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Little bit afterwards Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah He have total Salah woman while at Ummah buried. So we are at verse number 27.

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Verse number 27 is one of the most profound and beautiful verses of the entire pour and highlighting Allah subhanho wa Taala is knowledge. We have next to zero verses in the Quran that talk about the knowledge of Allah.

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Literally not even a half a dozen verses. But this here is one of those verses that gives us a bit of insight of Allah's knowledge of everything in general. While enema, Phil oral,

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mean shedule rotten, Allah subhanaw taala continues and he says, Men sheduled rotten Appalam while Bahujan would go home, Allah says and to give you some perspective of how the praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala works if he had turned the entire earth and the trees existing on Earth, independent pencils, sabar to ever heard him before, is actually the Arabic name for ink. So Allah says, if you took all the trees, and you turn them into pencils,

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and then the oceans ended up becoming, and would be extended into another seven ocean. So the seven body of bodies of water we have on the planet extended into seven more bodies, the words of Allah would not run out. So in other words, if you were to start using all of these bodies of water, and ocean, and they turned into ink, and all the trees were shaped and made into pencils, and you start dipping and writing and writing all of Allah subhanho wa Taala is knowledge Manaphy that Kelly metal la Nafi that is when you attempt, but you're losing really, really bad. So it's like, I'm going to stand in a parking lot. And I'm going to attempt to touch the roof of this building with my bare

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hands with no assistance and no help. And you stand under at the bottom and you start reaching and reaching and reaching for what is essentially the impossible. That's an effete it. So it's as if Allah is saying,

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You won't even like come close, no matter how hard you try writing and exhausting all of the words of Allah. The second point about this verse is that it is a continuation of the previous conversation, which we're talking about the praise of Allah. So another extension of the verse is, if you were to count all of the things that praise Allah subhana wa taala, you will never come close to it. Because I gave you an example of the ocean and life in the ocean. Till this day. How many percentage of life has mankind discovered in our oceans? What is the percentage?

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We set it

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So out of all the white what wildlife and plantation within the oceans, the Pacific, the Atlantic and so on. Mankind has only discovered approximately 3% of what's down there. And much of it we probably

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We'll never be able to see or reach just because the depth of the ocean is so profound, so deep. So only Allah knows truly Of course what is there in constantly in praise to Him? subhanho wa Taala students very quick question Do animals praise Allah?

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What's What's your evidence?

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Prove it to me.

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And don't say well I understand them like, you know, I have a bird at home and it just it does things. How do you know that?

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How do we know this?

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Good. So Allah told us

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that's one. Allah Himself tells us in the Quran, that animals and creatures praise Him. Let me know ilithyia Musa harati fija with summer main sukoon Illa Allah, Sunita, Nahal Would you ever see that when birds are flying, and when they're gliding, this is all part of their praise to Allah suited to note, Allah described that animals also have their Salah.

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So they also have their time to go and pray, however, and whatever that means. So they have their own time of their days or their weeks or their months, where they are in some form of prayer with Allah, our Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam describe to us the croaking of the frog, is its tisby. So the thing that's annoying to us is actually praise to Allah. So it's remarkable. Every tree on the planet turned into pencils, words of Allah, meaning if you were to write the wisdom, knowledge of words, and so on, if we were to document all of the reasons worth of Allah's praise, the Earth would simply run dry.

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So that's pretty straightforward. But it's also incredibly profound to just sort of give you an insight of just how comprehensive and wide and vast Allah subhanho wa Taala his knowledge is. My question to you is really simple. How do you internalize this a?

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Is it just one of those like, wow, factor? A it was Wow, whoa.

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But Do people still are they still cautious of what they say? How they speak of Allah. You know, like, you know, in all Muslim communities, one of the biggest, and I hate to phrase it this way, but just so you understand my point, one of the biggest poisons, in Muslim communities, the thing that poisons our religion, within our communities, is when people talk about Allah and Islam with no knowledge.

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People speak on behalf of the religion, but they don't have knowledge. That's the thing that taints the sweetness of the deed the religion becomes, it becomes unattractive. And if you think about it, it just anywhere you go on the planet at all given times, it's the same problem. And those individuals that do that, that bring in culture before their dean beginning tradition before their dean, or simply, Oh, I heard that somewhere. Or I read a book when I was five years old about that. So that's what this is all about. Or my parents taught me and And sure, you might have learned a thing or two in all of that. Where do you get real authentic knowledge of your deen

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Quran and Hadith but where do you get the explanation of that? Where are we right now?

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When you become students of the Quran, and Hadith,

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so whether that be in a classroom, whether it be in lecture halls, when you are literally physically a student of Allah, that's how you learn the deen. Why do you think scholars and real men never have these problems? You ever noticed that? Scholars never have problems, speaking without knowledge or getting into uncertainties getting into gossip and drama. Scholars almost never ever do that. Because why? They have been academically trained in an environment that taught them by Allah subhanaw taala His Will and Grace that they were taught the religion in a way that was very disciplined, very pure. And that's what all of you have here. It's not because of me, it's because

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you've made a decision to come into a place stop your day in your chores. For Allah sake. What does Allah say in Surah Baqarah what taco Allah while you are Lima qumola. You have Taqwa of Allah and

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Allah will teach you. Okay, next.

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Mahalo poco Mala betrothal comb Illa can FC Wahida in Allah Semyon bossier Allah then says your creation and you being raised again is no different than Allah creating just one single person. Certainly Allah is all hearing and all seeing. So it's a contrast from a literally point of view that's countless to one. So in other words, where do you think what's the connection between this and the advice that look man gave to his son

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liquidus. Look what Allah is saying here now in this verse,

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your creation and you being raised again, is no different than creating just one single person. So all of you as in as mankind, as opposed to one person. What this is, is teaching us or reminding us don't think that the more it's a heavier burden with Allah, it's the same thing. Whether Allah had to raise and care and nurture trillions of people in all of mankind from Adam Ali, Sam till the Day of Judgment, or he did it for one person, it doesn't exhaust Allah in any way, shape, or form, or better understand very beautiful Hadith. So don't ever think that and the reason why this A is important is because kind of gives you a glimpse that Allah is responsible for a lot.

