A Sin You Keep Going Back To

Mufti Menk


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If you are not enjoying your acts of worship, you need to check where you're going wrong. Have you wronged someone? Have you hurt someone? Have you harmed someone have you? Are you engaged in some sin that is hidden. If you are engaging in sin, what is taken away from you is literally bada. The sweetness of worship is taken away from you because there is a sin that you keep going back to, you know what it may be. You keep going back to this thing for that when you do your Salah you won't enjoy it. You see sometimes you watch the masjid some of the people they're always in the masjid always doing Quran always reading even some of our sisters and ladies and mums and grandmas. When

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they're sitting at home for example. They will be swept up with the Quran for hours on end. They're enjoying it. They're reading they're looking at you wondering I went I see my mother's reading. I came back I see she still read. I came back she's in Salah. I went as I went out, she's still in Salah, doesn't it happen?

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They are enjoying the sweetness of worship.

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And with us, Salah time is coming out it's okay it's okay Pumbaa is still kicking the ball

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Subhan Allah the man himself is also reading Salah and you are busy watching him without reading salah. It's ironic. I have seen spokespersons who are more concerned about their Salah than their fans.

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If you're a true fan fulfill the salah just like they do Subhanallah you really want a good example they cause cricketers. I know some cricketers who are really amazing people

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as Muslim.

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I'm sure you might know some too.

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But my brothers and sisters, I tell you, Allah has blessed us. Allah has blessed us in so many ways. And Allah Almighty tells us, we need to engage in the best that we can