Why You Should Cut Some Slack When People Make Mistakes

Musleh Khan


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The speaker discusses the importance of avoiding assumptions and clarifying who makes one the judge. They also mention the Sharia and the need for clarity in life.

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All of us slip up and we say things, don't we, all of us will word certain things in our mind, but then it comes out differently. And then you might go home and not even realize that you may have said something or done something to offend that person, they're offended, you have no idea. And now the next time you see them, they don't want to give Salam to you anymore. They don't want to talk to you anymore. So what do you do? Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us this is an authentic hadith,

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that as long as you are dealing with a person of dignity, respect,

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that's all of us.

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cut them some slack and overlook their minor flaws.

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This is the hadith of our profits earlier salt was salam have a personal version, think well of your brother and your sister. So this is the second point. The first is Who made you the judge? Why does everybody have to live and abide by your standard? That's the idea with the first point. So if somebody says are done, done, something that you took and you re interpreted and say, that's what they meant, realize and understand brothers and sisters, that is completely against our Sharia. We are not allowed to make those kinds of sweeping assumptions with our fellow brother and sister. And that is why the Quran tells us Fetta Bay, you know, if you have a problem and you need some clarity,

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go and clarify. Go ask them. What do you mean when you said that? What did you mean when you do when you did that?