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peaceful, peaceful, peaceful,

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peaceful, peaceful, peaceful,

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peaceful Alhamdulillah Salam Alaikum, peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. And Today my guest is the author and publisher of over 40 different books. He's also a translator. And we are going to be discussing one of his books, actually two of his books today one of them which is the 50, righteous and humane concepts brought by Muhammad, the last and final messenger to mankind peace and blessings be upon him and

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the prophet of mercy.

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HUDs role in Islam without further delay, let's bring out our special guests. jello abou group.

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Salam Alaikum alaikum salam, did I say right this time? Yes, he did.

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So let's let's start into this book.

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Shake. Tell us what, because there was a response to a pope who actually said something derogatory about the last the final messenger that enticed you to write this book, can you tell us what he actually said? It's actually on the back of the book. I collected here the very statement that he made, which made Muslims all over the world very angry. And, sadly enough, some Muslims actually went out to the streets to prove that Islam is not violent by, you know, burning cars and destroying property, which is absolutely the opposite of the message they wanted to send. So then you Pope after the one that died, who, of course, stayed for a long time and had some kind of plan to

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evangelize Muslims or bring them to Christianity, by way of dialogue or interfaith or aspects like this, but this new pope, in a few few months since he became Pope, he managed to upset just about every other religion starting with Islam, with of course, Protestants in a non Catholics and Jews. The things that he said about Rasulullah saw Salam and Rasulullah he means the Prophet of Allah, messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam means peace be upon him, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He quoted an Byzantine emperor, who said things centuries ago about Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and while quoting him, he was actually approving what he said in somebody what he said.

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quoting the improv, show me just what Mohammed wrote that was new. And there you will find things only evil and inhuman, I thought, I think he meant inhumane. So he put it in humans, such as his commandment, or Command, to spread by the sword, the faith he preached, I put it here on the back of the book, so that anyone who reaches out to this book will find the topic of the book from here from the title, he said, Bring me anything that was new that Muhammad wrote, you will find things evil and inhuman, inhumane, whatever. So I only bring one I brought more than 50 actually have more than 60. Here. I just left the number 50 because it looks nice. But I have more points, far more points

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than 50 here discussed. And he said anything new, I bought 50 concepts that Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam came with, and they are both righteous and humane, that if anyone who has a good sound mind who's fear, who's not about just hating Islam and refuting Islam and rejecting Islam for just because they don't like it, or they have misinformation, if they look at these aspects, they will say, Well, this is good. I'll give you an example. You know, the only religious book there is an existence that forbids the pagan and especially the Arab, pagan or pagan Arab tradition of killing their infant females, so that they don't share the food with them or don't dishonor them

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later on in their life. The only book that makes it outlawed and specific and mentions it and the title is alma ooda, the female infant who's killed because like I said, they didn't want them to share the food with them or they're afraid if they grow up, they're gonna bring them dishonor is the Quran. Because Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, and Allah is the Creator subhana wa Taala. All Praise be to him, said in the Quran, the Quran is the Holy Book of Islam was evil ooda to sulit when the Oda is asked meaning of the Day of Judgment, the idea then been cotulla why she was killed. So the Quran came and prohibited this practice. Now can any

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One common say that in the Bible, it has the same because there isn't anything similar to this very subject in the Bible. Nobody before the Quran or nobody in for Mohammed Salah who was sent to the Quran came with this concept. And Can anyone who has a sound mind and they say this is not good, this is evil. So instead of discussing just what the Pope said, and refuting what he said, and so I bought 50 points.

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I said before on this show, and I'm going to repeat it again, I'm not one who would lower his head to other than the Creator. In Islam, we only lower our heads and prostrate and bow down only to the creator to Allah subhana wa Tada. So, this man through something and my Prophet sallallaahu, Selim, the Pope Benedict, the new pope,

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he said things about our messenger Salah, seldom that are completely false.

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And therefore, he opened the door, and I just went inside. Now the 50 righteous points that Mohammed brought, there is a comparison here, between what the Quran says, as compared to what the Old Testament says. And the New Testament says, because this man is the representative of Christianity, and Christianity believes in the Old Testament and the New Testament. So I responded to him by bringing in more than 50, righteous and humane points or concepts Muhammad came with from his Lord Salallahu alaihe, Salam. Also, I made comparisons between these points, and what's found in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Now, some things are positive, the comparisons, some of the

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comparisons are negative, because he started it, and we have every right to not only expose the lies, he said, but also to bring to humanity's attention. That Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is absolutely nothing like what this man was saying. Plus our religion, Islam has so many good points. And they are in the 1000s and 10s, of 10s of 1000s. If anyone who has a good mind, who really think for what's better for him with his Lord, when he meets him, would look at this religion and say, wonderful, Muhammad is the prophet of mercy. So I started actually, this is a part of an eight book series, all of them titled The prophet of mercy.

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Each one has its own unique title. So I still have six more books to shala. Right. Now, all you did was interesting as you didn't go breaking car windows, you didn't go burning flags, you didn't go jump in and, you know, acting a fool in the street, you actually did Jihad by the pen. Is that correct? Yes. Because

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like, mm hmm, one of the major scholars of Islam said before that anyone who responds with words to the integrators and in this case to the non believers, then he is doing jihad. So you did the intellectual thing. You responded with a book? Yes. Yeah. Tell us now. What is Islam spread by the sword? Because that's what he mentioned. It was, yeah, his command to spread the religion by the sword, of course. How do you respond to this? It's absolutely false. Historically, they cannot find and I always challenge Christians, I debate and Jews and non Muslims. And also even some Muslims, you have this concept to bring proof historically, that any town, any town, not a whole country, any

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town during the time of the Prophet of Allah, salallahu, alaihe, Salam Mohamad, his successors, and the generations that came after that led generations of Islam, that any town was forced to become Muslim,

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Egypt, for example, it was conquered by the successors of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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specific specifically the highlife, the holly farmer, his friend and his father in law and his companion. Now, those Muslim armies that went to Egypt, they liberated Egypt from the Roman and Byzantine influence, which was really corrupt. They tax the people to the point of exhaustion, or even death, and they force their own brand of Christianity on the cops. So the cops many of them were happy that the Arabs came because they offered them freedom of religion for centuries for about two centuries after that. Egypt was still mostly Christian.

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centuries after that Muslims outnumber the Christians until today, you have like about 5%, Christian 95% Muslim, but for two centuries after Islam came to Egypt, mostly most of the population was still Christian. Another point, Spain, the endless and the Muslim rule. I mean, they remain under Muslim rule for about 800 years. When the Arabs, the Arab Muslims went into Spain and of course

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The Berber Muslims there, they cooperated. And they did a marvelous job they established a civilization that Europe can't have, or couldn't have, you know, imitated even until today. They established the civilization, civilization and Spain for eight centuries, they went into Spain, with just about the majority of the population Christian, they left Spain, with just about the majority of the population Christian, and therefore my response to them is that prove it.

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You can see anything you like about the religion was spread by the sword. What sword Indonesia today, Indonesia, is the largest Muslim country.

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Historically, not a single Muslim soldier set foot on any Island in Indonesia. But today, the largest Muslim country, my largest Muslim population is Indonesia. So how can anyone say that Islam came by the force or by the sword when historically it didn't happen? Why do you think there's so much negativity and stigma and so much resentment towards Islam? Like, you know, like Islam did something wrong to somebody, even though the majority of people don't really understand it? When I explain it here to you see, Christianity had the 600 year, you know,

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you know, like,

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they started 600 years before Islam, okay. So they were ahead by 600 years. And they thought they had it cornered and covered that, you know, they wanted to spread Christianity by the sword all over the world. Because, you know, if you talk about Spain, when the Spanish Spaniards came, came to took over Spain from an annulus for Muslims, what happened to the Muslims and Jews who were there and non Catholics, they all became Catholic. Indonesia, okay, they try to preach. The Dutch tried to preach their religion there by force. But it was an accident, the Philippines was about 90% Muslim before the European colonial, you know, powers came. Now it is about 95%. Christian. So they're the ones

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who did the sword and look at these two continents, North and South America. They had no idea what Christianity is about. Now. They're mostly Christian. And they came and they annihilated the local population. They were not Christian. They forced him to become Christian. They brought millions of slaves from Africa forced him to become Christian. So Luke was talking. I mean, you you have this legacy, we're talking about my religion. Why they have this is because Islam spoiled the dream. They thought the Christians that before Mohammed Salim came, they just kind of take over the world. And everybody will believe in these the concepts that they have that Jesus is divine, that is the Son of

