Nadim Bashir – Elite Followers #26 Abu Bakr (RA) pt 9

Nadim Bashir
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Mr. Lohana human hunger little bit I mean was that there was someone that also to you Mohammed water earlier he was so here to mine was sitting with a statement Catherine cathedral my boss Rohan Klarna in London tonight in the animal kingdom rubbish. Okay, so they were certainly only one of them, Melissa Annie I've got her colleague about so inshallah today we've we finish off the series of Ovako the allotted time. Well, before we we get to the end of the life of ovako. The a lot that I just want to briefly just mention a few things about the two countries that were conquered during the time a little book or the alotta line. Now, even though Iraq was primarily conquered, Syria was

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not so much conquered before the death of a macro view Ultron. But nonetheless, what obika Rhodiola on did was laying the foundation for the success of the next Khalifa, which would be over in kappa Rhodiola. And it was because of his work and because of his efforts, that it made the expeditions or made some of the missions during the time of Alma Rhodiola Turon more manageable. So there was a person during the time of Ovako Rhodiola that on his his name was Muthana, even on Khalifa, he was a man who was a native Iraqi. And he accepted Islam, he went to a bucket of Viola, Tirana and Medina. And he said that I come from this land and overthrow the Allah Tala and designated him to overlook

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and not only that, but try to launch an attack against that land against the people living or against the people or the land of Iraq, and trying to somehow conquer that land. And we talked about this last week. That was I'm not going to go into details about this. But we talked about this last week that in Islam, many of us, we usually try to defend Islam by saying that all the wars that took place in Assam were defensive, although we know that that is not true. There were many, many offensive attacks that were carried out by Muslims. But I gave you the entire explanation that how that how is that still justified? Based on that time, we're talking about a man who was from that

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country and he launched an attack. And during that time, he found that calm or fulfilling his objective for which he was sent for was becoming somewhat challenging. So he sent a letter to overthrow the law, the law and that I need some reinforcement I need some help. So at that time, Khalid bin Walid or the Allah Tala on had just finished the riddle wars, the war against Messiah in Nicaragua, and all those people who had claimed to be a prophet and Subhanallah it goes to show you that what a dedicated man has been whatever the Allah on was, he is in he is, he is there fighting this battle, he finished his battle and oboe Viola on gives him or sends him a letter that I am

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dispatching you, and you need to go to Iraq, you need to go to that land of Iraq, where you will find a person by the name of Muthana immunol Haritha. And he said that he gave him special instructions, he said that everyone who turned away from eemaan and now because musei lemma even a cadaver has been defeated, they have come back to eemaan You are not allowed to take any of them with you. Because they have already turned once against Allah Subhana Allah Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and right now those people cannot be trusted. I want you to take another group of people who never gave up on their Iman and you take them and you go Amy al Muthanna Hadith.

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On the other hand, oboe, viola and sends a letter to Muthana even in the Hadith that I'm sending you someone who is extremely fierce, someone who is successful in the battlefield. And when He comes, you are to follow his rules and his orders. He is Khalid bin Walid. And then he even explained that he is the sort of Allah subhanho wa Taala with a name and the Hadith that was waiting in Iraq. As soon as husband Walid came, he realized that there was one there was one particular place in Iraq, which was called El Hira. It was called El Hira. Now, for Muthana harita. And for Halloween worried that was the the prize at that time conquering that place was the most important task at hand. Why?

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Because from that location, there were able to dispatch armies, and it was at that location that obika, Viola de la and he began to send all his letters to if that land was in the hands of the Muslims, then there is no need to send everyone back to Medina for every single expedition. You

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If this is one of those places where the Muslims can meet, and we can dispatch an army from there, that and if there are any Muslims in that area, they can come to El Hira. And they can go, they can leave, they can come to an IRA and leave from here also al Qaeda became the, the goal at that time. Now, in that in acquiring a halo, there were many there was many, many small battles that took place, and the Muslims were victorious. And each one of them for example, there was one called that was the lesson. That was the lesson it was where the, the, the Persian king, he came in, his name was homeless. He found out about the coming of Halloween worried he dispatched a big army to come

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and fight against the Muslims. And when have been wanting to do a logline came with the Muslims. One thing that he noticed was that all the Persians were chained up to one another, like they were linked to one another via chains. And the reason they did this is because that no one will retreat, and no one will turn their back on the army. But what happened was that in the initial or initial stages of the battle, when Khalid bin Walid took the life of this person homeworld, Holden was he basically, he he was killed, of course, but when the person saw that their leader has fallen, they try to all escape, but remember that they're all chained. So when one tried to leave, it caused

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problems for everyone else. So nonetheless, the Muslims were able to come to a healer. And this is this is why I'm mentioning this, because it's very, very important. When it comes to the matters of islamophobe. They need to really understand what obika Or the Allah Tala and instructions were. Because when Halloween what either the hola dawn came to El Hira, the people living in Hilo, were given three options, they were given three options. Number one, you accept Islam, and we're all equal. Second option is you will give Jizya you will give just yet. And the third option, he says that if you're not going to accept Islam, we will fight you. And not only that, but he even put

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like, you know, a cherry on the top of that, he says that my people for my people, they, for my people, death is more dear to them than life is to you.

