Nadim Bashir – Elite Followers #24 Abu Bakr (RA) pt 7

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the "fitna" during the time of the obama, with a focus on the "verbal shades of Islam" and "verbal shades of Islam". They also mention a person who claimed to be a trainer and was selling them to receive a gift. The speaker emphasizes the importance of history and reading the Quran for understanding the real. They also discuss the confusion surrounding the Mahdi's name and actions during the time of the Roswed disputes, as well as the loss of two salads and the use of the Quran for writing the code. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a person named Luca Hertzog.
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Muhammad Ali he was Sofia drain was salam to see Monica and cathedral my boss Ohana Clari mana Ilana Harlem Tana in Antrim Hakeem Robbie sorry, so that he was silly Omri while of the municipality of Boboli.

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So today, once again, we're continuing with the life of obika. So the for the allotted time last week we talked about a fitna that occurred during his time, which was people who emerged, and they said that they had denied zakat. And today we're talking about another fitna that occurred during the time of the book is a vehicle that you allowed to line which was false prophets, people who claim to be prophets. And something to to be to keep in mind is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he did refer to all these people who would have come in the future who claimed to be prophets. The Prophet SAW Allah was some refer to these people as the journals. So there's not only

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one the journal or the the Jada will come, before the coming of Esau, they get Salam. But the prophet saw a lot, some refer to all these people as the jazz. Now the reason why the Prophet alayhi salam referred to all these people as the Jazz is because the word that gel linguistically, in the Arabic language means someone who lies excessively, someone who lies excessively. So there is no bigger lie, than to claim the prophet hood. There is no dari lie in the world that exists, then to claim their prophethood. And that's why all these people they claim, I mean, they are, they are declared by the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as the jewels. The reason why we're talking about we

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talked about these fitness that are occurred during the time Obama said they called the ultra last week and this week is because you have to understand that tried to put yourself in the shoes of Obergefell and they call you a lot and on. The Prophet SAW Allah that Allah has just passed away. He is now the Khalifa. And during his time, these are not just people who are saying that there is no more zakat. There's an on people who are just saying who are who believe in different prophets, or there are people who are who are emerging to claim to be prophets. We're talking about different different, different shades of iman in different shades of Islam. We're talking about that there's

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one banner of Islam, but there's so many different groups under the same banner of Islam, over the city called the Allah Tala and is thinking to himself, that during my time, you have so many new groups who claim to be Muslims. So there's one group who claims to be Muslim. They said we believe in Allah, we believe in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam but there is no zakat. Then there is another group that says yes, we believe that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but there's another prophet also. So that's why there's so many groups are so many shades of faith that now over the study of the Ultron he feels the need to combat all these fitness that are occurring. So we were

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talking about today about musandam I even a cadaver, a person who claimed to be a prophet, during the time of Oberg as a devotee, Allah Tala Han, and this is not only during the time of obika to decode the hola to nine, although it came out in full force during his time, but it did emerge, while the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was still in Mecca. So while the Prophet SAW Lawson was in Mecca, was saying bye, Musa Nima, he began to claim that he was a prophet. And you have and you know, just to give you a brief background, who was saying that my was Musa lemma was someone who went to Rome and studied under the guidance and the leadership of the scholars in Rome. And you

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remember that Rome was predominantly a Christian empire, when he studied under them, even they had told him that there is one final profit to come. He after studying extensively under their supervision, and under their guidance, he felt like he was more deserving of Prophethood more than anyone else. That is why when he came to find out that was Hua Allahu Allah, he was selling them is the prophet of Allah and he is now in Mecca. He never approached the Prophet sallallahu it was selling them. However, in the ninth year after hijra, he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Medina, and he says that is half as someone who has written books of Sierra, and he has

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written this. There's he's written a famous book on the seed of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in his book, he writes that the Sahaba of Yatra, on whom they were sitting away, one was selama was talking to us also Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and he says that, how about he says, this is about some and just look at the audacity. He says, how about you claim or you declare that I'm a prophet? And if you declare that I'm a prophet, that I'm willing to give you might be I mean that I will declare you as a prophet. If you declare that I'm a prophet. To which what it was was Allahu Allah some he said, he says, No, Sir Elton, he had an RC

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But men are paid to go home. If you were to even ask me to give you this branch, or this date, this date, or this palm branch, I won't even give you that, let alone prophethood. Another narration says

