What is The Best Way to Deal With Grief?

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The speaker discusses the importance of healing and showing one's emotions to Allah for happiness. They stress that time is a lie and that the true form of healing is between oneself and the other. The speaker emphasizes that the healing is not just between oneself but also with others and that one should not rely on each other for success.

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When you seek the counsel that help you talk to each other, go to professionals, you do all of those things. And you should do all of those things. If that's what you need, you should do that. But always remember that the true form of healing and strength lies between you and how much you cannot and speak to your Creator. In a mash called bethey warehouse ni il Allah, I complain and my grief and my sadness, my confusion, my loss is to Allah.

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This is the one thing that time will never give you. When you turn and channel your emotion

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to Allah. His promise is he will never let you down. He will bless you, and honor you with the strength you need to take that step forward. And to somehow grapple some sense of understanding why you're going through what you're going through.

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You get that strength. When you keep a connection with your Creator, you talk to him, and you complain to him, and you cry to him, and you show all that emotion to him. This doesn't mean you can do it with each other. What it means however, is that you don't depend on each other for the cure. You express to comfort one another but at the end of the day, oh Allah gives me strength, strength in my hearts. Oh Allah give me the strength to wipe away these tears. Oh Allah give me the strength to understand what I'm going through. Only you truly understand how I feel