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Salam Alaikum everyone welcome to amazed by the Quran where I share with you something I find amazing about to God and today I want to share something with you about the value of human life and how Allah describes that value by means of storytelling. And this little snippet is taken from the story of Musa alayhis salaam, its social classes, where Allah describes that when the Egyptian the soldier was actually about on the verge of killing an Israelite in the middle of the street. And there was nobody else around and Moosa just kind of saw the scene happening to people going at it against each other, and the victim was taking the beating, called on him festiva who, and let him in

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she it he the one who was from his own group, meaning in Israel, I called on him and asked for help. And so when he did that, Moses felt like he has to intervene, and he jumped in, and he threw a punch at the soldier for work as a homosassa he threw a punch towards him falcoda Lee and some linguistics also suggests that the word workers that means to throw a punch to the chest, so it's not like he hid his skull or you know, hit his head or something, but it's actually a punch on the chest. So he throws the punch and * Allah, Allah, He all of a sudden the guy is down and out. Not only is he down and out, he's dead, he dies. Now taking a step back, Musa All he did was try to help a victim.

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Secondly, it doesn't look like he intended to kill, he just wanted to throw a punch to kind of stop this scene from getting any further and him the soldier ending up committing murder. Third of all, you know, the Egyptian soldiers at the time Pharaoh's army, they were known for oppression and they were known for oppressing, particularly the Israelites. So it's not like he's not justified and trying to take some retaliatory action against what he considers an evil force, a military, a military man trying to beat up on a civilian. All of this in the background, as soon as he throws the punch in the Egyptian dies. What does musah say? Hi, I'm Alicia. And this is from the work of

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the devil. You know, immediately in the who are doing Modelo movie. This is from the work of the devil. He's definitely an enemy that misleads and misguides over trying to get at is you can see a person is a criminal, even someone on the verge of committing murder, which is what the case was here. But it still didn't justify the taking of life. It still didn't justify it. As a matter of fact, in the very next I have masani salaam says to ally turns to God, and He says, a lot of be in the Volume Two enough seefeld fiddly Master, I have wronged myself, forgive me, he doesn't justify Well, you know, he kind of asked for it. Or it's not my fault, I didn't really do it on purpose. In

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other words, you can't even take the kind of action that might jeopardize somebody else's life. Even if even if you see them as a criminal, and not just any criminal, it's not just that he's stealing. It's not just that he's pushing somebody around, he was on the verge of killing someone else, even then killing them isn't justified. And actually later on in the soul, I mean, if you hear this much, you might even think maybe the Quran is asking for us to be pacifist, like this kind of thing should happen. And we shouldn't get involved. That's not the case either. Because the same thing repeats itself the next day. And so when musallam is faced with the same scene again, actually he learns his

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lesson. So when eventually does he does decide to intervene. The Quran describes for Lama Radha and yada, yada yada Villa de Guadalajara, when he went and he grabbed a hold of the enemy. Instead of punching him, he actually diffused his weapon, his arms. In other words, he grabbed ahold of him get involved, if you can stop the violence, not if you're adding to the violence, adding to the violence is not going to stop the violence, it's only going to continue a circle a cycle that will never come to an end. It's such a profound way of describing the value of human life, and how human beings us as human beings cannot be quick to pass judgment. And that's the final thing I want to share with

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you here. There's been 1000 cases, if not hundreds of 1000s of cases of the Egyptians doing oppression against the Israelites, and many countless Israelites have already died before the eyes of Moses, he's seen this happen over and over and over again. And yet, he actually discovers that that, you know, 10,000 in first case where he did intervene and did throw a punch and accidentally kill someone. It's so happened that the Egyptian was actually in the right, and the guy he was beating up was a con artist he was in the wrong. In other words, he misread the situation, just because you've seen one thing 1000 times before or hundreds of 1000s of times before you that

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doesn't give you the right or me the right to assume what's happening in the next situation. You know, the past is no indication of what's happening in the present. You know, you can at the most make a best guess. But even in that circumstance, we're being told there is something called the benefit of the doubt, even if things look obvious to you, especially when it comes to taking serious action that can jeopardize somebody else's life. So I find these small excerpts really profound and amazing. And what I find the most amazing about this is that people take action, sometimes even in the name of Islam, and they say well retaliating because these are oppressors and we're supposed to

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do something about it. And yet if

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If you look at Moosa, who could have said exactly those words, his first response after having taken such action was, this is from the work of the devil's panel but have them in our militia. So May Allah protect us from being reactionary and mobilized, which had helped us gain more and more insight about how the Quran preserves these cherished things like human life and how it gives us value for them. Just like Camilla Hayden said, I'm already Kumara

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