If Your Dua Not Being Answered Heres What You Need To Do

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The speaker discusses the impediments between their risk and their donations, which they believe can become impediments. They emphasize the importance of looking at their donations to make sure they are making enough money to cover their risk and their donations to help others. They also mention a man who is experiencing hardship and hesitation due to the compression of the pandemic.

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Just like Allah subhanaw taala has given us ways to increase our risk. There are things that we do that actually become impediments between us in our risk, and from them are the sins that are committed, particularly the sins pertaining to wealth. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he tells us of a man that is traveling through the desert, he's going through hardship and calamity, his hair is disheveled and he's in a very, very difficult state. And he raises his hands begging of Allah. Yah Rob, Rob, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that His clothes are from haram. His drinking is from haram, his eating is from haram for under your stature. But then why

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would this man's dua be answered? And this teaches us a very valuable lesson, my dear brothers and sisters, that the sins that we commit become impediments not only between us and our risk, like this man, he has been delayed in his sustenance because of the sins that he committed, but also in terms of our donors being answered also in terms of our drives being answered. So just like our Istighfar removes those impediments, the sins that we commit become the impediment itself. So this is why it is important that if we are struggling financially, let us look internally, that is there a sin perhaps that we are committing, that we can give up? Are we making enough so far are we making dua

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are we giving sadaqa even if it is just a little bit every single day? And when we do that Allah subhanaw taala blesses our risk for us. So you will be able to do more with $100 than someone else is able to do with $100 just due to that Baraka factor