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Saying Merry Christmas

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Karim Abuzaid

Channel: Karim Abuzaid

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Listen, listen, listen, listen. We're not asking to be alone here.

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Quite frankly, quite frankly, when the elements of the universe

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he is that someone says, a lot of

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work out there yet.

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This was about this celebration that birth of the Son of God is upon

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It's an installment

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sale. Are you sure?

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There is one of the smallest medical companies

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something I could find anywhere.

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You actually watch the DVDs with a Catholic priest

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on the church.

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His baptism is Mohammed Abdullah. He was pleased to be debating this

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first, you know, Catholic priesthood of men.

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So when he arrived

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and he did this adventure, how was your wife and your children

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is asking the Catholic priests you know what he said the

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pope you

00:02:21--> 00:02:24

so you don't like this for you and you accept this for a long

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time in the area?

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how is he going to have a son with our

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The heavens is above the

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near the water man.

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Do you think that a disciplinary Bishop is me? No.

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Listen, listen to me.

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This line

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is an interaction. Nothing

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less than a

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Christian believes that you're born. If you do not believe that Jesus.

00:03:37--> 00:03:37

He doesn't believe

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Listen, being does not mean you compromise what you believe you

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know that you're nice to them.

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Good to see you sir. How's it going?

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They both powers the ship.

00:04:33--> 00:04:36

They have to review the good character to the ship and we have

00:04:41--> 00:04:41

thumbs down

00:04:44--> 00:04:44

to them.

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00:04:51--> 00:04:53

brothers and sisters in Islam

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and as a matter of fact, mission will give you a lot of wisdom.

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But abusive advice if you have a have a neighbor

00:05:08--> 00:05:10

when they are experiencing the woman's

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00:05:13--> 00:05:21

don't try to direct even with the IBD or feeling happy. They are not gonna lie. But if you'll have

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00:05:25--> 00:05:27

explain to

00:05:29--> 00:05:39

you this was Easter goes against my feet don't expect me to say Merry Christmas or exchange gifts with you. But listen, this does not mean you but this is my favorite

00:05:41--> 00:05:42

thing you

00:05:46--> 00:05:48

shouldn't have to have you

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don't you think? They're single?

00:06:05--> 00:06:06


00:06:18--> 00:06:19

unhappy with me.

00:06:21--> 00:06:24

This is a big issue Roman sisters in Islam