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God and divine, that he died on the cross for, you know, for humanity's sins, and that he was resurrected after death. Then Mohammed Salah Lai Selim came and spoiled it. He told them what Jesus was really about Hebrew, the monotheism that Jesus came with. And in doing that, the Christians who had 600 deed headstart, they found that Islam is spreading all over the world, and that it's not only spreading in its local and native areas, but also to Europe these days. So the, this is one thing. And then the second thing, of course, Islam has jihad, and jihad, an aspect of it is to fight. There is no doubt about it. It's not the only aspect. It's one out of 13. But fighting in the

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sake of Allah, in defense, and sometimes to preempt, you know, the treachery and hostility of non Muslims, is, comes with Islam. So Islam is a unique way of life. It establishes a religion, a state, a way of life, educational system, social beliefs, also, it's a military power. All these together made Islam a very unique power, that of course, they feel the hatred. And add to that ignorance in Islam itself said make things that you will Far, far worse in the minds of the people who hate Islam, because you don't understand it. You hate it. So how are we going to deal with it? So this all this that Christianity has against Islam, because Mohammed, dead, resurrect the monotheism, that

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the Christianity Christians spoiled by making God into three gods or into a man and having a son and all these things, a God who, according to Christians, doesn't change because the Bible says that I do not change, God doesn't change.

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He came in the form of a man and was a baby and had to be changed. Not only changed himself become from growing from being young to a young man to, you know,

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full grown man. He had to be changed, there was a baby. So this is the god they brought, and they wanted the whole world to believe this story when Jesus had

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has absolutely nothing to do with this, you know, belief. In this book, by the way, I mentioned several Christian, and Western encyclopedias. All of them agreeing, Trinity is not in the Bible. Trinity is not in the Bible Trinity is not in the Bible. Because it isn't. Yeah, because there is not a single quote from Jesus by Jesus, that he establishes any of the stuff that these people say. So Islam came and spoiled it for them, according to them. But it didn't spoil it actually, it brought back what Jesus was all about, which is he was a slave, and profit from Allah. He only called to the worship of Allah alone, he never called to his worship, he never said to his people

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who listened people I created you worship me. He never said that. It's just they put in words on his mouth that he never said. So Islam came with it, a total way of life, as compared to Christianity, which is not a total way of life. So we establish a life and the religion through Islam, and the mechanism to defend it, which is the jihad, and therefore we spoil their dream, big deal we are here will not go in anywhere. Tell us with the you gave us one concept or humane concept that the last and final messenger to mankind brought? Can you give us a couple more before we go to the next book? Among the things that Prophet Mohammed was, of course, let me mention a few quickly. Of course,

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Islam came with a concept that is new, the world had listened to Christianity for about 600 years, that Jesus was crucified. And the Quran comes and says he wasn't crucified, wasn't killed a law saved him from being killed by the hand of some of his creation, according to Christians, and this is the awful thing to say about God that he came in the shape of the man and actually was crucified by spitting Jews. You know what I said? Why is a spitting Jews because according to the Bible, why they will lead in him to be crucified. They were spitting at him and smacking him on the back of his neck, so humiliation, humiliation to God, and he was killed by some of his creations. So Islam

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claims and no, first of all, Jesus never said he is God or the Son of God or anything like that. And he wasn't killed. Allah says, and from that humiliation also about an aspect that Christianity doesn't have. And what I once showed this to a Christian who was really amazed, he said, Why doesn't the Bible has this, the miraculous birth of Jesus, it is mentioned in general in the Bible that he was born without male intervention. In the Quran, it is clearly shown that Jesus spoke in the cradle. I mean, we agree with that, of course, Allah gave Mary Isa Jesus without the intervention, any mail, she she just, you know, had the baby and Allah subhanaw taala made it a miracle. But what

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the Bible doesn't have what Islam has is that he spoke in the cradle to his people. And I can imagine why they erase that because what did he say? He said, I am a slave law. What he said in the cradle, and she took him to her,

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to her tribe to her people. She said, Oh, Mary, you did an awful thing. You know, your mother wasn't a whore. Your father wasn't a singer. So where does this baby come from? She said, she pointed to him. And Allah made him speak. He said, I am a slave of Allah. And the message that he gave is that I call it the worship of my Lord and your Lord Allah. So the erase that other things that Muhammad came with, and this is our to repeat every time I have the opportunity to speak, which is what Prophet Mohammed once was told, or he saw a woman dead in one of the battles. So he said to his companions Do not kill women and children. So this is a concept in warfare, that in contradiction to

