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The political leaders and religious leaders are actions towards women and children, including the use of absolute power and the desire for justice and equity. The use of drugs and garments to attract women is also discussed. The importance of treating women with respect and being gentle in public is emphasized. The history of Islam, including the legal system for abuse and the use of "any human" label to judge others, is also discussed. The segment touches on the rights of being a slave and the need for judgment in cases. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a woman who was a worker in a community in Virginia.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, what was germane about? The title of today's hotbar? Is what an aha eurocom Leah, honey, and I'm the best of you to my family.

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But we'll begin with something else. When we're watching the news, and we see the actions of political leaders, here or abroad, and we see lies and we see corruption. We see this regard for human lives. We find it as we're watching that we find it distasteful and we find it unfathomable how someone can reach that point.

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The question is, what if someone put you today or tomorrow in charge of a nation, and you have full power and full control? So tomorrow, they put you in a nation, and you're completely in charge? And you have all the power? Would you run it with justice, fairness, and equity? Would you show favoritism to people? Would you have a lot of political prisoners? Would you run it like Abu Bakr, radi? Allahu, anhu. And Omar? Or would you run it like Bashar Al Assad or mobarak orthodoxy or fill in the blank with your favorite tyrant?

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No doubt, every single one of us as we're sitting here, we are positive that we would run it like Abu Bakr and Omar, we will be fair, there will be justice will take care of the poor, we take care of widows and orphans and minorities, and no one as they're sitting here is already planning to rip off the country and steal the wealth and give it to their family members and show favoritism and torture people and murder people.

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So the question is that we need to ask is,

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in the places where Allah subhanaw taala put us in charge now.

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No doubt every one of us either you're a manager at work or a supervisor, and you have people who are working under you, or you run a business, or you're a family man, and you have a wife and children, or you have siblings that you take care of that you're older than and home, in the places in the small areas where Allah subhanaw taala has put you in charge today. Do you behave like a mini aboubaker and a mini Omar? Or are you just a smaller version of the same people that you see on the news and you're appalled by their behavior? Are you a mini qaddafi or a mini mobarak or a mini Bashar Al Asad or do you behave like abubaker in the small places where Allah subhanaw taala has put

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you in charge now.

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Because if you are not like abubaker right now in the small places where Allah azza wa jal put you in charge. What makes you think that if tomorrow they put you in charge of a nation, you would run it like a book

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And when it comes to let's pick the Muslim lands. How is it? Is it? The question is, is it the worst of the population always fights and struggles until they become the leaders in the Muslim lands? Or is it? Everyone else is probably just as corrupt and just as bad, but they just haven't been given the opportunity.

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And I don't know the answer to that. But these leaders, they didn't come out from outer space. Got it. They came from amongst the population. So is it that the worst of humanity always finds their way to the top? Or are they just like everybody else? They haven't been given that opportunity. Are we just like those people, we just haven't been given the opportunity. Because a lot of times, we behave like a miniature version of them in our homes, and the way we run our businesses, sometimes even in how we deal with people in the community. But yet, we'd like to imagine that we're going to be like a robot chronometer, if we were in charge.

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There was one documentary where they're interviewing serial killers, and murderers. And the most amazing thing is that every single person, every one of those murderers, and serial killers when they ask them, are you a good person? Every single one of them quickly and immediately answered, Yes, without a doubt.

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So everybody always thinks they're a good person.

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So how do you know if you really are a good person and there are certain measures in Islam, and you weigh yourself against these measures to see if you're a good individual or not.

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So from the Hadith we quoted in the beginning, we're gonna be talking about treating women.

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I was in one of the states many years ago, and the Imam took me to his house for breakfast before Juma football, and I'm scheduled to give the Juma football. So I'm dressed in a full suit and tie and when we parked in front of his Masjid, he said, I have a favor to ask you. Can you take off the tie?

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So I said is a community uncomfortable with the toy he said yes to committees like the time, so I took it off just it's just a dangling garment. And that I'm in the Halawa Haram is just a dangling piece of garment. I took it off for the sake of the hook. But a year later I came back I asked about the Imam, everyone's face changed.

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So when we left the gathering said What did everyone's face changed? When asked about the Imam, they said that he had kept his wife a prisoner in his home.

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And one day she escaped and ran out of the house and ran to the neighbors and they called the police and they came and saved her from this email. Yan. He has a problem with the tie. And by the way, the committee didn't have any problem with the time he had a problem with the time. So he has an issue with the tie. And he keeps the mother of his children a prisoner in his home. This is what we're dealing with. And that's why and maybe Salalah Silla made the measure of a good man is how he treats his wife, Carla for the lava lamp. Hi, Rocco. hydrocone de la.

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Well, Anna hydrocodone lionni, the best of you are the best of you to their, to their wives. And I'm the best amongst you to my wives. So the score to see why did and maybe some of us seldom make it make this the measure of a good person, how you treat your wife, not how you treat everyone else in the masjid and in the community, because he said, Everyone can be nice and gentle in the community and smiling and, and showing signs of outer taqwa and a man. But then he goes home and he's a monster with his wife. But the scholar said, that if you are well mannered and decent with your wife at home, you're most likely well mannered outside of the home as well. But what are the chances are

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it's easy to be well mannered in public, and an A monster with your family at home. So the measure of a good person is how he treats his wife.

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And you will be surprised how many times in our community, men verbally and physically abused their wives, you would be surprised.

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So many respectable sisters will come to us. their husbands hit them regularly on a regular basis, or they destroy them with their words, or they spit in their face in front of their children, or they make them feel worthless.

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In our community, a man won't let his wife leave the house just to go to the grocery store without calling him for permission first.

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for permission first she has to call him at work to give her permission just to go to the bread to go but get bread from the grocery store. And you think you own a slave into

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or you think she's a child, grown woman in her father's home. She could go out get to the store. When she was at the University. She could go purchase whatever she wants. Now she married our product and now she can't leave the house.

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without your permission,

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oh, oh, they make them work. So many cases, they make them work so they can take all the money. Her wealth is for her. She don't have to give it to you. What do you imagine for

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the work and they think I'm a fool. She'll tell us about the rights of the husband, and only one rights.

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Now you want to know about rights? Yeah, Annie, you're going to come into my office while you abuse her. And I'm going to give a lecture pumping you up talking about the rights of the husband.

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As one chef said, he said everybody wants to quote Islam, when is going to secure their rights.

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Everybody wants to give you a hadith about the importance of the husband. The wife gives you the Hadith about being gentle to the women, almost everybody wants to quote Islam and Hadith and if one is going to secure their rights, but nobody wants to quote Islam, when it's going to take the rights of others from you.

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And this is exactly how Allah subhanaw taala describe the hypocrites in Sultan.

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Allah azza wa jal says about the hypocrites were who Luna min Bella he will be Rasool Allah, Allah, they hipparcos will come and they will say we believe in Allah and in the messenger and we obey some meta one Lothario caminho member daedalic then a group of them leaves after that Wilma order a couple million and they are not the believers. Then Allah God says what is the Douro Illa Allah He will soon he Leah Kuma Bay in a home and if they are called to Allah and His Messenger for his messenger to judge between them. Yeah, now, the hipparcos are called and there's going to be this there's a dispute and the prophet SAW Selim is going to judge between them. So either for a minimum

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or a group of them will turn away. They don't want the judgment because they know it's going to take someone else's right from them that they took unfairly.

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Allah as we did, then says a fee of Guru will be modeled on America taboo. Here are the options. Either there is disease in their heart, or they have doubt. Amir havanna, and yahi Allahu alayhi manasu are that they are afraid and yahia Ania mean that they're afraid that Allah and His messenger will be unjust and biased against them.

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But Allah ecomo Volume One rather they are the ones who were the evil doers.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala tells us the only way the believers behave in a situation like this in nama, Dr. Humphrey and it limits in when you say in demo, that means this is the only way. This is the only response. This is the only answer.

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In NEMA con or Poland meaning either doodle Illallah he was UI, Leah komaba in a home a kulu semana What? altana? What would I go home and move home? The only response the only answer we get from the believers when they're called to Allah and His messenger to judge between them is that they say we hear and obey and they're the ones who will be successful. So the hypocrite only wants and another part of sorta nor Allah says what he akula human have yet to lay him with any youngster in the rain. If they if the truth is with them, if the right is with them, oh, now they want to slum and so they come rushing for judgment.

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This is how the hypocrites are. This is how a lot of us behave. A man will abuse his wife, but he wants to hear about the husband's rights, or women also are not are not free of this. Jani. A woman is getting a divorce from her husband. She wants to take half his wealth.

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Is this your right? half his wealth? This isn't even make sense. Yeah, and he is one of the musharaf said, if your husband died today, you wouldn't get half as worth

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tahara if he died today, she would split his worth with his heirs she wouldn't get half and now while he's alive, he won't take half.

