Arab Christians enjoy listening to the Quran

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But here's the crazy thing. When I was in Egypt, I remember taxi drivers, Christian taxi drivers, Coptic Christians, they would play the Quran. Okay. And in the beginning, I thought they were doing it because, you know, the Muslim guy sat in my car, so for his benefit, but even then, why would we even have run in the car until one day I got in a taxi and the guy had it on before I got into the car. And, you know, they have the tattoo of the on the cross on the hand, usually on the inside, sometimes on the, on the back of the amp. So, I had to, like, you know,

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committed to Granja, Christian. So he said in the slang that you know, I loved listened to and I said you love to listen to even though it's endemic is sometimes it is because I love to listen to it out loud.

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randomness is this, like, marveled at the fact that he loves the Quran, but at the same time, the Quran is telling you go to the Hellfire