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He is responsible for everything. And that level of responsibility has no burden or wear, wear and tear on him. subhanho wa Taala you might think, Well, yeah, that's obvious. You know, the machinery Koon

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didn't know this. They needed to be reminded. They needed to be told, fit around, needed to be told to say okay

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No, I'll give you something better. At the end of the class, I'll mention what it is. Yeah.

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I'm in Allah has Semyon bossier

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students what do you what do you learn from when Allah tells you that he is Semir?

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And he is Basia?

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What does that mean to you?

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He sees everything and he hears everything so what does that mean to you? And reason why I ask it is just think of it this way.

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If Allah hears everything and sees everything, does that stop people from looking at what they want and doing what they want? And saying what they want and behaving the way we know necessarily. So what does this mean? Shouldn't this be enough? When you tell somebody hey Allah, here's everything Yeah, okay, I'm still gonna backway still gonna lie. Still gonna say what I want so then a run my mouth. Allah sees exactly everything that you're doing. Yeah, still just gonna do whatever I want.

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To understand my question, what does this mean to you?

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Okay, there's going to be accountability, good.

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Anything else?

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Good. If you have Amen, it works. You don't. All it is, is just information. You just download it to attributes of Allah, that's all you did.

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So put that apply that in real life now And subhanAllah how many people actually understand and internalize Allah being severe and Allah being will seal

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unbelievable. When you think about that Allah hears everything. How many people watch everything they say, the cautious of what they say. When you listen that Allah sees everything, how many people are very cautious of everything they do.

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And it really like when you think of it this way. And you start thinking about all the Muslims and people you know and you've come across in your life in yours like whoa, not a lot of people get this. Not a lot of people fear these attributes of Allah.

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Lm Tara and LM turtle. Actually next, I'm Tara and Allah Hughley drew Leila thing, where you really don't know how to fillet. What's the Horsham Sowell palm Colonia Jerry Isla actually most summer Haven't you observed that Allah is the One who enters and stuffs the night into the day gives an advantage of the night to the day and he subdued the sun and the moon. Does the sun and moon Hold on. So the sun can never rise and the moon together all at once can you stay that one rises and one one rises okay and then they switch and they rotate.

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Scientist dissect and love a at like this. So it just highlights from a spiritual lens that

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At the end of the day, all of this rotation in the cycle works because the law allows it to

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all of them are running on until a deadline that is well known. So in other words, the moon, the sun, and everything in between. All of them come with an expiry date. You know our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam told us that every day the sun asks Allah do you want me to rise from the west today? What happens when the sun rises from the west?

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Imagine every day the sun asks Allah that is this and all Allah subhanaw taala has to do is say okay now and the whole world is done.

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Every day you see the sun? Is it hello my Subhana Allah gave it permission again. Okay, it's not time it's not time. It's not time Dave Jasmine Nyah nyah nyah. So when you look at the sun that way, the sun is giving you a whole Tibet every single day, reminding you it's coming. One day closer. Allah didn't give me the order yet. So here I am.

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Yeah, and Allah in regards to whatever you are up to is fully knowledgeable in Allah Habima tournament. And Allah Habima termina Luna hobby students when Allah says that He has full knowledge.

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What does that mean to you? So we know about Semir he hears everything and Basia. He sees all now we have hubiera

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that he has complete knowledge. So basically, habia is like taking Semir and Basia and fusing them together.

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Three attributes.

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All teenagers and young people have to have painted on their walls Semia bossier and Javier these three, that's why it is so relevant to the advice of look man and his son.

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Three attributes, every single young adult needs to be addicted to these three attributes and never forget them.

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Those are just some Arabic terms there.

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it remember, this is just kind of my way when I was teaching this class, this subject to youth, it was my way of phrasing my point in a way that they could understand. So when I say that the skies are like they have security cameras, spiritual security cameras, spiritual surveillance 24 hours a day, who's the surveillance?

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Allah subhanho wa taala. And sure, yeah, you can include angels as well.

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So Allah is always watching and always listening. And always fully well aware from above the heavens and earth above us. So that's what I mean when I say they have these 24 hour a day security cameras that never die out that never grow old. Nothing. They're just running until the end of time.

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Okay, nothing that I really want to highlight here.

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then he can be an Allah who will help

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will nma their own Amin Dooney. He who well belting one Allah will already you will curvier. That is because a lot in fact, he is the ultimate truth and that whatever they are calling upon besides him his falsehood, remember when look man told his son about Schilke.

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So this subject

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hasn't hasn't concluded with that piece of advice. Look at the extension at Allah added on the subject of shirk. He says, and that whatever they're calling towards is actually falsehood.

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Meaning what Majin yourself even, but especially young people, what are they exposed to almost every day, all day of their life, all forms of Schilke and falsehood. So Allah is already prepping them that despite this, things are wrong. You're still going to see and you're still going to be exposed and it's still going to be surrounded around you're going to see it all day every day. So remind yourself that this stuff is wrong. You know what this answers this answers questions like, how come so many people do things wrong? Why don't what like everywhere I go, there's everything that the Koran is telling me not to do. People are doing so and they're happy and they seem so fine, stable,

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rich and an edit. What does Allah say? Don't you ever for a moment forget that all the things that they worship and they call

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And they're addicted to and attached to. Just because it looks glamorous and it looks beautiful, and it looks tasty and it looks attractive and

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means nothing.

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Absolutely means nothing. And if you don't know what this is just, I don't know, go on the internet and see just what people do, what people are involved, what's important to them.

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I can never understand it, right. But I mean, I can understand it. But it really boggles my mind till this day, that you'll have like a nice talk of somebody giving a reminder, not even an Islamic one, just a general good piece of advice on in life. And you'll have like a singer who looks and acts like Like literally, like somebody possessed.

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And that person will immediately attract millions of views. But the person standing there just giving some good sincere advice to be a better person. Hardly people tune in.

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That's a reflection of what what people have allowed themselves to

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be attracted to and absorb. You are what surrounds you.