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But when they're given that option until I'm that's not the judgment in Islam, well, this is the law of the land less. Just like the hypocrites who prefer whatever will get them more. I don't care. What is the judgment of Allah azza wa jal.

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Everyone's a good Muslim when it's a beautiful day.

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Everyone has a good Muslim one. It's a beautiful day.

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It's about being a Muslim when it's a rough day. It's about being truthful and honest, when you're the one that the rights are going to be taken from you to given to the rightful owners. That's why in the visa law said, said in her region Alaykum Huckleberry Finn, her Ridge Jani old Hipple Hara jello and ism Jani and we saw Selim is saying, in other words, I am warning you

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severely from violating the rights of these two that are weak or in a weak position, or attach sin or make you blameworthy if you violate the rights of two who are in a weak position ellia team will mark the orphan and the woman and we know why the orphan is weak. And we know that the woman can be in a very weak position and some people they hear this hadith hellos? No. Any the same people you understand the people being abused now are women, people who are having the rights taken away from their women, because there could be no, they couldn't be in a position of weakness. So in the middle of Solomon saying I warn you severely, and I'm attaching blame to anyone who takes away their or

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violates the rights of these two, the orphan and the woman. And this is what we're doing all the time in our communities, abusing our women physically and verbally. It is it is rampant beyond what you imagine.

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And if someone is sitting here thinking I'm talking about them, don't worry, relax. I'm not talking about you. There are many, many cases, many cases with the hitting, and the spitting and the verbal abuse. But the fact that you think I'm talking about you means something is wrong with you.

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A cola cola was talking about all the muddy welcome means, you know, first off we're all fearful Mr. Fairey and ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness, indeed those who asked for his forgiveness from prosper

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Hello. I mean, while early he was a Jemaine about.

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They say it takes the average woman 12 years to leave an abusive relationship 12 years before she finally says I've had enough, and she steps out of that relationship. And many times we see cases where the woman says I want to stay for the sake of the children, for the sake of the children. But a lot of times this for the sake of the children thing, this is not the best thing for the sake of the children. Yeah, and he,

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the husband is always verbally abusing her and a basic heart and spitting in her face in front of her children. Or they're fighting with each other screaming at the top of their lungs constantly. The children are raised in this environment, where they hear that the cursing and the screaming and yelling, and yet they want to stay together for the sake of the children position best for the children. Always best cola had

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everyone go live alone. And then they meet and they see each parent whenever they sit, but they don't live in a house of turmoil and anxiety and yelling and screaming that's best for the children.

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abusing the mother of your children, especially in front of her of your of your children, that will affect them in many different ways. But in two very obvious ways. One, they lose respect for their mother. Because she is used like a raggedy and stepped on by the father the whole time. She has no authority and no value for that to them. And the other part is you see them replicate this behavior later on.

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There was a wife beater in our community in Virginia. And he would beat his wife so severely that he would have to then drive her to the emergency room. And she can't speak English. He'll tell him she just fell down the stairs and every week has to take her to a different hospital because she can't keep falling down the stairs all the time.

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But his father used to do that to his mother.

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That's where they learn. Children are just sponges they soak up your behavior, your treatment, your attitudes.

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So the measuring stick, what is a good person, and it is also a made it how you treat your wife. That's the measuring stick. And you see people with their eyes have closed the talk was going to make them faint in the masjid. Then they go home and beat their wives and scream at their wives and use profanity against their wives been saying this for years. It's a known phenomenon.

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The measure of a good man is how he treats his wife.

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A measure of a real man is how he treats his wife. And that's the measure that we put in Islam. Otherwise, we're just like the people we see in the news. And we're appalled that their behavior and we critique their behavior, or we're just like the murderers and serial killers who are horrible human beings, but they all think they're good people.

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This will keep us realistic. Am I really a good person based on measuring or weighing myself against these measures in Islam? Not based on what I think of myself everybody thinks well of themselves.

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Without We ask Allah azza wa jal

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To make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it, and to of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for lahoma lokomotiva varnell Balti, la Boulton Inaba. Allahumma salli ala dunya Kumara homina Well, I'm a blogger Elmina whether it anonymously Ronna Allahumma brim lahoma geonosian you as the robotic welder Hello ma sciatic morphea hibben Maru for you and Javi animoca SME our da also Allahumma barik ala alameen wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa como la sala de como Hong Kong, Milan.