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The speakers discuss the importance of forgiveness and seeking forgiveness for mistakes made. They stress the importance of seeking forgiveness for mistakes made and the importance of forgiveness for mistakes made. They also mention the importance of forgiveness for mistakes made and the importance of seeking forgiveness for mistakes made. The speakers also touch on Subhan Shawn Shawn's importance for forgiveness and the importance of forgiveness for mistakes made.

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Now so that was salam ala Rasulillah while early he was telling me who I'm unwell and my bad

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rubbish, Ronnie somebody will yesterday Emery working on local determined Lisanna you've got him earlier on. But I mean, we're going to continue from the book that we were covering before Ramadan called the Web, it'll say if you're off Kenny McLean is the shower good utterances or it can be translated as the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and this book is about vicar, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and we talked about a couple of demands, some important portions that are important for us to to ponder over and to think about even before getting into the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala I'm just going to brush over briefly what we covered and cover a small portion today inshallah to

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Allah so firstly even no claim Rahim Allah Tala, he gives a dua for all of us being the reader or the listener, and he makes the dua for three things. And the three things are firstly, he says what

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is a low lying edge aliquam medmen, either or to Chicago, if they are given their thankful way, they're totally sober. And if they are tested, they're a patient way that has never stopped for. And if they commit a sin or shortcoming, then they seek forgiveness from Allah, for that occur. And once the other end, he says this is the epitome of happiness. But then he goes into depth into each one of these. So the first part that we talked about is when he said it in order to suffer.

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If he was given, or excuse me, it's a shocker. And we talked about gratitude. And we mentioned the pillars of gratitude. And then he goes into a the Tulia summary. And if he was tested, he or she was tested, they are patient. And that's where we reached the issue of patients with a lump sum or a patient with the test from ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada. We talked about particularly a sin, how a sin is a means of receiving the mercy. And the sin of some of the self even said the Companions, their predecessors, that maybe it is a sinful practice that will get you into Jannah. Who remembers how we how we cover that? We said maybe it's a sinful act that will admit you into heaven? How is that the

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Exactly the repentance from the sin, the repentance from that sin, but even no claim, he goes into depth and mentioning the world, the only the situation's of the heart, and dare even say psychologically, like when you commit that sin, what are the stages or the phases that the individual goes through? When they think about it, because you have sin, seeking forgiveness, but there are certain things that take place internally

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that take place to where you want to seek forgiveness or you you cannot live except without seeking forgiveness, and that is a high McCombe. That is a high level and the middle game he uses certain words and we talked about that. So now I have no claim Rahim Allah to Allah.

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We're going to talk about particularly where he he mentioned,

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how Allah subhanaw taala is he sufficient for us are often talking about how

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada the deeds that we perform,

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how their sinful practice may be better than

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the good deeds that we perform many of these good deeds. So I'll continue where he where we left off in sha Allah to Allah. He says your Rahim Allah to Allah.

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no, I'll start from there. He says, color him Allah to Allah wa that might not call about the Salafi. And then Abdullah Yama Zemba. Yet the hotel who will be hidden agenda, and that's the statement of some of the stuff some of the pious predecessors, maybe it is the action of the servants.

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The action of the servant the Yamuna them that permits a simple practice that

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or insert him or her into heaven. Well yeah, I'm gonna have Senator Udall who will be Hannah and do a good deed that will enter him or her into hellfire call okay, if they said how? Carla Yeah, I'm gonna do them by fillet as ello NASA Aney he does the sinful practice and it is something that he continues to think about basically, how if and men who wish to convert Waje then bakkie and nadelman that they are in fear from him, Allah subhanaw taala and they are in shock that they have some type of

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severe fear and

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anticipation. What do you learn that their hearts tremble that they are trembling inside Baqi and crying nadelman in for grit, Mr. Heyman rabita Allah they are shy from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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NAC is on ROTC bowing their head bending a day burying their head between Allah subhanaw taala his hands basically, their heads are down when if you notice by the fitrah, naturally, when we feel bad about doing something when we're in front of that person, or if we are asked about what we did, and we thought no one knew automatically, the head goes down. So here you say neck is Benny de Moon casino calm that the heart is broken. For your corner with Erica vembu. Civil of Assad. It's an MD with Hala, honey. So for that reason, see all of these stages that we mentioned, this is a means for the happiness, the happiness of the servant and his success. How are you cool with that he calls

