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lot of work more work

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Hamdulillah He called you can woo demon and Adam are generally no demon of Gollum. We're mostly just subliminal LM Pamela Kaito but he I don't know them

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by the shuttle who Alan Messiah he become a dish guru who I learned

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on the Sunday Allah rasool Allah Quran the Charleville Asha me one noodle at

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will kita Bill Montcalm. Camellia nabina will hurt him say the weather the Adam and let the Bashara be here receptive idiom will that alleviate it he Ibrahim alayhis salam Pina Cornejo, Pharaoh kawaii debate in LA Hill Muharram

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a Salalah Who are they he was sent them what are the expiry he hiring human Allatheena BarakAllahu be him taffeta NASA Robin home Well Adam

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Alhamdulillah Allah de la mia Tecate well done Willem Yoko LA who Shari confit milk. Bella Mia cola who are the human adult book a turkey Iran

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well hamdulillah hinda De Anza Allah Allah Abdi hidden kita Abba with me agenda wherever

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well hamdulillah Hila the Ramadan who was very you know who want to start a federal when it will be no be he wanted to work who Allah He went to be learned even surely unforeseen women say ETR Molina when he it hit Allahu Philomel Bundala woman up de la vida had the other when a shadow under ilaha illallah wa Houda Sharika what a shadow Ana Mohammed and Abdullah he was a solo Salah hula Jota Allah Bill Hooda woodiness leovera who are other DDP li what have I been there he Shahida

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but sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira on Kathira on my bad for inner circle, Hadith he Kitab Allah wa Hi Ron had he had you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but in a short run Gudivada to Highway in Aquila, modesetting with Wakanda Middleton bada Bakula, bada that's it for now.

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God Allah azza wa jal FICKY Debbie Hill, Corinne Bader and Nakoda are the windows administrators of regime with ultimate Musa Allah nostre iData Alameen wa hit by the ruler now Rebecca use Regina Bremerton baton in Buckley her work ethic her well for me, how does she How about Saudi? How

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are the adjustable DeLuna lady who are at deniability who are hide a bit on this one, but in nella comesa alto body but Allah hemos Villa to one Moscato Abba will be hobby min Allah that you can be a no one can work for Runa vi tilde, way up to Luna and the beginner be right in

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the early cabbie ma hustle or can we are doing Aloha Mala Jana middle Martine Robbie Sharkey Saudi when silly MD whatta Dr. Hamid de Santi of Cody bola Hi Martha Bittner and the Lotte Bella La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah Allah Allah Millender Tina Amendola, Amiel Saudi hurt whatever so be happy with our sub sub Amira but I mean

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today's haba brief as it is dedicated to a very central concept in the Quran.

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The biggest Surah of the Quran is Sultan, Bukhara and it's placed right after certain Fatiha for a very particular reason.

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There are many things said about SOTL Bukhara and one of them for example is equally che in Sana wa salam Al Quran Al Baqarah everything has a climax, everything has a peak. And the peak of the Quran is Bacara. This is the largest Surah of the Quran and it contains virtually every other subject that is going to come in the Quran is essentially explaining something that Allah has already elaborated in Sultan Bacara in that sense, but the most when one way you can think about it. It's the most comprehensive summary of all of Islam in one place. That's a little Baqarah. So in it, there are many ideas, but one of them that we're going to focus on which becomes a subject throughout the

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Quran, is that we are the children of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And of course Ibrahim Ali Salam further back and the progression of the story is the child of Adam II the histogram of all the creation Allah azza wa jal chose Adam Alayhis Salam, and of all the children of Adam Alayhis Salam, Allah especially chose to be his friend Ibrahim alayhis salam, and of all the other prophets. Allah chose Ibrahim alayhis salam for his children to be prophets and to carry on the legacies of prophets. And so the two lines of Ibrahim ad is ran through his heart and through his smile, most of the Prophets that the Quran is talking about, except for the arrow prophets here and there, like salah, hedger,

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etc. Most of the Prophets that the Quran is talking about are from the children of Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, that lineage from his heart, the Israelite prophets, but yeah, exactly. And Jaco Valley him was salam, etc, and others are actually all part of

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of that lineage coming from Ibrahim alayhi salam, but particularly from the children of his heart and then Yaqoob, whose other name is Islam in this is all important for a reason. Just like Allah chose Adam Alayhis Salam, as a special creature among all other creatures, just like Adam Adam, just like Allah chose Ibrahim alayhi salam is a special prophet among all other prophets, just like that he chose Bani Israel in the children of Jacoba. His Sudan as a special group of children, a special nation, a tribe by themselves over all other tribes, he gave them a special status. And that status, elevated them to the point where Allah azza wa jal gave them prophet after prophet after prophet in

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a narration, we find that the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam even says, Good lemma, Allah can be Yun Khalifa who every time a prophet would die, another would take his place among the children of Israel. This is the blessing Allah gave them. Allah even describes this concept in the Quran as cofina, Allah 30 MB Rosalina. We reinforce their legacy with our messengers, we kept reinforcing their legacy with our messengers, right? So this is something that they were greatly honored with. But the question is why all of all nations when why eel were chosen, they were chosen because when you get selected for something, that means you have a bigger responsibility than everybody else.

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That's what that means. If I get chosen for a job, to be the manager, that means I'm more responsible than all the other employees. That's why my boss chose me. So if this nation was chosen, it's not just because they're, it's not because they're better, or they're genetically superior. It's because they are now in a position to carry a greater responsibility, and they are capable of carrying that responsibility because Allah never gives anyone a responsibility more than they can handle. Now you can live for Allah who enough son in law vasara. So the same way, Allah gave this nation a responsibility. And the responsibility was I will give you my word, I will give you my

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book, I will give you my profits and you will show all the other nations of the world. What does a nation look like when it's under the shade of Allah? When it's in the shade of Allah's book, when it lives by Allah's guidance is one thing. Prophets live under Allah's guidance? A few of their followers live under Allah's guidance, but what does it look like when an entire nation lives under Allah's guidance, your responsibility will not to be it will be not just to be an individual model, it will be to be a national model. So other nations will look at you and say, Why are they like this? How can they have peace like nobody else? How can they have brotherhood like nobody else? How

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can they have mercy and family life like nobody else? How can they have more blessings than anybody else? Where did all of that come from, and humanity will flock towards the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam, because Ibrahim alayhis salam when he was building the Kaaba, he wasn't building it for one nation, his daughter was all people will turn towards it. And now his children at a national level, at the new level of a nation, we're supposed to become that model Surah Al Baqarah describes, first that they were given that role to be the role model, to demonstrate to the world what it looks like to be under God's shade to be under the shade of Allah. Then Sultan Baqarah describes how they

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messed up. They were given this amazing responsibility, and they fumbled.

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They basically dropped the ball. And they they they they failed in many, many ways. Not one they had multiple failures. And what Allah does, almost up until I have number 121, of sorts of Bacara. Do a careful reading of that yourselves. What Allah is going to do is describe how come Allah chose a nation when Allah chooses a nation they are capable of doing the job. How can you even though you are capable of doing the job, you failed, and what were your points of failure? What exactly was your failure, one after the other after the other after the other? The point of the Quran the purpose of the Quran is not to say these people are good, and these people are bad. That is not the

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purpose of the Quran. In fact, the Quran doesn't condemn human beings. The Quran doesn't even condemn round, the round can make Toba even he Musa alayhis salam has told you can go to him and maybe he will make he will remember Landa who you have the Quran Yaksha that the Quran is not interested in damming the nation or damming the people. But the Quran is interested when it brings somebody to trial, just like on Judgment Day. It's actually it's not just you're thrown into Jannah or thrown into jahannam. Here's where you failed. Here's what happens. You see, there's a review of what you and I did the same way Allah does a historical review of what this nation did. Where did

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they feel and what and as a result of those failures, what happened now, this is an important point of departure. Muslims generally should understand these things. I don't think we talk about them enough which is why I'm dedicating this club to it, especially given the climb

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myth that we find ourselves in.

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When Allah sent prophets to different nations and those nations rebelled against Allah, and rebelled against those prophets, like the people of New Orleans, Saddam, or the people of Saudi Hi salaam, etc. When the majority of those people disbelieve, then Allah punishes them, and this life and the next life. This is a rule of Allah, you will see it consistent in the Quran, to the people of New heart flooded in this life. And that doesn't save them from the punishment of the next life. They have to suffer here, and then they have to suffer there when they disbelieve in prophets, when they disappoint Allah in that way. The same thing happens with the nation of Saudi for the sinner. The

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need, same thing happens with a nation of Shai Vanessa, and over and over again, you find what ontology that the Sunnah Tila hit Abdullah, you don't find the change in the way Allah deals with people in his ways. Allah has a set real, He will apply that rule throughout. It's universal. Nobody gets to be an exception. But there's a different set of rules for nations not that those are people who reject prophets. But when Allah chooses not a prophet when Allah chooses an entire nation, right, but he Slade is not a they're not a prophet. They are an entire nation. When Allah chooses a nation, and they disappoint Allah and they disobey Allah. Allah does not destroy that nation. Allah