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But for Muslims, you can protect yourself from all of that. Regardless what surrounds you Allah is saying, Oh, it's all falsehood. So the next lesson behind the phrasing of this area is you also have what it takes to maintain your deen to hold on to that EULA. Illa, no matter how much falsehood is around you, Allah is still telling you, it's all false, meaning it's still wrong, and you have what it takes to survive. It's remarkable. That's exactly what young people need to hear.

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See exactly what they need to know. And that Allah is the ultimate high and the Great. Okay.

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Yes, yes. And that highlights the last sentence, see the sentence at the bottom there, whatever they're calling to also entails a superficial lifestyle.

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So you see all of those images of the celebrities, the singers and and, and it's really unfortunate, it's really unfortunate. So many of our young students just fall for it, love it and want it

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and it then eventually turns into an addiction.

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Where they're convinced this is the what this is the thing that makes me happy.

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And it's a false sense of what really and truly life is all about. And what sacrifice truly is, like, it just if they don't get the kind of support and nurture that they need to snap that cycle in half. You lose them.

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You know, and I, over the years I used to say and other speakers would always say this as well. You know, we build amazing, amazing buildings and massages and so on. We still struggle to build people to build good families.

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Right? You know, it's always about okay, we need to renovate this room that room this part of the building that we need to renovate pretty much all the families that surround the masjid in the communities as well. But

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I mean, it's it is better these days, but it's certainly nowhere close of where it needs to be in terms of a support system.

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Didn't you observe the ship? Lm total NL full Katagiri the JD fill battery Bini, I'm going to let the urea come in at NiFi Delic a typical use of barium Shako. Didn't you observe the ship that floats over the ocean? Wait, what?

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We're talking about ships now.

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By the grace of Allah.

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So he can show you from his miraculous signs in that? Absolutely. There are miraculous signs for every individuals that looks for repeated opportunities for patients and exceptional levels of gratitude. So what was floating two verses ago?

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Up in the sky, what was floating the sun and the so now here,

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chips, because they're so volatile. And so as the above, just think about what a ship is. I don't know, I spend time once in a while. And I love to watch the construction of big massive machinery. So I'm the kind of guy that when I'm not doing my work, I'll go on YouTube. And I'll watch like how planes are designed and built, how ships are designed and built. And, you know, cargo ships and all of that sort of thing, right? It's very fascinating to me, because you're looking at structures that are bigger than this building 10 times bigger than the building we're in. And they literally say

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settle and float on the surface of the most delicate thing we have on this planet water.

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It's remarkable.

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It's remarkable. And the same on the flip side, a plane 234 storeys high, you feel when you look at a plane, you're like, my god, you can't imagine that this piece of machinery actually lifts itself off the ground, and is beside that tiny little bird that you don't even pay attention to when it's above your head. And it's right there with all of this stuff, a Lessing. It's all part of his signs of his existence.

00:25:43--> 00:25:50

That when the ship is there sailing at the start of the, you know, the surface of the water, and it's not just falling and dropping to the bottom, you know,

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construction workers and designers will say, Well, that's the design of the ship, if we do this, and physics plays in blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, yeah, but at the end of the day, all of that stuff still has to work. It still has to work with this part of the equation of that part of the equation. And when you fuse them together, on the other side of the equal sign, Hatton comes out an answer and that answer still has to work and function. Yep.

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And there you go.

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Perfect. And this is exactly again.

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Why is why do we get why are we being reminded of all of this? When you come out of the advice of Look, man, why are we being reminded all of this?

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Do you see there's a contrast? The advice of look, man was very specific, okay, don't do this. Don't do that. Keep in mind this make sure you pray, etc, etc, etc. Very specific. The next phase when you're teaching your children religion, that after you've gotten them to a point where they're independent in their Deen, they're preying on their own, they're, they're wearing their hijab on their own, they see the importance of it. Now you want them

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to not just be concentrated on themselves. You want them to see Allah, even when they're not wearing that hijab, even when they're not in sala, you know how we always say that, you know, people are only religious when they're in prayer. But as soon as they get out of it, they become some somebody else.

00:27:30--> 00:27:39

And again, if you don't know what I'm talking about, the classic example, just look at how Muslims leave a parking lot after Jomar. After all, we

00:27:40--> 00:28:28

just look at how it happens. Look at the disorder. You know, before the pandemic, we needed police officers to tell us to come out of parking lots. We need to cops we need to hire and pay them to tell us okay, you're next. You're okay, wait, there's there's 14 cars coming you can crash into them. It's not allowed. We needed somebody to guide and enforce that on us. Really sad. So these eight help us to understand that when you leave those rituals, and when you leave, those are a bad debt, you can still be in the form of some kind of very bad data as well. Why? By just appreciating law and order, and appreciating all the things that you see that a lot of us will take for granted.

00:28:28--> 00:28:33

And the sahabas. Now, when they get these yet,

00:28:34--> 00:28:41

you got to remember to them, it's an absolute miracle that the boat just stays on the surface.

00:28:42--> 00:28:53

What else could they compare it to? And compare it to anything else? There's no cars, there's no plane, there's nothing they can compare it to. And so this area itself was miraculous to them.

00:28:54--> 00:28:55


00:28:56--> 00:28:57

the last part of the A,

00:28:58--> 00:29:46

for repeat offers of patience and exceptional levels of gratitude. Here's the thing. How do you say patients in Arabic sobor. But here you have sub bow, you have sub sub sub bar sobu ik you have so many forms of the same word. Sub bear is different from cyber, take a look. Somebody who is saw better. They are patient over and over and over and over again. So sub bear is the cyber. Cyber is when Patience is a quality in you like nobody needs to remind you Hey, be patient just relax. Nobody has to do that. You are sobbing in Arabic We call this SM Farrell. It's a quality that it's attached to you and your personality your saw that

00:29:47--> 00:30:00

the feminine forms saw the raw sub bear is the actual patient's that's being exercised in the saw that over and over and over again. Why am I saying it like that? Because when somebody

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

He just has cyber, it can be just a one off thing. So be like, Man, you had a lot of cyber when they passed away

00:30:10--> 00:30:14

I saw that your your mashallah you really patient so strong.

00:30:15--> 00:30:39

But if you don't they get pulled over wrongfully, somebody cuts them off, somebody steal something from them, you know, something crazy happens to them at the mall, that suburb is gone. And they don't have saw better or sub better. None of that exists. They just have these one off Sobotta moments.

00:30:40--> 00:30:51

So that's the difference. Sobotta is it fluctuates? Sub bear and cyber is permanent.

00:30:52--> 00:31:00

Another way of saying it Sobor is seasonal. It has its time in place. Sub bad and cyber is permanent. That's who you are.

00:31:01--> 00:31:05

We all know somebody like that. Some of you might be like that.

00:31:06--> 00:31:18

We all know somebody who is like men, no matter what you can I can crack their patients at all. They just they just know how to keep it together all the time. Quick question students, what is patience?

00:31:20--> 00:31:21

What is patience?

00:31:27--> 00:31:37

If you cry when you're disappointed, or you cry because you're hurt, or you're angry, because somebody upsets you, does that mean you don't have patience?

00:31:38--> 00:31:39

So what is patience?

00:31:41--> 00:32:13

Unfortunately, there are some cultures that do that. When you're crying. It's death. It's a part of life. Well, excuse me, for you know, that easy. That's how easy it is for you. It's my son. I just lost. It's my daughter. It's my mom. It's my dad. You have no idea how I feel. Yeah, but you can cry. I've been to funerals, where people actually believe it is forbidden to show that kind of emotion. It is how long to show the kind of image. I've heard it with my own ears.

00:32:14--> 00:32:15

Well, is that true?

00:32:17--> 00:32:18

The process um, did he ever cry?

00:32:20--> 00:32:22

Do you ever cry at the loss of someone?

00:32:24--> 00:32:43

Yeah. So one of his own child died, he cried. His mother died. He cried. When his uncle died. He cried. When Sahabas died, he cried. So if he's crying when at the loss and at the death of someone, as a matter of fact, even when kids are like making fun of him, the whole incident of five he cried

00:32:44--> 00:32:49

the process I would hear some versus he'd cry. So tell me what is patient's?

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00:32:58--> 00:33:02

control forbearance to do what is right

00:33:07--> 00:33:08

here that

00:33:09--> 00:33:12

to keep yourself together and don't lose control, yeah.

00:33:18--> 00:33:28

Remember, what did I say to students? How do you know that Allah is punishing you with a hardship or blessing you with a hardship? How can you tell

00:33:29--> 00:33:30

your response?

00:33:31--> 00:33:36

When you get bad news, you say Alhamdulillah that bad news is blessing you day and night.

00:33:38--> 00:33:48

But if your response is of the opposite, where oh my god, why, why why? That is a lack of patience. And certainly that hardship may be a form of punishment.

00:33:50--> 00:34:35

When somebody loses control of themselves, and they start saying or doing things that are harmful to them harmful to their faith and the people around them. That's when you cross the line of patience. So patience is literally to just keeping yourself together. But the emotion that's who you are. You're a human being. And human beings are emotional creatures. So if you find yourself sad or upset or crying or angry or this guess what, that's the natural way Allah created you to be just don't lose control of it. Does it happen though? Where sometimes we lose control? Is it possible for somebody to live without ever losing control?

00:34:37--> 00:34:37

You think so?

00:34:38--> 00:34:40

How many times is process some lose control?

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How many times did I lose control?

00:34:49--> 00:34:55

He wanted to but there was always somebody they chill, chill or Omar. You don't need to cut his head off. Just relax. It's like okay,

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

Abubakar, how many times do you lose control?

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

Alright, Michelle, what are the love on her? How does she how many times she lose control? So I'm gonna ask you again, is it possible for you to live your life without ever losing control? Yes.

00:35:12--> 00:35:19

Yes, it's one of the things that Islam can give you that that level of emotional strength, nothing on this planet will give it to you.

00:35:21--> 00:35:46

It is certainly possible. You know, we're like, you know, you know, when you taste that, that level of control where you never break, it's when you continue and continue and continue to elevate your life with Allah, you pray. But every time you pray, it just gets better and better, and you pray more and more, you pray all your five daily prayers Alhamdulillah. Well, when Ramadan rolls around, you don't miss a thought all we

00:35:47--> 00:36:27

then from no tarawih humous, all of a sudden, the prayers get added. And as the years go by, then tahajjud got added. And then every one of those little carrots became longer. This sujood in all became longer. Your Arabic when you're saying Allahu Akbar and Subhana obile, our theme in the Surah they became clearer, more crisp, more clean, you and your whole life is a reflection of somebody just getting better and better and better, then you will understand this, then you will be like, there's nothing on this planet that can break me to the point where I lose control.

00:36:28--> 00:36:51

It is definitely very, very possible. And Sony, it might sound a bit foreign to you right now. And it's not your fault. It's just that we are taught a certain way. And we are exposed in a certain way. So it's very easy for you and I to be convinced. No, you have to be perfect, don't you? No, no, no, it is not about perfection.

00:36:52--> 00:36:55

Emotions are something that you can train to control.

00:36:59--> 00:37:06

And share code out of so you got one of the most famous form of the word is what for gratitude.

00:37:07--> 00:37:22

Shocker. Shocker. One off gratitude. Here and there. Sugar, sugar, sugar, just, it's not a permanent thing. It's not a consistent thing. It's seasonal, it fluctuates. It's got its moments here in their shell cool.

00:37:23--> 00:37:30

You go. It's not only is it permanent, but look at to the extent you go to show gratitude.

00:37:31--> 00:37:35

So you don't just buy like a gift from Dollarama or something.

00:37:37--> 00:38:17

You buy like a real nice gift, even though they don't deserve it. Because you're just so grateful of what they said or did for you. You go out of your way. You have a quote. You don't just be out. Okay, you just text. Alright, thanks, really appreciate it. And you probably didn't even like type those words, the auto text fill in, filled in 90% of the letters anyways, so you just wrote like three letters, and it did the rest for you. He said, like I just I showed my appreciation didn't I know when your show cool? You wait for the moment you see them or you give them a call or you visit them you're like, just look man, I brought you this cake. I cooked you a bowl of soup or something.

00:38:17--> 00:38:23

And I just, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for me. Not sugarcoat when you go out of your way.

00:38:24--> 00:38:36

And I'm going to add to it. When you illustrate share code rather than just verbalizing it, you actually show your gratitude in some way, shape or form. That's part of Shikhar

00:38:38--> 00:38:39

we all want to be there.

00:38:40--> 00:38:46

That is what a Muslim should be. You don't just you're not just content with thanks, or Thank you.

00:38:47--> 00:38:48

You go more than that.

00:38:49--> 00:38:51

Your Thank you sounds like this.

00:38:52--> 00:39:06

Hey, just want to do you have a minute. Someone that you just say thank you for dot dot and you fill it and you turn it into something more than just two words. It's really easy. Incredibly powerful. Okay. Yep.

00:39:13--> 00:39:14


00:39:24--> 00:39:31

to look for opportunities for patients be opportunistic. So, if you're looking for opportunities for patients

00:39:37--> 00:39:52

for the weekend, so for the person who has that struggle with faith, yeah. You put yourself in a volatile situation that you can potentially mess up. You can potentially put yourself in something you may not survive.

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

Yeah, and it's a gradual process. You know, there's a general rule of thumb in Quran

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

righteous deeds and it's all found in the style of the language of Quran you don't want Allah says

00:40:09--> 00:40:23

in the Latina Eminem Warahmatullah Solly hat if you were with me in the all the other previous suitors from Bukhara all the way down, we dissected Emmylou and Solly hat

00:40:25--> 00:40:35

and the conclusion was I remember we spent like an entire session just Amido and Solly hat and what Solly meant didn't mean just to do righteous deeds solid

00:40:36--> 00:40:42

the same as saw better. What did I say saw that was what kind of patients is that?

00:40:44--> 00:40:45

It's a quality

00:40:47--> 00:41:24

do they sound the same? Saw better saw the sound the same? Because they are. They go on the same scale in Arabic We call this soft, where you're scaling a verb and you write it with okay, it starts with a letter there's a lift that second word starts with a lift then it has this it has a Kessler then the next letter has a cast. They're scaled equally. So saw a bit of quality of patients in you saw a quality that you're opportunistic looking for everywhere you can to do something good.

00:41:25--> 00:41:42

So when Allah says he wants you to be amongst saw of your own, he doesn't want you to just exercise patients look for look for opportunities to strengthen to strengthen reinforce your patients. And number two, what's the real reward for patients students?

00:41:44--> 00:41:46

There's so many but tell me one

00:41:48--> 00:42:04

Allah loves you one nulla you able sub it and good luck just loves you. You know if that was the only reward that's good enough for me. Allah is gonna love me I'll get any everything and anything and more that I want from Allah if he just loves me, what's another reward for patients?

00:42:07--> 00:42:07

So again,

00:42:09--> 00:42:09


00:42:10--> 00:42:12

do you just get the door you get to go in

00:42:14--> 00:42:17

it to go in? Do you just walk in like everyone else?

00:42:18--> 00:42:20

What do angels do when you're patient

00:42:22--> 00:42:34

you're welcome your entrance is celebrated. Set them when I lay come BML Sababa tomb angels come around you in so thorough, they come around, you know, they do they take all their wings and they start flapping.

00:42:35--> 00:42:46

Now, just imagine yourself with all of mankind and whoever was, you know, destined to go into paradise and inshallah all of us are from amongst them in sha Allah. I mean, right.

00:42:48--> 00:43:11

So you have all of these people around you and we're all walking towards the gate of Jenna. And all of a sudden angels pick you out. And Allah says, okay, okay, that person, my angels going celebrate around so they surround you. And they start flapping their wings out of celebration. And they say salaam when are they come?

00:43:13--> 00:43:20

They say peace be on to you. Because of what Sebata Tim? He was so patient.

00:43:22--> 00:43:27

Amazing. That's why you look for the opportunities because of also the blessing and the baraka in it. Okay?

00:43:29--> 00:43:51

You don't just get you just you don't get entered into Jenna, you get a grand entrance agenda, a celebrated interest agenda. Well, either Russia home Belgium Cal Lola. And when the waves cover them like dark clouds, so imagine you're in the middle of the ocean. A tornado or a hurricane is setting up and you look up the clouds are getting dark. It's getting pretty creepy out here in the middle of the ocean.

00:43:53--> 00:44:05

Cal Tao will la Mola Siena who Dean so what did they all do when they were stuck there? So they were in the middle of the cruise? They were partying, drinking going crazy, and all of a sudden they saw the weather. Whoa.

00:44:06--> 00:44:11

Something is it's looking pretty scary. What did they start to Dara Willa?

00:44:12--> 00:44:16

McNeil seen Ella whoa Dang. What's your class students? What is the class mean?

00:44:18--> 00:44:29

Sincerity so to tell a class or Allah or God God please keep us alive KEEP MOSQUITOES safe and and filamin Ajah home eel Berg.

00:44:30--> 00:44:52

So it's making the religion sincere and only for him. Then when we rescue them to their fellow man a gentleman Albert. So Allah allowed the ship to eventually survive. The oceans. The tornado, the hurricane the storm, and they were eventually able to reach land.

00:44:53--> 00:45:00

Further manager home Elber Furman home. Mokhtar said look what happens panel. What's her real

00:45:00--> 00:45:07

These a these a there's so relevant then out of them is a mocassin can come into that in a second.

00:45:08--> 00:45:17

Then there are others who will pointlessly debate in our area except the one who is hotter and exceedingly ungrateful. Break it down okay

00:45:19--> 00:45:25

there are La Jolla Sina who do they may do and Dean in this area is not just religion.

00:45:26--> 00:45:48

Deen is also your lifestyle. So when you say I'm practicing my Deen, meaning I'm practicing Islam, because Islam is my lifestyle, right Kel Volin. The plural for the little voelen is a is the plural for shadow. It's not just one shadow shadows, so the whole sky became pitch dark. So layers upon layers of darkness, Mokhtar said.

00:45:50--> 00:45:57

So once the ship reached land, then they split. This group of people they split, some of them became exhausted,

00:45:58--> 00:46:15

is so Mokhtar said means balance. So in this eight means that they were normal. In other words, they went back to their old ways. So once they survived it, oh my god, we got party again. You know what's gonna happen? If we are here to see the end of Corona?