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them unfair, low mental arts and Kathira to the degree that this this sin becomes more beneficial for him than many actions of righteousness. So that's the process that we just mentioned. And then he says here, Rahim Allah to Allah be mad Tala Tabata, human how to heal a modality, B has added to the Abdi offer now, he said that what this what this talks about a little more all these situations that were previously mentioned, from the, from the heart, and the regret from that was what leads to his success had taken with Erica vembu Several but the whole agenda to the degree that this them this sinful practice is his means for her to enter Jannah and last what Allah says in lemon tabber

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What am and what I'm in a Salah, and when he talks about the sinful person is in lemon tap, the one that except the one that seeks forgiveness, what am and they believe, and they perform good deeds. And then he mentioned the opposite here. So that was about the sinful practice someone that does a sin. They think about it, and the process that takes place, crying in regret, heart is broken, bowing their head down. Then he says, Well, yes, I'll have Senator fillet as elhuyar Munna, Behala, Robbie,

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the one that does a good deed, and they do not cease in persisting to

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mentioning their good practices in front of Allah subhanho wa, taala.

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way it's a cupboard Obeah and he or she is arrogant with that act. You know, I used to do this and you know, this person is not better than what is not better than what we did, or what I've done, or their organization is not as better better than what we've done. You know, you mentioned a good deed to where you want the respect you want the honor, you want the things and that is what we call a men. It can be a form of reminding people of the goodness that you've done and not tracing it back to the one who has that has enabled you to do that. While you're not enough so who will your job will be how he sees himself he looks at himself and he is amazed by him his actions while you're

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still doing it will be and they continuously persist in that way a call and they say file to a file. I did this and I did that for you to who minute Irby will keep it well, if it well, it's the quality may accrue some of a hierarchy. So from this, from this urge of being amazement, or bragging, will Kibler or we can say an arrogance, and Fokker is actually bragging, modesty, Paula, and being persistent and that is that which enters them into their destruction can be a cause of their destruction. And it started out by a good deed. It was a good deed in the beginning, but after the good deed, you remind people about it, you use you hold it over people's heads, as we say, in

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English language. And then he says Rahim Allah, for either or not Allahu Allah Allah be had and miskeen hyaluron

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if Telugu will be Amarin yet Cyril who be he says in a philosopher Honkala once with Disney, he calls them miskeen yet, he says that this individual is miskeen miski means frail and poor in and unaware of their, of their of their or the practices that don't benefit them. If Allah wants with this type of person good

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if Tila who be ambling Jackson who will be he tests him with an affair that will break him with with this type of

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you know, it's something that will call

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Ask them to, to hopefully reflect. And then he says, Will you then Looby here or Naka and he will debase his neck. Basically, he would debase him and embarrass him. Will you serve little who be here next to who and, and he will make him so minut and small in front of him. We're in our Ardebil Vida Delica Hello words but who are kibra?

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So, the fact that this person, Allah subhanaw, taala, may embarrass them in within themselves, and then last month, Allah will debase them in front of him, that's wanting good for him.

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That's wanting good for him.

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Because if Allah does not want good for him, what does he say when allowed to be a letter that color who words but who will keep her home? He leaves and to continue on in thinking and persisting in that urgent and killer right, no recollection.

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He says, what had the who will his land and movably hierarchy and that is the great loss, that that which destruction and being destroyed is necessitated, and what what is the result of it? So here is the brief brief overview in sha Allah Tala that when he talks about Subhanallah what we talked about previously how the sin can into someone into heaven, and how the good deed can into someone into the hellfire. And then I'll end here when he it should be the prelude for the next lesson. He says for NL RFP and Aquila, how much Morona Allah Allah told tofield a yucky like Allahu to Allah enough sick will he learn a yucky like Allahu to Allah ill afford. And the Tofik Allah kala kala hooter, Allah

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Elana fsic, will hit Learn a yucky like Allahu taala, in NF sick. And then he says, in an artifice, those that know and have knowledge and are aware,

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they say they have consensus in saying that tofield Tofik

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is where Allah does not leave you to think that you have control over your affairs.

