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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Welcome brothers and sisters in Islam. My name is Jamal Deen. Omar, I want to welcome you to this lecture about why don't you fear Allah.

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Now many times

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fear is in the English language it is translated into the Arabic as backward. Now unfortunately, this is a very bad translation because we fear lots of things we may fear our parents, we may fear our teachers, we may fear policemen, we may fear politicians, they may fear lots of different people. Unfortunately, that's not going to stop us from doing bad things. Now, I like the definition of taqwa as a high state of heart which keeps when conscious of Allah subhana wa Tada. His presence, his knowledge and it motivates him or her to do the right things and to avoid what is forbidden. This is God consciousness, always being aware of Allah subhana wa Tada. Now taqwa is that you act in

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obedience to Allah subhana wa tada and you hope in his mercy upon a light from him. And taqwa is leaving an acts of disobedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala out of fear of him upon light upon light. nebby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the one who remembers Allah subhana wa tada is like, the living and the one that doesn't remember Allah subhana wa tada is like the dead. Now, this has a big analogy to us as human beings, because we have to be the document room. We have to be those that remember Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times, and we have to make a relationship with our Creator, Allah subhana wa Tada. Shouldn't we respect the first the last, the Compassionate, The

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Merciful to give her a piece to give her a protection? The money the Creator, the one who gives life and death, the forgiver, the Sustainer and the provider, the all knowing the exalted the giver of honor and the giver of dishonor. The all hearing the all searing, seeing that just the great, most high the protector, the most loving wise, Allah subhana wa Tada. Who would we be without him? What would we do?

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We wouldn't even be created, we would have no purpose, no existence. Why should we not love him? Why should we not respect him? Why should we not follow the commandments of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is us that needs Allah subhana wa Tada. He has no need of us. But sometimes we become weak. Sometimes we forget, sometimes. Shaytan he does the work that he is designed to do. Now, I do a lot of work with a lot of the kids and teaching them this theater and teaching them Islamic Studies. And there's one Sahaba that is the exemplary example of taqwa. This is a month in Qatar idea level. Now, one day Oh my Banga Davi wrote to sad, then I'll be walk us the commander of the Muslim armies during their

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campaign against the Persians. And he commanded the soldiers to observe taqwa, which is the best preparation against the enemy and the strongest weapon of war. And he said to him, I commend you and your soldiers to be on guard more against your sins, and fear your sins more than you fear the enemy. Indeed, Muslims only triumph by the sending of their enemies against Allah subhanho wa Taala. For otherwise we would have no strength and advantage over them. Our numbers are not like their numbers, and our strength is not like that. And our preparation is not like their preparation. If we equal them in sin, they will prevail over us, their physical strength is greater than ours. If we

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cannot defeat them to our piety, then we shall never defeat them with our strength Mashallah a very powerful statement about our sense. Today we are going through a phase where we are Muslims. We say let you let a lot more $100 Allah I bear witness there is no God but Allah subhana wa Tada. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his last and final messenger. May Allah have peace upon him and all who follow their path to the Day of Judgment. We say this, we claim this with our dumps. But some of us we fall short in our actions. So we need to look at ourselves we need to take account of ourselves. Omar bin cadabra de la one time famous famously said he said you need

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to take account before you've taken account. And that's why we're heading we're all going to go back to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Another example of Omar Dinka Tom is one day while he was the middle when he went to go visit Abu huraira radi Allahu Allah, and he came to him and he asked our era he said, What is tacos

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Now, Omar Omar was he knew the answer. But he wanted to test him to see if he knew. So a Valera. He said, Yeah, I made a movement in then you just pass by some branches that had a lot of thorns on it. He said, Yes, I did. He said, What did you do? He said, I picked up my robe. So I was very careful. He said, that is toxic. And that's what we're dealing with. today. We're dealing with an environment today, that taqwa and being prepared and guarding ourselves against the evils that are in our societies is very important. Now, I wanted to share some parts from my own personal stories, because we could sit here and talk had these we can talk colleran, we can talk all of these things every

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day. But to relate this into today. So let's first look at the environment. Today we are dealing specially here in the West with a very, very hostile environment towards it's not. Now this environment will make two different types of people. One, it'll make the people of taqwa. Number two, it's going to make the people of sin. Those are the only two people and then there's going to be people that are in between these. Now,

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this environment is not just bad for the Muslims, but it is also bad for the non Muslims. We see many of their children going astray. We see them drinking alcohol, we see them committing crimes, smoking marijuana, doing drugs, doing these sorts of things, and they go down into the gutter.

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They go into the prisons, I do a lot of work with the prison system, especially with the Muslims and the non Muslims alike, talking about this relationship between their Creator, and how this environment is designed to make you fail. Their gambling, they're betting that you're going to fail in this matter. And this is the most important matter, worshipping Allah Subhana, WA Tada. Now, we do have this environment. But when good Muslims, ones that have Taqwa when it's inside their heart, when they look at these things, when they get thrown at them, when they see this, they see a light, right.