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As much as death, as much as life is dear to you, more than that death is dear to my soldiers. So you can imagine how they felt about it. They said that we will go with the option of Jizya they will go with option of Jizya. And one way or the other and he negotiated with them and they had to pay 190,000 Did hums

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190,000 Did hums throughout the entire year or annually to the Muslim khalifa to overthrow the alotta and they had to send this money. Now, when some folks talk about this, they say that either Islam and Muslims, they gave only just two choices. That's what they say. Either you accept Islam, or you take the jizya. That's it. If you don't accept Islam, we will take your life. And what we have to explain to these kinds of people is that, first of all, is that yes, they were given this option. But GCL was also given the option. And the jizya was taken always this option of Jizya was taken by every single tribe and every single clan for several reasons. Number one, the reason why

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people were more inclined and giving disease is because before this, they were giving their taxes to the Persian government. And in return, the Persian government did not guarantee anything. The Persian government did not guarantee anything. On top of that they were taking more from them on an annual basis. Here Obachan, rhodiola and Tunghai even worry that tell these people that when you give Jizya first of all, your taxes are going to be low. Okay, your taxes are going to be low. Now, let me ask you here in this country, if we had the option to pay a higher tax or lower tax, honestly, in any logical mind, what would we take? We will take the lower tax right? There's no one

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who will say I will take the higher tax bracket, you always want to take the lower tax bracket. The Muslims are saying that we will charge you less taxes. But on top of that, you will have religion you will have freedom of religion. That means that if you are a Christian, you can remain as a Christian, if you are a Jew, you can remain as a Jew. Number two is that the Muslims will not infiltrate your city will not come into your city and take over every single thing that belongs to you. In fact, all the courts, all the courts of law, they still belong to you. It belongs to the people of the city. And the Muslims have nothing to do with this. The Muslims are going to be living

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on the outskirts of the city and they will let you read

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assume your courts and how you manage everything in your corner and we will not interfere. I honestly ask you, is there any government that will do this today?

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I mean, look at the look at the mercy of Islam, look at the mercy of Islam, then after that, what it has been what he told them, he says that if you are threatened, we will defend you.

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If you are threatened, we will defend you, there will be no religious discrimination, there'll be no racial discrimination. If someone comes to attack you, and we cannot protect you, there is no more Jizya there is no more Jizya until we're able to restore the same situation, or the same, the same situation that was before. Meaning that if you are attacked, and you and we lose some control, that you are no longer and you're no longer responsible for giving this Jizya you're no longer responsible, until we're able to reconquer the entire city and the city's in our hands, then the laws will go back and there'll be reinforced. Now there is no one who will provide this much

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security, and this much freedom. Today, when you look at when you look at people here in this country, when they say, oh, first of all, Sharia law is gonna take over this country, you know, when people say this, you know, you have to first provide some logical sense to these kinds of people. Unfortunately, they don't have this in many cases. Okay. Many of them don't have this. Just basic logic, they don't understand. If you even explain to them that how is a small percentage of people who don't even have the military power, they don't even have the political power? How do you even expect these people to overtake a government to change the constitution of the United States? It's

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impossible, it is impossible.

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But then when they say this, they say that if Sharia law took over this country, look what it will do, it will kill all the people. When you look at this, when you look at this, was there anything in this about killing people? Not at all, not only that overthrow Viola, Tehran, he told even have been worried that every single land that you take over, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. Number one, you will not touch the women and the children. Number two, you will not even touch the men in the city, the men who are innocent civilians, they will not be touched. If there's anyone who comes to fight against you, yes, that is you defending yourself, that is a different situation,

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the the trees in the city will not be cut, okay, they will not be cut, nothing will be burnt. The animals will not be killed. Because this was a practice Long, long ago, within the pagan within the paganistic beliefs and the rituals, whenever they will take over a land they will kill all the animals because animals are a source of livelihood, they will kill all the animals over and over, you allow them and said that you are not allowed to kill the animals unless, unless you need to feed yourself. That's a different situation. But just to kill off animals, because you are conquered land is prohibited. He says you cannot go and burn down or destroy any monastery. That means you cannot

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go to a synagogue and destroy a synagogue you cannot destroy a church, a church you can you can destroy your church. And he says that even the religious leaders in that in those monasteries, and those religious centers, they cannot be touched.

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They cannot be touched. Now, is this not religious freedom? Yes, it is. And this is instituted by who? By obika, viola, Milan. And it was for this reason, it was for this reason that he laid this foundation for the rest of the qualify regime. And they all follow the footsteps of Osaka Viola. And that means that whenever they will conquer inland, they would keep these key principles in mind whenever they would go anywhere else. I mean, even to the point that you don't even take the life of even the leaders. That means these are people who are Jewish leaders. That means these are Christian leaders, pastors, priests, whatever you want to call them, their lives cannot be taken. And this is

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the mercy of Islam. You know, when we read about Islam, and this is what we should be telling people is that this is what Oba crawldata had had had told his people to do. Islam did not say that you go to other places and you kill other people. And so that's why it is so contradicting to what you see other entities today doing. They're going forcefully taking people's lands and then killing the people and * the women. This is this is completely unconstitutional, and it has no place in Islam. It has absolutely no place in Islam. Now, the next. The next thing that happened was

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there was the conquering of Syria. Now, as I said earlier, that Syria was not fully conquered during the time of oboe Viola turned on and just to keep it short, there was some small small expeditions or small sub battles that took place. But nonetheless, at the very end, there was a battle of Yarmouk in the battle

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Yun Luca was one that was very, very fierce 3000 3000 Muslims lost their lives in that battle. Nonetheless, there were approximately 120.

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There were 120,000 Romans who lost their lives in this one battle. And this was the decisive battle or the deciding battle that took place to which at the very end, even hirako, who was the leader of the, of the of the Roman Empire, that time, he even asked his own army, that you outnumber the Muslims, you had more, you had more in your arsenal that day than they had you had more weapons than then they had you had more men. You had everything. You had everything where it takes to win, or be victorious in a battlefield. And how did you still lose to which to which I just want to read just read to you what this one man at the very end because no one was speaking up in front of the king.

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And when he asked us he said that we were defeated, and I quote, he says, We were defeated because they stood they stand up and night to pray. They fast during the day. They fulfilled their covenants, they enjoy they enjoying good, they forbid evil, and they are just unfair amongst themselves. And because we we were defeated because we drink alcohol, we fornication, we perpetrate unlawful acts, we we violate the terms of our covenants, we become angry, we oppress others, we enjoin, angry and senseless acts of violence, we forbid the things that please Allah, and we spread corruption throughout the entire Earth. This is a man from the Roman Empire or from the from the

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Roman army who said this to hirako. He said that these are people who did all this and this is why it was not because of their of their battalions or it's not because of the the the weaponry that they had, it was because that these are people who are religious, they turn to Allah subhanaw taala. And this is why they were they were victorious in the battlefield. So this brings now during this battle, it said that during this battle, during the Battle of Dr. Mohammed bin Walid who was in charge, he found out that obok rhodiola, Tehran had passed away. So it was during this battle of Yarmouk, that overgrow Don, he passed away in Medina. At that time, he did not want to inform the

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Muslim army, because he knew that if he informed the Muslim army at that time, they will lose all their hopes. So he let them finish the battle. Once the battle was finished, he informed everyone about this now, coming coming to Medina, as soon as by the way, as soon as I'm going to Qatar Rhodiola. That iron, he came into power, the very first thing that he did was that he removed carbon, what if he removed carbon wallet as the as the emir, or as the one in charge over there, and we were talking about that later on as to what it was, he had something else in mind. So that is why he did that. But nonetheless, coming to Medina, when before two weeks before obok, rhodiola. And he

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passed away, he was extremely sick. And during his time, he began to call some some Sahaba into his home, because he was then he was restricted to the bed because of his sickness. And he began to call different Sahaba for example, he called he called Andrew Hammond over the allotted and he asked him his opinion, that what do you think about Amara Viola on being the Khalifa, he had great words to say about Amara Viola. And he has even Osman Rhodiola tonight. And in that conversation, the alumni they say, or the historians, they say that obika, the Ultron gave a hint to Earthbound with YOLO tonight, that if Omar was not here, then I would have chosen you to become the Khalifa like there is

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you would have been you would have been next in line. However, because Armando Vaughn is there, he, I feel like that he is the best one to take over this position. He's the best fit. Now many Sahaba they came to overthrow the Allah tonight. And they all suggested that yes, it's a great option. We all have, you know, they all have great things to say about Amara photogravure, Lata and however, there was one sahabi, who had a very different opinion about Amara, the Ultron. And that was still hot, they normally the lot of the allotted time. And when he was called by overthrow the Ultron, he asked him, he says, What do you think about Alma Rhodiola? And he says, that

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he says that if you make Omar audiogon the Khalifa if you make him the Khalifa. I mean, it may seem like, you know, it may seem that, you know, he had the audacity to say this, but once again, he's just expressing his own opinion. He said that all metal Viola Athan is so harsh in his nature, he is so harsh to his nature, that if you make him the Khalifa, what will what will you answer or how will you answer Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment that you will will you turn to Allah subhanaw taala when he tells you that Why do you put

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A person who was very harsh and in his nature, the leader of the Muslims. Now when Oberon he heard this, you know, he could you know, you can imagine that response you know, look at Donna was lying down. Oh look at Alana was lying down. And when he heard this, he told his people around him he was put me up, he says put me up and they made him sit up. And then he says to Taliban obey the law. He says that he goes, Well, what are you trying to tell me? Are you trying to remind me that what answer I will give to Allah on the Day of Judgment, like his entire life or his entire Khilafah was defending the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala Okay, upholding the Kalima La ilaha illAllah Muhammad

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Rasul Allah, and now he seems to have been always Allah, that are you really going to tell me about like Allah subhanaw taala that, like, as if I don't have any fear of Allah subhanaw taala I mean, I know exactly what I have in mind. I've asked so many people, and I think this is the best option. Then he says that look in when it comes to my nature. I'm a very soft, man. I'm a very soft man. He says that he on the other side, I'm gonna photogravure time he's he's a harsh man, that who bounces who bounces me out. He said that he bounces me. Now one thing that we talked about earlier, Don is that he was not just harsh. It was not about him being harsh. He was very, I would say he would be

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very firm. People say harsh is actually he's more firm. Because there were times when are you allowed to and there are some stories that we will go through them later on, is that these were small, small things that will make almost all the Athan cry and the small things that will make him cry. On the other hand, but when it came to the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala there was no tolerance. He was firm. He was on harsh because harsh as a more negative connotation. So he was he was more firm, and it said that it was then decided that almond Athan will become the Khalifa he called the automatic the Allah Denine he gave him the responsibility that you will make an

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announcement inside measure the number week that amaro Dawn has officially become the Khalifa. And you know, once again, I forgot to mention this. I mean, just like we see with all the Sahaba as soon as Omar Radovan was called into the home of a worker and he informed him that you are going to become the Khalifa you can imagine the nature of Ramadan he said no no, no I'm not fit to become I'm not fit to become the Khalifa. He tried to you know, he tried to resist from taking this position. But after a lot of a lot of after a lot of force. He accepted the position or tomorrow Japan made the official announcement inside the masjid everyone made big on the hands of Alma hotel Rhodiola

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tonight, and Amara Dion he became the Khalifa even prior to the death of Oba CRO Viola Kanaan, because you have to understand that by this time, almost, I mean over codeine was just, I mean, he was so sick and he was restricted to the bed, and there was no one to carrying out the responsibility of the of the Khilafah or the Khalifa. So that's why in the very last few days honorable Hopper the Allah Tala and he took up the responsibilities of Khilafah and he served as the Khalifa and as I said, the very first thing that he did he realized that the battle of Yarmouk is taking place, the very first thing he did was, he said that half of the battle is over hunting what

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it is to be removed from his position and after that, Inshallah, so this once again brings us to the end of the life of Ovako Viola to nine. One more last thing I want to mention about obok Rodon is that before you pass away, he asked, I showed you a lot and Aha, that can you please check. Can you please check that what have I amassed during my time of Khilafah? Because whenever anyone becomes a Khalifa I mean, whenever anyone becomes a ruler or a king or a president, of course he make a lot more money. So he asked, he asked her that can you please check what have you know what more have I amassed during this time? And the only thing that he has amassed was a bowl and a slave. That's all

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that he amassed by hemming Halifa during his two years or two and a half years of being a Khalifa I mean, it goes to show you the what simple people these you know, people like obika really allowed to on work. I mean simple people, people who you know who had their vision set on the ark era that was the most important thing to them and defending Islam that was one of the most important things for them. And we see this for the life of Obergefell the law tonight. So once again, this brings us to the end of the life of Accra yo waterline we pray to ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala that May He make us like overcrowd the allotted army he gives us the Iman the courage, the strength, the compassion, the

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ability to to stand up for our deen the way Oba Crowe Viola on who did and inshallah Next we go to Omar Baba, the Allah Tron, he is by far one of my most favorite. So inshallah we will be talking about him

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Starting next week in Charlotte is talking about Hazel Halligan Hamdi SubhanAllah 100 conditional Allah Illa illa Anta nesto Fuuka wants to be exactly Makeda. Somali, come on to live workato

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