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does not bring a flood and get through, get rid of them. He doesn't do this. What Allah does done is he humiliates that nation. In this world. What Allah does is that he makes them powerless, that Allah does that he punishes one of the punishments that happen to them, because they play with the word of Allah is they become each other's enemy, they start fighting each other, even though they're all believers, they start calling each other kuffaar. They start destroying each other's homes and resources. So they don't even need they don't even need an enemy from the outside their biggest enemy become themselves. This is part of the punishment they suffer because they don't live up to

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what Allah the responsibility Allah gave them. And Allah demonstrates this in certain Baqarah there are many things Allah demonstrates, I'm only going to give you maybe one because times it won't be a few minutes, perhaps only one, not two. And one of them is the Israelites who were chosen. Allah allowed them to escape drown. Okay, Allah, Allah, they were living as slaves under Fatone. And Allah allowed them to escape they crossed the water that are in drought. So now this nation, you know how we say in America, one nation under God, quite literally, they're out in the desert, one nation under the shade provided by Allah. That's what they were now. Right? And at that moment, when Allah

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gave them Munda and Silva, some of you know the story they were being provided for in the desert. Eventually, they got tired of living that way. So they came to Musa alayhis salam, the I read before you, they came to Musa alayhis salam and they said something. They said, Could you make dua to have up? I know, we get our food and these 12 springs have come out. But could you get some onions? I really miss onions. Garlic was so good man, when you put that garlic sauce, I'm not sure my auth is so legit. Can we have some? Can you make extra dua for some garlic sub lentils, lentil soup? is just so good, you know, the full on Mediterranean diet? Can we just go to noticing a lot of these

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ingredients? Now the question is, the real question is, where did they eat onions? And where did they eat garlic? And where did they eat lentils? Where did they eat that stuff? They used to eat that stuff. In Egypt.

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They used to eat that stuff when they were slaves. They used to eat that stuff in that old life in the life of slavery. In other words, they miss some things from the old days, from the days when they were living under the rule of the kuffaar. That's what they miss. And in fact, even in the story of the golden calf, the cow was a major symbol in the Egyptian empire. Even the idea of the calf didn't come from them. It actually came from Egyptian traditions and made its way into their religious experience. That's what they did. Now what is that teaching us? And by the way, Musa alayhis salam responded to them and said as a test of DeLuna Levy who are at deniability who are

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high EBIT on this one. You want to replace something better with something worse, you want to copy those ways. You want to be like that. Again, you want to just assimilate into the old ways again, I see what you're really asking for okay, you know what, you deserve another it literally says misaligned which means land or region, but it's a play on word. Why don't you deserve another Egypt to it's like Allah is saying, once I seen you deserve another Egypt and then Allah says about this nation will booty but Allah him within the while mascara, or bow will be hobby minimum. May Allah listen to this carefully. What was the consequence of wanting to be like your oppressors? What was

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the consequence?

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of the missing the days when you were living under their rule. What was the consequence of that? Allah says the first thing they were, they were struck, they were slapped with humiliation and powerlessness. Vinaya is both meaning. Dolan Arabic means someone who's powerless and will also mean someone who's humiliated so they were powerless and humiliated. While mascara mascara is a combination of two words in Arabic Masaka and second actually it's a robbery. It combines both meanings it means when you're stuck in a situation and you cannot get out you're stuck and you can't get out. So their social situation they don't have any social mobility economically they can't

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empower themselves they're not able to lift themselves and become a military power they are stuck where they are they can't seem to get out of their their rut their situation well Musk gonna and then the worst of all, the third piece we're about will be love Bobby min Allah and they drew upon themselves a special anger coming from Allah. That's what happened to them. That's what happened to them. Now why am I telling you this about those past nations Allah did not give us this history lesson in the Quran, because he wanted to know us to no fun facts about the Israelites. Allah gave us this because Allah is giving us principles by which Allah will judge until Judgment Day.

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So Allah has a sunnah of how he deals with nations nations that disbelieved prophets. Allah has a sunnah for that. Allah also has a sunnah for nations that he chooses. When he chooses a nation, and they don't do what Allah wants them to do. They don't live up to his standard, then Allah will put them through humiliation, and Allah will make them feel powerless. And Allah will bring a rage of him on them. And this is not this. Don't misunderstand what's happening in the USA right now. The people that are doing it, the shayateen that are doing it deserve the worst punishment from Allah. This is not getting anybody off the hook. And this is not a condemnation of our brothers and sisters

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in Gaza or anywhere else where Muslims are being oppressed. But understand, we are congested we are one body, if one part of my arm was bleeding, it's not my arms fault. I wasn't careful. I wasn't watching where I was going. And if I'm letting it bleed and not putting a bandaid on it, that's not the arms fault. That's the entire beings fault. We are as a whole responsible were as a whole responsible. So at the end of these few minutes that I have with you, what I want to share with you is a lot of times just growing up, I attended my share of kotoba Andrews hotbars lectures and things like that. And a lot of lectures, they're supposed to make you feel bad at the end. Like you just