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the Old Testament, actually says, Do not kill women or children. In contrast, you see some addicts from the Bible that I have them here, go to this town and kill every man, woman, child, suckling infant, oxen, and sheep and donkey. Of course, God would never have ordered this, but compared this to that, that's what you have hope in your book, which you're hiding. And you know, a majority of your people, they don't read your book anyway, they just read the passages that the priests choose on Sundays, and that's all they don't read it like we do that we read the Quran every day. It's in your book, you tell me my religion is violent. You're telling me my religion is evil. What about

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this ethics in your book? And they claim that the one who revealed the Old Testament is Jesus, okay, so who revealed this ethics then and SAML to Jesus? So, are you now telling me what he was the Lord before then he repented and he changed his personality he was the prince of the Lord of War. Then he became the Prince of Peace all of a sudden, just because he became a man

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So this kind of legacy, they come attack by religion No, I'm sorry. Now among the aspects that I have here is the inheritance of woman and maybe inshallah can elaborate on that if you like.

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the inheritance of woman Islam course. In the Quran, Allah says that the share in the inheritance of a male is twice that of a female or the female is half that of the male. Now, Islam has been Of course, you know, bashed all over about this, you know, backward this stuff, you know, they're not fair to women. And here I explained that it's not only fair to women, actually, men earn less than women. If you think about it, how? First of all, Christianity and Judaism have no set share in the inheritance for females.

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The only thing that the Macan they can bring is some old testament story that Moses said, okay, the female can have this shape of the inheritance if she doesn't marry outside of her tribe. Otherwise, she loses that before that women used to be inherited, not to inherit, they used to be the subject of inheritance themselves. Islam came and gave women a set share in the inheritance by the commandment of Allah, to be recited until the day of judgment as a fixed share that Allah gave not men, nobody can deny except an unjust person. So this is point number one. Number two, in Islam, if someone is really taking care of his religious duties, I'm a male. I'm supposed to spend on my

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daughter, on my wife, and on my sister and, and mother and aunts, and female relatives as much as I can. But I'm required to spend on my family, of course, my wife. Now, if I, when I marry, a Muslim man marries when you married, when he married, when, you know, you bring into the marriage, you share your wealth. And you're required to spend from that on the family. If the woman had inherited any money from her parents or relatives, she brings that inheritance into her own account, inside marriage, because she's not required to pay for anything in the marriage. She is encouraged as a way of goodness and being kind, but she's not required to therefore, when you marry a Muslim woman,

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your money is

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yours, both of you. And her money still is hers. So when she marries, she literally puts her strike sticks her hand in your pocket. And I'm joking about it, because they're welcome. Yes, they are always welcome to do that. And more than that, but anyway, so when I inherited some money, I have female relatives whom I'm supposed to spend on I'm required, and other female relatives, I'm greatly encouraged to spend on them. But the female doesn't have to. So my inheritance goes, quickly vanishes, disappears, because I have to spend it here and there and there, let alone spending on my family. But she doesn't have to. And therefore what she takes in inheritance is actually more and

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lasting than what I would inherit from my parents, because what I inherit, I have to spend it. Let's get back to the sword because a lot of the people who have a

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hatred towards Islam for whatever

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reasons that they do, they tried to quote certain verses from the Quran. Now, if you were to take most of these verses that talk about fighting that they use, and you know what most of them are, how do you refute these two? How do you put them in their proper context where they try to use it out of his proper content? Well, what they what they want to say that Islam didn't spread as a religion, but spread as a military power. Of course, this is false. Now, every state on the face of the earth, that one starts, it would read, it would need a sphere of influence, they need to establish authority, they need armies, they defend themselves to even expand. This is nothing that's unique to

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Islam, every state did the Romans. What How did the Romans end up occupying, you know, most of the known world during their time, when according to the name, their Romans, they went out to a city and occupied the huge lands, how come they don't bash the Romans? Also, not only before they became Christian also after they became Christian, because they kept expanding and occupying countries all over the you know, the area, and nobody said anything about it. It's only Islam that was spread by the sword. You mean, the Roman Empire was spread by what kindness and they were just you know, what, what are you on kissing each other on the cheek and philosophy? Are we okay? Let's Let's have some

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dialogue with the Romans. You'll be Romans, everybody's Romans were happy. No, they did it through brutal war.

