go and preside over there? Yeah, if I can go there's a Majid attached to that place. Like for example, you go to India, and for those of you who know, you know, the history of India, and you know, there was a very special in the south of India, there is one prominent Muslim figure that is buried there. His name was people's full time. You know, many of you may know that history of who he was. He's buried over there. But there's a masjid right next to that. But people are in his area where he's buried and they're performing sloth over there. That's absolutely wrong. But if a person goes to the masjid next door, and they pray to the castle over there for the Hangleton, Majid

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purposes, there's nothing wrong with that. But we have to get out of this And subhanAllah for those of you who don't know this, I don't think you know, you know, this. They're, they've, you know, one of the main schools, if you go back into the history of India and Pakistan and Bangladesh, this was all one. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh was all one. And at that time, there was one prominent school that started up, it was called dirt on Delbanco. Are you I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with this. It was a very prominent school there. And this school started off underneath a tree actually, if you go and study the Islamic history of India, it started with the with one, one teacher and one

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student. The teacher was his name was Ali. Thank you. rahmatullah wa Rahmatullah it. And the student was mostly Muhammad Hassan Saab, he was a very prominent scholar in India, a great scholar. He had the, the title of Fatima mother, he was the jurist of the OMA while he was alive, a very prominent Islamic figure. He was a very first student. Well, eventually what happened was, if you go to India till today, today, it is a huge Islamic institution, a very big Asami institution, it started started underneath a tree. What happened is that people began to come to that tree and they began to sit next to that tree, they began to make vicar next to that tree, because they thought that it had

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some Islamic significance to it. The owner of the Obon looking at the act of Amara, the Allah and and they actually ordered that tree to be cut. And I remember when I went to India, approximately like 1213 years ago, I went to that school, and I saw that tree and it was an it had been cut that

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A tree the trunk of the tree still does exist. But that tree has been cut and once again because of what Alma Viola Don who did during the time of Amara Viola to the honorable Musa Asha Yolanda, and he was serving as a governor somewhere where he told he sent a letter to Amara Viola, and that there is a grave of a Come on, there's a grave of a nubby here, there's a grave of an OB, and people are coming over here, people are pouring salt over here, on the alotta. And he sent a letter back saying that I want you to dig up 13 More graves, and I want you to take out this Nabhi put him in one of those graves, and you level all of them, you level of them so that people will not know exactly

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where is that and they'll be buried. Because as long as the people know where that Nabhi is buried, they will come and they will come and share it, take them out, put them into another grave and dig up 13 graves so that the Muslims will be confused. He actually said this, so that there is no more shake, and there is no more fitna that would occur. Lastly, I want to share something with you that that took place during the time one of the hola to nine, which was which he was very particular about

00:31:06 --> 00:31:49

when Amara Liotta and serve as a Khalifa every single day he would go to the market of Medina, and he will observe how business was being conducted in the market of Medina. And he will tell every single person conducting this business over there that it is your obligation that you know the fic of transactions, you know, the fic of business, you know the fifth of riba before you indulge in business, because this is your obligation. If he saw anyone, if he saw anyone trying to cheat in business, it said that Amara Don would he would carry a stick while you would walk in the street, or in the market of Medina, no one had the audacity to cheat in business, you know, something that we

00:31:49 --> 00:32:31

see today is the concept of hoarding. people hoard more and more and more, you know why? Because the more you have one thing, then you are at liberty to name your price. Imagine if there was one product and there is a limit on that product. And one person goes and says I want to buy this one product, knowing that knowing very well that there is a limited quantity of this of this product. A person goes buys all of it, and they hoard it. And then they name, their price, the name their price, I'm going to sell it at this price. Now, you know, if a person has heard a certain product, you know that people are in demand, or it is in demand, people do need this product, and you start

00:32:31 --> 00:33:09

naming your price. You couldn't put people in difficulty, when on one or the other on will see someone a he saw this few times, that people will come to the marketplace knowing that this item is in demand. And it is in limited quantity. He though people will try to come and they would hoard it, they made an attempt to hoard it. And they'll try to buy everything on one or the other. And he will always stop it. And he said that if you hoard it, then what about the poor people what's going to happen to the poor people when they are in need of this product. So Aminata on he would conduct business or he would make people conduct business in such a way where everyone's rights and everyone

00:33:09 --> 00:33:25

has been taken care of. He did not want anyone to be neglected. So what we learned from this is that whatever business we are involved in whatever business we are involved in whatever job we're involved in, we need to know the fit of that of that particular

00:33:26 --> 00:34:02

whatever, whatever we're involved in, we need to know the fifth of that matter. We didn't know the fifth of whatever we are engaged in whatever we are involved with. This was something that we learn from all of you a lot and I'm not sure how long we're going to finish on this. One of the biggest problems that we have today are Muslim Ummah is that we cannot trust anyone, or we can we have stopped trusting one another and we have began cheating one another. When it comes to business matters when it comes to money matters. It is very unfortunate. But you always hear the stories over and over again. This person took my money. We had an agreement, he never He never paid. There's two

00:34:02 --> 00:34:40

people who had an agreement. One is doing the labor one is the one who is investing, the one who is investing he stops, he stops giving the money or the one who has been doing the labor he has made an agreement that he will give the one who had invested a certain amount of money every single month. And he has stopped paying that how many times do we hear these stories of you know, unfortunately, it is the mechanics, the Muslim mechanics who get all the heat regarding all these stories, but it is across the world. It is across the world. The Muslims, they cheat one another Subhanallah I went to Malaysia a few few years ago, there was one marketplace. Now if you have been to Malaysia, there

00:34:40 --> 00:35:00

are Chinese over there. There's Indonesians over there. You know there's a big Muslim population over there. But there's a big population of non Muslims there too, and humble that everyone's working in cohesion. Everyone's working together and collectively. But Subhanallah is so sad that today we have our Alma has come to such a point that I remember my brother in law telling me we crossed by a place and he told

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

I mean that this is the this is a certain market where there's only Muslim businessmen here. So I said okay what so but what's Why is it so unique? Why are you pointing out at this particular marketplace, he said that because it is famous in Kuala Lumpur that you don't want to come and do business over here. It is. It is famous over there that there's all Muslims over here. And you said that it is famous or it is well known that if you come here to this market, you will be ripped off you will be ripped off. And as well it is very, very sad. Today we see this how many times do we hear Muslims saying that I when I when it comes to business matters when it comes to getting

00:35:35 --> 00:36:13

service? I will not go to a Muslim why because well this is what do we have done to the state of our affairs. This is what we have done on one of the a lot that I'm doing his time it was clean, everyone treated each other properly. Everyone would fulfill each other's rights. No one would cheat one another. And I'm telling you as long as we have this, this concept of cheating one another. Allah subhanaw taala will take away the baraka. This is not me saying this. This is the hadith of a sorcerer Allahu alayhi wa sallam. When two people come together one is the buyer one is the buyer one is the seller. If any one cheats the other Allah subhanaw taala we move the baraka, Allah we

00:36:13 --> 00:36:29

moved the baraka so I pray to Allah subhanaw taala he gives the ability to add from the center * Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to learn from the story of Omer Cataldo the Allah divine, not only learn these things, but then apply in our life is that from Allah Subhan Allah we humbly Subhana Allah Honda Hyundai as well

00:36:30 --> 00:36:34

as the Fluka one or two to be exact Malachite somebody come up to lie Brocato

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