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feel they are so messed up. Yeah, we became just like the Israelites, you know what? Yeah, we were just, we're just a bunch of losers. And all the all the good people, all the people that lived up to the word of Allah are the people that Allah was happy with. They were so great, but unfortunately, they're all dead. And the rest of us are the leftovers. Right? That's the feeling you walk away so you feel guilty. But what is that guilt supposed to translate into? What is it and the OH The objective of the Quran isn't that you heal the Ayat of Allah and you sit there and you kind of, you know, lament. And you you know, revel in your negative feelings and you say, Okay, next week, stuff

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but Allah what can we do? This, this idea of helplessness, this idea of mascara. The reason on my gave us these ayat is because Allah told us that we are the next on ma to be chosen and we will be tested. So you notice some subtle Bacara the after Bani Israel were described, and how they failed all of these tests. At the end of all of that Allah said to us, what an up to one neck ambition. Allah will test you in all kinds of ways. Allah will put will be putting all of you to the test in all kinds of ways. So now what does this translate for, for us, not just as individuals but even as a society. First and foremost, we have to bring back the concept of what it means to be an Oma. And

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we keep talking about how the nation's and the politicians and everybody else but word this the the concept of an OMA will not be restored from the top down. It will be restored from the bottom up. What that means is you're here in this community, what sense of onma do you demonstrate in your own neighborhood? How many of the people that you and I come to Java, we make Salah we say Saddam and we we talk to the three people that we know and we go back, how are we building networks within ourselves? How are we building alliances within ourselves by Boom? Oh, yeah. Well, how are we building connections within ourselves? How are listen we're becoming hyper individualistic.

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Everybody's just looked look thinking about their job, their family, their savings, their house payments, their this their their status, and their few friends. That's it. And the only reason we come to the masjid is to fulfill a religious obligation. What sense of OMA other than artificially sitting together, we need to do something more. We need to build more brotherhood, build more sisterhood, build more alliances do more positive things together. This is the avenue other building with Taqwa. This creates a sense of OMA and Allah created this mushy Salado Jamara. So naturally, so many of us come together every single week, there's a convention, there's no advertising, there's no

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marketing campaign, nothing we show up. We show up for this event every single week as a convention held by Allah, literally a convention held by Allah and opportunity for us to be more united than we were the week before. That's what this is. So instead, especially going out of your comfort zone, getting to know people from other than your ethnicity, other than your age group. It's not the youth should all hang out together, young people should be getting to know the elders in a community. It's not just that, you know, one one ethnicity by themselves, go talk to people who don't speak your language, go figure it out. It'll go big, make new friends make new connections. And this is

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actually absolutely we think this is a small thing. This is absolutely essential. And when this starts happening in one machine, another mustard another machine, when this starts happening in 1000, massages, when this starts happening in a million Masada. When this starts happening around the world, can you imagine what's happening? We are tiny, individual dots right now. But at least now we become bigger circles. And those circles become bigger circles. Naturally, a natural progression towards unity starts happening. But that we cannot sit there and talk about how this nation is divided. And that mission is divided when we ourselves are doing nothing towards that end.

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So we shouldn't underestimate the smallest of the efforts that are going towards that end. And we shouldn't underestimate that our collective Toba and our collective desire to be different. We are made different we're not like other nations. We are we are our goals are different. Our agendas are different. Our priorities are different. Our family obligations are different, we're different. And the more we bind together, the more that difference will become prominent otherwise, we're gonna be not that different from those Israelites who even when they come out of the colonial rule, still want to act like the colonizing nation. How many Muslim nations used to be colonized a century ago?

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They were living under French British Dutch colonization and the colonizer left, the collared the ruling left and they want to be like the colonizer even after the colonizer left. They want to dress like the colonizer look like the colonizer talk like the colonizer, eat like the colonizer, hopefully a weddings like the colonizer.

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This is an Arabic euthanasia and I remember talking with him Buckley, how are you? How awful me how was he however severe? Is it? Take the best of other nations take their take their technology, take their advancements, we're supposed to learn from each other. There's no harm in that, but our values when we start thinking the values of other nations are superior to our values. We haven't really understood what our own values are. May Allah azza wa jal make us a real Ummah once again, and may Allah azza wa jal empower every one of the people listening to this and every Muslim in the world to develop a sense that they have to do their part and reuniting the OMA. Even if it's two people, even

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if it's three people, but they have to do their part. May Allah azza wa jal allow each of us to do our part in serving the cause of this great OMA BarakAllahu li Walakum picot I will Hakeem when a fatty er can build it with the Kentucky