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And so, we have to do this, we have to look at our environment. And when something comes to us like this, we have to persevere. We have to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we have to look at our sins and be afraid of our sins more than anything. The next one I want to talk about is our schools. Now, on a daily basis, I'm going to our public school system, because my education, I'm a teacher, I teach English and I also teaching Islamic Studies. And I, I'm a natural teacher, this is what I do. And so when I go visit our Muslim children inside of the schools, I see a lot of the problems that they're facing. Some of it has to do with the environment. But a lot of it has to do with there are

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things that are damaging to their Islam. For example, every single child must read books. This is part of the schooling process, we need to learn how to read and write. So these kids, they start to read books from the time that they're little. And they start to read books that have a lot of shirking a lot of disbelief in Allah subhanho wa Taala, a lot of stuff that revolves around magic, a lot of things that revolve around make believe, which these things in small moderation can be okay, if you have strong deep. But if you're a young child, this can damage how you were brought up. And you may be apt to follow down the path of Shakedown. And so we do a lot of work. I'm trying to work

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with some authors, right now, Muslim authors to try to create nonfiction books for Muslim children that are beneficial to them so they can get the exposure to the language and so they can learn how to read. Now, after you get out of school, of course, you're going to go to another school, you're going to go to a higher education. It's called college, many of my brothers and sisters they're in college Mashallah Keep up the good work. But this is where I see a lot of our brothers and sisters getting lettuce straight. The first one, maybe before they're at the home, and they're in the safety of their household. And so they're always being reminded by their parents to remember Allah subhanho

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wa Taala and they may be remote minded by their friends and their family. But when they go away to college and that shaytan starts doing the work he knows how to do. Soon, maybe a sister will be there wearing full t job by the end of her sophomore year. She's no longer in the job and she's in tight pants Subhan Allah, may Allah Allah guide them May Allah Allah give us mercy. May Allah give us a taqwa give us remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, if the parents had been doing their job and instilling why they should be wearing hijab, why they should have done what why they should

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to always be the room why they should always remember Allah subhana wa Tada, then this child would have made the correct decisions when she got on her own. Now, I don't mean to pick on the sisters, because the brothers Subhanallah you're even worse sometimes. And I have to be honest, some of the brothers when they go into the college and that they're hanging out with a non Muslim women, they're going to parties, they're doing things and you'll see him at the masjid sometimes. So we have to remind one another because these actions can be very damaging to our, our Deen. And I've been in situations myself dealing with college, I'll be in a classroom where they'll ask you to work in

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group work. And so you'll go in there and there'll be a group of maybe two boys and two girls, and you go there and you work on a paper together, and the non Muslim girls will be wearing very inappropriate clothing. Now, a person that has taqwa, when they get put into a situation like this, they start to sweat, they start to feel uncomfortable. And then they want to run away as fast as they can get out of it. And so you will leave. And this is what I've done through my schooling. And this is what I recommend to a lot of the brothers that are in this situation that they do. Now, after college, of course, you're going to go to the next step, which is you're going to work and

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you're going to provide for a family. Now work can be a very, very trying environment, especially in the West, because they're not used to

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separating of the sexes. In working jobs and stuff, you'll have men and women that mix freely together. And this can cause a lot of problems. I remember one time I was working at a job. And I was working with a lot of the other Muslim brothers and sisters that were working there and it was a factory. And we put together optical lenses and stuff for the glasses that you wear on your head. And it was a very good job. We enjoyed working there until it came to the summertime. When it came to the summertime, I remember the first day that it was warm. And I used to you know, have the Quran in my ear they allowed us to have earphones so for eight hours a day I was listening to the Quran,

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and I was reciting the Quran and reading through all day long. This was how I spent my eight hours a day remembering Allah subhana wa Tada. Then one day I became more the the trees they started to grow, put the leaves back on, the grass started to come up. And the smell of springtime was in the air. And so all of a sudden, the non Muslim men and women started to D clothes, started to wear less clothes to work. And so I was listening to the Quran eight hours a day. And then there was something that was put in my way that was making listening to that grant worth nothing. And so I had to make a decision. So I made a decision. I went to my boss and I said, Listen, don't you have a dress code

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policy? And they said, Of course we have a dress code policy, but we don't really enforce it. If we allow the employees to do that. I said, Well, if you allow your employees to do that, then I'm going to have to look for other employment, I apologize. And they said they looked at me like it like I just jumped off of a boat, or maybe out of a spaceship an alien and landed on the planet. Because this shocked them because no one ever came and talked to them like this before. Now I walked away from that job and I made two I said Allah give me a new job that is better than this one that is better for my Deen and better for my eyes so I can protect myself. So many of the Muslim brothers

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and sisters said Why did you leave your job? And I said this. I know Allah subhanho wa Taala he has never abandoned me. He will never abandon you when you trust him.