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And hit Learn. And being someone that is at a severe loss is where Allah will leave you to think that you have

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control over all of your affairs.

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Right, and that goes back to the person that performs a good deed, Allah will leave them to think that it was all to the you know, it was because of them, their intellect, their strength, their honor, their ego, their family, whatever the case may be, when they think that is the source of the goodness, that can even also even be reached the degree of shirk. polytheism

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so Allah subhanaw taala saying that they are able to claim as mentioned in the statement of people that had knowledge, they had consensus and saying that if Allah wants to feel or if there's Tofik for a person, it's the one that does not attribute all of the goodness to themselves, they attribute it to Allah. It is fogal from Allah, it is a virtue that Allah chose you. And it is always also a virtue that Allah enabled you to make the right choices. There is a small window that you have just to have the intention and then to act small window

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so that's what he's saying. And that's the DUA who knows the DUA that deals with

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relying on myself and don't leave me to rely on myself for these span of a

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blink of an eye. Right? Yeah, how are you? Better better? are still with us the nation only cooler?

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Well, that's a kill me. Ilan FC, part of our time.

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It's a beautiful, beautiful day. Ah, yeah. Hi. Oh, the EverLiving the one that is a control and stands for the affairs of His servants. Beta medica. Estelle Heath, with your mercy I seek help

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us this should only show only color rectify for me all of my affairs, and then he says will lead to kidney 11 f c bar for time. And do not leave me to think that I can handle my affairs for the timespan of the blinking of an eye.

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It's a dua hoping that you don't think you have it all figured out.

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It's a dua that reminds you Oh Allah make me of those that rely on you every moment making me of those that remember your greatness and do not think that I am the source of any goodness that comes to me.

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This is a very comprehensive dua, the individual that makes this dua that thinks this way. That is tofield that's what I mean. Okay, in the same.

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That's true tofield

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Sometimes we think Subhanallah and you know, Subhan Allah, you think that

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mashallah the individual went to school got this job that this one, that's the Tofik from Allah, you know this this success, Islam the success the more you exhibit servitude to Allah that is success

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the more you exhibit and show your reliance on Allah, that is true success. The success is not what you obtain from tangible things.

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The Islamic concept is totally opposite of what we seen and that is why Islam in the Quran and the Sunnah, Islam puts the dunya in a low position. Even the word dunya itself means that which is low, that which is at a low state, the verb Denna means to cut it also stand up and then to descend down the no to dinner.

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Dunya is that which is at a low cost, the Muslim should not hold it in high regards.

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They should use it for that which helps them and making them a one

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they should use the dunya. And that which makes them more of a what

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an attempt

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if you look at it in the dunya if we were to rely on this worldly life, we would think that it should make us more of a person that doesn't rely and this is the epitome of atheism.

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That it makes you more a person that doesn't rely on something you can't see, can't feel can't touch.

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Like the more you the more you engulf in the dunya the more it takes you away from that's why you should always use whatever's in this life to help you become more of a person that shows gratitude to Allah and that's what momento fakie in Lebanon. My success is not except with Allah subhanaw taala and that will in there in sha Allah and that's a statement he says of the RT Fein that there Mooji Munna Adeleke that they have consensus upon a tofield is to where you do not think that you are the source and repository of goodness, rather you rely on Allah subhanho wa taala. And you know that he is a source of goodness, you thank him and you praise Him. Because if you don't, you could

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be other people that are acquired land and the rest of your last May Allah Subhan Allah Allah make us of those that rely on him. Several Anwar Allah Nia and secret and an open May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that continuously after that reliance, we always thank Him for everything that He has given us. The last one to Allah make us of those, that we seek forgiveness for any of our shortcomings, yada but I mean, we lost forgotten makers of those that are patient with anything that we have been tested with the era but I mean, we lost $1 makers of those that when we commit that sin is a means for us to enter into Jenner. A means for seeking forgiveness, a means of repentance a

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means of recollection Yarrabah Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa and he was afraid you may