00:46:17--> 00:46:18

What are you going to see?

00:46:21--> 00:46:26

Say, say the word, you're going to see a bunch of water around you a bunch of this word.

00:46:27--> 00:46:30

There's going to be a lot of groups of Mokhtar said around us.

00:46:31--> 00:46:47

As a matter of fact, when we had glimpses of relief from the pandemic, what ends up happening, right? Just pockets of moccasin everywhere is oh my god, we can finally get to the club, we can finally meet each other we can find the dot dot dot dot dot dot. That's a lot calls it out.

00:46:49--> 00:46:50

How did you go back to normal

00:46:51--> 00:46:56

because that whole experience was actually supposed to shake and impact you in some way.

00:46:57--> 00:46:59

The virus dependent is supposed to impact you

00:47:01--> 00:47:22

in some way, it's got to shake something in you have just how the lack of control you have in your life, you just you know it always till this day, it just really amazes me how like, miniscule and minute, the viruses.

00:47:23--> 00:47:33

I read a study earlier on when the pandemic first began, that for there is no microscope on the planet that is powerful enough to see the virus.

00:47:34--> 00:47:48

You have to have special equipment that can it's like taking a strand of hair. This is exactly how the article describe it. You take one strand of hair and you slice it 100 times.

00:47:49--> 00:48:08

And one of those strands that's what you put under a microscope and you re focus the micro microscope 10 times more than its capacity. And that's the only way you can see the virus and it's that minute and that pause the whole planet

00:48:09--> 00:48:15

if that's not a lesson for for mankind, I am scared to find out what is

00:48:17--> 00:48:17


00:48:18--> 00:48:24

The one who backstabs cheats in the worst way so Allah says in this idea

00:48:25--> 00:48:32

there are people who pointlessly debate our AI except the one who is hotter and exceedingly grateful

00:48:34--> 00:48:49

so we have a couple of things here right Hata cheats in the worst way the worst con so they just like the moon in front of you so nice kind embracing bubble blah behind you. God we can't work with them. We got to get rid of them.

00:48:50--> 00:49:03

We need to get them off the board. We need to get so they'll have just like what I used to you know mention to you before they'll have these like private meetings in their car a Timmies or something like yeah, it was a good meeting but did you see how he was looking at us?

00:49:05--> 00:49:19

Did you see what Yeah, I can't believe he just sat there we need to get rid of them. We need to vote him out. We need to we need to we need to happens in marriages all the time. I don't know why she came over to the house acting like she likes us. That's all hot though.

00:49:20--> 00:49:24

All hotter in laws are the best Tata.

00:49:25--> 00:49:26

Yeah, unfortunately.

00:49:27--> 00:49:59

And then she cooled and for her I added those they're not mentioned in the area. But I added those as contrast that you can see so the opposite of fatherhood, which we've already talked about which is extreme pride. The opposite of that is of course to eliminate for her is to have sharper and hotter and sub bear. So now you know what Hatha is. And of course you know what sub bar is. Right? So just for you to appreciate that both of these are mentioned in previous a yet that Allah subhanaw taala is higher

00:50:00--> 00:50:00


00:50:02--> 00:50:10

yeah, you had nurse a taco Rob back home. Walk show yo Mila Jessie. Well, you don't unreality. People have Taqwa.

00:50:12--> 00:50:15

There's one of the only a yet in the whole Quran that sounds like this. Listen to it.

00:50:16--> 00:50:17

Yeah, Johan NAS

00:50:19--> 00:50:20

Natya you heard what

00:50:23--> 00:50:24

a Latina Emmylou.

00:50:25--> 00:50:37

So to Alabama, yo Latina and telco LA, this says yeah, a Yohannes a taco back home one of the very few verses. So it's an ISA has one. Yeah, you can see Tupperware of the

00:50:38--> 00:50:42

very few, extremely rare in the poorer and

00:50:43--> 00:50:51

less people all of you mankind. have Taqwa of your master. What does one mean? We all know this. Remind me What's Taqwa?

00:50:53--> 00:51:31

Consciousness. Remember that word? That's the most important word to translate and understand Tableau consciousness and awareness. So Allah is telling all of mankind, you need to be conscious. What about whom your master will show Yeoman agency? Where do you do not invalidate? Well, Mr. Lewin, who urges in our Lady He shall be fearful of a day that no father is going to be availed to his child, what was the conversation between whom look man and his son. So you have a father, who is looking out and protecting and advising and guiding his son, look at the suit or how it ends, your father can't help you in no way shape or form.

00:51:32--> 00:51:35

You know, when you're a parent, this is a tough area to read.

00:51:36--> 00:51:38

You can't help your children

00:51:39--> 00:51:41

on the day of job you can do nothing.

00:51:44--> 00:52:17

Allah, Allah protect us from ever standing in the daughter that you raised and protected, or the sun that you raise and protected. Allah protect us from all of this and our children. Just imagine what that image would be like and feel like for a parent to watch their child being question and punished and humiliated in front of all of mankind, because why? He or she was up to stuff you didn't know. You weren't, you'd have no clue.

00:52:19--> 00:52:27

So now it got exposed. So Allah reminds nor is his biological son in any way going to try and compensate for his father.

00:52:29--> 00:52:45

So he can't help his dad either. Can't help nobody. No doubt the Promise of Allah is true in a word, Allah He help. So in other words, all of this, do you know why Allah has to reinforce his promise that it's the truth? Do you know why?

00:52:46--> 00:52:48

This whole intro of the A

00:52:50--> 00:52:52

when you when you have children,

00:52:54--> 00:53:05

which is set as a tough thing to accept. So Allah says, You have no choice, you have to accept that you have a limit of how much you can do for your children, you have a limit.

00:53:06--> 00:53:25

There's a really, for when a parent has to read that, oh, this as like this will be permanent in a mother and father for the rest of their life. Which is I can't I have a limit of what I can do for you. I can only teach you I can only guide you. I can only advise you and that's all I can do. Really difficult.

00:53:26--> 00:53:41

Then don't allow worldly life to deceive you and don't allow the ultimate deceptive delude you from Allah Falletta hongrun Nakamoto higher to dunya Wallah Yahoo runner calm Villa hellhole. So we all know how the surah began.

00:53:42--> 00:54:01

Or horror and horror make sure you write down these two words because they're both mentioned at the end of this AI. This word here, see the U. And this one has the A Falletta whole run while your whole run. So the first one was horrible, and the next was horrible?

00:54:02--> 00:54:09

Or, or is someone who has this who lacks awareness and horror or is the one who takes advantage of the horror.

00:54:11--> 00:54:25

So a horror or if you see somebody has guru, they're not paying attention. They're not concentrating. They're not listening. They're not even trying. They're just lost. And her rule is the person is all

00:54:28--> 00:54:54

the even though she comes from a really religious family, she just seems so different from everyone else. I can take full advantage of her. I can really influence her. If I could just get her number. I could really like get her. If I could just get a relationship with him. I could really break him down. That's you now becoming the huddle to the huddle. This person is lost. So huddle comes and takes full advantage. Who's the huddle?

00:54:55--> 00:54:58

We're gonna next word. I thought he's got

00:54:59--> 00:54:59


00:55:00--> 00:55:04

Pran waits until you're horrible so he can take full advantage of you Subhanallah

00:55:09--> 00:55:15

try to run nakoma will hire to dunya Wallah Yahoo run calm Billa Hill Hill Road

00:55:20--> 00:55:23

just these this one sentence here I'd like you to capture

00:55:26--> 00:55:27

and finally

00:55:29--> 00:55:46

bear with me guys bear with me even if you're still writing, I'll promise I'll bring it right back to you just bear with me watch a movie, you get tired. This is what's called deceptive entertainment. Okay, put prison bake and iPhone release all that stuff. So it's like the huddle and example that I used with the youth was that.

00:55:48--> 00:56:08

Like, if somebody goes on Netflix or something, you're looking for a movie like Ah, nothing to watch. Like 8000 choices is nothing Oh my god. Let's download a different app. Let's get dizzy. Apples get this one or that one and just figure something out. You're falling into a little

00:56:10--> 00:56:11

slowly falling into it.

00:56:12--> 00:56:13

Because Be careful.

00:56:15--> 00:56:22

The iPhone release I put it there just like you got this really awesome $1,800 phone.

00:56:24--> 00:56:27

And then the new one comes out and you're like, God, I'm so miskeen

00:56:28--> 00:56:51

Oh, that one has seven cameras. And this one only has like six. So maybe Allah will bless me one day and I can have that. You start talking like that. And like young people, you know, when they go to the iPhone store and they upgrade and they come on and just like 100 Delilah, the piano back 10 or 11? Surely, you know, Praise be to Allah that gave me life after death. I'm not okay, I'm good.

00:56:52--> 00:56:53

You're a little

00:56:54--> 00:57:01

when you find joy and comfort in materialistic things. You know, subhanAllah there are certain things that just

00:57:02--> 00:57:09

money just doesn't do it for you. Like you can buy. Like you can buy a bed.

00:57:10--> 00:57:11

You can buy sleep.

00:57:13--> 00:57:17

You can buy a house, you can buy a home, you can buy food, you can buy appetite.

00:57:18--> 00:57:30

This is some things in life like you just cannot buy it. And they only resonate with you through Amen. You can buy a masjid, which you can buy the congregation

00:57:33--> 00:57:35

by a class but you can buy attendance.

00:57:37--> 00:57:38

Think about it.

00:57:39--> 00:57:48

It's incredible. There's just some things that just do will never happen and the only driving force to get you there is you have to have faith how to process that I'm teach us to sleep

00:57:50--> 00:58:00

retitle Kota see sleep on the right side you know try to be in we'll do a few can do a record okay on yourself, the three poles all of that so you can get a peaceful sleep at night. So

00:58:02--> 00:58:08

you have this amazing king size bed with like silk sheets and all of that stuff, but it's just like, oh, I can't sleep.

00:58:09--> 00:58:17

You buy everything beautiful but you can't buy happiness you can't find contentment. So young people, these are all lessons for them.

00:58:20--> 00:58:23

The Surah ends now with the spiritual lethal consequence

00:58:25--> 00:58:37

that happens when there is unwise parenting. In other words, like I said to you, there are parents who have children but they are not parents. Now we're going to see the consequence of that

00:58:41--> 00:58:48

loving concludes in the Lucha in the horror Elmo Sara love alone possesses the knowledge of the Hour.

00:58:51--> 00:58:52

Well unit zero life

00:58:54--> 00:58:59

and He is the one that sends down the rain. Well, yeah, Alamo mafia or hum.

00:59:00--> 00:59:28

So heighth is not the same as matar. There are several words for rain. Mode is like torrential rain that costs it causes severe flooding. So the rain that came from New and his people is called Moche matar is a kind of rain that punishes as well. So it also comes like flash floods and when many people pass away or tsunami comes in, and that sort of thing, right?

00:59:29--> 00:59:30

Life is that

00:59:31--> 00:59:59

this is just the right amount of water that comes and is just enough to water the plants to feed the animals. Matt one is also another word for rain. And that one is no matter what quantity as long as it's not mowed, or it's not always that's not my power. It's the blessing from Allah. We get a lot of men in this part of the word world, right? Like whenever it rains, or hamdulillah for the most part we don't expect

01:00:00--> 01:00:09

perience tsunamis and you know, major flooding, and infrastructure and all of that is destroyed and our cars are being swept away and hamdulillah by Allah's Will, right?

01:00:10--> 01:00:18

Look at this and he knows what it's in the wounds. We are the mafia or hum. What is the Arabic word for the womb of the mother?

01:00:20--> 01:00:38

Or ham is the plural of Rahim is the singular. And we all know why I've told you this before. We all know why Allah called the womb of the mother after his name, ramen, or Rama. He called it the vessel of mercy, the womb.

01:00:39--> 01:00:45

The vessel of mercy, or container of mercy. You all understand why I don't need to explain that right?