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within one week, within one week, I had a new job where only men work where I was driving a forklift. Mashallah Alhamdulillah Allah will reward you if you do these sort of things. Now, the essence of taqwa is to actually make a shield which guards against a loss, anger and his punishment. That shield is to obey his commandments and to abstain from his punishment. So we all need this to we all need this shield, we all need the protection from Allah subhana wa tada because every single one of us is going to return back to our Lord in the Leela in early euro, June. May Allah make us among those and be among those that we love nebby Mohammed sobre la liga, salah and those that

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remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now there are some benefits from taqwa. So I'll just talk about a few benefits of taqwa. Now, taqwa means by which a believer performs righteous deeds and taqwa causes these righteous deeds to be accepted by Allah as a legit. Now taqwa also makes one deserving of a loss of love, who wouldn't want it to be loved by Allah subhanho wa Taala he is eligible to do the most loving. Now Taka also causes our sins to be forgiven in increases in reward. In fact, it'll actually

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Take the sins away from you, and actually turn them into Baraka into reward.

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And so this is very important. Chocolate keeps one steadfast on the straight path and protects him from deviation. And actually taqwa will actually cause you to understand what is true and what is false. So you'll be able to make decisions in your life. Allah is going to give this to you as a gift. So you'll be able to see what is false, what is true, and you'll be able to make decisions as a human being that are right for you. That will lead you to the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, we all want to be a friend of Allah subhana wa Tada. And no one was a better friend than Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, in fact he is known as kalila Allah, the friend of Allah. So how can we

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become a friend of Allah subhana wa Tada. It's very simple. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran in surah al and fowl. Verse 34, he says barely his close friends his Alia are only those with taqwa, but most of them do not realize it. It is this taqwa it is us leaving what Allah has forbidden and taking what he has commanded and accepting it. This is the true book meaning that taqwa is the fruit of the bad worship, and can only be a che achieved by performing acts of the battle. Now, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala told him, there is no better way in which my servant comes close to me, except by the things I have

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made obligatory upon you. And my servant who does optional actions, like your, your sooner prayers, and my servants who do these optional prayers keep on coming towards me until I love him. And if I love him, I become his hearing by which he hears his sight by which he sees his hands by which he grasps with and his feet by which he walks with. And if he asked of me, indeed, I will grant him and if he seeks protection for me, I will indeed protect him. Now,

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this is a friendship that every single one of us needs, and I tell my brothers and my sister and first I tell myself,

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that even if you're doing something wrong, don't despair of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Don't give up on Allah subhanho wa Taala there is nothing, nothing you can do. That will take away from the kingdom of Allah subhana wa Tada. And he is waiting, waiting for you to turn back to him. And he's waiting to forgive you. Just ask him. It's very simple.

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And I advise you and myself with dakwah a fear of Allah azza wa jal, who knows your secrets and he sees your option actions. So remember Allah subhanho wa Taala every time of the day, every night, Fear Allah subhana wa tada according to his nearness, and the power he has over you, and know that he always sees you, and do not leave his rule for another rule, nor his dominion for another dominion. So glorify Him by fearing him immensely. And not only fearing you come closer to

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nothing you can do.

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Nothing, no sin that you can do is to great He will forgive you. There's a famous Hadith that talks about a man that killed 99 men.

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All of us we know it.

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If Allah subhanho wa Taala can change the circumference of the earth to forgive one man who are you?

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Turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. love Allah subhana wa tada and look for the beauty in your deen. You know, many times, a lot of

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Muslims, they asked me, they said you came to Islam, and you left all of this behind. And so they look at a lot of the stories that we have to tell about inspiration. We left Jahangir we left ignorance because we saw that it was going to lead to destruction. And then we saw that the true message of Islam was coming out from the Quran and the Sunnah.

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And so we submitted our whole entire self to Allah subhana wa tada

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Do not give up on me. Hold fast to the rope of Allah subhana wa Tada. Even in times when it gets tough, even in times when it looks like there's no hope.

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Allah will never abandon you because of one reason. Because you say I shall do La ilaha illallah wa I shall do and Mohammed Rasul Allah, may Allah Allah reward us May Allah Allah guide us, may Allah to Allah open our eyes to the beauty of Islam, may Allah subhanho wa Taala

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If we are doing sin, remove the Shakedown that has been assigned to us and kick them out of our lives so we can turn back to the Quran and the Sunnah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us guidance. Give us hot diet. Give us a love. Give us mercy. And give us the knowledge, the hikma to understand the beauty of this religion, because this is the only religion of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is the same religion of atom, the same religion of Moses, the same religion of Isa Jesus peace be upon him. They all came with the same message. And some of my Muslim brothers and sisters, we see you especially as reverts, we see you trying to imitate non Muslims who are from the misguidance. And

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we're asking you come back, come back to this because we left that. I use this example a lot of the times and I say, my, my message is this. It's like, I'm leaving a burning building that's on fire. I see it's burning and I get out. And then I tell my brothers and sisters, Listen, don't go to that building. It's burning.

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And then some of you want to say to me, Listen, I want to look at the look and see if it's burning.

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Well, you might get burnt, but if you do get burnt, make sure you wash yourself off, pick yourself up and get back to doing the work that Allah subhanho wa Taala created you for just sakalava Kevin Baraka Allah fig. As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh