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My school was trying to do to post pictures on the school platform where I was helping the community and doing good deeds by, you know, I don't know what if I was doing something good with the community helping them? Okay what as a school project? Let's do a project is it permissible to lose or exposing my good deeds? Okay first of all, Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran interview sadaqa Tiffany M Mahi.

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If you show an expose your charity, that's good.

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And if you conceal it,

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and you give it to the poor, then Allah azza wa jal would forgive your sins. So the higher level is that you can seal your good deeds, so that no one knows about it. But it depends. If you're a person who's looked up to

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like a shear scholar, a one of the dignitary in the community, and you know that the moment you do,

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show your good deeds, not to impress others, this is between you and Allah.

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You're doing it for the sake of Allah, but you know that you would be a role model and people would follow you, then you should do that.

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Remember the Hadith and Asahi?

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People from mobile, the tribe of mother, a, an honourable tribe of Arabia, came into the masjid must be a Newmar. Their clothes are torn and worn out as an indication of their poverty. When the Prophet saw them at Assam, His face changed. So he climbed the pulpit,

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the pulpit and he praised Allah, or facilitation upon the Prophet Assam, and recited a couple of IERS encouraging people to

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keep a visor or a

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screen between them and hellfire through charity. Then he encouraged them to give charity.

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No man moved.

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They heard the sermon,

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good speech. Well,

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nobody acted

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until one of the companions, rushed out of the masjid, came back with a big bag of food and clothes, barely able to carry it. And then he placed it in front of the Prophet ISIS from

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the moment, people saw this, they woke up. And immediately they went out home, brought whatever they can, and brought it in front of the Prophet. I said, I'm piling up a mountain of food, and clothes,

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the prophets face lit. And whenever he was happy, it was like the moon.

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When it's full, so beautiful, alayhi salatu salam, and then he praised what the first man did. And he said, whoever does something good, where people follow Him, He will be awarded exactly the same amount of good deeds, all of those who followed him had gained without deducting, or reducing any of their good deeds. Wow. Just because he initiated it. Imagine if this first Sahabi this companion

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did not

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pay heed to what the Prophet said. And he said, No, if I go and get the food, and the clothes, people would say, Oh, what a show off. And I would be exposing my good deeds. I'd rather wait until nighttime and then give something discreetly on my own. Imagine if he had this thought crossing his mind, like so many of us do. This is what shaytan does. This is what Satan does. He tries to put you down

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put you off by what am I putting people down? I don't know. Are you tries to put you off things and not to encourage you to do good deeds. Now, if these posts let's assume in Ramadan, you did Iftar for the poor in the masjid or you went to poor neighborhoods and gave them food or clothes or helped in sheltering the that's excellent and and a good deed.

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If you know that you've done this for the sake of Allah and they want you to post it so that you would incur

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urge others, and in these photographs or posts, you don't have women's pictures. It's only men. And you don't expose the poor. Unfortunately, like so many people do when they go to refugee camps, and they take selfies, them giving them food, money, clothes, and you can see the faces of the poor. This is inappropriate, you could at least blurred. I know some of the brothers and sisters will say we've taken permission from the refugees and they said they're fine. They have lost everything. This is not the end of the day rather, they would feel that they would be encouraging others to help and donate. Yeah, this is fine, but generally speaking, avoiding it is best. So I see there is no

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problem in doing that. Brother Yousef and Allah azza wa jal knows best