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Violence in which they used to kill entire towns, especially in France when they rebelled against them. So now when they talk about this, they talk about Islam as a state, as a state, it expanded militarily. There is no doubt about it, it started in Medina expanded. But what they want to imply is that the religion was forced upon people by this expansion, which is absolutely not true, because as I said, I challenge every Christian and Jew, non Muslim, and even some Muslims who have this idea to bring proof that Prophet Mohammed and his companions are the next generation, or the next one, or the next one went to any town and told people you die, or you become Muslim, because it didn't

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happen. People became Muslim on their own, especially in the Sham Syria area in Egypt area and Iraq, in Iran, all the way back then till India, all the way until, you know, Morocco and of course, into Europe, and through the Ottoman Empire, people became Muslim on their own. What they want to imply by using the sword is that religion, the religion of Islam, couldn't have spread this much, and couldn't have, you know, become an empire without the sword. So they're mixing their religious aspect, which didn't happen because the Quran clearly says the extra half a dean, there is no compulsion in religion. And the Prophet doesn't didn't force people to become Muslim by the sword.

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But the Islamic State as a military power as a state, it expanded and mainly because people started attacking Muslims and Islam and tried to exterminate Islam in the early era. And then they will hostility from Christians started by the Christians actually, especially by the Roman Empire. And as a retaliation, the Muslim Khalifa Kala kala, for the caliphs, they started the expansion into these two major powers of the world, the Prussian power, and the Roma tower. And today I want to mention Indonesia again, because like over 350 million Muslims live there, and none of them was forced either now or before to become Muslim. So when they speak about the sword, they mean to say that the

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religion of Islam is not appealing by itself. It's just the sword that spread it. But the Quran says, no compulsion in religion, and prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not do anything other than what the Quran says here. He didn't force anyone to become Muslim. How about if someone brings up and says, look, that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he conducted so many battles, and he raided caravans for his political gain for wealth and for women or whatever. Have you heard this accusation, we hear it all the time, and it's not new. You see, the devil who's teaching them this ideas is the same devil who was there maybe during the time Prophet Mohammed,

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because according to the Quran, the devil doesn't die until the day of judgment. So the old tricks that people think now are new tricks are actually all tricks, the same stuff. They said before the same stuff they say now, now, of course, the prophet had during his lifetime, and as a leader, a military and state leader in Medina, it was 10 years, since he migrated from Mecca until he died 10 years. During those 10 years, more than 70 battles happen of two types. One called sariah, plural for Syria, an army detachment that he didn't leave himself, and the other types called the Gaza, which he led himself. So about more than 70 battles. Actually, I went through each and every one of

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them because this is my job, I'm a translator, I have access to the Islamic resources in Arabic, and I read them extensively, especially about the history. If you go back to the history, you will find that

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many so many of these battles started, because other people were gathering armies to attack the Muslims, or they already are attacking Muslims. So many of these battles that started they started because of the aggression of non Muslims who are trying to exterminate Islam and Muslims. And many of these battles didn't witness any fighting at all. Now, this is something even many Muslims don't understand or realize,

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have over 70 battles that happened during the span of 10 years. I went to the historical resource resources we have, and they're all in Arabic, by the way, and collected the number of deaths in each and every battle. The reason behind every battle, and mostly as I said, it was defensive, defensive, and how many people died, combatants, non combatants, Muslims and non Muslims. Do you know how many people died in all these 10 years because if you hear what the Muslims are saying about Prophet Mohammed, you'd think that he started carrying the sword when he was five years old, and he killed like 7 million people. But it's all false. And these people they can't tolerate the truth.

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I've posted this this on my website, www dot Islam life is LA, sorry, is la m Li f.com. I have the account there. You know how many people died? All this? Less than 4070 batters, at the rate of about 56 a battle? Tell me, is there a country, a state in the face of the earth in the history of mankind over the span of 10 years that started and was established and became powerful? by, you know, through the death of less than 4000? About half of them Muslim? Tell me Is there any culture on the face of the earth that can boast about this, no, less than 4000 people died. So violence doesn't mean the bachelors here doesn't mean violence as they claim. And it doesn't mean that people were

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forced to become Muslim, because many of those methods no fighting even happened. And I challenge everybody, and I still challenge him today. Go to the resources and find a larger number than 4000 because you will not find it. And this is amazing. Amazing here. I mentioned several examples from the Old Testament, about number of deaths according to what the prophets, ancient prophets did, according to the Old Testament, okay. Now this is a revelation from God. It's not a revelation from God. But let's let's talk about it because some battles in the Old Testament in one day 12,000 people died, some 100,000 all the way to a million people die by the hands of the mighty Jewish

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people. This is in the Bible. Now, in the Bible. One day, they say an Ethiopian army of 1 million, can you imagine 5000 years ago or 6000 years ago, the Ethiopians to be able to raise armies of 1 million soldiers. I mean, China today can barely do it. With all the technical technological advances, America has 1.3 million soldiers. I mean, they can't do that. It's not possible. Ethiopia didn't have a million, maybe people 5000 years ago. So there is this army

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and took the army all the way to Palestine. With the mid the mighty Israeli army, they all died in one day.