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that when these people they came now there were so many delegates, and it was the the common nature of Rasulullah sallallahu. It was sending them that when delegates came, he would always give them a gift. When he gave them a gift, he gave me send him I also gave a gift, he this is after saying that I will not give it to you. He gave him a gift. And then he said, that in the who lay said be shared the comb, that he is not the most evil among you. This is the sentence made by Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, the statement made by us wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam, when Musa Maya returned back to Yamama, the place where he came from, he declared that he was a prophet. And at that time, he said,

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his proof that he was a prophet. He said that the Prophet so long while he was seven says that I'm not the most evil amongst you, that is a sign that even after knowing that he that I want prophethood he said that, that means that this is not such a bad thing. And therefore he claimed to be a prophet. Now, the Alama they say that what the profiling some he meant to say, was that all of you, all the delegates, and will say, will say to him, look at that you all are equally evil, you all are equally evil. And so, this is not an approval, or this not the Prophet saw some saying that yes, I give you the permission to to be a prophet.

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So what happens now is that he, he begins to what is Muslim I do after that, he begins to claim prophethood he claimed to predict future events, and now read that he began to make up ayat of the Quran, such as when you study the Quran, you will find is the Quran such as Al Harpa mille haka, Rama, Rama Hapa al Arya malaria, Rama, Rama Korea was sending him Nikka just to gain popularity and just to increase his publicity, he began to come up with verses such as annfield, Millfield, wama at Rockwell field, and he began to you know, Alphin means the elephant. What is the elephant WOMMA document feed? Do you know what the elephant is? And then in his own Arabic language using poetry,

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he began to describe the elephant. Another narration says that he began to describe the frog of diff Dharma diff Dawa document diff da, he began to come up with these verses, to an extent that even the Qureshi people living at the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when they will come across Mustela Emeka DAB such as there was one person by the name of Ahmed ibn to us, he says that I came across will save America. And he asked that what is the most recent This was during the teleprompter? What is the most recent Surah that was revealed to the Prophet SAW Selim and he says well, acid will also in Santa Fe casa. That's a sutra that was revealed the most recent surah and

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then he began to come out with his own verses of the Quran to even which I'm Ruben is being a Pac Man. Because these were people who were expert in the in the in the language of Arabic, they knew what was authentic, and they knew what was not authentic. They knew what was fabricated. And right away, he pointed out and will say to my he goes, this is a joke. He goes, this is nowhere, even close to what is in the Quran. This is just made up. This is what you have made up and there is no there is no base to this. Now, think about this. today. We live in a world. You know today we live in a world and this is why we study the sutras to help us understand what's going on today. You

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know, they say we should learn from history. Think about this. today. We have people in the world who claim such outrageous things, such outrageous things. You know, there are presidential candidates who have said that I can shoot a man in the street, and I will not lose any votes. You know what I'm talking about? I can shoot a man No, no, I will not lose any votes. Yet. People are crazy about him. People are crazy about him. Despite Hussein Obama, what did whatever he did, he came up with, you know, outrageous, you know, his own verses or his own version of the Quran. He began to predict future events and no matter how much people would say, in fact, there are some

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generations I would say that there are people amongst his own followers, who knew them will say to him, I was a he was phony, he was a fraud. But they said that we still choose to follow him which is something very similar to what we see today. So when we see this today, we should go back into history and see that this existed in the past. Then after that you

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Not not coming back to even the time of the Roswell Salah Salem. He came to the province of Santa in the ninth year after Hijra in the 10th. Year after heated up. Look at the letter that Musa Kitab sends to the saucer, Allah while he was on he says, he sends a letter and he writes this he says, this is from Hussein Amma, the Messenger of Allah He called himself the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah to the Messenger of Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we should have one half of the earth. We should have one half of the earth and the police should have one half of the Earth. This is what he's saying about the salam. Let's divide the earth in half. You get to keep one and I

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get to keep one, two, which was also Allahu alayhi wa sallam, what did he write to him? We said even a cadaver he says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. He began with the name of Allah subhanho wa taala. He says, Men Mohammed and Nabi Eelam Hussain lemma, Alka dab. He says this is from Mohammed who is a prophet to Musa ma who is the liar. And then he says, Amma bad to proceed for in an older Lilla you read to having a shaman everybody, this land belongs solely to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he gives it to whoever he wants, will argue about. The good ending lies with those people who have Taqwa. And then he says As salam o Allah, Manitoba, alHuda that Salam be or peace be upon that person who

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follows the guidance from Allah subhanahu wata isla. When the Prophet SAW Sanlam received that letter, he saw that there were two people who brought that letter. And he asked those two people that what is your opinion about machinima? You're with them all the time. What is your opinion? They said that it's machinima. He is our leader and we have to follow him. We don't have a choice. But if someone says that, where is your heart? And they said that our heart lies with you Salem Al Khattab? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that hadn't been allowed to punish delegates that came from other places. I would have punished both of you. I would have punished both of you. But because