01:00:47--> 01:01:16

Well, you know, Matthew or ham woman did enough Sumedha taxi bajada woman didn't enough somebody a adult intermode. For me, personally, students, this is one of the most frightening verses in the whole Quran for me, I have for the students online is these this part of the verse this part of the soul of the entire Quran? Easily one of my top five most frightening verses I never forget, I think about constantly, constantly.

01:01:17--> 01:01:18

You don't know

01:01:19--> 01:01:30

what he or she will earn tomorrow? In other words, you have no idea what you're capable of doing tomorrow? What's the hidden message behind that? So when should you start earning?

01:01:32--> 01:01:33

Right now get to work.

01:01:35--> 01:01:36

You don't know if you'll be sick tomorrow.

01:01:38--> 01:01:44

You don't know what will happen to you tomorrow. Get busy. Now get your life together. Now. You have no idea.

01:01:45--> 01:02:24

No idea. And then if you think that that's scary enough, look what Allah says when I tend to DNF somebody all the time, when you have no idea which land or spot you're going to be standing on when death finds you are given hope as on this. I've given lectures on this because it's really truly, incredibly frightening to say the least. autotune also means the spot that you're standing on see this carpet how it's got these like tile shapes to it. All don't means you don't know which one of these tiles you're going to be standing on and death is written on for you that you like you could fall to your death on that tile.

01:02:25--> 01:02:50

You don't know which step when you're walking down the stairs, which step you're gonna die on. You don't know which hallway or lobby you'll be at. You don't know which conversation which person you'll be talking to, you don't know which room in your house you'll be sitting in, you don't know which chair, you don't know which part of the couch which cushion you'll be on leaning, you don't know which pillow you will be sleeping on your any of that. That's what all of this who thinks of death like that?

01:02:52--> 01:03:09

Unbelievable. Like who thinks of their death, like you don't know what t shirt you'll be wearing, what pants or socks you'll be wearing. When death finds you. You have a whole drawer of them, a whole closet of them, but one of them has your name on it as your final piece of clothing.

01:03:11--> 01:03:15

Like, that's how long wants you to reflect on death.

01:03:17--> 01:03:18

And when you do that,

01:03:19--> 01:03:22

that's how you were able to internalize and

01:03:24--> 01:03:36

really absorb all the lessons of gratitude and patience and all of the things that we talked about in the Lucha Eilene when Hobbico Allah is Knowledgeable and fully well aware.

01:03:37--> 01:04:15

Sarah is one of the names of the Day of Judgment in Allah in the horror Elmo, Sarah, meaning Allah doesn't just know, he doesn't just only know the day of judgment, what day it is. But the exact time and moment of that day when the gathering and the questioning and everything. So basically, Allah, when he uses the word Sara is highlighting, I also know the exact agenda of the day of judgment. Who is the first name that's going to be called in the second and the third? So where's your name? SubhanAllah. Like, if you really sit there and you look through these a it is it's remarkable.

01:04:16--> 01:04:29

So no person knows what he or she will earn tomorrow. So the lesson is do it now. We talked about adult the piece of land you're standing on and who thinks about death like this? sorta look, man illustrated the urgency for gratitude.

01:04:30--> 01:04:45

Sorta Look, man, in summary, in conclusion, is all about illustrating the urgency to be grateful to express gratitude in your life. And with that being said, that concludes

01:04:46--> 01:04:50

our journey through the thematic study of sorta Lokman.

01:04:51--> 01:04:53

And yeah, that's.

01:04:54--> 01:04:59

And so that concludes even this semester, and today's

01:05:00--> 01:05:40

class and for our students online, wherever you tuned in from, I pray that Allah subhanaw taala accepts your efforts. I'm sorry that you couldn't be with us because the students in person in class will tell you how awesome it is to be in person with me. It actually makes their entire week and I'm pretty sure they agree. Right students that the joy is so overwhelming here right now I couldn't even I can't even talk to you guys and explain it right. So I mean, I don't want to say that they're missing out on everything. But they kind of sort of are right I don't want to I don't want you guys to feel bad, but you know, you're really missing out on the best Okay? Forget it, right? Anyhow,

01:05:40--> 01:06:05

wherever you are, may Allah azza wa jal keep you all safe. And thank you for tuning in every single week with us, not just with myself, but with the other teachers in their classrooms. And I pray that Allah azza wa jal accepts our efforts and count all of that we have submitted to him in our skills of righteous deeds and good deeds. Allahumma Amin. So with that being said, We conclude today's session, I do have a couple of

01:06:06--> 01:06:48

short reminders. The first is, of course, is the last session, we are supposed to return back in about two weeks or so just look out for all the details on the website for any updates of closures, or lock downs, or anything like that, so just keep yourself informed that way. In terms of our next subject moving forward, I have a list of ideas. I am contemplating of taking a break from the thematic study and actually jump into something totally different for the next semester. So just be prepared. You know, I'm already talking to you guys. Like I expect you to be here as next semester. So in sha Allah,

01:06:50--> 01:06:54

your registration is permanent, like you don't have a choice in it.

01:06:55--> 01:07:31

That's just that's just how it's gonna work for all of your faces that I know. So I will see you in sha Allah when the class resumes, but just be prepared for that. It'll be a brand new subject, I may actually just choose like an Arabic book that's translated or something and then we will go through it in cover to cover that kind of thing. Okay, so we can study some of the classic works as well. So the students online you can look forward to that in sha Allah, wherever you are, may Allah azza wa jal bless you and honor you. Let's conclude with a short Dora Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashura fille MBA he will mursaleen Nabina Muhammad

01:07:31--> 01:08:08

Ali he of total sada to a temple Teslin along morpholino for until her photo Rahim. Allahumma Taco Bell Amina Allah Who Mata cobalamin Allahumma Taco Bell Amina Allah Houma in earnest Luca who there were two power law for Wehlener Allah Houma in Nanus Luca Houda with to power law for Wehlener Allah Hoonah in Ananda Silikal Jana Norma tadoba la hermit poleon Our ml when are also becoming another homecourt Robert La Hermia Colin our iman Subhana wa barakato dinner is the TM now you'll see phone or cell phone when I learn more. Celine hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh