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Mike said, I'd like to pray with you. And I said, Okay, no problem. And if I had to bet on one religion as if I were betting on the stock market for the future, you have to balance moccasins mike tyson and badou jack praying What a beautiful sight it is. No my eyes Oh my God, I could be praying where's where's Mike? Oh, imagine mike tyson competing.

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Right and he wasn't Yeah, he respects the religion. Right as opposed to what a non-problem Muslim but I'm not practicing like it's not like a jacket that you wear on on Saturday and Sunday and Badu by doodle pray at an airport he'll pray on the play night.

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Can something that small can all the technology that we have now? Logan Paul.

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Mike Tyson wanted me to fight him. They had a sign on on the door that said no Muslim No. Black people. No dogs. Yeah, whatever. Like a rumor so it went viral viral upon luck, you know, it's gonna die but you never think it's gonna happen that soon. And when I buried him I mean in that was three months ago. We made it we're on the dean show.

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This is the

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business with

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us Salaam Aleykum. Welcome to the deen Show me your host and we got some special guests in town at home the law and these are the first after all the madness has going on that we got people actually in the studio you know we do a lot of virtual over the over the web. But 100 now we got our brothers. Go ahead and subscribe right now. Hit that notification bell. Help us get our numbers back up. Did you know that many years ago, the D show and we started 2006. We used to broadcast for many years and halifa clothing channel currently known as digital minbar. So we're trying to get our numbers back up because the channel at that time got closed. Then we started the official D show

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channel. We're trying to get our numbers back up to where they should be. And that's this number here a 55 combined where we currently have 442 we should be over a million subscribers help us to get our numbers back to where they should be with that small setback that we had many years ago. You guys can help us by subscribing right now and hitting that notification bell. Thank you very much. Enjoy the show Salaam. And don't forget to support us on our Patreon page here. I'm Abdullah Bobby Jackson on where they go and why they come sit. How are you brother is doing great, great. Thanks for having us. Thank you for being with us on the D show. humbler? How we made it? We're on the deen

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So Bobby jack, two three tattooed three time world champion. I was too big should have been 355 but two times.

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and Amir Abdullah you actually undefeated. Abdullah for the 90 of Muslims. I know. Right? I don't know that. This means servant of God. Yes, sir. I'm creating the heavens and earth. Beautiful name. Does that come from Swedish descent? My mom is Swedish. And I grew up in Sweden and my dad is from Gambia, West Africa. Yeah. Okay, look, this is kind of old. I want to get into this and we'll kick it off from here. Infant is prayer video.

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Is the law

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a lot of common saw a lot less but a lot of fun.

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Actually, you right there. Yeah. And for the record, I want to clarify that I have more than just a shirt the hat the fact that I'm praying with it there and I'm wearing with it here. I do wear more than just one shirt. Okay.

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Make sure we're very clear on

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time management is very important. It takes a lot of time to be efficient picking out shirts so like Peter Griffin on family got the same outfit.

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Okay, so guys, what's going on here give us like so we were actually by doing it. We had our families we were vacationing in Big Bear, California. And then Mike and his team reached out and they said hey, you know you guys want to come down and oh, no, we were getting ready for the Tyson Jones fight. Yeah, we're getting ready for Tyson Jones fight. Yeah. So they said you want to come down and we'll do a promo shoot this week. And then I said perfect. We're in California. So it's a you know, a short drive down. So we drove down we had the teams on Meet us. We went down there, Mike, this was for the mike tyson vers Roy Jones promo shoot. So as we were getting ready to buy do

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was about to get geared up, Mike was starting to get miked up by do says, Did you pray the hood? And I said, No, I haven't yet. And mind you, it was the hood and also because we're traveling.

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And Mike said, I'd like to pray with you. And I said, Okay, no problem. And then there was those cameras everywhere around and and and they asked my

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And they said Are you sure you're okay being filmed doing and go Don't worry about me ask them if they're okay with it. And I said, No, of course, you know, we're okay with it. You know, it's a good form of data. It's a great form of data to be able to show that you listen to him and you have two World Champions they're praying with me three times three World Champion, he's a world champion, too. He just in kickboxing, but we have you know, you have these two recognized global champions mike tyson and badou jack praying and what a beautiful sight it is. And we prayed before before you know, it was the end of the huddle between the head and acid. So

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at the end, it's funny at that time, I said, Man, I don't have my pants I go gets okay notice pull my shorts down a little bit to make sure that at least covers up to the knee. But we made the prayer together and it was beautiful. And afterwards you know, we talked we talked a little about Islam and, and things like that. And mind you Mike is a very humble very spiritual brother, which a lot of people don't see that side. A lot of people don't see that. What are you saying right now when you put your head from the highest point to the lowest point what are you guys saying right then in there on sujood You know, that's the closest part that you are and that's the closest way that you

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can be to Allah Allah hears everything close upon that will be at Allah you know, of course you're you're worshiping and you're praising Allah and then anything that I like to spend as much time as I can in sujood

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and just you know, have open dialogue open conversation

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with with our Creator with Allah and you know, everything over us upon that will be it

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is it's pretty personal you know, it's it's something that that I think that's the connection that's the most point of your slothy that's the most righteous part of your salon Glory be to my Lord the Most High glory beautiful smile. You are, are you ever remiss in performing this now? Because with all the hectic schedules, you actually are now you can get tempted right now being in this situation to be like, hold on, like, you know, Mike Tyson. Is he still playing? Is he nod? It might be awkward. What about the camera crew and everybody there was none of that you guys were like hold on like the pressures on like, are we gonna pray every night? No, we will do when we get home.