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I'm not allowed to do so I won't do anything. But the province of Salem he was extremely upset about this. Then what happens after this is he sends a person by the name of Habib even as a an unsightly, he says I want you to go to the people that live in the land of Macedo unica dab and convince them that this person is a false prophet. When he went there. Musa Qaddafi came to know about his arrival he got he brought him into his courtyard. I asked him that Do you believe in Mohammed Al Salam being your prophet? He said, Yes, he was, Do you believe in me being your prophet? And he says no. And the books of history mentioned that whenever this this question answer took place several times, every

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single time this Sahabi said that I don't believe in you.

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Most anybody look at that would cut one of his limbs off of his body. Then again, he asked him, Do you believe in the province? And he says yes. Do you believe in me as a prophet? He says, No, he could another limb of the body to such an extent that he lost his life. On the other hand, you had people like there was a person at the time in the province center. His name was Raja Raja was a man who came to Medina migrator Medina, accepted Islam, read the Quran, memorize some Surah of the Quran. But look at what he did. He betrayed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The problem is Salam even sent him, they want you to go and talk to the people of the people, that people who live

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in the kingdom or the area of Muslim America, those who are influenced by him, and convinced him that this is wrong. What did Roger do? On the opposite he went over there.

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So this man, he went over there and he told the people that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has made musei NAMA, his partner in prophethood, instead of going over there and trying to be a delegate, on behalf of us was Al Salam. He went over there. And he caused more fitna and he said that will say NAMA, the person has declared I've just come from Medina and the Prophet has given me the message to inform you all that was saying the man he shares the prophet hood with Rasul Allah so Allah send them an audible love now

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the place where your mama where the place where he was from Santa Monica dab, that place is called bunu Hanifa. Okay, but no Hanifa that in that plays, there were not everyone was not everyone had become more tired. There were still some Muslims who were living over there. They were living in living in secrecy. There were some Muslims who were living in secrecy while there were some Muslims who were very open and combating and declaring war against Monseigneur biomedica Dab there were a few people who went and you know, they will read it out of the Quran to declare that how what a fraud this man was, and every single time he would do this Macedo on the cadaver

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Wouldn't retaliate, and then this person would have go back. And there were you know, there are people during the time. There are two people in particular there has mentioned that they will always go back and forth. But however Obama said he called the Ultron. He finds out about this and he says, There's something needs to be done about this. So who, who am I going to recruit? Who's going to defeat the army? I'm gonna say to Monica dab, who the who the recruit Khalid bin Walid of your loved Alon. And you know, one thing that I don't I don't think you all realize that. How fascinating is the fact that husband Walid was given what what it was a lack of halogen worried.

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It was what the sort of Allah subhanho wa Taala he was safe Allah, the sort of Allah subhanho wa Taala And subhanAllah you know what, what, it just amazes me every single time I say this, that Khalid bin Walid, you know, we, you know, we generally think that what is the ultimate dream? What is the ultimate wish of any Sahabi to die in the battlefield, right? Halloween? Well, he died on the bed. He died on the bed. And when someone asked him that, all so many of the Sahaba they died on the battlefield, they have the status of a Shaheed, but you're dying in the bed, and Subhanallah What did he say? He says that if I had died in the battlefield, till the Day of Judgment, someone could

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have said that this sort of Allah was broken. The sort of Allah was broken and he goes to sort of Allah can never break. That's why I'm still living. And I'm dying in my deathbed. I mean, subhanAllah I mean, it's such an amazing answer, given my husband Waleed. But you know, the question is that what was that certain war or battle that Khalid bin Walid he participated in which he was able to make a name for himself. It was this war with Macedo in cadaver, through which he was able to create a name for himself will say that when he's putting his fitna husband Walid has already been dispatched to a different place to fight somewhere else. He's in a different expedition

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Albuquerque and sends him the message to someone that as soon as you finish with your responsibility, you have to go to your mama. Now, these were not people who said that, you know, he could have said, you know, ovoca, for the Athan, I'm in this battle. Let me come home. Let me do this. Let me do that. When Dean is on the line, then there's no rest. When Dean is on the line, then you have to give everything you have. Here Dean is on the line. Oh, husband, when he gets the message, he says, Hey, no problem. I'm gonna go there. As he was as as overcrowded and finds out about this, he dispatches another army to protect the back of husband what his army so as husband

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Walid is heading towards the Obama, there was always a threat that someone could be after him. But then he dispatches another army to protect him from the back. Now, on his way to Yamama, he came across a woman came across a woman who claimed to be a prophet,

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a woman who claimed to be a prophet. Now quickly, her story. Her name was there in some books of history is men Soulja as and some symbols of history and mentioned sagia. And some of the ministry mentioned Sajha. Nonetheless, it's still the same woman. She was a woman who claimed that I'm a prophet, when we're seeing them, the cadet found out that she is coming his way. He was afraid, he was afraid. And what he did was that he in chief, and he found out that this woman Sajha, I mean, think about a woman.