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So they talk about 70 battles, excuse me, look at your book, you know, if one batch will lead to the death of 1 million soldiers, you tell me my religion is violence. You know, you gotta be serious about your religion, about what you're going to face with your Lord, what point at one point in your life. So I compared this because it is very important. The same person who says the religion of Islam was his command to spread by the sword, the religion he preached, which is false, because there is no such commandment, I challenge the pope if he can hear me today. And I doubt he'll hear anything because he's just secluded in his own world. Bring me any statement in the Quran or the

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prophetic Sunnah where the Prophet said, by the sword force people to become Muslim. It's not there. Absolutely not. Let's go into now we talked about swords and, and these other things. Let's talk about your other book, the prophet of mercy and give us some examples of mercy of this last and final messenger and you guys can get the book at Islam life.com.

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Let's talk about this mercy share.

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Well, since you mentioned this book, let's talk about this book now. Because here it's about Mohammed's role in Islam. Actually, in about 200 pages I explained the religion of Islam here. And the title is about Mohammed wasallam, because he's the one who was sent with the Quran with Islam. I started here by talking about monotheism, because this is the major point in our religion. This is the foundation of it. This is the establishment This is why Allah sent Mohammed to bring back monotheism because without monotheism, if you do every kind of good deeds allowed or not accepted, you have to have the belief that he's the only creator and thus, the only one who deserves to be

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worshipped alone. No children, no ancestors, no offspring. So here, I talk about Mohammed sauce, lamb in the mercy, because just before he was sent, Christianity almost destroyed the monotheism of all the prophets. They brought a new religion that no one before in the Bible, the Old Testament New Testament ever preached is not there. They go to the Old Testament, they read it from beginning to end talking about God is one your Lord is one you load this one and they make it mean to me in three when no one Abraham David never gave a speech similar to what evangelical people today give about Trinity they

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speak about Abraham, Abraham never said, By the way there is Lord, His name is Jesus and He is the Son of God. He never said any of this stuff at all. So Mohammed, and this is the greatest mercy of ascent with him. He brought back that monotheism that Christianity almost killed.

00:35:16--> 00:35:57

I mean, Judaism still has monotheism even until today, but it is a minor religion compared to Christianity. Christianity is a world religion just like Islam, just like Buddhism Hinduism, so they almost killed that and Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem was sent with the resurrection of tawheed, which is monotheism to bring us back to the one and only Lord and creator of everything who the only one who deserves to be worshipped. Also apart at the mercy that was sent to the Prophet Mohammed Salim is that Allah gave us detailed instructions on what he wants us to do, about his names and attributes. He described himself vividly in the Quran, and by the words of Mohammed, also, he speaks

00:35:57--> 00:36:21

about where we came from our mission in life we were created to worship Him, we were going after death, because many people think I'm going to live only one life is only life, I'm going to have the only body I'm going to have but that's not true. Allah didn't create us to die. Allah created us to live for eternity, but there's going to be death between those two lives, the one that we have, we are in now, which is short

00:36:22--> 00:37:02

and which is full of action, you have to do the action here so you'd be rewarded or punished, but that other life is for eternity. Allah created us so that we live in eternity either in paradise or hellfire. So Prophet Mohammed was sent sallallahu Sallam with detailed description of tawheed monotheism, the essence of Allah, description of his names and attributes and his actions, his warning his his promises, and what he wants us to do. And he also was sent as a mercy in the way that he also explained the Quran in detail. But we have verses

00:37:04--> 00:37:11

in the Quran, ayat is plural for ayah, loosely translated to verse that say, establish the prayer.

00:37:12--> 00:37:54

If we leave the Quran as it is, then what's the prayer in Arabic? If you say All Praise be to Allah, this is a prayer. But Prophet Mohammed was sent as a mercy from Allah to tell us No, it is the prayer that we learned today that we do today that we practice today the the kneeling and prostrating and recite ation of the Quran. The invocation we say, throughout the Salah, which is called, I mean the prayer. So Prophet Mohammed came not only with the detailed description of Allah, his names and attributes, his actions, his promises, his warnings, but detailed information of what Allah wants us so that we end his pleasure. And he didn't leave us like this, he told us about

00:37:54--> 00:38:40

matters of the unseen, what's going to happen after death, at the time of death, in the grave, on the day of judgment, and the final destination that awaits each one of us, is either to paradise or hellfire. Plus, there is vivid description in the Quran, and by the words of Prophet Mohammed, Salah Salem about paradise and Hellfire so that you have no illusions. You know what to anticipate if you are patient and you feel worship You Lord, and you become among the righteous persons? Or, if you don't do that you have no, you know, you have no illusions about what awaits you if you die as an unbeliever. So he is the prophet of mercy for all of mankind because of him bringing back to hate,

00:38:40--> 00:39:11

monotheism, and detailed description of why we were created, the mission for which we were created, and how we ended up or we can end up in the pleasure of Allah so that we are in Paradise, in contradiction to hellfire. So why can't he be I mean, he is the prophet of mercy, because all this information, we had no access to it before Allah sent him. And today, after all these centuries, there is a mercy that is included, and I mentioned it here.

00:39:12--> 00:39:58

Allah sent Mohammed as the final and last messenger prophet from him with the detailed information about what we should do so that we end his pleasure. He also protected this information for us that today, the same Quran Prophet Mohammed recited to his companions is the same one we have today. Go to China, it's the same book, go to India as the same book, come to America as the same book go to Mecca. It's the same book, letter by letter, even with the marks which are called skin, which tell you how to read the word properly. The same everywhere you go, is in this America. This is a prophet of mercy. So Allah sent him with the mercy which is what to end Allah's mercy to go to Paradise also

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

he sent with him way

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

An eternal law that no one can change, they try to change the Quran to corrupt it to spoil it. It is still the same today as the day when he recited it fresh to his companions. Also, I mentioned that the explanation of the Quran is found in his tradition is called the sooner. So the sooner was also protected for us from corruption the same way the Quran was protected that today, I can if I want, if you wish, if somebody wishes, I can give you a demonstration of how to make the prayer according to the way of Prophet Mohammed did, because the books of Hadith collected for us this information. And today I can sit in a lecture and say, Prophet Muhammad said, How? Because we have that

00:40:47--> 00:41:36

tradition, protected from corruption in books, and preserved through chains of narration and contradiction to the Bible. The 10s of dozens of books in the Bible, nobody knows who wrote anything in the Bible, for sure. In what original language timeframe, nobody really knows the Quran. We know that Muhammad came with it from Allah. And it is the same book that he you know, recited, the Sunda was protected for us through change of narration. No religion has it. They say in the Bible, Jesus did this did this did that. But Who said it? I mean, when you talk about john, the gospel of john, who's john, who is his father? What was his original language? When did he write his book? What

00:41:36--> 00:42:15

authority gave him to write this book? Where did you get the information? Who are the witnesses? I mean, some people told him stuff. This is what happened because he wasn't there. He's not a disciple. He never saw Jesus with his own eyes to begin with. So where did you get these stories from? We have no idea. But we have books like Bukhari and Muslim where intense was saying Rasul Allah, the Messenger of Allah said, and give the text but before that there is a chain of narration at Buhari head, that Hadith from his teacher, from his teacher, from his teacher, from the companion from the Messenger of Allah. Each one of those in this chain of narration is a person known in

00:42:15--> 00:43:00

history, we know their biography, their trustworthiness, what their teachers said about them, for their students at the bottom, their legacy when they were born, when they died. So when I come and sit here and say, Prophet Mohammed said, and I give the text, and then I give also the resource Buhari, everyone who can hear me can have access to actually the chain of narration where I Bukhari hear this from so that we can verify in our religion, what we have in our religion and contracts to the Old Testament, New Testament, they have no chance of narration to anything, they have no idea who said whatever. And and one of the debates I, okay, I was, I always do that. I make fun of

00:43:01--> 00:43:42

non Arabic speaker evangelicals who try to translate the Quran and explain it. Because it sounds so funny coming out of their mouth, they have no clue what they're talking about. They can't read the original language. So I, you know, I did the same with the recent debate I had. And then the guy who came after me was, you know, saying, well, gela now comes and explains Greek. Because the Bible, the New Testament is in Greek. So now he comes and explains Greeks, he makes fun of us, because we explained the Quran because it's an Arabic saying, We don't speak the language. But now he, now he speaks, he, he tries to explain the Greek New Testament, even though he doesn't speak Greek. So when

00:43:42--> 00:43:52

I came after him, I said, I didn't have to speak Greek, because Jesus never spoke Greek. Jesus didn't speak Greek, or English. He didn't speak in capital letters to

00:43:54--> 00:44:35

God, God, like the capital G and the lowercase G, he didn't speak English, or capital letters at all. So what I'm talking about and refuting, we still have the resource, the original book in the same language it came in, what you have is a translation of a translation that's been edited and corrupted by Allah knows how many people so it's not the same. I don't need to learn Greek. Bring me the book that Jesus came with, which is called there in jail, the gospel, the gospel of Jesus, that he came with an owl kiss it and believe in it. I still follow the Quran with regards to the law, but I'm gonna find that it is the same religion that Muhammad came with is the same religion that Jesus

00:44:35--> 00:44:59

came on to tell us we're almost at a time shake. Can you tell us for those people now that they've investigated Islam a little bit, and they haven't been naive and they haven't felt the trappings of the people who are trying to sway people away from the truth. They want to become Muslim. They, what do they have to do? Islam is a wonderful religion, or what you have to do is that you believe a law is your Creator.

00:45:00--> 00:45:26

This is his name in Arabic. Maybe his name is below him in your language. Maybe you call him God doesn't matter. It matters to some degree. But if you believe that he's the one and only creator of the whole universe and existence, and that, consequently he's the only one who deserves to be worshipped. And you believe in that. All what you have to say is a shadow Allah ilaha illAllah a shadow shadow No, Mohammed Rasul Allah.

00:45:27--> 00:46:10

All what you have to say is a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow under Muhammad Rasulullah. I bear witness that there is no god worship worship except Allah alone without partners, and that Muhammad is His Messenger, then you become a Muslim. Simple as a as simple as that. And you do not have to learn the entire religion overnight. It's a process, it will take all your life, you keep learning, learning, learning, I started learning this religion when I was five. I don't consider myself a scholar in any way. I'm still learning. I'm still learning even from my own books. Sometimes I translated stuff years ago, I read it now. And I remember things that I forgot this is a

00:46:10--> 00:46:52

wonderful religion. All what you have to say is I bear witness that there is no god worship, worship, except Allah Muhammad is His Messenger. And then just keep learning, keep learning and keep taking those necessary steps. Absolutely. Because that is the biggest Jihad there is. Yes. Tell us real quick and we're going to cut out that for the person who heard you say Allah. He doesn't know much about Islam, but he is not with worshipping a man a monkey, a cow, a statue, can you define the correct concept of the Creator of the heavens and earth Allah? Well, I have it in this book. So inshallah, inshallah means Allah willing, if you'd like to reach out to this book, inshallah, just

00:46:52--> 00:46:54

email me, Islam life.com.

00:46:56--> 00:47:37

Even if you don't have the money, I'll manage something will send you a copy somehow. But I have full description here of Allah, the creator, that He is the creator of everything, that he is the magnificent, he has the most perfect names, and perfect attributes that he is the king, the owner, the one who gives sustenance, life and death, the one who created the sun and the moon, the one who created everything in existence, the one who brings us all kind of blessings in our life, guidance to the truth, and to stay on the truth. So, in effect, what we have of description of God is that he is in control of everything, every way you can imagine. And not only this life, also the Day of

00:47:37--> 00:48:18

Judgment. So the description we have of God is that the creator of everything, and in that it's not only only about creating the physical existence, the soul, and protection of everything that's going on you see, today, we can really understand the magnificent universe. I mean, we can see it even a fraction of it still. But now we understand more than ever before, especially with regards to what the eye can see how spacious this universe is. And this is all in your book. It's here Islam life calm and the book he talks about Islam from A to Z. Say thank you again for being with us on the deen show is that hope to have you again soon. And I thank you for sitting through Thank you for

00:48:18--> 00:48:59

coming to the source to learn about Islam and Muslims which Islam simply means surrender and submission to the Creator of the heavens and earth alone without no partners. You've learned that Islam is not about terrorism or killing innocent people. Islam is a complete way of life, to strive to do jihad to be righteous. The way that your Creator wants you to live putting him before anyone else. And submitting to Him alone as we said, so you can view us every week here on the deen show calm that's th e d n show calm if you miss us on the TV, the local Chicagoland area. Until next time, we'll see you again in sha Allah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you