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We do it on time. And I want everybody especially the youth all the people who are just sometimes just nervous and scared to take that time out and do they are actually remiss and making you guys weren't No No brother and by do by doodle pray at an airport. He'll pray on the play night.

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Once the lock comes in, once a lock comes in, it's a wrap. I mean, nothing else is more important when you say that again. Check it out. When Salah comes in. It's a what? Nothing else is more important. Nothing else is more important than Salah. 100 I had ob not me. Now. Look, here's the thing. So we had badou jack. We had Ameer Abdullah, we had we're missing one lesson. No, Mike. Oh my god, I could be praying. where's where's Mike? Oh, Mike actually had an interview today. And he's flying out a little bit later. We'll get him on the DJ. And Shall I shall I that we can have a bigger demand.

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This is a beautiful want to kick that off. unapologetically in a world now that I mean, this is in your words, I believe you said this is there's a is a hitlist like on Islam and Muslims. Of course there is what do you what do you when you guys are, you're out there in the spotlight, you know, with all the negative information and you know, the one of the main things the deen show does is trying to help deliver the true message of Islam and to clear the many misconceptions right so now would you guys practicing implementing Islam and simply Islamic to submit your will to the creator heavens and earth for the non Muslims out there?

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How do you guys deal with that?

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As far as the negative stuff not personally, I haven't seen much like people always give me support and everybody is happy for me and stuff. So I don't really see it. The only thing I could think of maybe is I've been robbed in the in the my fights in the boxing, maybe some judges maybe some like that. Other than that, to be honest, I haven't really felt any negative stuff. To be honest, what do you what do you think with all with all the I mean, being in a situation that you guys are in you know, a lot of time mold changes need to Mohammed and that's why we try to push off you know to because there's nothing to be ashamed of Islam teaches you to worship one and only one God created

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heaven and earth the same guy that Jesus Moses, Abraham worship to be morally upright to be a good human being. I think a lot of people and maybe more and so in this day and age because social media, media and so much influence and so called influencers it's very easy to get distracted from Islam and from the essence of what the deen is. But you notice will last prophet Muhammad said in Islam started as something strange, and it will go back to something strange, but then he ended it with give the glad tidings and the best tidings to those strangers. And that's who we are, and we take a lot of pride in them. But look at Islam is hamdulillah You know, when we look and we contrast it to

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Christianity or Judaism, it's the same source. It's the same religion. We're not talking about three different religions. We're talking about one religion from one resource

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But it was altered into other religions where the real meeting the real essence of what the religion is, and what the message is, is Islam. You know what we learned elementary school wasn't the same that we learned in middle school, it was the same foundation, but it was added on to. And then in high school or in college, it's the same foundation, but it's added on to and that's the graduation between Judaism Christianity and, and, and, and Islam. But you know, the bottom line is we don't call them those we call them you know, that that would be the length of the religion of though he'd have the unity of one of one religions here monotheism. So this might be heavy for a lot of people.

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We'll we'll go ahead and shift off. And we'll come back to this is such a beautiful topic, purpose of life while you've been creative, why you here. But let's go back to this now. One thing that you really are into, and I've been into for a long time now and I see that, what is it? You were waking up every morning with mint basil, dandelion, citrus tumeric? ginger?

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nutrition is so important. Yes. So when I'm in training camp, it's a strict diet, I have one of the best nutritionist in the world. Lockhart and lead is the company. So James Lockwood is one of my nutritionist. He's amazing. So he helped me to cut maybe 30 pounds before a fight. So yeah, he gave some good juice in the morning, healthy, clean food. And it tastes good also. So it's not as boring, you know, food like that dry or whatever. This is the best food you can think of. So I'm looking forward to the next train again. How do you feel because you know, I mean, this is so important, not just for training, but just for life in general. 70% of Americans nowadays are either obese or

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overweight, diabetes, diabetes, heart disease, through the roof, chronic disease, people are multimers, you know, different medications. And the 95% of this is linked to the food choices that we make. Right? lack of proper nutrition, eating fake foods, not enjoying the tea, but the real foods. Dr. He talks about that what do you Yeah, you know, I mean, and again, I think it in sometimes it becomes not just redundant, but it comes overbearing, when you when you talk to somebody that might not have the level of faith or human or just any belief at all, to tie it all back into it's not. And by Doucet we mean panela every single situation that happens, we always go

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back to the fundamentalism and Islam is parola. We say Islam is perfect, it teaches you how to eat, it teaches you how not to eat, teaches you how to clean yourself, it teaches you I mean, from going to the bathroom, from dealing with your wife to dealing with business to dealing with the funerals to dealing with, you know, wealth, the religion encompasses everything.

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And, and the food is a part of that. And like you said, the play about like the essence than food of what it is so lost. I said, let me know he never really, he never was exaggerating, with his food and extravagant with his food, it was always so simple enough just to fill, you know, for your nutrition to keep your body going so they can keep staying in the state of Nevada. So it's huge, it's important, and Islam encompasses all of it. What do you think right now the attack on masculinity, you know, where you have men starting to the gender roles being mixed up and whatnot. And now, you know, the part of being a man, you know, to mean being some again, a man someone's

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compassionate, kind, loving, merciful, but you know, just to kind of encourage the youth and others out there. You know, I mean, living this lifestyle, we talked about Islam, you know, so much can be said, and I just mentioned some of the great talking points about mercy, love compassion, but about that is a quality of being a real man and then lead to being someone in shape being somewhere, you know, the Sahaba they were, you know, they weren't all lawyers, or they weren't lawyers that they were warriors. You know what I'm saying? And they were fit. They were ready. This is what do you think now we lack in some of this? I mean, you need to do you motivate the movement, the youth when

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you talk to him about some of this? Yeah, I guess but I don't want nobody cuz today is when we say there's, there's Jocko, you heard of Jocko? He was a former Marine, he wrote a book. And in his book, he talks about this, he talks about the warrior way. And then in a lot of these terms now because you know, there's so much misinformation about Islam as soon as we say Jihad since we say majah these things people get the wrong impression. But this is an American, this is a Marine, he's talking about a true warrior is someone who has good character noble conduct, but at the same time, he could do push ups pull ups, you know, fix his bed in the morning, right? Yeah, you know it again,

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Islam encompasses all of that. You also last I said, he said, You know, when you when you when you even deal with your wife, you know, you play with her like a child, you'd be loving funding when she needs you to be a man you become a man. I think that you know, it's a double edged sword Eddie, and I know that you can appreciate this but you know, social media and just being able to see so many different walks of life is grazes is has a tremendous impact on some of these youth. And to see that it's okay to act in, in such a manner.

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Look at and Allah is the judge of everybody. I'm not going to judge anybody's theory, but type anybody and then I have three daughters. So

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your body has a young son and to teach him

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How to Be a man and the responsibilities and I see him how he implements that how he deals with his son is entirely different how he deals with a daughter. It's tougher to raise a boy than it and then a girl to me, but you have to you have to I mean, you have to teach him that

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you have to be hard on exactly what that thing is, it's too easy to say well look at so and so you know, is doing this and so on. So is doing this and now today it comes to the law, you know, you can change your gender and compete in the women's Olympics and win a gold medal being a man so imagine if that was boxing. Come on, man. Let's let's think that we let things go a little bit too far. And, and the more it gets watered down, the more it gets watered down. It's like you know, a big vial a big jug of pure milk and every day you just put a tablespoon of water into it and six months from now you've got a jug of water, and that it's just diluted and I think that's the essence of you know

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what the look at that was actually some of the happy wasn't it there was a person who got into the man just happened it just happened in the Olympics as a transgender man that they competed in the Olympics, weightlifting handily beat all the women Mashallah.

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Right? Imagine if that was boxing, like, but what's the problem now? I mean, this is the quality right? So let the person come in and they can't or there's anybody lining up. This is a good test of it. Yeah, no, we should we should we should also see you know how he can carry a child. Right? Right. It's crazy, man. Come on, man. I mean, that stuff. It's too far. It's too far man. It's too far. Women compete as women men computers, men, at least in that part lift at least keep the sanctity and the values of that at least to separate. And what you want to do in your own private life, you know, that's between you imagined mike tyson compete.

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Let's go back to the video now. Okay, so we've seen a lot of people I know to personally, one of my students actually who saw one of the well known persons out there hubby if you guys know him praying. And he saw him then he saw us praying and the person is his brother named Reggie. And he's connecting the dots and this was something that motivated him to go look into Islam for example, and he accepted Islam and then we also have X cartel I did this program with a brother from Mexico This is a few weeks back ex cartel he heard the brother saying that hum did he not always praising not doing the chest bomber pointing up to the one up above right? So now we're saying mike tyson brother

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jack was saying Ameer Abdullah putting you know these guys are athletes world champions humbling themselves taking the time out from the rat race. How's it feel?

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Have the lead if I can inspire inspire anyone? That's amazing. But yeah, I don't see myself as you know, above anyone but if if I can inspire people that and to become Muslim that's that's amazing. And I'm Muslim again, I always define the words because people when someone asked me like you Muslim I said Hold on What do you mean by Muslims? Is that what x y&z said Fox News Tom I one who is like Jesus submitted his or her will to the creator? Is that a good thing or bad thing is is a good thing right? So that's what I am right? Because a lot of times people get stuck on definitions that they've they projected onto Islam has nothing to do with that. So now I want inshallah the fans of

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badou jack have Ameer Abdullah to do many people. They imitate the stars in the wrong ways. They see the shorter McGregor's and whatnot, cursing, swearing, acting vile, belligerent, and then they act upon that because certain people are not acting in a way that is dignified. Right now, if you're a fan of Mike Tyson, by the jack Ameer Abdullah, put your head on the ground. Of course, what about that? Hi and ask the creator to have an earth for guidance, simple homework simple recipe. What would you say on that? You know, when when you when you? And I'm with you, Eddie went when someone asks me? Are you a practicing Muslim? That is the most insulting question somebody can ask me, as

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opposed to what? Right as opposed to what a non-problem Muslim, but I'm not practicing. Like, it's not like a jacket that you wear on on Saturday and Sunday. And then Monday through Friday, you do your own thing. So, you know, being a Muslim, it encompasses a lot of different areas in your life, it's your character, it's how you act is how you make others feel. In order to serve a law you have to serve your fellow man, you have to be able to help the people around you, you know, in the put on the neighbor and the rights on the neighbor are so important. What does that mean? It means helping society. You know, so if you take if you take, you know, some some people that that that pretend to

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be Muslims, and to act the way that they do. And then everybody says, Oh, yeah, that's Muslims, then we should in that same context, be able to say every Catholic is a *. And we should be able to say every Protestant like Timothy McVeigh blows up buildings if that's what we're going to do, but that's not what it is. There's 1.8 billion Muslims around so if you take a group of 1000 of them, and maybe if there's even that many

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Have them that participate in the things that they participate in how you labeling the rest of them as the Muslim neighbor that's living next to you as the one that's going to school with your children, ask them how they live. And, and in terms of our responsibility in sha Allah, everybody that's listening because we have a responsibility also, because when

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when somebody does something wrong, they go on trial. But if a Muslim does something wrong, the whole religion goes on trial. And that's how in today's media and the propaganda that's going on today, when a Muslim does something bad, they take Islam, and they put Oh, he's trying to implement Sharia law. He's trying to do this and it's inferiority. And it's, you know, and there's so much of a twist to it, because that's how they spin it. Because when Islam is united, you see the true essence of Islam at there's not one person that would not accept it. This video, if you notice, whose name was it, and where I got it from, it was from the Mayweather channel

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what's the whatever other Floyd Mayweather so he actually got to see this Did you guys you trained? No, that's that that channel is actually ran by Yes. It's Jeff, Jeff Mayweather that you know, we helped manage also. Yeah. Okay. So he's me whether Jeff is what his

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uncle okay. Yeah, yeah. So, but looking at everybody, you know, in mind you Floyd very, he's always in Dubai, he's in Saudi Arabia. He's all in one time and he wasn't. He respects the religion. He respects that because he's respects the true religion, the essence of the religion. And again, not the people that propagate, not the people that pretend not the people who do those things that take away from what the essence of the religion is. But, I mean, I'm so confident that's why you know, I have such a strong faith The more you learn about the religion, I thought I knew Islam until I really studied it. I was born Muslim and humble as everybody is, but I mean, I was born and my

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parents were Muslim. So we were raised as Muslim. But it wasn't until you know about mid part of my life where I really started understanding what Islam was the deeper I got into it, the more confident I got about mush. Yeah, how can you not how can you not just believe in Allah and just under him and you understand it's a totally different now for some people who have just heard this for the first time you you said Allah and some people asked that Muslim God the Muslim God right, who's Allah when you talk about Allah

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a lot of people get that mixed up that Allah means God It doesn't mean God that's the name of god that's that's the entity that's the, the supremacy that that has created everything. So when we refer to allow we refer to God,

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we don't refer to Jesus as one of our you know, beloved prophets.

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We don't refer to you know, idols and we don't have three Gods we have one God, you don't have two CEOs in a company of one CEO you don't have two presidents of a country you have a president and then you have the whole staff so we refer to Allah as God that's bottom line. The Creator God however you want to know one only one this is amazing many people don't know An Encyclopedia Britannica it shows that because obviously Jesus peace be upon them. I mean, who you love, I love We love many people don't know that that we love him as a mighty messenger. He would say Aloha, right? elohiym a law This is the God of Abraham, the God of Jesus, the God of Moses, and when you kind of

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let educate people on this, it's a whole different persona, right? It's It's amazing. So let me ask you guys, now from from day to day, you know, how is life how's life for buddy jack? Now? You know you got you're getting ready for what's I heard you're gonna be

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given this guy Smackdown and then giving them some balance shall Logan Paul

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actually, Mike Tyson wanted me to fight him. Uh huh. I don't think he's not interested in fight guys. Let's get Logan message the let's get logan paul the message Logan I sent you a message Logan, you saw the message. I invited you to something priceless Logan inviting you again. And you I'm sure you watch that video. Now we got badou jack, and he's giving you an invitation was an invitation for five promoter to

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Now the thing is, I want him I want him to sit and do do a nice meeting with you guys. I think he can benefit from your friendship. So I will now load it. And we've you know, we've crossed paths a couple of times to Logan, because we worked with KSI for the first fight. And you know, and you got to give the kid credit. You know, I mean, he has really turned his life around. And he in he's in he's maximizing his platform. And good for him. Yeah. Good for him. Yes. He's also been on kind of like a spiritual journey, if you want some of his has

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kind of been you know, talking about this Daniel. And it's interesting when people go through that, and they turn to all these different things, you know, you have these rocks, and then the Buddha and then all the you know, different things, superstitions, but that's the beautiful what you mentioned the word earlier tawheed when people really and I've had so many guests over the years, they've experimented with everything, and anything but when they really got to experience Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation, then it was like Wow, now it's like you got counterfeit, and then you got the real deal right? Real Thing.

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So that's why if because you guys have access to these people, man did you guys ever go out to lunch ever you know with with each other with the Logan Paul? No no no no we were always on opposite sides of the sword. Yeah, you know we were the KSI to the key. Okay, is that is has that been set now that's like okay now you can't cross over you know, I mean, I don't know if it's set set but he is I beat him right? He did. Yeah, he did. And now you help train Oh.

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Actually, this was probably 2018 Yeah, so he called me is like a YouTube kid that's gonna come in Can you please spar with him? He's huge in the YouTube world I'd never heard of and then we did a little video. No, I dropped him with a body shot. No spine, just for fun. And yeah, and then he's like yeah, he got 40 million is one of the biggest youtuber in the world or whatever they're gonna have a boxing fight against Logan Paul and who I didn't really know either by seen his face around but yeah, and

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then they fought I walked into the ring. He begged he begged

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the YouTuber to please man is good marketing and everything is

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and he's actually a nice kid case. I actually like the kid. He's very nice. Yeah, he's a good kisser. So that goes back to what I was saying. You just have no idea like from that Mexican cartel individual. You know, I interviewed and he's somewhere in Mexico with the cartel and now he's Muslim he ends up accepting Islam at home like you just don't know what kind of impression exactly what you're going to say or do that can leave a lasting impression on people who are watching they're looking you know your example what you're saying you know, so that's why every time we post something on social media always got to think the extra thing if we just us but you got to love the

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young kids though those you know following us so better think before even sometimes you want to respond to to haters online. But then think about it. I'm a Muslim, I can write I can't do it. Masha, Allah Allahu Akbar. And that's not work, right? That's praise.

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Allah, this is so important. They in this day and age when you have just a tremendous amount, because we're creatures of mutation, you know, and that's why God Almighty Allah sent the messengers and Muhammad peace and blessings upon just being the last the final message sent to mankind. And the beautiful thing is now that it's just so hard to find great and good examples nowadays. Sure, who's my son, my daughter, who we're going to point them to, you know, obviously we have the best of generations you know, but just today living examples, right that they can kind of relate to. So it's important tomorrow they see like, you know, Babu jack, they see Habib they see people who are out to

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try they might you know, look we're human beings we make mistakes. We're not the but but a were you know, in a day who were going to point 200 programmer.

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What do you think with the latest?

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I'm saying we got too many counters out there, and even look again, what's worse, even though we even sent I brought an Irishman we sent him a message because this Dean is for everyone. Doesn't matter. You could have been hubby's father actually invited him before he passed away. You know, I mean, that's the mercy of Islam. Are you gonna say what's worse than the way Conor McGregor acts? Is the people that try to imitate the way that he acts? Yes. Because Conor deep down is not a bad guy. He's not believe it or not. His manager is a Muslim. Who Conor McGregor? Yes, you know him. I do.

00:28:24 --> 00:29:04

And, and Conor is not a bad guy. He plays the game. He plays the role. He knows how to market himself. He knows. Why is he Why is he in the pinnacle right now? of the biggest being the biggest MMA fighter, even though his record doesn't justify that because he knows how to keep himself in the spotlight. He knows what to say to create chaos and all of that Connor's deep down a genuine guy from those YouTubers. You know, they know how to create things. Floyd Mayweather, why was Floyd the first billion dollar combat sports athlete because, you know, as he got older, and you know, when he you train, they call the transition from Pretty Boy Floyd where he was knocking guys out over the

00:29:04 --> 00:29:45

Money Mayweather where his body got older and his hands start getting a little bit more, you know, more injured, his body started breaking down. He knew that the knockouts weren't going to sell. So he put himself in a marketing position where people still wanted to see him lose, and he became the villain. He marketed himself that way. But that doesn't mean Floyd's a bad guy. It means Floyd smart enough to be able to create enough chaos and controversy where people watch him and like he said, some people most people pay to see me lose some to pay to see me win, but they all pay. And that's the difference. Yeah, it seemed like after his fight well, Habib, and then he came back to fight. I

00:29:45 --> 00:29:59

think it was Dustin. Right. And then he was kind of like, he was acting a lot different. He's a little more humble, respectful, right, which didn't work out too. Well. Let's see. Yeah, now that's the economy. That's the real economist seemed like he was being kind of genuine. He was. That's the real Conor McGregor. But guess what it

00:30:00 --> 00:30:31

So he lost. He's like, how am I going to market this fight? Think about it. I just lost. Can I really be that same guy in the rematch? No. Why do people want to watch that same fight again, that was one of his worst performances was first time he's ever stopped by strikes. So what am I going to do? I'm going to change the marketing concept. The concept is, you know what, I'm going to go back to that guy. And that's what I'm saying. What's worse than him acting that way? Because he knows what he's doing is other people thinking that's how you should act. The Imitation is always worse than the reality. Yeah. And then what happens is people imitate these people and then what do you

00:30:31 --> 00:31:10

got? You got disaster waiting to happen. Right? Right. So then you have and then just people like that just going too far. You know, just recently he insulted again. Why is that? At first now he's fighting his father, you know, about the old Coronavirus thing and think very bad. You know, I get I don't think because even when, even when Elaine Habib's father was alive. You know, Connor had a lot of respect towards him. He's trying to keep himself he's trying to paint himself as the villain. And mind you, I don't think you ever crossed that line. I think that's improper. There's a certain way you can mark it. But you know, when it's part of the line, I say this, you know, with all due

00:31:10 --> 00:31:43

respect, when you don't have Dean, everything will get lost. I'm saying when you have no shame, everything's okay. And again, this is another call for Connor to really, you know, look into Dean to look into the way that what you guys were doing because I know for sure no one can have true peace and contentment in life if they're not living life the way their Creator created them to live. Yeah. And based on that video to make it very clear, we didn't say to Mike, we weren't inviting him to solo by do had asked me did you print the audio By the way, mind you, he asked me if it was a private conversation.

00:31:44 --> 00:31:58

And I go, No, I didn't. So then Mike heard it. And he goes, I'd like to pray with you guys fit rise alive is exactly the funny thing about that. It's a video on that was a rumor on mine saying that Mike Tyson and the other champions.

00:32:00 --> 00:32:39

It was a coffee owner or something like that. That said they had a sign on on the door that said no Muslim, no. Black people. No dogs. Yeah, whatever. Like a rumor. So it went viral, viral everywhere. Everybody's talking about that we prayed anyway, we didn't care. And that the owner of the coffee shop, whatever, it was so scared. But as the Titans logo in the background is his own place. I don't know who started that rumor. But it went viral is crazy. These are kind of friends. You need to be around people who like around you that uplift you, you know you're getting out of line, you know, or they remind you when you slip it up. Yes. Those are the kind of edit. It's very great point if you

00:32:39 --> 00:33:21

don't mind me jumping in. Yes. So we live in Las Vegas. We live in Las Vegas. You can both people call it Sin City city, we change it to suit the city. Right? Why? The people that we surround ourselves with, and I call by do a part of my close community are people that we chose to be around? I have three daughters. Do you think I can allow my daughters to be around people and I'm not saying Las Vegas is the epicenter of how long but it's certainly very easy to find it by do my son. And that's how I met my son. I saw my son called the town one time in the masjid. And I said I'm yanking him up. I didn't care who he was. I didn't even know he was a boxer. When I saw him in the messages,

00:33:21 --> 00:33:54

I want him in my circle, a young man I had him come to the house and start reciting with my daughters. That's how I got close to my son. So I think that every single one of us should be able to create your own community not based on where you are we live in Las Vegas. But my daughter's when when when it's time for Scylla they'll all line up on mobile do or they call them a boba uncle by do the lineup with him and they'll pray with him and they'll pray with him almost it's normal. It's standard, like when they see someone prayed. They're like, Oh, God, what's he doing? I remember going to somebody's house one time.

00:33:55 --> 00:33:57

And And may Allah you know,

00:33:59 --> 00:34:32

if the highlight like maybe I'll you know, bless him, the father didn't pray. So and I didn't know that. I didn't know that the guy didn't pray. So I realized that the mother was the only one that prayed because when I went to pray, the kids started laughing me goes, look, he's praying like a woman. So here I realized then that it was only the mother that prayed in the house. So you create that you create that community within yourself. You create the community of having the real Muslims around, so that your kids learn from them. Because your kids will never be better Muslims than you by default unless you make that happen. What's this beautiful book that you talk about that was sent

00:34:33 --> 00:34:34

for all of mankind.

00:34:36 --> 00:34:47

This book that not a single letter has been changed in almost 1500 years, not a single letter, let alone a council of Orthodox whatever they are to change and update.

00:34:49 --> 00:35:00

When when a book is revealed by a divine entity that has created everything, and here we are in 2021 with the biggest technology in the world and we still can't duplicate something

00:35:00 --> 00:35:27

As small as a fly, technology cannot replicate something as small as a fly, a be the the, the miracles of the bee, can something that small can all the technology that we have now, duplicate and replicate that. So that creator, the person that made that sent this book of knowledge down, sent this book of what's going to happen sent this book of a guideline of life and told you listen, I created you for one reason.

00:35:29 --> 00:35:33

The jinn and the mankind to worship me, this is a test.

00:35:34 --> 00:36:14

Could you imagine if, I mean, if I told you that if you ran, you know, a marathon at the end, I'd give you a mare a million dollars, you'd spend six months a year, two years, 10 years training for it. But we know, knowing that you're going to die, like Eddie, I can guarantee you you're going to die. By do I can guarantee I just buried my father who was the biggest influence in my life, somehow, like, you know, it's going to die. But you never think it's gonna happen that soon. And when I buried him, I mean, and that was three months ago, three months ago, three months. How old was he? 82 You know, he caught COVID and he's just couldn't, couldn't get over it. He couldn't. He

00:36:14 --> 00:36:16

was like a 50 year old young soul.

00:36:20 --> 00:36:25

So he was such a big in when you see that his you know, he can't he went back to LA.

00:36:26 --> 00:37:04

So you know, that's going to happen. How do you not prepare yourself for that? Like how I was what was that? I remember having my uncle who was the closest to me. And when he passed away, you know, he's gonna pass the person I was there. It's very interesting story like I was making do I said, Allah please just let me get to the house put on time to see him the last time and as soon as I got there, he ended up passing away as a last month, Allah answered my duala and I kept saying to him, you know, having tried to gently to repeat, you know, the handle law. But then when he passed, I was numb. It was like I pick compared to like, let's say you have a portrait a family picture. And

00:37:04 --> 00:37:16

slowly this person to picture icons. All right, and one by one. I was literally numb for like, I don't know, maybe a few weeks. I just I couldn't it was just so weird, really scary feeling like how did you feel when you're

00:37:18 --> 00:37:26

till today? When I say a layout, how am Allah have mercy? May God have mercy on his soul, it doesn't feel normal. It's like I'm saying that about my dad.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:50

Like I'm saying that about my dad and I, my wife and I, you know, we talked about this the other day, I said, I'm, you know, one second away at any time just to break down. I'm still a devil. I don't think you ever get over that you just learn how to deal with it. And my father, you know, Mashallah, he you know, he was here very successful businessman, he made sure that we grew up very, very, very

00:37:51 --> 00:37:56

straight on the path of Islam. I didn't learn English until I went to school, it was Arabic in the household.

00:37:57 --> 00:38:28

It was, you know, Islam was in we weren't in a community that had any Muslims. So that Islam was just at home. So it was very, I was a school eight hours a day, I slept eight hours a day, how much influence on going to give my father, but he was so straight line. And so ensured that, you know, so I'm almost militant, but he instilled that Islam. But I learned, I think a lot of kids and youth can understand this is sometimes with parents that weren't born here. You can't really relate to their teaching, right?

00:38:29 --> 00:38:40

Even things in school, like when there was PTA meetings, right? What is this PTA meeting? Like? For what? God dad, all the kids in it, you know, the parents are going to be at the PTA meeting. Don't worry about the PTA meeting.

00:38:42 --> 00:39:19

You know, things like that sometimes separate you from the message. Because you're like, wow, they don't relate at all. It's old school. It's, you know, it doesn't relate to me. It's not America. It's not cool. It's not all of this. And then later, you start realizing, you know, man, he had it right. We had it right. And you just hope that inshallah it doesn't get too late for them. I've never been I grew up in. I didn't have one Arab one Muslim, nothing around me. 100 I never had an ounce of alcohol in my body. never smoked, never had, you know, any drugs, none of that stuff. So you do kickboxing? Right? Yeah. You remind me of a guy. And he was just out there was a video clip

00:39:19 --> 00:39:56

went viral. And he was talking about he's believe, Orthodox Christian. And he was talking about how Islam is the answer for this, that and the other Andrew Tate, and I'm not a Muslim, right? If I had to choose a religion, I would because I live in an Orthodox Christian country. I go to the Orthodox Christian church, I donate $20,000 a month, the church and the church. The church in Romania is very powerful. And I like having church friends. So I give them a lot of money. Right? So I guess I'm an Orthodox Christian. But if I had to bet on one religion, as if I were betting on the stock market for the future, you have to balance mom. Yeah. You know, I've heard of the name. You've heard him.

00:39:56 --> 00:40:00

He's like a kickboxing heard of the name. Yeah. Did you see this clip?

00:40:00 --> 00:40:13

That I'm talking about No, he was praising Islam. Oh, Mashallah. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so just in the last few minutes that we have Tell me look for be abudu jack be at Mohammed Ali be at

00:40:14 --> 00:41:00

Villa be at Eddie whoever it is and then you see certain actions that they do is it Wow, this guy's humble all this guy, you know, he's very altruistic, he's just any other is not that those are your you know because of you and yourself it's all linked back to the sponsor of that is snom Sure. So there's something that's motivated you to start giving back. Let's talk about that before we wrap up this charity organization. So yeah, we started the bungee jack foundation to help kids give them a fighting chance in life, whatever it is, you know, so especially orphans and people, you know, in war, or whatever it is. So, yeah, I mean, I've always done stuff. You know, before my fights before

00:41:00 --> 00:41:43

I really start praying and stuff, just small stuff, helping in Gambia or whatever, send a couple of 1000 $100 or whatever. And I'm always been on me, it's like, man, don't do that in private. So I want to do everything private. I don't have to Yeah, but I said, but if you if you we can start a foundation, you can help more people and we can do it big and raise more money. It's not about, you know, promoting yourself. It's about you can have more people. And then so we he helped me we started the foundation, and it's going very good right now. So how can people hook up if they want to help and support so they can go to join Team jack calm or badou? jack But the

00:41:43 --> 00:42:07

premise is like Baidu said he was doing a lot of great things. And of course, charity shouldn't be done in private but given by dues platform, I said, you know, what you can do is actually help a lot more children by doing it. And in actually creating the 501 c three nonprofit organization, having donations come in, and we can start instead of helping 1000 kids can help 10,000 Kids 100,000 kids, we had like, Yes, sorry, yesterday the event was always

00:42:09 --> 00:42:56

donating $10,000 to us have to I mean to the foundation, what what got you I know we talked a little bit about this before, when we spoke, but what for the audience that's hearing this for the first time, what got you motivated before because it's Islam that inspired you to give back? But what got you to actually knowing Islam based on evidence and proof is the truth. I mean, my dad is a Muslim, so it's everything comes from my dad. So hamdulillah inspired from my dad, yeah, he taught me Islam and amorous as my, one of my best friends now, he helped me a lot. I'm learning every day. And yet every day comes from Islam, my humbleness, everything. If I'm even, for other people to judge me, if

00:42:56 --> 00:43:33

I'm humble, I know what I'm trying. Yesterday, we were sitting on stage with Mike Tyson. And he said something that was just so essential. And he said, you know, what, what good is it? physi Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson were sitting on stage with him. And he said, What good is it if I make $100 million or $400 million? He said, but I'm buried. I'm going to go meet Allah. What good is that for me? Then how many people are listening to this? Well, we had, you know, we had a few 100 people, and it was a private event. But you know, it'll be televised to millions of people. And that was so I mean, this is Mike Tyson who was larger than life at one point in his life. I really feel you guys

00:43:33 --> 00:44:09

being around him does help to inspire him to know you could tell yesterday. He was so happy. He was laughing so much he like when he's around us. He's another person. Yeah. He's so relaxed. Again, surrounding yourself with that circle. There's the you know, the famous Hadith where the prophet SAW some authentic Idv said, you know, good friend is like a perfume seller. Right? And the bathroom is like someone who works with fire or coal. So what are you going to get? You're going to get burnt if you go with the blacksmith, right? But the person who is a perfume seller, you're going to get some perfume or you're going to leave smelling good, right? Leaving you people that try to push you into

00:44:10 --> 00:44:14

and you'd like to add that was my next thought is surround yourself with people that you know,

00:44:16 --> 00:44:44

jack, but let's go back to the let's say the average person 30 years old. If you're 30 years old, you end up at about seven years old. I cannot prove it. And I bought the 789 hours you slept for 30 years. Out of 30 years out of all the night last night view into bed and woke up this morning. You don't remember a thing. You've been unconscious for about eight years. If you're 30 years old, you stopped by eight years. Okay?

00:44:46 --> 00:44:59

How much traveling Have you done in 30 years from the television station to home to another country to another city to school to church. You've probably traveled two years in level spend just getting back and forth to where you're going.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:41

So there's eight years of sleeping. Two years of traveling. Study. Is it like for your conferences? Like, how long do you sit in school in America? We stay in school from the trough grades from the first grade to 12th. Grade. Same here. Yeah. We're actually six hours a day. Yeah. Six hours a day for 12 years. Break it down. You sat in a classroom for three years without leaving? Okay, two years of traveling. Eight years of Stephen, three years of school. How many movies have you went to how many wrestling matches how much is attainment? How many movie theaters live plays? baseball games, probably two years of entertainment. So by the time a man, you older people know him better. What is

00:45:41 --> 00:46:12

I'm saying, by the time he have children, or the time you have made away for your children. By the time you pay for your home, you push you're 60 years old. So life is really short. So yeah, are you traveling at a bar? Are you sleeping at a bar you school? at a bar you entertainment? You probably been half your life? No, not. So what am I an owl, I'm 35 years old. 30 more years, I'll be 65 we will have no more influence. We came do nothing much a 65 wife.

00:46:15 --> 00:46:59

When you're 65, when you're 65 ain't too much more to do. So. Did you know I'll be 65 and 30 more years in those 30 years have to sleep nine years, I don't have 30 years of daylight, I have to travel back to America take six, seven miles, all my traveling in probably four years of traveling next 30 years, about nine years of sleeping television movies will take about three years of entertainment. Out of 30 years, I might have about 16 years to be productive. So it's how we can all break individual lives now. What am I gonna do the next 16 years? What's the best thing I can do? Get ready to meet God. All right, listen, what would you think your reaction has been? The greatest

00:46:59 --> 00:46:59


00:47:01 --> 00:47:33

when he passed away. It was the first person I ever cried for that I never met. He had such an influence. And that's why is he had a way of just you know, he used that platform. He was unapologetic about who he was, whether it was black, Muslim, whatever it may be. He was unapologetic about that. And he had no problem letting everybody know. But look how true that is. What at the end of the day, I mean, what is all this good in mike tyson said it yesterday. What am I going to do with it all? At the end? I have to go meet my Creator. What am I going to tell him?

00:47:34 --> 00:47:35

What am I going to say to him?

00:47:37 --> 00:47:47

That's true. No mama is it's like Mike Tyson was my favorite fighter growing up, but him just as a person. He's the greatest of all times

00:47:48 --> 00:48:29

larger than sports. Boxing was so small the boxing was his platform. He took that and he jumped up to a levels that he will in history everybody will know Muhammad Ali my my grandmother Allah knows Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson and that's it and she's not a boxing fan be transcended the sport amazing and beautiful words get ready to me God Almighty the creator Allah. I want to thank you guys again. It's an honor pleasure to have you guys on I was always thinking again, people can hook up with you at the for the charity organization by the Jag Or on social media on Instagram, Twitter, at amin budget Foundation, if you like like great job that you're doing to

00:48:29 --> 00:49:05

everything that you're doing, we're big fans of yours. Thank you, Rose. Thank you. Thank you, Microsoft. And thank you guys for tuning in. And hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen we're here every week, subscribe if you haven't already, and let's get to it. I mean, you have living and living examples today, who many of you admire and they took the highest part of it took it down to the ground humbled themselves and they in a constant state of remembering the creator the heavens and earth. And if we can leave with one thing of homework for you guys do what they did Humble yourself as the creator to heavens and earth for guidance. And then what Muhammad Ali the great advice, get ready to

00:49:05 --> 00:49:11

meet God. Get ready to meet the Creator. We'll see you next time here at the deen show. Until then, peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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