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Here's what here's what's fascinating about what not to mention, her army consisted of 40,000 people.

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I mean, it's hard to imagine that, you know, this is not any in any way, under, you know, undermining the influence and what a woman What can do, but at that time for a woman to collect 40,000 people and to be on her on her page and to agree with her is truly remarkable is actually phenomenal. She's coming she's heading her his way will say Monica, that was wait, we'll say Monica finds out and he starts making like this beautiful tan, he starts putting out these, these, these water fountains and, you know, he's began to decorate his entire area and welcoming cetera. Now without going too much detail. When Sadat came, they, you know, it was a tactic of Santa Monica,

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that you know, to influence her to try to seduce her. And eventually he was able to succeed in his mission he was able to seduce her and they they committed haram they committed haram and eventually what happened was that thing about this is what's very you know, very mind boggling about Muslim Wicca doubt was even condemned says that I think that now that we have committed haram, we know about each other. Let's just, you know, why don't you and I get married. Why don't you and I get

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Mary, you are claiming to be a prophetess. I'm claiming to be a prophet, this is just going to be, you know, the combination of two powerful people, and we can accomplish so much. Well, so just says that if you want to do that, you know, you have to come out in front of the public and make a proposal to me for marriage. And some will say, okay, that says, Okay, I'll do that. So he comes, and in front of everyone. Now remember, this is what obasan was worried about. These are people who say that they are Muslims, but this is their own version of Islam. They're creating another version of Islam. At that time, we'll say we'll look at that. He says that he proposed to her and then he

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said that he asked her if she has mosaica that what is my Maha? What is my Mahara?

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Listen to this. Say when the cadet said that your Maha is that there was a there is a man Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who said that there were five prophets. My mahalo to you is that I have eliminated two salads. Okay, I've eliminated two salads from now on. You don't have to pay budget and you don't have to pray. Aisha now Subhanallah you go back to the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he says that there are two sides that are the most difficult upon the people or not that difficult on the people that do not feel pain, which were they for a generation. They were not just manipulating they were beyond when after pain. Okay. So this is look at this

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outrageous kind of like dealings are taking place. Nonetheless, Khalid bin Walid he comes across such as army, they get into a conflict, they get into a brief war, but then having what he understands that the order given to me was by Oba codon, and he told me to go to your mama, if I continuously fight sagia and her army, then I will lose. What's my focus, I'll lose my focus. So he left that and he went to your mama. Now when he went to your mama,

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there were some people who came they found they did not know that honey, what he does there, but have been worried, he continued, and you know, there was there was a war and a battle that took place. Nonetheless, it said that there were some Sahaba there was some key Sahaba who lost their lives. Musa wouldn't have died, he also lost his life. Remember that time suggests that there she is going back, she has gone back to her homeland, where she came from. And it said that washing, the man who took the life of the uncle of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he, from the time he took the life it was, it was at that moment, but it was that moment when he took the Shahada. He had

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felt so bad, that he wanted a moment of redemption. He was looking for a moment of redemption. And at that time, you realize that the person I caused pain to was it also also Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the best way to redeem myself is to take the life of that person who claims to be a prophet. And so it said that watching you know what she was, he was a very, you know, when it came to the spear, he could take a spear and he could target any anything. And he would, he would really hit his target. He was really accurate when it came to the spear when it came to archery. And he said that he saw me say that when it comes up as the Muslims attacked these people, they began to retreat and they came

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into a certain area, and we'll say Monica was hiding behind in a garden, and there was no one who could see him, but why she was able to spot him out. And he threw an arrow at him. And they said that the arrow just pierced through the body of washy and he died standing like instantaneously he passed away. And it said that because of this, a lot of the Now there were some people follow them and say that they retreated, they they ran away, the people who were there who were caught a lot of them they repented and they came back to Islam, but nonetheless you have a huge group of Sahaba of the Allah Tala on home, and they're just few names I've collected over here. They haven't even a

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pace ze them and a kebab ma Dibner ID Abdullah eveness Sohail even Ahmed Abu the Jana Abba diminisher and the most I mean, someone who we are really familiar with to fail Abraham or dosi or the Ultron was the man who came to power Solomon said yes to a lot, pray against my people that Allah destroys them to which was was awesome says that I have not been sent to curse people, but I've been sent as a mercy to humanity, even in this battle to fame Ramana dosi he lost his life now at this time. There were other people who claim who came to try to take the life of how they wanted, because remember, Hollywood was such a brave warrior. The only way to defeat the Muslim was to get

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rid of the the leader of the Muslims which was calling what at that time. There were many attempts at his life, each of those attempts or all those people who may attempt to take his life. They all failed. Finally, the last thing I will cover

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For today in sha Allah is that after this battle of Yemma, in which Musyoka was killed,

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there are many of five who lost their lives in this battle. There are many who have failed many people who had memorized the Quran, who had lost their lives on the Hidalgo. The Allah dawn came to Oba Satya Nadella and said that if we do not do anything to preserve the Quran today, I fear we will lose the Quran. And that Oba devotee, Allah Allah He was afraid that if he begins to start a project on the Quran, or he does something with the Quran, that the Prophet some he never did. Obama said they will do a lot and I was afraid that he will start something new in our deen. Now one thing to keep in mind if here in this case, the problem is as salam he never compiled the Quran, but we do

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know that the apostle he never He never commanded against it like there was I've never said anything to the effect that combined the Quran is wrong. He never said anything to that effect, which means is that it is open it is not completely prohibited, but as long as it is for the purpose of preserving deen and as long as it is done, the decision is done through Iijima which means consensus of Sahaba then it is absolutely allowed, when on ricotta brought up the suggestion overcoat and said I cannot do something which the person has not done. And then Obama said there was one other Sahaba there was a unanimous decision or there was a consensus amongst the Sahaba than for the preservation

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of the Quran. Because you have so many Hajime that are coming to the fold of Islam they don't know the Quran we need to preserve the Quran. Oh because the devotee Allah Tala on knowing that there are so many other Sahaba who know the Quran, he chose one person to be in charge of compiling the Quran and that was saved in capital the Allah Tala and now for a person to receive such a big responsibility to compile the Quran. This is not a very small responsibility. You're talking about the future. I mean, the future of Islam lying in the hands of Xavi Tamil Guardiola to the island. How old was the Ben Thomas with the Allah tonight was only 21 years old. He was only 21 years old,

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the Sahaba they follow the footsteps of Roswaal so Allahu alayhi wa sallam that when even there's a young person in the community, who has the capability and they are competent, they're competent, then you should give them the responsibility. This response we have combined the prime was given the Zaban third Are you allowed to run he went to all the other Sahaba he was able to collect all the Quran that was written either on skin of animals, or it was written on wood or is written on leaves, he was able to collect all that he was able to compile the Quran. He then by that time, Oba codon had passed away. He gave that copy to Omaha Rhodiola Dylon, Omaha gave that to his daughter have

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some of you Allah Tala Unha, who was still alive at that time, was mono the alotta and finds out that she has a copy, he takes that copy from her, he prints on many other copies, and he distributes it to all the countries where there are Muslims living there. But at that time, what he ordered was that all these people should memorize the Quran and then they should teach the Quran to the people and this is how slowly and gradually the Quran then you know, if you say the history of the Quran, then since there were so many people who came into the fold of Islam who are dummies, the question is that you know, if you were to pick up the Quran, and there's no Arab, there's no Dhamma Fatah

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kasra sagoon Shuddha you know, there is no stop sign anywhere. Only a person who is familiar with Arabic language, they can still respect the language and they can still respect the Arabic of the Quran. In the case of the LGBT people, that was not the case and they're making a lot of mistakes in the Quran. Later on.

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A person by the name of Jasmine use of he came along and he took the Quran and he put all the the Arabs in the Quran, the llama Fatah Casa It was done by hydrogen use of and so this is how the Quran was preserved. And this is how our Sahaba the alotta on home. They, they preserved the Quran, but it happened after this particular battle, the battle of the amendment, we will go to stop right here next week in sha Allah, I want to go through some key lessons that we can take from both the first one which was the people who denies the cut, and the people who claim to be prophets, and then we'll cover one or two more battles that took place in the time bucket all the time, and then we'll jump

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to the life of Alma Cataldo, the ultra fatal Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gives us the ability to act with Vincent Hertzog from Allah Hi So hello Hamdi Subhana Allah will be sure to allow you to in the internet stuff Luca wants to be exact Malachite said I'm wanting to live with

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Do something great so

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